09 January 2012

A Woman Unwilling to Accept Responsibility for Her Actions


Avenging Sword had this video in mind when he posted a link to a Dutch police stop on Mancoat. The link didn't work, so I did a search myself; since everything mentioned in that thread happens in the video, I think it's the right one. Anyway, it's a video of a Dutch chick going HYSTERICAL during a police stop-just another example of women throwing a fit when they get called on their bullshit. Is it any WONDER why women weren't allowed to have rights? Is it any wonder?!

Oh, and don't be the chump, er boyfriend, for some bitch; don't pay her fines; don't be a femnnabler! Don't enable women's bad behavior, please. If a woman you know gets in trouble, let her suffer the CONSEQUENCES! She's a strong, independent, empowered woman, right? She can do anything a man can do, and do it better, can she not? Let's give women every opportunity to put their money where their mouths are, Fellas. Enjoy!

Note how restrained the cops are; note how professionally they dealt with the situation-a far cry from our Blue Gun Thugs. That said, if anyone deserved to be tased, it was this stupid bitch and her boyfriend. Yeah, her mangina boyfriend gets in on the act, and he almost gets arrested himself-stupid idiot! Guys, we have got to stop HELPING WOMEN OUT; we have got to stop being femnablers! Women wanted equality, so we ought to give it to them; give it all to them.

As I said above, it's no mystery to me why women weren't allowed to vote, or why their other rights were curtailed. They simply aren't capable or mature enough of EXERCISING THEM. Before you can have rights, you must possess the ability to exercise those rights. Women, as demonstrated in this video, cannot do that. I also understand why Muslims keep their women on a tight leash-because they'll run wild if they aren't. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a whole bunch of them worth, hmmm? After all, a motion picture is just a bunch of pics flashed in rapid succession. This video says it all, doesn't it?

Oh, and before I close, let me point out something in the video. The video has English subtitles. At one point, they say that "the woman is talking bollocks". Do women talk any other way? When do they NOT "talk bollocks"? Good day...



Justin said...

wow, the police there are about ten zillion times more patient than our militarized police. Our police would have escalated that situation fast, to "secure complete control over the situation". They de-escalated it the whole way, luckily for her

Anonymous said...

Thats why i relocated to Mexico some time ago. The POLICE in America are nothing but blue gun thugs. Well put marky mark!!! Soldier on brother!!!

Anonymous Age 69

Anonymous said...

Justin, police are servants and if they do behave like thugs in the US then it's your fault for permitting them to.

P Ray said...

I think it's the fault of the hiring board that police who cannot deal reasonably with stressful situations, get hired.
Well ... some of the thugs got to be hired, right?
And the police don't make all the breakthroughs in their cases ... unless some of them are willing to ape the criminal element to get closer to the actual criminals (or they could always frame a guy too: regardless of whether they solve the crime or not ... police still get paid!)