01 January 2012

Controlling Lust: Part I


As promised, here's Part I of the promised reprise of Faith & Society's "Controlling Lust" series! This is some of the most important information I shall disseminate here, so pay attention, Fellas. Here is a series of essays giving us solid, practical information about how to reduce women's power over us. The only thing that modern women have are their 'whore powers', their powers of sexual enchantment. Her whore powers are her nuclear option, if you will. Diffuse her nuclear option, and you've defeated the modern, predatory woman's main weapon.

Other than sex, modern women have NOTHING AT ALL TO OFFER US-nothing! They don't know how to cook or clean, and they're proud of their lack of domestic skills. Funny thing is that I never considered it empowering to be ignorant in the rudiments of taking care of one's self. Modern, American women are not sane, pleasant, or reasonable; they're bitches, and bless God, they're proud of it! Ever seen the sticker or t-shirt that says: "You say 'bitch' like it's a bad thing"? THAT is the modern woman's mentality. Modern women don't even make good companions anymore!

What I'm trying to say is this: sexual charms are all a woman has; defeat them, and you've defeated her. She can't offer to keep a home for you, because she doesn't know how. She can't charm you with her ladylike words and deeds, because being a lady equals being weak. The modern woman is compelled to show her inner bitch, because it's a sign of being true to The Sisterhood. If you resist a woman's sexual charms, she WILL reveal her inner bitch; you will see her as she really is. Furthermore, she'll move on to another target. Once you've defeated her whore powers, she has no other way to get you. That, and she doesn't want to waste time on someone into whom she cannot quickly sink her claws. That's what you want-for her to go after another target. This series will give you the tools to do that.


[This is the first installment of a four-part series on how men can avoid being slaves to female sexuality.]

There was a time when women were thought to be the ones who needed protection from sexual predators. In many instances, this idea is still used to punish innocent men for their natural sexual inclinations, yet ironically, a striking change in sexual relations has developed. Men are now realizing that they are the ones who have to arm themselves against the sexuality of the opposite sex. Why? Because female sexuality has been turned into a weapon against men.

Why Control Lust?

If you believe the current situation regarding how women treat men is agreeable, the following discussion on controlling lust will be of no use to you. You will instead need an education on the blatant misandry that is so prevalent in contemporary society. I am certain that in this sex-saturated society, many men would question why they should control their sexual desires. After all, isn’t sexual desire a good thing? Aren’t men programmed with a sex drive? Who doesn’t want to have sex with women?

The answer is simple. Our refusal as men to control our sex drive is costing us personally and collectively. Our strong desires for physical and emotional intimacy makes us vulnerable to manipulation by people who don’t often have our best interests at heart. Do not think that I am just talking about some bad woman luring away a man from his happy family. No, I am talking about the entire social structure of contemporary Western civilization. The Sex Industry, the Marriage Industry, the Divorce Industry, the Domestic Violence Industry, the Sexual Harassment Litigation Industry, and indeed Madison Avenue could not function except for the fact that a horny male and his money are soon parted. I suspect that most instances of wealth transfer from men to women are based upon this truth.

Men are being exploited by commercialism, the religious establishment, the workplace, academia, government, etc. because they have been programmed to believe that their lives revolve around getting their rations of intimacy from women. Men do not need intimacy from women in order to be happy, but society suppresses this truth. It suppresses this truth because it needs men to slave away for something that is overvalued: a woman’s affection. “Sex sells” because men don’t question the quality of the product.

When society approaches the matter of chastity, it always looks at the matter from the supply side. In other words, it’s about limiting the access to women, whether the access is in person or virtually. Government passes all sorts of draconian laws to control what men do sexually. The religious establishment condemns pre-marital sex, prostitution, pornography, and sometimes even masturbation, while urging men to nonetheless get married as a rite of passage into adulthood. Contemporary women demand compliance to a laundry list of ridiculous, unrealistic, self-serving criteria before men may receive attention. In essence, the supply-side approach to chastity creates an artificial scarcity and drives up the costs men bear in their lives for what they desire.

The Demand Side

I approach the matter of chastity from a different angle: the demand side. A man should ask just why would he want to have sex with a woman in the first place. What have women done for him, besides look pretty and bother to talk to him? Just why would he want to live with a woman for the rest of his life simply because she has decided to have children by him? What else is a woman going to do for him besides take his money and time? Is the temporary euphoria of sex and romance really worth the long-term price he is going to have to pay? Believe me, he will have to pay a steep price whether the sex is socially sanctioned or not.

Some men think they can avoid the dangers of sexual liaisons in today’s society by resorting to pornography. But such is not particularly helpful because it still holds men captive to the power of female sexuality. They are paying a price for their desire in terms of time and money, and yet they merely receive the sizzle without the steak. In the wake of pornography, men are still left salivating for the real thing.

It is time for men to stop being so desperate for something they can live quite contentedly without. When dealing with a woman, it is best to trump the Sex Card she may be prone to play with you. Who cares if she is drop dead gorgeous, has a PhD, shares your hobbies, and is talking to you? Women of generations past actually contributed something useful to the physical survival of their husbands and their family unit. How does the apple of your eye measure up in that regard, considering her looks will fade and her agreeable personality may change?

When a man stops worrying about whether or not he will be lucky in love, something happens. He becomes at peace with himself. Things that used to appear to be important are revealed as being trivial. The man becomes self-confident in his dealings with the opposite sex because he no longer feels there are any high stakes involved. He no longer sees himself as a loser because he is no longer playing a game rigged against him. He can engage life on his own terms and not compromise his core values and goals. He defines his own manhood instead of succumbing to the winds of fashion. He can get through the day with his health, sanity, and bank account still intact. What kind of man would not want these things?

In short, what I propose is not castration or repression of a man’s desire, but that a man master his feelings. He should be able to turn on or off his own sex drive as he pleases. He should never feel that he is at the mercy of his own biology. Contrary to popular opinion, a man is not doomed to go stir crazy from practicing abstinence. He should realize that he has genuine choices about how he reacts when confronted with female sexuality. Let women prove their merit to the man for a change. Let his sex drive serve him, not the other way around.


That's good, powerful stuff, Fellas! Look for Part II soon...



Anonymous said...

When you cease a woman's sexual powers it's like cutting them off at the knees or I should say the waist.


Anonymous said...

One thing ...it is the men who are the suppliers. Women are the demanders.

Jack Diamond said...

Yup! Great stuff here.

Simple realizing that the stakes are low guarantees you greater success in 'the game.' Paradoxically, that ceases to matter so much...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just cut off your yarbles and take female hormones.That will kill the little drive you have.
I can just picture you boys waking up at 50 with ED and wondering why you were such littles pussies but by then it will be to late. It's all over and you'll wonder why you've wasted your lives over nothing. I'm against marriage myself but that doesn't mean yu can't do things anyway without worrying about silly nonsense that rarely happes like catching some disease or getting falsely accused of something or paying child suport blah blah blah
I have some news for you, you're going to die one day and even if you make it to old age you'll wish you had died sooner.Sure, be careful but that's no reason to worry about things the way yu guys are doing because in the ned none of this will matter. And remember that it's the Mr Nice Guys who are more likely to be screwed. Go over to Wiki and look up Fatty Arbuckle. Highest paid actor in his day, everyone liked him and considered him a really nice man, and he was, and read about how he was screwed and ruined and died at the age of 46.I'm a atheist but some of you Jesus freaks should take his advice in his parable about not worrying.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a typical modern man. No empathy, only insults for his fellow men. You may or may not understand this, but he is your enemy, and will happily sell you to the devil if he can benefit from it.

It is highly unlikely life is done with him. I call this attitude, I GOT MINE. He is satisfied with his own life AT THIS TIME, unaware of his own miserable future, and really doesn't care what happens to anyone else.

A free tip. The beach on South Padre Island is a great place to pound sand. Try it sometime.

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to shame men who are wary of contact with women. Maybe experience teaches. Maybe some men have been mugged by reality. Maybe we should observe how many middle aged men may never have enough savings to retire because they have been financially raped by their women.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some men have been mugged by reality

Yes, ad maybe some people have been mugged but that does't mean that you never go out of your house or walk down the street again.

"Maybe we should observe how many middle aged men may never have enough savings to retire because they have been financially raped by their women."

Yes? So? That's ONE of the things that can bankrupt you if yu're not careful. So is making bad investments like some people I know and ending up broke at 60 and having to live in some apt on SS

Ping Jockey said...

A male's lust is a female's greatest weapon/asset.

Anonymous said...

Ghosting (a subset of MGTOW) is a personal decision (not unlike religion and favorite ice cream flavor) and every man must work out for himself on how much, if at all, sexual release he gets from women.

The truth is, statistically speaking, few men are 100% celibate, just as few as those who get fresh poon every day. Most men are somewhere in between these two extremities.

Sexual desire is real, it is powerful and it is healthy (so long as it doesn't consume your daily activities). It wanes with age and deteriorates with ill health. It can be subdued or channeled, but never be truly eliminated.

The error only comes in when a man decides to partake in Marriage 2.0 (or cohabit) for sexual access. Avoid these traps, then work out your sexuality

Howard Beale said...

Poor indeed is the man who believes his worth is determined by a woman.