07 January 2012

A Tale of False Accusation


About three years ago now, I visited the False Rape Society blog, and I saw this CHILLING post. It was the comment left by one of the readers. Read it for yourselves...


Comment left on this Web site is a 'must-read': young men, especially, beware

Yesterday, my son was in court to change the date of his trial. He stood accused of sexually assaulting his crazy ex girlfriend. His charges were dismissed instead.

We had hired the best lawyer in the city. We were about to sell our home to pay for the trial. Thankfully we did not have to. We still owe considerable money to the lawyer and we will gladly pay it.

Our frustration like everyone on this site is that this girl will get off Scott free. My son passed a lie detector, the police and prosecution also know that:
1.she was stalking our son before the rape claim, calling us at all hours of the night and early am.
2.she once claimed she was pregnant by our son when that did not work was when she claimed rape
3.and she stalked him after the charge.

We decided to record the 3:00am calls she made to our son after the charges. In these calls she was providing my son with conditions / ultimatums for her to drop the charges such as couples counseling, not seeing any other women, no longer speaking to his parents - us, and dropping some friends that she deemed unsuitable. Our lawyer called it coercion. She even asked my son if he would still love her when it was over. My son had to choke out yes to keep the crazy talking.

Today our family is just relieved this horror story is over. At the same time we are very frustrated that we can do nothing about her actions and the harm she caused our son as well as the serious potential harm of going to jail and having a criminal record. By the way I am speaking Canadian law.

I read this site, during the year and a half of our ordeal as a way of giving myself some hope.

I am writing so perhaps others in similar situations will get hope from our story. My advice is keep good records - every detail can be important if you are dealing with a vindictive mentally ill female. And take a lie detector test, maybe not valid in court but it helped us.


Guys, have NOTHING-and I mean nothing-to do with American women! This is what you could be in for if you do. It doesn't matter if only one in a thousand women are like this. It doesn't MATTER that the other 999 women are good; all it takes is the one psychobitch to ruin your life. Do YOU want to take the chance that you have the one in a thousand who can and will ruin your life? I don't think so.

Here's something else to consider: the vast majority of American women think that, because you're a man, you're automatically a rapist; because you're a man, you're guilty. The vast majority of American women would blame this young man for 'doing something wrong'. Even though the court dismissed the charges; even though the cops thought that the accuser was full of it; even though he had her on TAPE trying to coerce him; most American women would think that this young man was guilty of something.

Let me put it another way: when the Duke lacrosse team was initially charged, 80% of women surveyed thought that the boys were guilty! Let me repeat that: 80% of American women, even in the face of DNA evidence to the contrary, still thought that 'the boys had done something'! Why? Because of "women's superior way of knowing", that's why! An American woman will hate, fear, and suspect you simply because you're a man. She won't see a problem with false accusations; they don't happen often, if at all, as far as she's concerned. After all, Susan Brownmiller told her so! IOW, most American women would take the accuser's side here. Sorry Fellas, but that's the cold, hard truth.

Do you want to be MARRIED to someone like that, and have to depend on them to have your back if you get falsely accused? No way! Your American wife will not support you at all. If anything, she'll accuse and blame you for having 'done something'! She'll take the accuser's side, not her husband's! Then, for good measure, she'll divorce you and leave you in poverty for the rest of your life. Do you REALLY want to marry someone like that, Fellas? I don't, because THAT is what you'll get if you marry an American woman.

So, what to do? Don't have ANY UNNECESSARY DEALINGS WITH WOMEN! I don't care if they're on fire; you don't put it out. I don't care if she's being raped; you don't step in and help her. I don't care if she's drowning; don't go in after her. I don't care if she needs help on the side of the road; let some other schmuck be Sir Galahad. Besides, women are strong, independent, and empowered these days; they don't need no stinkin' man; let them save themselves! They've heaped hatred, scorn, and derision upon us men for the last few decades, so let them rot...

Don't speak to women first; speak only when spoken to. Don't speak with them for any reason other than conducting business; once business is concluded, end the conversation. Don't spend time with them, unless you want to be nagged, bitched at, and dumped on-and that's BEFORE she concocts an accusation to ruin your life. Don't be alone with a modern woman; that goes without saying! Being alone with a modern, American woman is begging for trouble! Don't have any unnecessary dealings with women. Understand?

Oh, and I wouldn't even use them for sex. One, she might feel slighted that you didn't call her the morning after, so she'll go running to the cops saying that you raped her; once she does, you're toast! Unlike cops from years gone by, today's blue gun thugs are dumb, muscle bound, wannabe Nazi lunkheads; they'll be only too happy to 'protect the damsel in distress'. What that means is you'll up the creek without a paddle, pal.

Secondly, let's call a spade a freakin' shovel here, shall we? Whatever you call it-sport sex, running game, or something else-you're USING someone else for your physical pleasure. You're using the woman. Well, MarkyMark, women are users, so I'm just going to use them back. Sorry, but two wrongs don't make a right; they never have, and they never will. Furthermore, in my Bible, God says that vengeance is His, and that HE will repay! If someone needs to be punished, let God deal with them...

Finally, even if she doesn't accuse you, you have the matter of her diseases. Goodness knows how many and what kind of STDs your modern, empowered slut is carrying! Modern women are a petri dish of STDs and STIs; their vaginas would contain a "who's who" amongst nasty, STDs! Let me ask you a question: do YOU want warts on your willy for the rest of your life? Well, do you, punk?! I didn't think so.

I know that all women aren't the enemy, but it's best to act under the assumption that they are until proven otherwise. Even when you think they're not, don't drop your guard totally. Remember, your modern, American woman, particularly if she's been 'college educated', is steeped in DECADES of feminist propaganda. Her default mode of operation is to assume the worst about men; her default mode is to go on the warpath against you for no reason at all. Ergo, it's best to assume that women are your enemies, and to govern yourself accordingly. I hate to say that, but reality dictates that I do.

It's not different than when I ride. When I ride, I assume that EVERY AUTOMOBILE DRIVER IS OUT TO KILL ME! I assume that every 'cager' (a derisive slang term motorcyclists have for car drivers, most of whom ARE idiots, but that's another rant) is trying his or her best to take me out. Intellectually, I know that this isn't the case, but a sufficient number of cagers do enough dangerous, stupid things to dictate my paranoid view of them. If I assume and act as if they're all out to get me, they won't. Treat women the same way.

I'm out of here. Have a nice day, Fellas...



Anonymous said...

It's really not that hard to find out if your girlfriend is a crazy bitch. Crazy bitches reveal themselves regularly, guys just miss it because they're focused on the sex.

Plus, most women I've met are anti feminist. They don't believe all sex is rape, they oppose unfair family courts and such. Most guys are stupid and don't ask women these obvious questions which will reveal her atttitude.

Plus, you're only really at major risk of divorce if you date a non virgin. Virgins are much more faithful, less likely to be std petridishes.

ZorroPrimo said...

Re Anon's above remark about virgins: clinically, that's true. Now good luck finding one above the age of 15.

MarkyMark: Great post, but I'd respectfully advise you to calm down before writing. You were really hyperventilating there for a bit. Contentt was spot-on, but the tone was a tad over-the-top.

I particularly agree with your assessment that women automatically think men are guilty. 99% do. Our fucked up feminist college system and femcunt media ensure men are treated like crimes waiting to happen or are yet to be uncovered.

I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese right now, am 51 years old and plan to move to Rio. There are some good American women out there. I know.

I met both of them.

MarkyMark said...


As one who's been falsely accused (albeit not for rape), this is a touchy subject for me. Hyperventilating, as you put it, was a consequence.


ZorroPrimo said...

Point taken.

MarkyMark said...


I'm an intense person, which also affects my writing...


ZorroPrimo said...

Repo Man is always intense!

phoenix said...

Amusingly the military has very similar rules. Men are told not to be alone with women anywhere.

The military really should just not let women in, but our country is a pussified joke. Whenever any unit with women is sent to war they all get pregnant, and the rules are they can't be sent to war if they're pregnant. They are utterly worthless and the day China or India or the Middle East all finally get pissed at us and team up we are absolutely fucking finished. Our military won't be able to stand up to anything because any unit is only as strong as its weakest link, and with women, that of course means its very weak.

Already our economy is on its last legs because women use up tremendous company resources with very little productivity to show for it. Most of the companies that can do so just went overseas, where they don't have the same dumb rules.

The ones here have to hire women. These women take jobs from men, and that destroys any chance of a solid family. I would bet any sum of money that this same pattern has occurred repeatedly in history right before a civilization collapses. Theoretically a civilization could never collapse otherwise because of the huge lead it would always have in military and economic strength.

Ping Jockey said...

"Plus, most women I've met are anti feminist. They don't believe all sex is rape, they oppose unfair family courts and such. Most guys are stupid and don't ask women these obvious questions which will reveal her atttitude."

Talk is cheap. Believe it when they say those things when they're in a group of feminists, or they're on the TV news protesting those things.

Anonymous said...

Ping Jockey nails it. Women will tell you what they think you want to hear. Watch what they do.

anonymous age 69