13 December 2018

Crazy CR, Where Are You?

Crazy CR, where are you? If you read this, leave a comment with your contact info; the comments are moderated, so no one will see it but me. You can also e-mail me.

11 November 2018

Why Men Are Opting Out of Marriage & Family


I was looking for something else when I found THIS video. I love serendipity at work! This chap talks about why men are opting out of marriage and family. It's good stuff, and it encapsulates my thoughts and feelings. Without further ado, here's the video...


What else can I say?


09 September 2018

We Have NO Second Amendment!


On the Happy Bachelors forum, JayJet talked about how much red tape law abiding people go through to get a gun. He then went on to say that, even though America is touted as "the land of the free and home of the brave", it's not. For a coup de grace, he said that, should you exercise your Second Amendment rights and actually use your gun to defend yourself, you'll have to spend hundreds of thousands in legal fees-all for your 'rights'.

I wrote him the following response below. Since I wrote it, of course it was brilliant; it was too brilliant to leave in the confines of the Happy Bachelors forum, so I'm posting it here for a wider audience. Enjoy!



WRT the Second Amendment, I would submit to you that it is ALREADY GUTTED; de facto, it's already gone. How so? Thanks to the background check. When you go to a gun shop and fill out your 4473, the salesman will make a call. That call is to some remote, anonymous gov't bureaucrat who will tell the salesman yes, he can sell you that shiny new piece; or he'll tell the salesman no, he cannot sell you that piece. I don't know about you, but that looks like seeking permission to me. If you have to seek permission to do something, then you do not have the RIGHT to do that something!

What is it that the DMV manual says about your driver license? It says that it's privilege, not a right, correct? How does the DMV confer that permission? Via the driver license. See what Black's Law Dictionary says below when it defines 'license'. https://thelawdictionary.org/license/

"In the law of contracts. A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort. State v. Hipp, 38 Ohio St. 220; Youngblood v. Sexton, 32 Mich. 406, 20 Am. Rep. 054; Hubman v. State, 61 Ark. 4S2. 33 S. W. 843; Chicago v. Collins, 175 111. 445. 51 N. E. 907, 49 L. R. A. 40S, 67 L. R. A. 224. Also the written evidence of such permission. In real property law. An authority to do a particular act or series of acts upon an- other’s land without possessing any estate therein. Clifford v. O’Neill, 12 App. Div. 17, 42 X. Y. Supp. 607; Davis v. Townsend, 10 Barb. (X. Y.) 343; Morrill v. Mackman, 24 Mich. 282, 9 Am. Rep. 124; W.vnu v. Garland, 19 Ark. 23, 08 Am. Dec. 190; Cheever v. Pearson, 16 Pick. (Mass.) 266. Also the written evidence of authority so accorded. It is distinguished from an “easement.” which implies an interest in the land to be affected, and a “lease,” or right to take the prolits of land. It may be. however, and often, is. coupled with a grant of some interest iu the land itself, or right to take the profits. 1 Washb. Real Prop. *398. In pleading. A plea of justification to an action of trespass that the defendant was authorized by the owner of the freehold to commit the trespass complained of. In the law of patents. A written au- ?? thority granted by the owner of a patent to WI LICENSE 724 LICERK another person empowering the latter to make or use the patented article for a limited period or in a limited territory. In international law. Permission granted hy a belligerent state to its own subjects, or to the subjects of the enemy, to carry on a trade interdicted by war. Wheat. Int. Law, 447."

Whether going for a driver license, a CCL, or even to merely buy a gun, the prospective gun owner must seek PERMISSION. Again, when you need to seek permission for something, you do not have the RIGHT to do that something! If we really enjoyed the right to own and use guns, we wouldn't have to interface with the government at all, let alone seek their permission, correct? Ergo, thanks to the background check, the Second Amendment has already been taken away; unfortunately, most gun owners are too stupid and/or ignorant to REALIZE this.

Those are my thoughts...



02 September 2018

Why We're Here


I got back from South America a few days ago, and I and my new best buddy (a street cat I adopted from down there) are doing fine. I've been catching up on some reading over at the Happy Bachelors Forum, where I found THIS gem by TheLabyrinth. He wrote it in response to this article about Japanese men deserting marriage and family; it was the usual "it's all mens' fault" tripe. The Labyrinth wrote this POWERFUL rebuke that I'm posting below. I'll intersperse my comments like I used to do. The Labyrinth's thoughts are in color, while mine are not. This is POWERFUL stuff...


Lookie here; men are fulfilling their socially-designated task as 'providers', and look what appreciation they're getting. First men aren't doing enough. Then men are doing enough but it's still not enough.

To play Devil's advocate with your question, why blame men . . .

Suppose society starts acknowledging men's problems and men's opinions about men's roles in the world. Then what? What about men must society reconsider? 

Society won't reconsider because men are the mathematical minority. Women, because they are more risk averse, work safer jobs, etc. comprise the majority of the population; last time I checked, they're 51-52% of the population. That means they are the majority of voters; not only that, they vote more than men do. Ergo, politicians will listen to what the WOMEN want, not what men want. To put it another way, when's the last time you heard a politician talk about men's issues, hmmm? You ALWAYS hear them prattling about women's issues, but you never, ever, ever hear them talking about men's issues.

How about men's role as pawns in war? I've recently read up on the Napoleonic Wars. Fascinating but gruesome stuff. A month ago, I read a detailed book on the Battle of Waterloo. It very effectively described how a soldier - a male soldier - could die in that battle. He could have his rib cage imploded by a musket ball. He could be blown to pieces by a cannon ball. He could be cut up by bayonets. The worst cases, to me, were the ones of soldiers who were wounded and then left on the battlefield after the battle ended. Sometimes animals would wander onto the battlefield and eat the soldiers; sometime thieves would pilfer wounded and dead soldiers for valuables, even yanking gold teeth out of injured soldiers' mouths. If the wounded men tried to resist, the thieves would beat them to death. All sorts of horrible ways to die.

Won't women be overjoyed when they find themselves on the battlefield? No, I don't think so. To hear the feminists tell it, women are oppressed because they cannot partake in war. Uh, Darlin', men are oppressed because we MUST partake in war!

And for what? Why were men ordered to such horrifying fates? So some megalomaniac general could win the Knight's Gold Crown of the Iron Boot or some other fancy medal? So some psychopathic ruler could call himself the Great and put his name into the history books? So women could be safe? Was that worth so many men, millions of young men dying up to this very day, being slaughtered? Does society even care, or does it babble about "our heroes" and "duty and honor and sacrifice", all the while ignoring the misery that these men go through? 

WRT the last question, to ask it is to answer it...

How about the economy? Many jobs in my state are blue-collar and male-dominated, and some of the stories I've heard . . .

I've heard of several electricians who were electrocuted on the job in my area. I knew a woman whose fiancee was an electrician. While working on a wire that was supposed to be turned off, his foreman apparently got drunk and switched it on. Guy died instantly; drunk foreman kept his job.

I've been electrocuted before; it's no fun. I used to work in power electronics, and getting zapped just goes with the territory. Fortunately, I lived to tell about it. That said, I had trouble with my shoulder for weeks after the injury. For the first few days, I couldn't put a jacket or shirt on the normal way, because my shoulder would pop out of its socket. Luckily, rehab fixed that, and my shoulder is ok. Even so, I lost range of motion and can't reach behind my back as I could before.

As I said before, rehab fixed my shoulder injury. My PT was a guy who was a baseball pitcher in college, so he KNEW shoulder issues; he fixed me right up. That said, two or three nights a week, I had to stop for rehab AFTER working 10 hours. Though I was grateful for my PT and his regimen, the last thing I wanted was to have an extra hour or so tacked on to an already long day.

Ah, but to hear women and feminists (is there a difference?), we big, bad men are oppressing women! Why, don't you neanderthals know that women earn 77% of what men do? Yeah, men do earn more, but there are good reasons for that. One, men work more hours; over the course of the year, men work 200 hours more than women do, or five 40 hour workweeks more. Secondly, men are more willing to accept risk in return for a bigger paycheck. So Darlin', when YOU are willing to work longer hours under more dangerous conditions, come talk to me; until then, STFU, Bitch!

I've known plumbers who are practically disabled due to joint problems, and who are running out of money (Since they can't work) and who deal with the stress of financial problems and health problems and wife problems (Always wife problems). Some are in a position that will be familiar to those Happy Bachelors who have been seasoned by the family courts: divorced, owing tens of thousands of dollars in child support to children who hate them, won't talk to them, but will hate them even more if they don't pay; owing yet more tens of thousands of dollars to wives who despise them and try to humiliate and harm them in every way that the family courts will allow; and all the while these guys are too badly injured to even get out of their fucking chair, let alone work as a plumber to pay these outrageous payments.

I have a buddy who's a plumber. Though he makes good money (better than most college grads), he earns every dollar of it. I remember he had a problem with a drill, and it somehow wrenched one of his joints. He dealt with that injury for a few weeks. I can't imagine that was much fun for him...

I know other construction workers whose bodies (Or, rather, what's left of their bodies) are being beaten to a pulp by the job but have to keep working, less their families call them 'deadbeats' or 'lazy' or 'a failure' for not bankrolling a menopausal manpig of a wife and a litter of piglets. There is a lot of commercial fishing in my state, and every year a few dozen (Give or take) sailors are drowned whilst at sea. Not pleasant to think about.

After having been in a relationship; after almost getting married and moving to South America; I realize now that I dodged a bullet, big time. Let me tell you all a little story from my recent trip to South America...

We were having dinner one night. There's a married handyman who works on my ex GF's house now and then. He'd just finished a day at work, and the three of us were having dinner. Mariano (not his real name) got a call from Wifey, which he took. When he was done, he told my GF that it was his wife asking for money for something. I think it was for one of his kids, but I didn't catch that part. Remember, Spanish is not my first language; while I can catch enough to know what's being discussed, I usually don't catch every word. My GF's response was a different story; I caught almost every word she said, and it was a eye opener...

Though he wasn't complaining, Mariano told us about his conversation with some resignation. After all, he has a long day. He gets up early, takes the kids to school, then proceeds to whatever job he has that day. He'll start his day at 6 AM or so, and he'll work till dark-at least. Many days, he works long past dark; some days, he didn't leave the house till 10 PM! I felt for Mariano.

So, what did my GF say in response to Mariano's call? Did she give him a shoulder to cry on? Did she empathize with him? Not at all. My GF calmly told Mariano that the woman knows best; she said that the woman is always right. If the wife asks for something, she does so with good reason. Finally, she said that, as a man, it was his DUTY to give the wife whatever she wants. Mariano acknowledge what my GF said, but you could see the resignation on his face. They then proceeded to talk about something else.

Now, my GF NEVER said any of this to me-never! In retrospect, she certainly treated me like that; she always had her demands. Granted, her demands were a lot more polite (often phrased as nice requests) than the demand an American woman would give, but they were demands nonetheless. You see, unlike American women, foreign women have enough sense to keep their yaps shut about certain things! After hearing her response to Mariano, I realized one truism: women are women. No matter where they're from, women are women. They think, feel, act, and believe as women do. They may be nicer (at least outwardly speaking) than American women, but they're still women. This includes women's fatal flaw of thinking that they're always right.

Needless to say, I'm ending the relationship. I've made the decision to do so, but I haven't told her yet.

Okay, so that's pretty bad. White-collar work, maybe? Sure; not as dangerous physically. Just deal with the office politics, boredom, and HR feminists and you're good to go. Oh, and no off-color jokes; otherwise you are out the door and stuck with a sexual harassment charge that'll ensure that you never work at a company that doesn't have a big neon sign in the parking lot.

That's no joke! Years ago, I worked for two of the biggest corporations in America; they were household names, companies anyone would know. I've been there, and done that. It was bad enough 15 years ago when I last worked in Corporate America. I felt like I was walking on eggshells all the time, because I always had to watch what I said. I can't even imagine what it's like now. I'm glad I no longer work in an office...

Not all jobs are as bad as I've painted them; however, I'd say that most of the men that I know are unhappy with their jobs. But they can't do anything about it. Can't leave. Can't change to a new one. They're as stuck as trucks in the muck. Responsibilities, dontcha know? Forget your happiness; fund your wife's O magazine subscriptions, iPhone repairs, and shopping splurges/credit card Blitzkreigs while she mocks you to your face, talks shit about you to her friends, and very probably screws other guys on the side. Because that's being a real man.

I was unhappy with most of the jobs I worked. If the job were tolerable and came with good colleagues, I felt fortunate. Thankfully, I am now in a position where I can work if I want to, not because I have to.

And you know what? That's still not enough! You see, by slaving away at your job to support your loving family, you are really stealing a job from an oppressed woman. Yep; that's right. The guy who wastes his life in a cubicle, working a job he hates but can't quit because his wife and kids will hate him even more if he isn't being a good provider for them, is really oppressing some poor, young woman with a gender studies' degree, who feels special because her 7th-grade teacher told her that she was an empowered girl, wants his job so she can live her empowered girl dream. And if he loses his job because he's an evil man, then his family will hate him even more for not supporting them and then the feminists will call him a rapist oppressor for burdening his wife with emotional labor and then . . . 

Isn't that typical of a woman? She complains that you don't do enough, then turns around and complains that you do-sheesh! I'm reminded of the old, Arab proverb that says women want fried ice-how true it is...

Why are only men blamed? Because it's an irrational putdown that negates the need for honest inquiry and debate. A rational look at how our world treats men shows that men are treated irrationally. They are blown to pieces by artillery in wartime and murdered at higher rates than women and then called evil and violent. They spend most of their adult lives slaving away at jobs to provide for wives and children who mock them but demand their money and to enrich their bosses, only to be told that they are the oppressors of women and that they are the ones benefiting from the corporations who use these same men as tools. 

Why are men blamed? One, women cannot think causally; they cannot see the consequences of their actions. Two, they have the fatal flaw of thinking that they're ALWAYS right. Three, since we live in a gynocracy, it's verboten to criticize women; women can do no wrong, don't you know?

Because this is able to be seen, society prefers to simply shift the blame to men. After all, men do most everything else that's difficult and dangerous or unpleasant, and because men are always a good target to attack. Attacking young men as lazy and not doing their duty comes naturally to women and their allies, since they use shaming language against men to great effect. Look at these shaming articles. They don't even ask why men are unhappy or checking out of marriage, family, etc. Our lives are of no value to women and the elites, so long as we just fulfill our roles without fuss. They can't be bothered to dangle a carrot in front of our noses and instead resort to the stick - shaming, too condescending to try to figure out why we might be rejecting traditional norms. We just need to do what we're told without complaint.

What else can I say but QFT?

What is the point of my rant? As Traveller said, Go Your Own Way. Don't GYOW because it is the right way to be happy, or the best way to be happy, or the most successful way to be happy. Go your own way because it is the only way to be truly happy.

I think that this is true. After having tried the relationship thing one more time, I'm convinced beyond doubt that this is true. Elsewhere, it has been said that women sap a man's life force; they wear him down over time. I found this to be true. Whether I was down there or up here, my GF sapped my life force from me. Granted, it was a gradual process, but it happened nonetheless. Only now that I'm home free and single do I notice how much BETTER I feel now-wow...

In the blue-pill world, nothing you do can be right: if you provide or don't, if you aren't feminist enough or are too friendly or mean or whatever you try to do, you can be attacked. A mangina relies upon women to gauge his life, and if a man does something, a woman can always find a problem. And if you are a mangina, a women finding a problem with you is bad, and you scramble to get more muscular or work harder or bring her flowers or try to satisfy her. You're like a fireman, rushing from inferno to inferno with no break.

At the end of the day, women CANNOT be satisfied! Even when you do stuff for them, it's either not enough, it's wrong, etc. For example, her dog (she adopted a street dog) needed a new harness; the old one that she purchased down there was broken. So, before I flew down there earlier in the summer, I got a nice one from the local PetSmart. Do you know that, after praising its quality at first, that she complained that it was too complicated? She asked me why I got that THING. I was not amused...

Now, to be fair, foreign women at least know that their horse, their beast of burden, needs a break now and then. She won't incessantly be on you to do stuff; she'll acknowledge your need for rest and relaxation. That said, you cannot relax too long, because the woman will have more requests (i.e. polite demands) for you to fulfill.

With GYOW, however, you are doing what you want, what enriches your life and not what enriches your wife. And as long as you are satisfied, you are doing right. You are the yardstick that measures your success.

That's exactly right! One of my passions is learning and studying. Since I'm no longer working full time, I study 3-4 hours a day. I review math, electricity, electronics, and other stuff. Though I learned much of the material previously, I'm seeing things that I didn't in college, because I have the TIME to really go over things and let the material marinate on the back burner of my mind.

Another passion of mine is motorscooters and motorcycles. I love 'em! I always have ever since I can remember. This morning, I had a nice, relaxing time changing the oil in one of my mounts. After I write this, I'm going to take her for a spin, so as to ENJOY my handiwork-yes! When you maintain something yourself, not only do you know it was done right; you also have a special satisfaction because you did it yourself. I love that feeling! Would I be able to have that feeling if I were married? I don't think so...

The only thing I'd add is that if you're not infringing on other people while living your life, then you're doing right. Though I may have issues with women, I don't infringe their lives or their rights. They can do whatever they want, and that's fine with me. I only ask that they return me the same courtesy: to live my life as I see fit WITHOUT giving me grief about it...

Thanks for sharing the article, Traveller. An excellent reminder of why we're here.


 Wasn't that powerful stuff? I think so. That was great! I think that TheLabyrinth powerfully and passionately stated what many men think and feel. Too bad we won't see THAT in the mainstream media; we might actually see some progress WRT male/female relations. Then again, the powers that be who control the MSM don't want that; IOW, don't look for this outside The Manosphere any time soon. Have a good day, Fellas...


19 August 2018

Latin Women in South America


I've been away from here for far TOO LONG! I'm glad I can still log in here, read, and post my thoughts.

To make a long story short, I've had a relationship with a woman from South America. I met her while she was in the US, but she returned here to care for her elderly father. I've spent most of the summer here to get a taste of what life in the country would be like; I also did it to get a taste of what life with the woman would be like.

I like the country and the people well enough. Though my Spanish could use some improvement, I know enough to do whatever I need to do out and about in town. There is more freedom here than in the US. For example, medications that would require a prescription can be bought over the counter down here. That's right; as long as you know what you need, you can just go in to the pharmacy and buy whatever you need.

Having said all that, women are women. Though foreign women are better than AW, they're still women. They still think like women, and they still have the same priorities. As I read on another site, though women may have a different operating systems, they all share the same BIOS. A case in point is that, like AW, they view you as a beast of burden. Unlike AW, they at least treat you better; my woman at least makes breakfast for me every morning.

Anyway, one night this week, the handyman was sitting having dinner with us. He'd just gotten off the phone with his wife, and was saying to my GF that she was wanting money for this and that. The man works hard; he'll show up to a job before lunch, and he doesn't go home until at least 7 PM local time; sometimes, he doesn't leave till after 10 PM. My Latin GF, in a frank admission, said that whatever the woman wants, the man has to give it to her; if she needs money, it's for a good reason. She also said that the woman is always right, etc. I was surprised to hear this from her, but I kept my astonishment to myself.

My GF used to do taxes while she was in the US, and she's heard a thousand stories about how men got divorce raped back home. That is to say she understands why American men don't want to marry, because the laws and the system are so stacked against them. Even so, she still thinks like a woman; she still views men as beasts of burden. I came to the belated epiphany that all women view men as beasts of burden. Intellectually speaking, I knew this truth long ago; now, I had this lesson banged home, as I heard it straight from the horse's mouth this week.

Though she doesn't know it yet, I've decided NO MORE! When I get back home next week, I'm going to go my own way for good. I was thinking of moving to her country and marrying her too. Thank goodness I dodged a bullet! While I won't rule out fun and good times with a woman, I won't have a relationship again-no way, Jose.

Fellas, though FW are better than AW, they're still women; they still have the same thoughts, feelings, and priorities of women. They all have the same BIOS! Women want men for their resources-period. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but that's the TRUTH. Have a great day, guys! It's good to be back... :)