19 December 2015

Pan-Am Documentary


Some months ago, I found this documentary you're about to watch.  It's about the once iconic airline, Pan-Am.  For many years, Pan-Am was the FACE of America.  I never flew them.  The closest I got was trying to make a reservation to fly from Hawaii (stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time) to New Jersey.  When they quoted a $1,000 round trip fare with an overnight layover, I passed.  I ended up flying United for that leave, since they offered a much quicker flight and an almost $400 less expensive ticket.  Keep in mind that this was when $1,000 was WORTH something!  Now, you're lucky if it'll get you a month's rent...

After seeing this documentary, I wish that I had flown Pan-Am.  I didn't realize how big a player they were back in the day; they made much of aviation history on the commercial side.  I didn't know just how much better they were, either; the BBC documentary says that, in commercial aviation, that they led the way and set the standard.  Since they stopped flying in December of 1991 (24 years ago now), I'll never get to experience Pan-Am.  For me, this documentary is the closest I'll ever get...


When Air Travel Was Fun & Glamorous!

Hey Guys,

I don't have much to say these days, so I don't get on here much anymore.  I'm not angry with women, feminism, etc.; things are what they are, and that's that.  Also, with the growth of the manosphere in both terms of quantity and quality, I simply do not have anything to say anymore that someone else isn't doing better.

Having said that, when I see something that interests me, I'll pass it on to the 5-10 readers I still have left-hahaha.  They say that the old days weren't always so good, but that is not true for air travel.  I know, because I flew out to my brother's for Thanksgiving; those regional jets are like sardine cans with wings-ouch!  The EMBRAER EMB-145 is decent for an RJ with only three seats across.  Unfortunately, the Canadair CRJ 700 is torture with four across seating.

I'll be flying down to Lima, Peru next week; though that's on a Boeing 757, it's not much better if you're in economy or coach; economy plus, which you pay extra for, makes it somewhat tolerable, but that's it; even in economy plus, eight hours is no picnic.  Thankfully, I had some extra money for business class, so I could actually-gasp-enjoy my trip this time!  I had to pay more for this, of course, but when you're talking eight hours each way, it's well worth it for me.

Things weren't always like this when it came to air travel; at one time, it was actually fun, luxurious, and even glamorous!  I remember my late mother telling me how, on flights out to California, they'd have a table between their seats.  After seeing an old, 1950 Pan Am film about their then new Boeing Stratocruiser, it's true;  you see passengers playing bridge with one another.  There was a time when airlines actually CARED about their passengers' comfort-imagine that!

With that in mind, here's a Pan American Airlines documentary, circa 1959, about their then new Boeing 707 jet clipper.  In the film, you can see the stewardesses taking your coat and stowing it for you-wow!  These days, you're lucky if they help you get something into the overhead bin.  The seats, even in coach, are actually roomy; they're sized for normal humans!  They weren't the torture devices that they are today.

Anyway, let's start the documentary, and see just what we've lost as a culture and society...