23 March 2009

Knackster's Introductory Post


I was reading another thread when I belatedly discovered THIS gem! It's from Knackster, a fellow member on Mancoat. I'll let the post speak for itself...


Greetings all. This is Knacktastic. My friend Remo (who rarely posts here) got me interested in this site.

You all are going to either learn to love me or hate me, as I am something of a mish-mash of ideas, and ideals.

For example. I am not unplugged from the fematrix, but I interact with it via the pick up arts (yes I am PUA). I watched that thread with great interest, and while some of the info was spot on, much of it was totally non-accurate. As time continues Ill point out where and how. Many of the men here have earned a great deal of respect from me for how they articulate themselves, and for their firm stances

I am something of an anomaly in the PUA community, as I see men and women as being in a war ( I’m in support of a literal war against women and manginas ). Men are one army, and women (and their allies) the other. I also think of women as the enemy camp, that has supplies (pussy) that I want to raid. There are many in the PUA community that are total manginas, then again there are those that see the battlefield too and “raid for supplies”.

Being PUA has taught me a great deal of the female sex. Among this is that nearly no female can be trusted (there are a few but they are probably about 5% of the female population… maybe less). In the last three months, I have met one single female out of possibly thousands that I would trust fully as a mate (and my interactions with her were not very long). I can say in sincerity, that I would trade all the hot chicks I’ve slept with for one that was simply loyal. But lets face it, that barely exists in women does it?

Unlike many here I take a much stronger stand against women. I do not advocate equal rights for women. I do not even advocate equal treatment. I am in favor of a return to the Old English “rule of thumb”. Someone here posted that none of this will end until women are on leashes (or he might have said in cages I forget) but that person was correct. All rights, privileges and status must be stripped from women in our society if we are to have any real chance at survival as a society. This is one of the things that the Muslim nations have gotten right, and one area we defiantly could take a page from their playbook. No while I favor a total revocation of all rights, I would like some legal protections for the well being of women (sorta like how we protect animals).

I have to say that I agree 100% with Knackster on this point. If nothing else, recent history have given us a voluminous amount of empirical evidence that women are not capable of EXERCISING rights; recent history has shown our Muslim friends to be right about keeping women on a tight leash. Shoot, 70% of single women voted for Barack Obama! He's smooth talkin' devil if there ever were one; he's living proof that women will fall for someone with a good line. Too bad for us the SOB is a communist who will finish destroying this once, great nation-all because someone had the bright idea of giving women the vote! Anyway, since women are not capable of exercising rights, they cannot have them now, can they? I don't believe in animal rights, because animals aren't capable of exercising rights; even so, I don't at all advocate mistreating them. It's the same with women...

Shoot, Kato the Elder said as much CENTURIES ago! Here is his quote: "Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expect her not to kick over the traces. You must keep her on a tight rein . . . Women want total freedom or rather - to call things by their names - total licence. If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters . . ." -- Cato the Elder 234-149 B.C. quoted in "Livy’s History of Rome". Seems to me the man was a PROPHET...

So that’s it. My intro and a little background on me. Lets kick a little ass (or a fat feminist one).


That was good stuff, was it not? Though I am not a PUA and have no desire to become one, I can understand why guys like Knackster are PUAs. While I think it's wrong to use someone for my sexual pleasure (I've told Knack this both online and off), I can understand why guys do so. Having said that, he is correct when he says that the vast majority of women are amoral sluts who aren't worthy of our trust, our love, or anything else. He's right when he says that only a mere handful of modern women would make suitable mates. I didn't have to become a PUA to figure that out though; simple observation and using my brain were enough for that. In any case, I hope that you all enjoyed this post. Have a nice day!