18 November 2011

I'm Ready to Man Up, by Roosh


I'm not fond of PUAs or chasing pussy.  I understand why they exist, but I have no wish to partake in their lifestyle.  Life is so much more than chasing pussy; life is so much more than pursuing vapid, shallow, disease ridden women for a pump 'n' dump.  That said, PUAs, such as Roosh, sometimes have good things to say; this is one of those times.  I must say that Roosh hit it OUT OF THE PARK with this one!  Thanks to Simpson on Mancoat for finding this gold nugget...


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’m still here in Poland, pretending to be Peter Pan, having purely sexual relationships in a life void of responsibility where no one counts on me and no one expects anything of me. There is no reason to wake up before noon. I spend my days writing, reading, drinking, and chasing pussy. I have so much free time that I decided to learn Polish, one of the hardest languages in the world, just for the hell of it. I feel that there should be something more to life, even if it means taking on what may initially seem like a burden.

I’m convinced that the solution is to grow up and do what society expects of me, to be a man as defined by my middle-class peers.

I will man up and fly to Washington DC. I will fix my resume, make up some amazing bullshit for the four-year gap in professional employment, and become a microbiologist again. Hopefully I won’t have a mean boss, and hopefully the HR gals like me enough so I don’t get the axe in the first round of corporate restructuring.

Once stably employed, I will man up by looking for a modest condominium in the suburbs, taking on a mortgage that is not too crushing. The mortgage will give me a respectability that my self-published fuck guides never could. Hopefully the value of my condo doesn’t decline, the condo association nazis don’t complain about my music, and no major repairs will be needed that force me to eat ramen for an extended period of time.

To get around in the suburbs, I will man up by purchasing an environmentally friendly automobile, preferably a Toyota Prius. I will finance it. I will have to budget carefully since gas, insurance, and maintenance adds up. Hopefully I don’t get into a catastrophic accident.

I will man up and enroll in a part-time graduate program by borrowing the tuition (I can get my dad to co-sign the loan since he likes it when I go to school). If I really move my ass, I can have a fresh degree in four years, which will really impress my boss and set me up for a 4.5% annual raise instead of the usual 3%. My debt load should now keep me quite busy and anxious for the next 30 years.

I will man up and find a wife on eHarmony. She’ll be my age, a handsome woman tired of being pumped and dumped, with a masculine sensibility that South American and Eastern European women don’t have. She will drastically shorten her hair six months after the wedding, and in spite of my disapproval, she will gain one pound a month until finally exploding like a whale for our first of two kids. She’ll never make the effort to lose the pregnancy weight, no matter how many subtle gym membership gifts I get her for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, her birthday, and Christmas. She will lose interest in having sex with me. The most humiliating moment of my life will be when she tells me to pump her hand while she reads a woman’s magazine. I will feel unattractive and unloved.

Once the kids are in middle school, my wife will initiate divorce proceedings because “the feeling” is no longer there. The feeling was no longer there for me either, but I was willing to make it work for our children. Nonetheless, I will man up and let her take the property, the cars, and the kids. I will pay her steep child support payments that leave me on the edge of poverty. My kids will be brainwashed against me, and hate me for the rest of their lives. I’ll hate them too, but if I stop paying child support I will be sent to prison. With little fatherly influence in their lives, my son will become a little bitch and my daughter a slut who loses her virginity at the age of 14.

I will not give up on life. I will work even harder and make wise investments until my kids are 18 and the burden of child support payments are lifted. Once eligible for social security at the age of 67, I will take my modest nest egg to a modern country with a cheap standard of living, maybe Poland. Once there, no one will count on me and no one will expect anything of me. There will no reason to wake up before noon. I’ll spend my days writing, reading, drinking, and purchasing pussy. I will have so much free time that I’ll decide to learn Polish, one of the hardest languages in the world, just for the hell of it. Yes, I’m ready to man up.


Yeah, Buddy, I'm ready to man up too-not!  Seriously though, why would Roosh man up, work like a dog for 30 years for a bitch that hates him, only so he can retire to live in Poland?  Why take that three DECADES long detour when he can do that now?  Oh, I forgot; he's already in Poland-duh!  Why take the detour to the destination when you can be at the destination now?

Oh, and I have vacation coming up, so look for some original posts from Yours Truly!  Until next time...


13 November 2011

PhillyBoy81's Comment


I saw this comment on Roissy's blog.  It was in response to his post on college being a 'poon nirvana'.  This was one of the comments in response to that post.  PhillyBoy81 talks about how women overplay their hands, thinking that their SMV=MMV.  He also talks about how players and PUAs do us a favor by ferreting out the skanks for us.  This is good stuff.


Fret not, my brethren. You will be a master of the universe in the long run, so long as you stick to the script. In the end, good guys get the last laugh.

These players, or as Roissy says “alpha males,” are doing all the rest of us a favor in the long run. They operate very much like short sellers in the dating market, exposing fraud and helping to discover the true prices of commodities (women).

I’m not a big fan of evolutionary psychology, so I’ll implore you to think about the situation this way. Let’s take a 21-year old chick who’s between a 7/8 (cute to pretty). She’s the equivalent of Roy Jones, Jr. in his prime, all attributes, no fundamentals or technique. She garners the attention of males both older and younger. She can pretty much get sex whenever she wants it and with whomever she wants to have it with. And that is ultimately her downfall.

Young women (and some older ones) have an overinflated sense of the value of their vaginas. I mean, they have Wharton MBAs paying for exotic trips and they’re drinking Cosmos in the VIP with the Wizards. Why wouldn’t they? Since they are able to get such easy access to “alpha” dick, it follows logically that they should also have access to “alpha” wealth, marriage, and the lifestyle that accompanies all of that, right?

Wrong. See, when women gain this enormous sense of pussy power, they swing for the fences. That’s what power does to people. It makes them crave more. So, the cute guy with a 3.8 GPA, but no car? Nope, not good enough. The nice-looking pre-med student? “Nah, I’ll just get back to him later. I heard Jude Law’s hotter brother is transferring here this semester.” They invariably end up overplaying their hand. They chase these players looking to get a ring, and then that ring never comes. So now they’re 27. It’s a good thing she kept that pre-med Johns Hopkins student in her back pocket just in case things didn’t work out with the player, right?

Wrong again. In a vacuum, women would have their way. Men beg for sex. Women decide whether to give it to them (and for most guys, they will not give it to you). But luckily, we don’t live in a vacuum. We live in the real world with social constraints, and there are two that work distinctly to a man’s advantage: reputation and age.

Men take notes. Ladies, don’t think our homeboy didn’t tell us about the time he bought you drinks, only for you to walk away and make fun of him with your girlfriends. Don’t think we won’t remember your bitchiness. And don’t think we won’t remember those guys who you ran behind like a cum bucket. We remember. And we punish.

When a man sleeps with 100 chicks, he’s a stud. When a woman sleeps with JUST ONE guy, that eliminates you as wifey material to ALL of his friends. Seriously, how many times have you met a cute girl and your friends said, “Oh, she was with _____.” It was a wrap. Women who aren’t able to learn their true value quickly and then make wise decisions early on pay a hefty price in the long run.

The height of a woman’s value, in terms of her value as a long term partner, is around the age of 27. That is the praecipice. She must make the decision: settle down or play around. Her best choice, if she wants to get married, is to begin actively pursuing a husband. But she faces a couple of problems. First, she wants to marry up (older, richer, higher status). But by this time, her peers are just hitting their prime. They’ve picked up some wealth and game along the way, and are seeking to exact revenge against the throngs of women now begging for engagement rings. Second, she’s got competition. Those new “alphas” aren’t trying to mess with used goods. They want that 21 year old model. And for a Harvard MBA on Wall Street, that’s not an unrealistic expectation.

The older she gets, the more her singlehood gets scrutinized by men. Why the hell is she still single? Who’s cock has she been sucking all these years? This bitch must be crazy or something. And let’s face it, what virile, successful bachelor wants to entertain a 29 or 30 year old as wifey potential? She’s going to want to become a baby factory right away and rip away the last vestiges of your freedom. I don’t think so. It’s now my time to swing for the fences and bang some of these 21 year olds that I couldn’t bang in college.

In conclusion, a woman’s value is really defined by the type of man who puts a ring on her finger, not the type of guy who will fuck her. It takes a lot of women a long time to understand this, and thus, they overplay their hand. If it wasn’t for the players dogging them out, these women would not get a sense of their true value and start to seek out men who fit within their price range.

One last thing.

I would encourage attractive women to read Greek mythology, especially the story of Icarus. Icarus, with his new but fragile wings, could not resist flying too close to the sun.

Attractive women, with their pretty faces and firm backsides, often can’t break the spell of the intoxicating power that comes along with those attributes. Power’s a hard thing to give up. It’s a lot like winning at the craps table. Some people just don’t know when to quit and cash in their chips. And when they don’t have the good sense to cash in their chips, they often end up just like Icarus–dead in the water.


I hope you all enjoyed that.  Have a good night now...