28 June 2015

SJWs Are Ruining Lives Everywhere


I had a long time reader send in the story you are about to read.  It's edited for anonymity.  However, the setting and the identity of the principals (i.e. the reader and her family) are not important.  What IS important is that SJWs (social justice warriors) are all over the world; they're running amok with their inimical ideology; and they're ruining lives in the process.

The story you are about to read occurred in a First World country.  Though English isn't the first language there, it is widely used.  This country has incorporated many, if not all, the worst characteristics of Western countries.  Feminism is alive and well there.  To put this another way, those of you in the Western world, particularly if you are from an English speaking country, will recognize this story; you will recognize it because it could have happened in YOUR country.  Truth be told, it already has!  You just don't know about it, because the Praetorian Guard media won't report it; they won't report stuff like this, because they're SJWs themselves working to advance The Cause.  I'll intersperse some commentary, though not much will be needed.  Here goes...


Hi Mark,

I've checked out your blog recently and I saw you aren't moving to South America in the end; I guess you'll post the whole story when you're ready.

Yeah, that's a long story, which I won't tell here.  The short story is this: my GF, who was supposed to come up here to help me prepare for the move, got cold feet.  She was supposed to have been here two months ago, but she still isn't here.  That's the essence of what happened.
Having said that, I still plan on going to South America, because I like it down there.  I like the climate, the food, and the people.  However, rather than moving down there in a few months, it'll more likely be a few years.  As my late mother would say, better late than never, right?
The reason I'm contacting you is because I want to tell you of something that might be of interest to you and other men, single or married, who visit your blog and similar sites. 

To sum it up, a social worker has messed up our life. 

I'm not surprised; social workers are in the family wrecking business...
What happened, you ask? Are you sitting down? Well, one of our neighbors, who happens to be a social worker, accused my husband of being a child molester. Yes, yes. We were never more shocked in our lives than when this evil, twisted rumor finally reached our ears! What did she base her vile accusation on? Why, on seeing my husband talking to a neighbor's little girl and showing her around our garden, and on my husband displaying affection and kissing and hugging his own little daughters. Obviously you can't go to the police and report stuff like that, but in her twisted mind, it was enough to throw the accusation into the air. She just went behind our backs and "warned" all our neighbors, one by one, to be careful with their kids. 

Maria (not her real name), you and your DH are fortunate.  I say that because, here in the USA, one COULD go to the police with an accusation like that and make it stick; that's especially true if that someone is-gag-a 'respected government official'!  To put it another way, your DH would have been interrogated by the police here, and possibly arrested.
Obviously it's possible to file a lawsuit against her for slander, and we are going to do that, if for no other reason then so she'll think twice before spewing her poison on anyone else, but unfortunately it's impossible to take back what has already been said. Our life in this community is ruined. People are trying to get us to move, rather aggressively I'm afraid, and my kids haven't had friends over for weeks, and finally I understand why.

If you can file a lawsuit successfully, do it; these SJWs need to be taught a lesson!  They need to be taught many lessons, actually.  SJWs like your neighbor are meddling bullies, and the only thing they respect is forceful push back.  When someone fights back effectively, SJWs chicken out and run, because they are cowards at heart.  If they weren't, they wouldn't have a problem with those who hold dissenting opinions; they wouldn't try to silence and destroy those who disagree with them.  So yeah, take it to her, please!

There's also your good name to consider.  Since you're a Bible believing family, you cannot ignore Proverbs 22:1.  It says that a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.  What this verse is saying is that a good reputation is MORE VALUABLE than a great fortune.  Since the good name of your family has been trashed, you need to do whatever you can to get it back.
Please, if you can, publish this story anonymously and warn every fellow man to be very, very careful around social workers. During their studies, they are indoctrinated to see every man as a wife abuser or potential child molester, and unfortunately they often develop a twisted world view that can really rip families apart for no reason. 

Actually, there IS a reason for this madness and insanity: the powers that be want to destroy the family, so they can take over the world.  SJWs like your neighbor are simply useful idiots advancing the establishment of a world government; they are pawns in the war on humanity, though they're too stupid and indoctrinated to see this.  Why else would this sort of thing be happening all over the world?  Why else would there be domestic violence public announcements on the TV in South America?  Simple-to undermine men, and ultimately undermine the family.
You see, Maria, men are natural troublemakers; we like to stir things up-especially if we're bored!  Also, men (real men, that is) don't run from a fight; though we won't seek one out, we won't run from one, either.  This is especially true if someone is attacking or hurting our wives and families; we'll lay down our lives to protect our wives and families.  Well, if you undermine men; if you take away their stake in society; if you give then nothing to live or fight for; then they won't.  That means they won't resist tyranny, because they have no 'skin in the game', as it were; they have nothing to fight for, so they don't fight anyone-including a wannabe tyrant taking over their country.  When the old Soviet Union was first formed, they made easy divorce and abortion widely available and easy to get for precisely this reason-to neutralize the opposition, i.e. men.  That is the real reason why your story is happening in all the First World countries...
Take care,
Indeed, I shall.  I wish you and your DH the best of luck in going after (legally, of course) this SJW cretin; go get her!  I also wish you and DH the best in your future endeavors.  Thanks for writing, and your story WILL be a help to my readers...