20 February 2012

The Catastrophe in Sex Relations: A Roissyesque Analysis


Back in late 2009-early 2010, I spent a few days reading A View From The Right in a belated effort to read more of the 'game' debate that occurred during the summer of 2009. When reading fans of Roissy (such as In Mala Fide), I'd see allusions to Lawrence Auster's website, A View From The Right. Being the curious guy that I am, I checked out what Mr. Auster had to say. Though I read what others had to say about Mr. Auster, I wanted to see for myself what the man had to say; I wanted to read the other side of the argument; I wanted to see if there was any good points against game, or if there were ways I could better articulate my views. I haven't been disappointed! I agree with a lot of what Mr. Auster has to say; philosophically, ethically, and in other ways, he and I are on the same page.

During one of his debates with the pro-game crowd, he received this reply to an e-mail he sent to one of them. The exchange is below. Mark P., a reader of Roissy's, succinctly diagnoses the problems between men and women relating to one another. Mark P. articulates what I would have said if I could have found the words to articulate my diagnosis of the chasm between men & women. This is good stuff! Read & learn, Grasshopper...


Since reader Mark P. has often expressed a kind of law-of-the-jungle view of sex relations which I have found both interesting and disturbing, I wrote to him the other day:
I'm surprised you haven't had more to say about this whole Alpha male / Beta male discussion going on at Mangan's which I've been linking.
Mark has replied with this very instructive comment:

I've actually been reading Roissy's site for the past year or so. It's been on my rotation of websites.

I'm not so certain that reducing women to sex objects and playing on their emotional vulnerabilities is really a good description of "Game." It is probably more accurate to call Game the re-initialization of Men as they used to be...a method of "de-programming" men from what they've become. I would suggest reading this. It's an interesting application of game by a practitioner within his own marriage. How true it is, I don't know, but it is a worthwhile read.

As far as the alpha/beta distinction and the various other theories are concerned, I believe I can explain it better without resorting to biological reductionism. Basically, what's been introduced into the relationship environment is an imbalance in how men and women interact. Within marriage, like tends to marry like. If people can be ranked hierarchically on a scale of 1-10, then we would see 3's marry 3's; 7's marry 7's; and 10's marry 10's. This is what we have scene throughout Western history when relationships between men and women were confined within a marriage. Men and women sorted each other according to comparable attributes of physical appearance, charisma, status, etc. Previous generations would've called this finding a suitable mate. When marriages occur today, this suitability principle still holds and it is rarely broken.

Cracks in male/female relationships began when men and women started interacting outside of marriage. As many of the commentators have noted, anonymous urban living, contraceptives, the breakdown of social shaming, etc., has allowed women to pursue men in bars and clubs without the worry of rumors and unwanted pregnancies spoiling reputations. This brought in the first problem threatening men: the system of like marries like breaks down. Just like men, women cannot marry above their station. Unlike men, however, women can easily date and sleep with men above their station. This means that a woman who is a 5 or 6 can sleep with a man who is a 7, 8 or a 9. Consequently, the vast bulk of men face the problem that their female equivalents do not want them, simply because the women can do better. In a sense, the women are right...up to the point of marriage. That is why women are racking up such huge body counts.

The second problem that men face is that women can out-compete men in the workplace. Affirmative action and gender quotas means women will soon make more money than men. The vast bulk of men will not only not be wanted by their equivalents, they cannot even sell themselves as effective providers.

The third problem is the divorce industry.

The fourth problem is the cultural "emasculation" of (white) men. Men are being taught the wrong things and society is reinforcing that teaching.

All of the above problems have consequences. The vast majority of women have entered a tournament where they are leveraging their prime years trying to snag a man that is either too attractive or too successful, or both, for them. When they fail and inevitably reach north of 30 without a husband, they then scramble around and marry a man they would've ignored before. Unfortunately, a woman with a history of dozens of sex partners all more attractive than her current husband is not fit for any long-term relationship. Divorce is inevitable. This is probably why women are surveying as very dissatisfied.

Larger social consequences loom, of which demographics is the least worrisome. Wives and children are the glue that holds society together. It makes men invested in the society around them. What happens when you have armies of unattached men with no investment in society? You have men who will not care what happens to that society or the women in it. This sheds some light on the recent mass killings where men did nothing to protect the women being shot. Unlike the men on Titanic, today's men see no reason to sacrifice their lives for a feminist, PC-addled girl who thinks men are rapists.

LA replies:

Your Roissy-like analysis of the problems, particularly the first problem, is cogent and fascinating. I don't know whether it's true, but it's fascinating.

However, once we get beyond the analysis, how does the Roissyite "Game" come in? You haven't discussed that. Based on your diagnosis of the problems, particularly of the breaking of the bonds of sympathy between men and women that you describe in your last paragraph, one must assume that the purpose of "Game" is not to end this alienation between the sexes, but to help men acquire sex partners who are above their "station," just as women are already acquiring sex partners above theirs. It's hard to see what else the vaunted de-programming you mention consists of.

And if that's all it is, then, since you mentioned Titanic, it would appear that the Roissyite Game is about nothing more than getting the most and the best sex partners one can get while Titanic is sinking.

That's as good a diagnosis as I've read WRT the rift between men and women. Mark succinctly lays out the problem, its history, and why 'game' has arisen as a response. I hope you all learned something; I know I did...


18 February 2012

Mind Condom


You all know I like that train wreck of a show, Jersey Shore.  I even got all the DVDs for it!  Anyway, during one of Sam & Ron's NUMEROUS fights, Ronnie had a pithy, little saying that sums up relations with American women.  He said that: "I need a mind condom, because I'm being mind FUCKED."  I about fell out of my chair when I heard that one...


14 February 2012

My Answer to Anon


In my post about wanting a woman as nice as my dog (or cat, as the case may be), we had a woman come around and share her 'thoughts' with us.  Below is her most recent comment as of this writing.  I am going to respond to her comments now as only I can do.  Here goes...


Men who command respect get my respect "MarkyMark." That doesn't include any of you. You speak of "shaming language" and yet it is YOU who have called me every name under the sun on this blog, by virtue of my being an American female.

The same goes for women; unfortunately, few of them get my respect when they want to emulate their 'heroines' on Sex and the City or Jersey Shore.  Besides, you don't even CONDEMN such skank behavior; if anything, you laud and praise it!  You want me to respect you?  You want me to take you seriously?  You want me to view you as a lady?  Then ACT like one!

The question I have is this: what names did anyone call you?  I reread the comments, and I didn't see much name calling.  I did see 'Sweetums' and feminazi but that's all.  Judging by your the content and tenor of your comments, I'd say that those are fair assessments of who and what you are; they're not name calling.

P Ray, LOL I was waiting for someone to start with the "false claim" nonsense. You're pathetic. And I'm pretty sure I never said assault was confined to one gender. It happened to the man I am with as well. When he was a child. For all you know, he's sitting here right by my side as I type this. Get it??

Yeah, false claims are such 'nonsense'; they don't happen at all, right?  False claims and accusations don't destroy mens' lives; no, they're just 'nonsense', right?  Let me guess: you're going to parrot Susan Brownmiller's long discredited assertion that only 2% of rape accusations are false, right?  False claims are such nonsense that we have entire blogs devoted to them!  You ever hear of The False Rape Society?

Oh, and while you may not have said that assault is confined to one SEX (sex is the proper word to use here, since gender deals with the pronouns-duh), most women think that.  They think that because the feminazis, of which you are one, so often spout that lie that it's become an accepted fact.  If you're not a feminazi, why have you not CONDEMNED your fellow sisters for making false accusations, hmmm?  Why have you done nothing to hold them accountable?  If for no other reason (say you hate men, which, judging by your tone, seems to be the case), I should think you'd want to put a stop to false accusations, because it makes life harder for REAL victims, i.e. those who really were raped, beaten, assaulted, etc.

You've all made an awful lot of assumptions. Just because I spoke my mind, you wrongly assume that I'm some angry feminazi with a crew cut and a chip on her shoulder. You couldn't be more mistaken if you tried. I'm quite feminine, thank you. But yes, I do believe the feminist movement is reactionary. Usually people who are happy don't revolt ;) And I'm not an "Amerislut" either. I have only ever been with one man (willingly) in my life. That man is my fiance. We plan to have a very traditional marriage, including the vows we will make to one another. I have no problems with that. I'm happy with that. And I'm happy to have a man to protect me from the likes of you all, frankly. I'm happy to have him lead in the relationship. But you know what? He's a man WORTHY of being followed. Think on that.

Man oh man, you just hung a fast ball over the middle.  I cannot let that one go!  Stand by while I hit this one out of the park...

One, judging by the nasty tone and content of your comments, you're a feminist.  Oh, you may not call yourself one, but you are one nonetheless.  Exhibit A is this quote from your first comment: "Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? And that is the price 21st Century men pay for the Patriarchal systems and testosterone covered millenniums of the past."  Let's see, we have an allusion to 'the patriarchy', which is standard, feminist claptrap; it's a standard remark feminists use to deride and disparage anything male.  You gave yourself away right there, Darlin'!  You're a bloody liar!  You are a feminist, which means you hate men.

Secondly, I don't mind someone speaking their minds.  I don't even mind a woman speaking her mind; in fact, I prefer one that does, because I don't have to be a mind reader!  Why do you chicks always want us to be mind readers, anyway?  That's another rant though, and I shall leave it for another day.  No, what I don't care for is the obnoxious, disrespectful, arrogant, condescending comments women always make when speaking to men.  A woman who speaks in such a way is called 'a strong woman'; we men are told that we can't 'handle a strong woman'.  No, we can handle strong women just fine, thank you very much; what we can't stand are the stubborn, argumentative, obdurate ones who constantly bash and trash men like you do.

A truly strong woman will politely, firmly, directly, yet respectfully (that's the KEY WORD here!) sit down with her man, tell him she has a problem; she'll say what it is, so he understands her point clearly; then, she'll tell him what she wants him to DO about it!  If she does that; if she picked a GOOD man (not a bad boy like the late, Whitney Houston did); if she has a history of treating him well (i.e. better than his dog does); then, her man will respond favorably, if not enthusiastically.  What I don't respond to well is some harridan like you!

Thirdly, elaborating on what I said above, the vast majority of women DO choose douchebags for men!  Look at the late Whitney Houston, a talented and beautiful woman who SURELY could have done better than that scum, Bobby Brown.  Look at Heather Locklear, who in her prime, was one of the most beautiful women on the planet; she could have done a hell of lot better than that dirtbag, Tommy Lee.  Then, after he got done with Heather Locklear, Mr. Lee nailed Pam Anderson while SHE was in her prime!  You mean to tell me that Pam Anderson, as a member of the Hollywood community, didn't know what kind of man Tommy Lee was?  You mean to tell me that she didn't know the stories about him and Heather?  Even after knowing all this, she STILL took up with him?!  Come again, Rampart!  As Bill Maher said, women have no right to complain about men until they start showing better taste in them.

Fourthly, the vast majority of American women ARE sluts!  You have heard of the two, hit TV shows that feature slutty conduct, haven't you?  You have heard of Sex and the City & Jersey Shore, right?  Do you know what those shows are about?  They're about the slutty conduct of modern women, Darlin'.  Moreover, this conduct is LAUDED AND CHEERED by women across the nation!  Why, the women of SATC and Jersey Shore aren't sluts; they're strong, independent, empowered women who are in touch with their sexuality.

Ah, but those are TV shows; they're just make believe; they're not real.  Okay, I'll bite.  I'll offer you some REAL evidence about how slutty modern, American women are.  Did you know that American women ages 20-24 test positive for HPV 44.8% of the time?  Did you know that this figure rises to 49% when you're talking about sexually active women in that age group (let's face it, you might as well be talking all women ages 20-24 here, because they're ALL sexually active at that age nowadays).  BTW, HPV is the virus that causes genital warts, cervical cancer, etc.  I don't know what you call that, but I call it promiscuous; I'd call it being a SLUT.

Yes, there are women who aren't sluts, but they're in the distinct minority; the number of such women in this Jersey Shore era is asymptotically close to being ZERO.  Ergo, it's correct and accurate to say that all American women are sluts; the number who aren't is statistically insignificant.

Your epithets are both humorous and frightening. ALLLL American women are sluts? ALLLL American women are this, that or the other? Really?? And all black men have huge penises. And all Asian men have tiny ones. And all blondes are stupid and slutty (I can assure you I'm neither). And all Jews are greedy. And all Southerners are inbreeds. Right? That's how ridiculous you sound.

Dr. Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, had THIS to say about stereotypes: they're cheap information.  To put it another way, stereotypes achieve their status because they're TRUE-duh!  The exceptions don't undermine the rule in question; they prove it.  For example, the few American women who aren't man-hating feminazis and sluts prove the rule that the vast majority of them are.

Do you boys know that scene in that old movie Ghostbusters… the scene where Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are in the courtroom with the jar of slime? The psychic protoplasm or whatever it is? And the judge is there, red-faced and screaming. Just spewing venom all over the courtroom. And the jar of slime begins to absorb that energy… until finally it explodes and all hell is unleashed upon him? A reflection of his own rage. That's what you boys remind me of. Your hatred is toxic. And the thing is, it's only toxic to YOU. It's your own psyche and your own soul you are filling with rancor. Wouldn't it be healthier to just join the ranks of the "men going their own way" sect? You're going to give yourselves heart attacks. Seriously, I'm not being disingenuous. Carry on though…

Though I saw Ghostbusters decades ago, I don't remember much of it; I don't remember the scene in question.  Having said that, I don't hate American women; I just view them sans rose colored glasses.  I view them as they actually are, and I tell the truth about them.  I guess telling the truth has become a hateful act, huh?  Darlin', the best way for a man to have a heart attack is to end up with the likes of you!  God help that poor SOB who's engaged to you; God help him more once he says "I do", because he's going to need it!  Carry on, now...


That ends my commentary and analysis of Anon's comments.  Until next time...


12 February 2012

There's No Such Thing as 'Honest Money'


You know what really gets my goat?  These gold and silver bugs who think that using precious metals would solve all our money problems.  Using so-called 'honest money' wouldn't prevent debauching of the currency; all it would to is change the WAY this is done.  We can look to the Roman Empire for instruction here.

Back in Roman times, copper was a precious metal.  The Roman money, the As, was made of copper.  As you know, due to their international adventurism and gov't largess, they ran short of money and couldn't pay all their bills; they ran deficits.  So what did they do?  They halved the amount of copper in the As, thus doubling the money supply-wow!  The same could be done with gold and silver.

Today's politicians could and would do the same thing.  If you had X amount of gold backing the money, all they'd have to do is change the AMOUNT of gold backing the money, thus emulating what the Romans did.  Then, we'd be in the same situation that we're in now-duh!  So, using precious metals (so-called 'honest money') or using them to back your currency won't prevent debauching of the currency; all it'll do is change the METHOD in which this is done.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what FORM of money we use, because it can all be corrupted somehow.  No, what matters is the INTEGRITY with which the money supply is administered.  Since we don't have leaders who even know what that word means (let alone practice it), any form of money we use would be debauched-even the purported 'honest money', gold and silver.


11 February 2012

I Wish I Had A Woman as Nice as My Dog, by Walter Allen Thompson


I was reading the new essay over at Henry Makow's site when a reader linked to the piece below...


I was getting out of my car this morning, and my little Yorkie stuck out her paw and scrapped it on my hand wanting me to pet her. She's so nice. She does this a lot--though it's a bit annoying when I'm driving--because all she wants is some love and a little attention. I pet her on the head and she's happy, and will lay down and sleep on a longer trip.

A dog will give a man unconditional love; whereas, a woman may or may not keep you around depending upon the prevailing winds. I don't have to buy my dog a food dish lined with jewels. My dog doesn't get crabby and vicious for no reason because she loves me unconditionally. My dog doesn't run up a charge account at Macy's, and she doesn't spend $50.00 to do her nails. My dog doesn't take drugs, drink alcohol, or crash my brand new car. My dog doesn't stand there and "bitch me out" for not being sensitive to her needs. All my dog needs is a little love, attention, and her food. Overall, the quality of life with my dog has far exceeded any relationship I have had with any woman. If you want to know where you stand with a woman, just run out of money. If you have a woman that stays with you when you're broke or in a setback, then you have a good one. The value of any relationship depends upon unconditional love, and that's more evident with my dog.

My guess is that animals are not subject to evil as people are. Even wild animals seem to be more behaved than mankind. Animals don't strap explosives on themselves and then go blow up other animals. You don't see eagles or vultures flying over the elephants dropping bombs on them. When was the last time you saw a socialist animal? Animals don't shave their faces, armpits, or legs, put on makeup, they don't get pierced or get tattoos, take drugs, engage in homosexual activities, nor do they cross-dress. You will never see a male lion shave his mane nor his beard in order to look like a female lion. You don't see them working on their "six pack" (I have a one pack). You'll never see animals joining the freemasons or other satanic cults. Animals have more freedom than people.

So when some of you call a woman a "bitch" think about what you are saying. The word "bitch" means a female dog. So if you are going to use the word with its true meaning, you would actually be insulting female dogs, because the dogs have better behavior than many women. You can blame a lot that on the feminist movement, but also, because men and women refuse to stay within their natural order of life, which are God's commandments. I would never insult my dog by calling Gloria Allred a "bitch". I'm trying to maintain a higher standard; I would call her a feminist but not a bitch. The feminist movement has made many of our women unseemly wenches. Raise the moral standards, and the problems will subside. It's not like there's no solution.

Hear, hear!  Yeah, calling women bitches IS an insult to female dogs everywhere, because real bitches are a hell of a lot nicer than women would ever dream of being...

I love my bitch and I don't want to say anything to offend her. My bitch is sweet, my bitch is lovable, my bitch is kind, my bitch is considerate, and she hardly causes me any trouble. She doesn't mess with my mind; doesn't say yes today and no tomorrow. She doesn't tell me she loves me today, but tomorrow she wants a divorce. My dog doesn't pole dance at drunken parties. My dog doesn't pick up "stud muffins" at bars. My dog doesn't make porno films. My dog doesn't take me to court (you lawyers..don't get any ideas) and she doesn't make any unreasonable demands. It is a perfect relationship as I don't have to entertain any of her relatives. My dog is my friend and not my adversary.

Yeah, women don't get this simple concept; if they treat a man as nice as his dog treats him, then he'll move Heaven and Earth for her!  If he can't, he'll die trying, and he'll do so happily! Ah, but if you try explaining this to women, they'll say that you can't handle a strong woman, you want a doormat, etc. Then, these very same women will kvetch about not being able to find a good man-incredible...

If I was ever to consider getting married again, the woman would have to (at the very least) rise to the level of the behavior of my beautiful little dog. Dogs and animals stay within the natural order in which God created; many people do not.

Ah, but people DO pay for ignoring God's natural order of things.  The only is that they're too dumb to put 2+2 together and get 4; they're too dumb to draw the connection, and figure out that it's because they're going against God's design (e.g. women trying to be men) that's causing them their problems.

Walter Allen Thompson


Have a good day now...


10 February 2012

Chivalry Is Dead-Yes!


Here's to the death of chivalry!  This is good stuff...

06 February 2012

What Married Men REALLY Think


Specter, one of our stalwarts on Mancoat, found this gem at the Experience Project. It features men speaking about their wives, and how their wives REALLY treat them. Every time I read something like this, it confirms and validates my decision to remain single. TGIS!

I have featured three comments, each of which is a different color. Men, if this doesn't get the lesson across, nothing will! If you have sexual needs, then resort to self stimulation; either that, or use whores. Regardless of which method you use, you won't have to put up with some woman's BS when you're done.

That reminds me: you know what they say about using hookers? You don't pay them for 'doing the deed'; you pay them to leave when you're done-ha! Read this, and remember that THIS is what you're in for if you get married. If a woman is reading this, then learn how NOT to be a royal bitch. Better yet, try something REALLY revolutionary-treat him like a human being! He'll really freak out over that! Thank you, and enjoy this piece...


"she tells me she loves me sooo much but her actions say otherwise. in my book actions speak louder then words. "

This is important. This describes most male - female relationships
and leaves men utterly confused.

Q - so why do women act completely irrational and insane?
A - because they care more about validated FEELINGS than anything or anyone else in life.

Despite men's best efforts to "please" or meet the requirements of the male in the relationship, women will always find fault rather than give praise.

This is due to her FEELING that life is a zero sum game. If a man does something good she instantly FEELS she must even the "score" by doing something good herself (HARD) or tearing him down(EASY) to make her FEEL better about herself.

If a man does something bad or unacceptable to her, then it is the wife's sworn duty to beat him to death with whatever he did wrong . Why? Because he made her FEEL bad/embarrassed/uncomfortable.

Women do something stupid and who is to blame? Who gets the fallout? MEN! And why ? Because you made her FEEL bad.

Men don't want an admission of guilt or a defense of your
"case". Just say "sorry, I screwed up" and take responsibility for yourself.

"Oh but you don't UNDERSTAND how I FEEL!!"

A relationship is not a fkn courtroom , ladies. Men who love you do not want to play the judge/jury/executioner/role and we sure as HELL don't wanna be your DADDY!!

We do not care to hear you plead your emotion-based defense of your latest volley of complaint/criticisms/******* and we are not gonna pat you on the head and tell you what a great woman you are when you are being a TOTAL *****!

Women NEVER WANT TO ADMIT THAT THEY ARE WRONG because they feel totally justified by their FEELINGS. They have been conditioned and trained their whole lives to believe that their FEELINGS are never WRONG.

Think about that for a minute.

How would you like to live a life where you were never wrong guys? Where everything you did and said could be TOTALLY justified by your FEELINGS at the time?

"Sorry those people died crushed in the rubble but I didn't FEEL that the third structural support was necessary on that bridge. NOW YOU MUST ALL VALIDATE MY FEELING!!!"

Okay ,girls here's one Oprah will never teach you.

Feelings without thought or physical evidence are bullsh*t.

Feelings are totally temporary and men are NOT gonna spend their lives and waste words validating your temporary bullsh*t.

Soulless and Stupid.

How else do you describe them? The modern American woman simply has no concept of logic or common sense. She doesn't even have a grasp of the traditionally female strengths of love and devotion. They are so wrapped up in their tiny little make believe worlds that they can't/won't see what they have right in front of them.

More concerned with "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" than with marriage or family, the modern American woman is a model of self-centered stupidity. Her "marriage" is just a long footnote to the shallow , vapid, Barbie dream house wedding that she fully believes that she is entitled to( due to her sheer personal awesomeness) . "Love" is defined by the length of the number in the price tag of the gifts she receives.The irrelevant bastard she has managed to trap with false affection and then chain to her side with the aid of "fear of divorce" is only as important as what he has done for her lately. He sticks around hoping against hope that at best she will eventually recognize him as pretty good person or at least not destroy him financially or cause pain for his children in the inevitable divorce.

Totally uninterested in a "relationship" or honesty , they present pretty faces that conceal the heart of a snake. They spend thousands of dollars on hair,clothes and makeup preparing the "honey trap" that, once sprung, will entitle her BY LAW to half of her male victim's net worth and most of the custody of any children, regardless of how horribly she treats their father.

Thoughtless,heartless,disrespectful, greedy little psychic vampires , emptying their prey, getting thrills from torturing her mate with the weapons of sexual refusal, constant nagging , emotional immaturity and embarassing public attacks.

"Wife" ? Are you kidding ? The word is synonymous with misery. Wife refers to the female parasite that exists only to feed itself from the lifeblood of it's unlucky male hosts.

The reality is this: If it weren't for male biological needs, women would have NOTHING to offer.

Soulless and Stupid.

I t has been some time since I have written. I have been trying to digest my wife's latest and greatest.
On Christmas Eve, she announced that she no longer loves me. Seven years of marriage, two children later and as she put it, "I really feel sorry for you... it's not your fault, it's like I just don't feel anything anymore". I asked if she found someone else, and her response was no. I want to believe it, but my heart tells me she's full of it. Since then, I find that my mind wanders from time to time. I find myself plotting her death, laughing at her funeral, going to jail happy, but then I remember my children and how I would in effect be leaving them.

So, I'm left to only dream. In the interim, we have set-up an appointment to see a marriage counselor. The thing is, I'm not sure if I really do want to work this out. Between her "working" 14 to 15 hours a day (as a teacher?), going out drinking with her work buddies every Friday night (sometimes until 7am Saturday morning), her incredibly selfish behavior and inconsiderate ways, I have trouble remembering what I ever saw in her.

Forget about hating her, I have started hating myself for being such an idiot for marrying her in the first place. If I could build a time machine and go back, I would shoot myself in the head as I stood at the alter. It would have been less heartache for all concerned.

If you are reading this and are considering getting married, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE... DON'T!!!! I don't care how much in love you THINK you are, or what the situation is, DON'T DO IT!!!! That sweet, loving, considerate bride will change over the years and she will LEARN how to hurt you in ways you didn't think you could ever be hurt. DON'T trust anyone, most of all, your own heart. It will fool you!


Makes you want to run out and get married, doesn't it? That was a joke, Fellas; laugh already! If you're single, stay that way. If you find yourself longing for that 'special someone' to come home to, read this again; remind yourself of what you're REALLY in for should you say 'I do'. When you have a chance, also look at any married man you know. Is he happy? Yeah, that's what I thought. Stay happy, single, and free, Fellas; the life you save may be your own! Until next time...


03 February 2012

An E-mail I Received


About three years ago, I received this e-mail upon my return from a weekend at my mom's.  The writer, who I'll call Greg, said it was up to me what I did with his message, so I'm publishing it. The writer's name has been changed for reasons that will become apparent as you read it.

BTW, I am not unmarried because I am wise; I'm not. I'm unmarried solely by the grace of God. I WANTED to be married, but I was never that successful with women. They didn't ignore me, but I was never a threat to become the next Casanova, either. My present single status is more by God's grace than it is by any smarts I may or may not possess.

Without any further ado, let's read Greg's e-mail to me. You'll find it to be quite sobering and enlightening all at the same time...


Hi MarkyMark,

I am a long time lurker on your site and have read many of your comments and blog posts. I respect the fact that you have never been married and have no plans to do so and I wish I had been so wise. I am writing you to let you know what one man had to pay for freedom and hopefully share the true cost of same with you. Its up to you what you do with this story. Anyway as you probably get a lot of these I'll try to mark the highlights and skip a lot of the extraneous junk...

I'm a deadbeat dad!!! (light your torches - gasoline in 89, 91, and 95 octane is available in your choice of containers). Yep, I've got three kids and I'm behind on my child kidnapping payments by probably 10 grand at present and considerably more behind on alimony and her lawyer fees. I skipped the country rather than be jailed for all of the above compounding my crimes. A runaway slave is the worst kind of slave - one that absolutely refuses to serve his massa. My reasons were simple... if the state forces me not to be a father than I will not pretend to be one. I will certainly not pay 75% of my take home pay to someone who hates me and actively tries to have me jailed every single day under threat of violence. Since I can't see my children anyway, it became a choice of not seeing them from jail or not seeing them from where I am now. The choice wasn't all that hard. It is my hope that as things get worse in the US, more men will make this move.  The rest of the world is very unwelcoming to such as I and you take a great many risks that most men simply do not have the balls to take. Oh well. My only advice - have a job lined up and remember that working for peanuts in a third world country is better than living as a slave in a first world country.

Snippets of advice for those who jump ship:

*Most of the world doesn't even realize that county "family" court even exists, much less the real implications of same. Your "civil" violations won't mean jack shit to places like Cambodia, Chile, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia, China, etc., so shut up, stop whining, and live. The cops of Paraguay don't care your nation labels you a deadbeat.

*You won't be able to renew your passport, so treat as you would your heart in a jar. If you lose it or it gets damaged you're dead, period.

*Women from around the world look better than anything back in the states, cost less unless you're totally stupid, and are much more easily disposed of.

*Before any man gets into a relationship with a woman in the US, have him travel to Manila, Pattaya, Rio, or someplace else for a full month. See the women there. Have several. It will change the way you view American women *forever*.

*Get a teaching certificate or such. CELTA, PGCE, or such so you can teach English. Whatever paper pushing job you do now won't be in demand in the third world country, but your ability to speak English will be. If you are a tradesmen such as a plumber, electrician, etc., cheaper folk do your job so forget it - get the CELTA. If you are programmer who works from home - great - have the money you make target accounts in a foreign bank and work for a company abroad. If you can swing it somehow to make 1st world wages in a place like Thailand or Brazil, you are king. If you are a pilot or professional diver - what the heck are doing living in the US? Get out, live, earn all your money tax free, and expat already!!!

*Internalize "Who the fuck cares". Consider that your being jailed is inevitable (and it is as long as the United States is a living, breathing country). You'll get sick, you'll lose your passport, you'll run out of money, something. Internalize it, know it, and get over it. Freedom is in the mind; there are plenty of prisoners who walk around "free" every day of their lives, and plenty of prisoners who are freer than them. Personally, I'd rather be in jail than married to a American woman again.

"Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support." - Bo├ętie


Powerful stuff, wasn't it? I thought so, which is why I posted it. Until next time...


TQR on Unplugging


I was reading the 'Best Of' section of Mancoat when I came across THIS gem by TQR. I've run TQR's stuff before, and I'll run it again; this is powerful stuff! Enjoy...


Your eyes are open now. You have finally put 2 and 2 together and realized the "modern woman" and everything about her is an illusion. Everything you, me, and millions of other men, both young and old have been raised to believe is a lie. Women really are the weaker sex. They aren't equal and the worst part? They never were. It can be tough to have a deeply held desire for something warm, intimate, romantic and good be smashed to pieces by the reality surrounding you. Some men get angry while others choose to live in denial - refusing to let go of the illusion because the truth is too depressing. Some never recover.

Out of the ashes of awareness, however, the Phoenix is reborn.

For those who have the courage to face the truth about modern society, women, relationships, and marriage there is an upside. You'll begin to gain a greater sense of self as a man and you will begin to understand your own worth. You'll no longer find desperate fulfillment in the arms of a woman, but instead you'll find fulfillment in your beliefs, your faith, your principles, your intelligence, your strength, and your natural authority. You are a man. You are the Father, the Husband, and the Adult. You lead, women follow. Women cannot give you purpose as it isn't theirs to give - it is yours to choose. But be prepared! A man whose mind has been freed from the fog of politically correct hype is a threat to the establishment that feeds it. A man whose mind has been freed is a man that cannot be controlled any more - and that makes you dangerous.

You are like a parent that has realized how spoiled, selfish, and arrogant the children have become. You begin to see them for what they are and instead of giving in to their selfish demands, whining, and temper tantrums you start setting rules, defining boundaries for behavior, and exacting discipline. You become a rock that cannot be moved or manipulated by them. Naturally the child will kick and scream and yell and fight you. But ultimately, the child will appreciate the fact that you have given their life what they've needed all along - order. Modern woman are no different . Though they may deny it, they are, in essence, overgrown children crying out for leadership because order brings comfort, security, and safety - everything women today desperately seek. Ironically, the very thing women rage against the most - submission - is the very thing they need.

Also, as you regain your manhood, don't be surprised if women actually find you more attractive now. We are men. We have been raised to believe that being a man is bad - that masculinity is offensive. That testosterone is a disease men need to be cured of because it offends and scares women. No. Masculinity only scares women because it reminds them of what they aren't and what they will never be....MEN. We already are what women want - by birth. Unfortunately, once you see women for what they are, it's hard to say the same about them.....



As I said, that is POWERFUL stuff! Until next time...


02 February 2012

Truth on Adam 12


One of my FAVORITE sites is Hulu.com. You can watch movies and old TV shows on there. Anyway, I was watching an episode of Adam 12, and there was a great, truthful line spoken between Reed & Malloy. After calming a young lady who fell for a lothario, the following dialogue takes place.

Reed: "You know, Malloy, for a guy who's not married, you sure read dames well."

Malloy: "How do you think I stayed single for so long?" That was spoken with a wry, knowing smile...


Suckers vs. F*ckers, by Outcastsuperstar


I was just reading some Happy Bachelors' posts with my breakfast, and I saw this gem posted by Outcastsuperstar. It's his post, Suckers & $uckers. Be warned that some profanity follows! If that offends you, then don't go any farther. Thank you.


I did this piece back in 2007

After reading the nomarriage ebook, the author talks about two groups of men: fuckers and suckers.

Keep in mind western women love excitement and hate boredom. When they are in their teens and early 20's, they don't want stability that suckers have to offer because that is boring.

Keep in mind that women don't think for themselves but decisions on who they date or sleep with is usually made by the council not by the woman herself. This council is usually made up of her mother, sister, and friends etc. If dating a nice guy is not considered to be fun and popular by the "council" he is going to get snubbed.

There is another group of guys called fuckers. Women love to have sex with these guys during their prime years. Although they offer no stability to these women, however women will still sleep with them. The reason why women will is because they are unpredictable and therefore they are deemed as very exciting.

Once these women get to there late 20's - early 30's they will fraudently sell their looks to suckers who make a good income in order to get married. In other words they will put on a pony show for them until they get the ring. After a few years of marriage, these women are going to get bored and everything is the suckers fault. They will look for affairs and cash out on their suckers knowing that they will get the house, child support (if they have children), and alimony. All she has to do is file a false abuse charge (no proof necessary) to make all this happen. Even as a bonus, the sucker even gets to pay for her attorney fees.

Also, remember guys a women's fertility starts to decline at age 27 not in her 30's and 40's. If any of you want to start a family I highly recommend to make sure that the woman you are going to start a family with is no older than 25.

Despite there not being any legal justice in this country, Mother Nature has a justice of her own.

Those suckers who once ached for these women will lose interest in them once they get to be in their mid to late 20's. The last thing they are going to find attractive are used up women in their late 20's-30's. In fact these women must be avoided at all cost. They got a disease called baby rabies. They are going to do everything possible to get pregnant and trap you into a long term relationship where they can get provided for.

However, once those "suckers" get financially stable they will get to travel to foreign countries and enjoy beautiful women. Also, while in the United States, they will have developed fun hobbies to do when they are not working. In fact these "suckers" will not have to deal with the stress of fear of divorce, a nagging whore, false abuse and rape chargers, get to keep their sanity and money, won't have to worry about raising kid that aren't theirs etc.

However, the women who neglected the “suckers” in favor of the “fuckers” during their prime years are going to have to face justice. It's not legal justice but Mother Nature justice. Once they get to their late 20's for every year a man ages, they will be aging by two years. They will wrinkle and get ugly very fast. Investing thousands of dollars in makeup in order to form a bond with a “sucker” is not going to get the job done because they failed to form a bond with a "sucker" during their prime years. Their biological clocks will be ticking and they will get very desperate. They are going to want to be talking care off, like living off a “sucker” so they won't have to work. Disgusted by their behavior, the "suckers" will not want anything to do with them and will rebuke them. They are going to have to work long hours for the rest of their life because they could not find a "sucker" to take care of them. They will whine and complain that the "suckers" will not commit despite them snubbing them in favor of the "fuckers" during their prime years. They will rot all alone with no one to take care of them, many of them will not get to have children, and will be living very miserable lives until death all because they thought it was cute to let the "suckers" rot all alone while they go squander their prime years to the "fuckers" That my friends is what I call justice!


That's what I call justice too.  Don't be a sucker, Fellas!  Until next time...