10 February 2012

Chivalry Is Dead-Yes!


Here's to the death of chivalry!  This is good stuff...


P Ray said...

Chivalry only existed for the nobility towards other nobility.
It was considered that a peasant woman deflowered by a nobleman to simply accept it, and go on with life snagging another peasant to build a life with, raising her bastard son.
Replace nobility with "player" and you will see that ACTUAL CHIVALRY is still alive nowadays.
What women are actually after, is chivalry from the nice guys - in other words, be the peasant in the above tale.

P Ray said...

This is the post I was (clumsily) channeling:
Part 1 of 2 (to comply with 4,096 HTML characters)

One-Sided Chivalry

December 1, 2003

by Pete Jensen

It’s very fashionable of late to attack Men’s Rights Activists as holding a contempt for chivalry, and this is used as grounds for further canards such as being anti-family, anti-woman, hopeless misogynists, whiners, and so on and so forth. The whole litany of ad hominem attacks follows. Okay. To give a shallow answer to a shallow observation: "Damn straight! We do hold chivalry in contempt. Bailiff! Haul us away in irons! Guilty as charged!"

The disconnect here, is that people who blithely drop the word “chivalry” have little understanding of what it actually means in a historical sense. It has been prostituted and devolved into a one way street in modern thinking and usage, which is why we speak of it in such mocking and derisive terms. Pull up a seat, one and all, and let your Uncle Pete enlighten you.

Chivalry originated among the noble classes, and as such was inapplicable to commoners, in the first place. A peasant, serf, yeoman farmer, and such could be chivalrous no more than a fish could be ridden into battle. It is like the term "vassal." If I claimed someone as my vassal, the modern reader would assume I meant an inferior, my lackey; in actuality I could not have a vassal/leige agreement with anyone who was NOT my equal. Chivalry similarly was practiced strictly among the noble classes. The concept of "chivalry" from a noble to a commoner would be met with blank and uncomprehending stares by someone of the age. Exhibiting courtesy towards an inferior? Whatever for? While true, peasants were the work force and by and large you didn't gratuitously mistreat them any more than you would mistreat your draft horse, honorable behavior was not exhibited towards them because they were not honorable people.

If you were my peasant, I could have you hung if you displeased me sufficiently. Speak out of turn? The back of my hand. Maybe twice, just for forcing me to the effort of keeping you in line. You are then expected to lower your eyes and murmer your apologies in a low enough tone of voice that you did not further disrupt the conversation of your betters.

Man or woman, it doesn't matter. As one who is not of the aristocracy, you come near to meriting the term of "Non-Person." Do I rape your daughter? No. Not out of any respect, though, for her as a woman, but for the same reason I don't copulate with the goats. One does not buggar animals. One does not defile the noble schlong by placing it inside the common trollop - and if I do, you consider yourself honored that I deigned to consider you worthy. Forget about marriage. If I'm in a good mood it might merit a chickle before I pimp-slap you for the termity of suggesting such a thing. A generous person might move you and your child to easy duty, or drop some silver here and there. Most the time? The peasant bastard of the highborn rising to his father’s court, I am afraid, is strictly an invention of sword-and-sorcery novelists. My noble blood is hopelessly diluted by your serf blood. I did improve the stock though. Consider yourself privileged, and shut up, slut.

There’s a word guaranteed to rouse the ire of feminists and their allies. “Slut” To spare a whole tangent, do a search sometime on the entymological origins of the term "slut." You'll find it most enlightening. A peasant woman, for instance, was not expected to be a virgin on her wedding night, as such aspirations were considered far above their station - as peasants they oviously lacked the moral fiber to do so. Had they the moral fiber for this, they would be nobles. Q.E.D.

P Ray said...

Part 2 of 2
Now, back to business. As I sit here at my computer desk my feet are stretched out. All who walk in are going to see the soles of my size 18’s. Why do I mention this? Well, were you an Arab, and I did that, I have insulted you beyond tolerance. We must fight - because if we do not, your brother Arabs will consider you to have backed down from being "dissed." You have your honor to maintain, after all. And it matters not a bit that I didn’t intend such an insult to your pride.

Now this speaks to the rise of Heralds and Diplomats - such people practiced certain protocols, free from societal restraints, between each other, to keep rulers from meeting face to face in a fashion which would FORCE a showdown of sorts. The heralds, the diplomats meet, all speaking on a neutral ground in relation to the customs of their own culture.

Chivalry is one of those protocols. Originally it was strictly rules of war and engagement. It evolved to incoporate a code duello, and finally as a code of interaction that enabled it, among other things, to be clear whether one was insulted or not. Originally, I treated your wives and daughters in a chivalrous manner so as not to give offense to YOU. There were rules on the kissing of hands, for instance - to an intimate, it might be a lingering kiss, to the queen I would place my forehead on her hand. Either way, so long as I abided by the code of Chivalry, I was considered courteous, and you had no grounds to take offense.

Our forebears well understood that men and women not only spoke differently, but thought differently, so chivalry came to include rules for interaction between the sexes. It was dishonorable to fight a woman - they had no hope of winning. Thus, madam, you are obliged to not take advantage of this and behave in a manner that challenges me. Since I speak gently to you, you do so with me. I marry you and provide you with security. I don't diddle other women, because such might result in you having to share the maintainance which is yours - you bear my children and mine alone so I'm not footing the bill for another man's issue. The little dance of "courtly love" were means of men and women communicating intents and interest to each other both discretely and in no uncertain terms. The list goes on.

Nowadays chivalry has become one sided. Not only do women feel free challenge me, I'm expected to give them a five step head start and carry a seventy-five pound pack to “make it fair.” I speak gently to them, and they get to berate me like a fishwife. I hold the door, and it's their due. I merit no thanks - why? Because I'm a peasant, as a male. I'm obligated to them, but they are under no obligation in returne. So, speaking in modern terms, we can only arrive at one conclusion - chivalry has been perverted into becoming strictly a regulation of male behavior, of obligating men to behave towards women in a certain fashion, with no commeasurate obligation of a woman to courtesy beyond what she deigns to give.

Such attitudeas as this is why we Eeeeeeeeeevil Men's Rights Activists so rightly reject it, and treat it with dripping scorn and contempt; and it is why we refuse to extend it to anyone by sheer dint of their gender, reserving it for those women who show themselves worthy of it. And worthy requires more than a set of jugs and the love muffin.

Pete Jensen

Southern Man said...

I think P Ray nailed it there. Women want bad-boy alphas to fuck (and sire their children)and chivarous betas to love them and provide for them. That certainly will make me think differently about chivalry.

Anonymous said...

LOL... that video is funny.


Anonymous said...

I especially liked the part in Italy where the men on the crew jumped on the life boats while the dearies dithered helplessly in front of the life boats, unable to make a complicated decision to enter and sit down and get the H**l out of the road so others could also enter and sit down.

Karma is such a b*tch.

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

My, my. What a beautiful twist.

The fact that videos like this exist reveals that men are catching onto the ugly-wuglies of feminism (even unconsciously). It would not be funny if there was not some truth behind it.

I wholeheartedly agree with his actions (and his smirk), and reality requires that I do the same. Not out of spite, but out of the necessity for self-protection against undue false accusations and whatnot. Now, it's second nature behavior.

No act of kindness goes unpunished by a female. Kick a good cat enough times and it no longer rubs against your leg.

You never know what kind of fury she might be fostering, and she might decide to take it out on a man for simply holding a door open.

If he *does* open the door for her, he risks being called a male chauvinist pig, at the very least.

After all, we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us how liberated and "equal" women are these days, so let's allow the waddling reproduction machines to put actions behind their words, shall we? Let Cupcake open her door!

Thanks for sharing this humorous, short 'n' simple video to see what feminism hath wrought.

"You've come a long way, baby."

Ping Jockey said...

Besides the fact that showing chivalry to the spoiled rotten 'privileged princesses' of today’s society being exactly like the proverbial "scattering pearls before swine”, "equality" and chivalry are two concepts which are mutually exclusive.

Chivalry is an outdated, obsolete concept whose time belongs in the past, along with other things which Modern Womyn have discarded -- such as bustles, petticoats, button-up shoes, female chastity, marriage 1.0, marital fidelity, and the nuclear family.

Today's society is what they have created through their own mindless insistence for "Equality"; well, they wanted it and they've gotten it -- and everything else that goes with it!

Anonymous said...

@P Ray-you're partly right.I don't know how much of what we call chivalry actually existed or in which places and eras in Europe but it did apply only to the upper classes and only to titled persons. A Knight is not a titled person and really just a bodyguard or soldier. But if a person above a certain rank saved a Lady(a titled female) the unwritten rule was that she would have to have sex with him. Saving a Lady could mean something like saving her from a rogue bull going to attack her or from a brigand looking to rob or rape her when she was out for a walk.
Of course a person of rank could shag the peasant girls but I doubt if the girls minded because the noble would always throw them some money. And if they got pregnant he'd always give them some money etc Certainly better than picking potatoes or milking cows by hand. And if you were good looking and young enough to be some Noble's fuck buddy you were sure to get something out of it that was a lot better than working on the farm.So in effect the peasant girls were sort of like prostitutes and it was a lot easier and better paying than doing real work.
Forget everything you think you know or have seen in Hollywood films because it's all bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Modern “chivalry” has nothing to do with anything from the middle ages and was merely practical things that men did because they were stronger.
Doors were heavy to prevent thieves from breaking into your house and females were not good at opening and closing them.
Men walked on the outside because horses are very strong and unpredictable and it took a strong guy to grab the reins and calm the horse down if it acted up.If it was attached to a carriage and got spooked the nearest young guy may have to jump on its back to control it. You think any female in a dress, or even in pants, could do this?
It was all just practical stuff that somehow is left over from another age and there's no reason for any of it today.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That pudgy-faced guy in the video...he's a Hottie McHotterson LOL! He looks weeel stwong! Big muskels... I swoon in ecstasy for him :)))) So manly :)))))

Greddy said...

I was carrying two cups of coffee out the door of my local mart - one in each hand. A woman ahead of me as we were heading out the door turned and made eye contact so (stupidly) I thought she'd hold the door. Nope. She let it swing shut right on those two cups of hot coffee in my hands. Now? I always position my foot so it is leading through the door and can act as a door stop. I've stymied a few rude assholes from getting their ignorant jollies with that method. As for holding the door for women? Let them hold their own fucking door.