19 July 2015

A Neat Blog You MUST Read!


There's a neat blog I found out about!  I can't remember how I found it (I think it was on a Manosphere forum or blog), but it's a blog all single guys have to check out.  For that matter, married guys need to check it out also.  It is: Marriage Is Purgatory.  The guy has one post about the fights he has with his wife, which is quite sobering.

The gentleman who writes it lives in a foreign country.  He doesn't say what country he's in; he only says that they don't speak English, and that men don't get put through the ringer when they get divorced.  He's originally from America, but he's an expat now who teaches English in his new land.  He married a local gal after he got her pregnant.  Reading it makes me take pause for getting married, because his then GF was wonderful to be around before marriage; afterwards, she wasn't so wonderful, and I will leave it at that.

The reason it makes me take pause is because, until my South American GF reneged on her promise to help me move down there, I was going to do the same thing.  She was going to come up here, help me clean and organize the house, pack, etc.; after that, we were going to head back down to her home country.  Unlike the host of Marriage Is Purgatory, I would not have been single first; I would have been married before moving down there.

Anyway, READ this blog, Fellas!  It's a sobering, bird's eye, man's eye view of what marriage is like.  It's also sobering because this fellow American lives in a foreign country; he married a LOCAL gal; and even so, his miserable.  Even after taking the red pill, he's still miserable.  Perhaps my GF did me a favor by breaking her promise to me?  I was going to do something similar-move down to a country that doesn't treat men like the US does, marry a local gal, teach English, etc.  I still plan to leave the States in the near future, but I may do so as a single man.  Bye for now, Fellas...