07 December 2013

Nelson Mandela: Communist & Terrorist Extraordinarie, Died


This past week, the terrorist and communist, Nelson Mandela, died.  The liberal media (redundant?) has had their hopelessly predictable orgasm over this, which didn't surprise me.  They have a hard-on for any and all communists, socialists, and statists.  Why wouldn't they, since they're brothers in arms?

What did surprise and dishearten me some was that the purported conservative media has gone easy on Mandela as well.  You can go to Breitbart.com, and read a piece by Joel Pollak, entitled: Why Conservatives Should Celebrate Nelson Mandela.  Sorry, but I cannot and will not celebrate a barbaric communist who killed those who disagreed with him; not only that, he killed them by a most grisly method: necklacing.  Notice how communists, socialists, and statists always kill those who disagree with them?  I'll come back to necklacing in a bit...

Mark Levin, the well known conservative firebrand who's on during drive time along the east coast, devoted the first hour of his Thursday evening show to Mandela's passing.  Since Levin had worked in the President Reagan's Justice Department, I would have expected him to take a harder line against Mandela; after all, when Reagan was president, Nelson Mandela was allied with the USSR & Cuba.  Anyway, you can hear the whole love fest here.

You know what's even MORE galling?!  The local McDonalds has their American flag at half mast to honor the passing of Nelson Mandela!  That's right; the all-American company, McDonalds, is flying their flags at half mast to honor Mandela's death.  I'm sorry, but that's just wrong!  Even if you think Mandela was a saint (and I don't); even if he were a saint (he was not!); it goes against the flag etiquette I learned as a Boy Scout.  I was always told that you only lower the flag to half staff for the passing of a national leader, not international leaders.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, necklacing involved putting tires around the neck and ankles of the victim, filling them with gasoline (or petrol for our British friends), then setting them on fire.  Here are some pictures of what necklacing does to someone (HT Elusive Wapiti).  Warning: they are graphic!  It's bad enough that Mandela and his followers killed those who disagreed with and opposed them; it's even worse that they did so by the most grisly method of killing someone, i.e. burning them to death!  What kind of person does that?  A barbarian-that's who.

 In closing, I am not at all sad that Nelson Mandela is gone.  He was a communist, a terrorist, and one who ended up destroying the most prosperous nation on the African continent.  He has a pile of bodies behind him, because he killed those who disagreed with and opposed him; moreover, he killed his opponents in the most grisly method one can think of-by burning them to death!  All I can say is good riddance, and I wouldn't be sad if he burns in Hell.