19 December 2015

Pan-Am Documentary


Some months ago, I found this documentary you're about to watch.  It's about the once iconic airline, Pan-Am.  For many years, Pan-Am was the FACE of America.  I never flew them.  The closest I got was trying to make a reservation to fly from Hawaii (stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time) to New Jersey.  When they quoted a $1,000 round trip fare with an overnight layover, I passed.  I ended up flying United for that leave, since they offered a much quicker flight and an almost $400 less expensive ticket.  Keep in mind that this was when $1,000 was WORTH something!  Now, you're lucky if it'll get you a month's rent...

After seeing this documentary, I wish that I had flown Pan-Am.  I didn't realize how big a player they were back in the day; they made much of aviation history on the commercial side.  I didn't know just how much better they were, either; the BBC documentary says that, in commercial aviation, that they led the way and set the standard.  Since they stopped flying in December of 1991 (24 years ago now), I'll never get to experience Pan-Am.  For me, this documentary is the closest I'll ever get...


When Air Travel Was Fun & Glamorous!

Hey Guys,

I don't have much to say these days, so I don't get on here much anymore.  I'm not angry with women, feminism, etc.; things are what they are, and that's that.  Also, with the growth of the manosphere in both terms of quantity and quality, I simply do not have anything to say anymore that someone else isn't doing better.

Having said that, when I see something that interests me, I'll pass it on to the 5-10 readers I still have left-hahaha.  They say that the old days weren't always so good, but that is not true for air travel.  I know, because I flew out to my brother's for Thanksgiving; those regional jets are like sardine cans with wings-ouch!  The EMBRAER EMB-145 is decent for an RJ with only three seats across.  Unfortunately, the Canadair CRJ 700 is torture with four across seating.

I'll be flying down to Lima, Peru next week; though that's on a Boeing 757, it's not much better if you're in economy or coach; economy plus, which you pay extra for, makes it somewhat tolerable, but that's it; even in economy plus, eight hours is no picnic.  Thankfully, I had some extra money for business class, so I could actually-gasp-enjoy my trip this time!  I had to pay more for this, of course, but when you're talking eight hours each way, it's well worth it for me.

Things weren't always like this when it came to air travel; at one time, it was actually fun, luxurious, and even glamorous!  I remember my late mother telling me how, on flights out to California, they'd have a table between their seats.  After seeing an old, 1950 Pan Am film about their then new Boeing Stratocruiser, it's true;  you see passengers playing bridge with one another.  There was a time when airlines actually CARED about their passengers' comfort-imagine that!

With that in mind, here's a Pan American Airlines documentary, circa 1959, about their then new Boeing 707 jet clipper.  In the film, you can see the stewardesses taking your coat and stowing it for you-wow!  These days, you're lucky if they help you get something into the overhead bin.  The seats, even in coach, are actually roomy; they're sized for normal humans!  They weren't the torture devices that they are today.

Anyway, let's start the documentary, and see just what we've lost as a culture and society...


06 November 2015

Chris Christie on Addiction


I'm from Jersey, so I follow Chris Christie with some interest; after all, he's our governor.  Though I don't agree with all his beliefs and policies, I like his candor and always have; he's direct in a way that only a Jersey guy can be.  Having said all that, I can't disagree with what he says in this video you're about to watch...

What else can I add to that?  Not a whole lot...


23 October 2015

Molon Labe, My Ass!


This was originally written in response to a gun confiscation article on a conservative/libertarian site I often read.  In response to these articles and columns, many gun owners say 'molon labe', which is Greek for "come and get them".  The phrase, molon labe, was first uttered by the Spartan king, Leonidas, at the Battle of Thermopylae.  He said this in response to the Persian king Xerxes' command telling the Spartans to hand over their weapons prior to the start of the battle.  Anyway, I was unable to post this on the website in question.  Since this was too good to let disappear in to the ether of cyberspace; since this is a good follow-on for my last post; I'm posting it here instead.  It starts below...


You gun owners are all talk-molon labe, my ass! When the government comes for your guns, you will not resist at all; you will meekly hand them over with no protest. Why do I say this? Because one, you all gave in on the background check, which transformed the Second Amendment from a right to a PRIVILEGE. Two, many of you go about proudly declaring that you're 'legal gun owners'. Three, you all meekly submit to the copious infringements on your Second Amendment rights. I'll expand on my points...

WRT point number one, the Second Amendment has ALREADY BEEN GUTTED by the Brady Law. Every time you go into a gun shop, you fill out your form 4473; then, the salesman at the counter calls the NICS. There, a gov't bureaucrat tells the gun salesman whether or not he can sell you the gun. Does this not amount to seeking permission to buy a gun? It does. Sorry guys, but if you have to get permission to do something, then that something is not a right; it is a PRIVILEGE-duh!

Let me address this from a different, more familiar angle. What is it that the DMV always says in its literature? That driving is a privilege, not a right, correct? How does one go about securing the privilege to drive? By securing a driver's license issued by your respective state, right? And what is a license? Black's Law Dictionary says this: "A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal..." You can go view the Black's Law Dictionary definition of license here.  The Second Amendment is GONE, Folks, and it happened because gun owners gave in on the background check, and they have meekly submitted to it ever since.

That brings me to my second point: how the vast majority of gun owners loudly and proudly proclaim that they are 'legal gun owners'.  I have a problem with that phrase, which I will discuss now...

All of the laws and regulations that to which gun owners must submit are infringements on the Second Amendment.  Yeah, I said it!  For example, if you want to carry your pistol with you in public, you need to get a permit, do you not?  It's called a concealed carry permit.  What is this permit for?  So you can carry a means of protection with you, and do so with government permission.  Isn't self preservation supposed to be a right?  What about the background check?  Is that not seeking permission from a gov't bureaucrat to buy a gun?  What about getting a state permit to buy a gun, like you have to do in New Jersey, where I'm from?  Did gun owners oppose that?  No, they did not; they meekly went along, just like they do with all the other government INFRINGEMENTS on the Second Amendment.  What about the inability to order guns by mail, and have them delivered to your house?  You USED to be able to do that, you know.  The Founding Fathers had THIS position WRT keeping and bearing arms: if you wouldn't trust a man to carry a gun in public, then he shouldn't be free in the first place.  That is MY position on guns.

That segues to my third and final point: that gun owners meekly and quietly submit to the numerous and onerous regulations that infringe on their Second Amendment rights.  I'll cite the example of a buddy of mine from across the river in PA.  He went on Armslist looking for a gun a year or so ago; he was interested in an AR-15, I think.  In his state, one does not have to go to a gun shop to do an official background check and transfer for a rifle; only pistols, per PA law, require doing a transfer via a FFL.  That is to say that two guys can get together, do a private sale (i.e. exchange cash or goods for the rifle), and be done with it.  The guy he contacted on Armslist INSISTED on doing an official transfer, even though state law does not REQUIRE one for a rifle or long gun.  THAT is what I'm talking about!  You gun owners ALREADY meekly submit to the numerous infringements on your Second Amendment rights!  Why should I believe that you all of a sudden have a line in the sand WRT gov't confiscation?  After all, you've ALREADY submitted to government dictates on numerous occasions.

In closing, you gun owners are all talk; yeah, I said it!  You can cry 'molon labe' all you want, but I don't buy it.  You didn't put up a fight over the background check, even though that effectively GUTTED the Second Amendment.  Moreover, you continue to go along with it!  If you truly had the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, you wouldn't need to seek government permission now, would you?  A right is something you can do WITHOUT government knowledge, interference, or consent.  Can you do that when it comes to guns?  I rest my case!  Molon labe, my ass...


That concludes my thoughts on the state of the Second Amendment here in America.  Until next time...


11 October 2015

Coming to America...


Sorry I've been away, but I've been busy doing other things, like preparing to change jobs.  Also, I haven't had much to say.

That said, I do have something to say with respect to gun control.  We have another school shooting (in Oregon) recently, so Barack Hussein Obama is politicizing the event; hell, the bodies weren't even COLD before he started pontificating about 'common sense gun restrictions'!  That was despicable!

Isn't it strange how that commie bastard, SOB doesn't mention cities like Washington, DC; New York; Chicago, where BHO is from; and other nirvanas of gun control.  In those cities, it is virtually impossible for honest people to buy guns-at least legally, anyway.  Even so, we have mass shootings there every weekend!  We have blacks killing other blacks, yet our 'dear leader' refuses to make even a peep about this.  Can't draw attention to the obvious now, can we.  Folks, I hate to break it to you, but gun control does NOT work!

Something else I would like to share with you is what the anti-gunners REALLY have in mind for America: elimination of private gun ownership!  For proof, we can simply look to our neighbor to the north, i.e. Canada.  The following video is what they want to do here also.

Folks, those of us in America MUST stand up!  Hell, we should have stood up long ago and opposed the background checks that were instituted back in 1998.  They effectively UNDERMINE the Second Amendment and turn it into a privilege.  I'll have more about that in a subsequent post.  Until next time...


19 July 2015

A Neat Blog You MUST Read!


There's a neat blog I found out about!  I can't remember how I found it (I think it was on a Manosphere forum or blog), but it's a blog all single guys have to check out.  For that matter, married guys need to check it out also.  It is: Marriage Is Purgatory.  The guy has one post about the fights he has with his wife, which is quite sobering.

The gentleman who writes it lives in a foreign country.  He doesn't say what country he's in; he only says that they don't speak English, and that men don't get put through the ringer when they get divorced.  He's originally from America, but he's an expat now who teaches English in his new land.  He married a local gal after he got her pregnant.  Reading it makes me take pause for getting married, because his then GF was wonderful to be around before marriage; afterwards, she wasn't so wonderful, and I will leave it at that.

The reason it makes me take pause is because, until my South American GF reneged on her promise to help me move down there, I was going to do the same thing.  She was going to come up here, help me clean and organize the house, pack, etc.; after that, we were going to head back down to her home country.  Unlike the host of Marriage Is Purgatory, I would not have been single first; I would have been married before moving down there.

Anyway, READ this blog, Fellas!  It's a sobering, bird's eye, man's eye view of what marriage is like.  It's also sobering because this fellow American lives in a foreign country; he married a LOCAL gal; and even so, his miserable.  Even after taking the red pill, he's still miserable.  Perhaps my GF did me a favor by breaking her promise to me?  I was going to do something similar-move down to a country that doesn't treat men like the US does, marry a local gal, teach English, etc.  I still plan to leave the States in the near future, but I may do so as a single man.  Bye for now, Fellas...


28 June 2015

SJWs Are Ruining Lives Everywhere


I had a long time reader send in the story you are about to read.  It's edited for anonymity.  However, the setting and the identity of the principals (i.e. the reader and her family) are not important.  What IS important is that SJWs (social justice warriors) are all over the world; they're running amok with their inimical ideology; and they're ruining lives in the process.

The story you are about to read occurred in a First World country.  Though English isn't the first language there, it is widely used.  This country has incorporated many, if not all, the worst characteristics of Western countries.  Feminism is alive and well there.  To put this another way, those of you in the Western world, particularly if you are from an English speaking country, will recognize this story; you will recognize it because it could have happened in YOUR country.  Truth be told, it already has!  You just don't know about it, because the Praetorian Guard media won't report it; they won't report stuff like this, because they're SJWs themselves working to advance The Cause.  I'll intersperse some commentary, though not much will be needed.  Here goes...


Hi Mark,

I've checked out your blog recently and I saw you aren't moving to South America in the end; I guess you'll post the whole story when you're ready.

Yeah, that's a long story, which I won't tell here.  The short story is this: my GF, who was supposed to come up here to help me prepare for the move, got cold feet.  She was supposed to have been here two months ago, but she still isn't here.  That's the essence of what happened.
Having said that, I still plan on going to South America, because I like it down there.  I like the climate, the food, and the people.  However, rather than moving down there in a few months, it'll more likely be a few years.  As my late mother would say, better late than never, right?
The reason I'm contacting you is because I want to tell you of something that might be of interest to you and other men, single or married, who visit your blog and similar sites. 

To sum it up, a social worker has messed up our life. 

I'm not surprised; social workers are in the family wrecking business...
What happened, you ask? Are you sitting down? Well, one of our neighbors, who happens to be a social worker, accused my husband of being a child molester. Yes, yes. We were never more shocked in our lives than when this evil, twisted rumor finally reached our ears! What did she base her vile accusation on? Why, on seeing my husband talking to a neighbor's little girl and showing her around our garden, and on my husband displaying affection and kissing and hugging his own little daughters. Obviously you can't go to the police and report stuff like that, but in her twisted mind, it was enough to throw the accusation into the air. She just went behind our backs and "warned" all our neighbors, one by one, to be careful with their kids. 

Maria (not her real name), you and your DH are fortunate.  I say that because, here in the USA, one COULD go to the police with an accusation like that and make it stick; that's especially true if that someone is-gag-a 'respected government official'!  To put it another way, your DH would have been interrogated by the police here, and possibly arrested.
Obviously it's possible to file a lawsuit against her for slander, and we are going to do that, if for no other reason then so she'll think twice before spewing her poison on anyone else, but unfortunately it's impossible to take back what has already been said. Our life in this community is ruined. People are trying to get us to move, rather aggressively I'm afraid, and my kids haven't had friends over for weeks, and finally I understand why.

If you can file a lawsuit successfully, do it; these SJWs need to be taught a lesson!  They need to be taught many lessons, actually.  SJWs like your neighbor are meddling bullies, and the only thing they respect is forceful push back.  When someone fights back effectively, SJWs chicken out and run, because they are cowards at heart.  If they weren't, they wouldn't have a problem with those who hold dissenting opinions; they wouldn't try to silence and destroy those who disagree with them.  So yeah, take it to her, please!

There's also your good name to consider.  Since you're a Bible believing family, you cannot ignore Proverbs 22:1.  It says that a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.  What this verse is saying is that a good reputation is MORE VALUABLE than a great fortune.  Since the good name of your family has been trashed, you need to do whatever you can to get it back.
Please, if you can, publish this story anonymously and warn every fellow man to be very, very careful around social workers. During their studies, they are indoctrinated to see every man as a wife abuser or potential child molester, and unfortunately they often develop a twisted world view that can really rip families apart for no reason. 

Actually, there IS a reason for this madness and insanity: the powers that be want to destroy the family, so they can take over the world.  SJWs like your neighbor are simply useful idiots advancing the establishment of a world government; they are pawns in the war on humanity, though they're too stupid and indoctrinated to see this.  Why else would this sort of thing be happening all over the world?  Why else would there be domestic violence public announcements on the TV in South America?  Simple-to undermine men, and ultimately undermine the family.
You see, Maria, men are natural troublemakers; we like to stir things up-especially if we're bored!  Also, men (real men, that is) don't run from a fight; though we won't seek one out, we won't run from one, either.  This is especially true if someone is attacking or hurting our wives and families; we'll lay down our lives to protect our wives and families.  Well, if you undermine men; if you take away their stake in society; if you give then nothing to live or fight for; then they won't.  That means they won't resist tyranny, because they have no 'skin in the game', as it were; they have nothing to fight for, so they don't fight anyone-including a wannabe tyrant taking over their country.  When the old Soviet Union was first formed, they made easy divorce and abortion widely available and easy to get for precisely this reason-to neutralize the opposition, i.e. men.  That is the real reason why your story is happening in all the First World countries...
Take care,
Indeed, I shall.  I wish you and your DH the best of luck in going after (legally, of course) this SJW cretin; go get her!  I also wish you and DH the best in your future endeavors.  Thanks for writing, and your story WILL be a help to my readers...


23 May 2015

How Women REALLY Think...


I am back!  I took a hiatus because I thought I was going to be expatting to South America, but that doesn't look like it will be happening now.  In coming weeks, I'll tell the story.

Anyway, Avenging Sword found this poster on Mancoat.  I liked it, so I thought I would share it with you guys....

I thought that was good.  Have a good day now...