06 November 2015

Chris Christie on Addiction


I'm from Jersey, so I follow Chris Christie with some interest; after all, he's our governor.  Though I don't agree with all his beliefs and policies, I like his candor and always have; he's direct in a way that only a Jersey guy can be.  Having said all that, I can't disagree with what he says in this video you're about to watch...

What else can I add to that?  Not a whole lot...


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Anonymous said...

Legalise all drugs.Opiates are very cheap and there would be no problem for even a poor person being able to afford them if addicted and certainly no problem for a lawyer to pay for. I doubt very much that taking oxycodone was the reason that he lost everything and his wife divorced him. Half the people are divorced and it has nothing to do with drugs.You can function perfectly normally while taking opiates which have little effect on consciousness and is why they are so valuable in medicine. One problem that most people have is that they lump all sorts of drugs into the same category.If this man had just been left alone and was able to buy his drugs legally he would have lived a normal life since opiates do not damage any organ or shorten a person's life unless you take so much beyond your tolerance that it causes unconsciousness although you will have a real physical dependence on them. Another thing, opiate addicts will never drink alcohol because when you have a physical dependence it is incompatible with alcohol and the drink will just irritate you, you won't get any good feeling from drinking. This man either wanted to kill himself by drinking and taking the drugs or may have been more of an alcoholic with the drugs secondary. Alcohol will destroy you body and mind if used excessively and he sounds to me more of and alcoholic type.
We know that rehabs and 'treatment' are useless and may even make people worse so I have no idea what this layman Christie believes that treatment can do.If I lost as many patients as Dr Drew did at his 'rehab' I'd get my license revoked.
Any treatment that will be effective will undoubtedly be a chemical one because everything else is just a waste of time and money.Rehabs are a big business today and are why the real treatments are never used or even studied.Methadone while an excellent pain killer is not a treatment but merely a substitute for other opiates, like giving scotch to someone addicted to gin.We would never use this as a treatment if it wasn't for the public's misunderstanding about drugs and the reluctance of just giving addicts heroin or some other opiate.There is a real cheap treatment for opiate addiction but as far as I know no one is using it.It was accidentally discovered by Dr Dent in England who has been dead for 50 years and I'm glad that someone has made a site about it.If interested read the rather long account of how it came about.