17 June 2016

They Find It Funny, Eh?


The Obamacare nightmare has caused the price of healthcare to go up, not down.  I don't know about any of you, but I'm spending a LOT more on doctor bills and stuff than I was before.  Obama said that folks would save $2,500 a year?  Yeah, right!  If anything, my expenses have gone up by at least that much.

In this video, there are three former Obama speech writers.  They're discussing their favorite accomplishments and lines from the speeches they wrote for The Communist in Chief.  They then LAUGH at the line about how you could keep your healthcare if you liked it.  I'm glad you guys find it funny, because those of us who have to LIVE with Obamacare surely don't.  And the ruling class wonder WHY we're angry?!  They wonder WHY Donald Trump is popular?

What a bunch of smug, arrogant, privileged assholes!  And these are our 'betters'...