08 June 2011

What Pussies


Yesterday, I was listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning on my way into work.  Though I like to know what's happening in the world of sports, I'm no sports nut; I only listen to Mike & Mike because that's the best thing on then.  During the show, I heard something that upset me.

Greenie told a story about one of their staffers, a guy they call 'Stats'.  It was the story of Stats that I found, shall we say, disconcerting?

Stats and a bunch of guys from work (i.e. ESPN, which puts on Mike & Mike) were in the car after work; seat belts were fastened, okay?  They were on their way to see the new movie, X-Men, when Stats' wife texts him, and she says she wants to see the movie with him.  Can anyone say shit test?  So what does Stats do?  He tells the guys he can't see the movie because Wifey says so!  Furthermore, the guys with him don't go see it on their own, either.  What's up with that?!

I wouldn't have had a problem if Stats' wife had told him in the days prior that she wanted to see the movie with him; that would have been considerate.  Then, he could have told his fellow workers @ ESPN that his wife wanted to see the movie with him; that he'd be happy to see something else with them; but he and his wife were planning on seeing X-Men together.  Then, his colleagues could have made their plans accordingly.

But, for his wife to text him in the car is over the line!  I'm sorry, but it just is.  What's even more disgraceful is that Stats GAVE IN to her demand!  Here they are in the car; they're belted in; they're ready to pull out to see X-Men; and the wife tells him NOT to go?  Worse than that, the little pussy gives in to her demand?  Come again, Rampart?!

What he should have done was go see the movie.  He should have told his wife that, if she'd wanted to see the movie with him, then she should have told him BEFORE that day; she should have let him know, so he could have let his colleagues know that he and his wife were planning on seeing X-Men.  For her to tell him not to see it when he's ready to go see it is wrong.  What's even more pathetic was that Stats GAVE IN like a good little boy-ugghhh!  Yes, Mommy, I'll do whatever you say!  What a pussy...

Oh, and Greenie & Golic were pathetic too.  They both (and Mike Golic is a former pro football player) said that guys talk tough about being lord of their house; they then went on to say, in effect, if you know what's good for you (as a husband), you do what your wife says; they said that when your wife asks (read tells or bosses you) to do something, you do it.  I've heard 'em say stuff like this before.  I remember Greenie saying one day that, as a man, you cut off your balls and put 'em in your wife's purse.  THIS is what passes for manhood today?!

On Henry Makow's site, Maureen Smith recently asked where the real men went; I'd like to know that myself!  Where are the real men?!  Where are the guys who will put their foot down, and say this is right, and this is wrong?  Where are the men who will stand up and be counted?!  Is it any wonder our country is a matriarchal society?  Is it any wonder we're going down the crapper?  Until next time...