19 October 2008

Someone Owes Betty Broderick An Apology


This didn't occur to me until recently, when I was thinking about Mary Winkler. Mary Winkler, if you'll remember, essentially got away with murdering her husband while he slept. Her husband, Matthew, had discovered a check fraud scheme instigated by his wife. He had confronted her about it, and he was about to share his findings with the bank officials in an effort to get to the bottom of the whole mess.

Before he could do this though, his wife shot him while he slept. Mary Winkler took a shotgun, and blasted Matthew in the back and/or the head. When the wounded Matthew Winkler tried to dial 911 from the bedside phone, Mary pulled it out of the wall. Matthew Winkler was left to die over the next 20 minutes or so with his wife watching.

For what amounts to cold blooded, premeditated murder, Mary Winkler served a WHOPPING 67 days in a mental hospital-67 days! After that, she was allowed to go free. At her trial, Mary Winkler predictably invoked the pussy pass; she used it in the form of the good ole 'abuse excuse'. It works every time! Just ask Lorena Bobbitt. The authorities said "Dominos grace, you can go free now!" After her trial, a sympathetic Oprah Winfrey had Mary Winkler on her show, where she regaled Oprah and her audience with her lies of abuse. Mary Winkler also received $400,000 for book or movie rights to her story. That's what I call punishment for premeditated murder-not!

Mary Winkler's cold blooded murder of her husband reminded me of another woman who'd done likewise many years before; Mary Winkler reminded me of a 'kindred spirit', if you will. I thought of another woman who'd also murdered her husband, albeit for a more traditional, time honored reason-adultery & divorce. That has been a prime (not to mention primal) motive for murder throughout history. Finally, what this woman did would land her in jail, where she still is to this day. I'm talking about Betty Broderick.

While whole books and a plethora of news articles have been written about her, I'll simply give you the "Readers' Digest Condensed Version" of Betty Broderick's story as I understand and remember it. I'd heartily encourage my readers to Google Betty Broderick, and to read her story for themselves. Also, every once in a while, Lifetime TV has a two part movie about her, and I'd encourage you to watch them too. Based on what I was able to find out about Betty Broderick, the movies cover her story well. Meredith Baxter Birney, who portrayed Broderick, did a splendid job of playing Mrs. Broderick. Here, I'll just hit the high points...

There was a young couple, Dan & Betty Broderick. She put him through med school. Before he started practicing medicine though, Dan Broderick decided to attend law school, so Betty put him through law school too. After law school, Dan Broderick became a medical malpractice attorney. With his medical background, he became very successful as a medical malpractice attorney, as one would expect. He worked for one of San Diego's most prestigious law firms, then he went on his own. It didn't take long for Dan Broderick to start bringing in a million dollars a year, allowing him and his family to live in San Diego's exclusive La Jolla section. Back in the mid-late 1980s, life was starting to look REALLY good for Dan & Betty Broderick...

Before I go any further with what I know about the story, I must say that I actually corresponded with Betty Broderick. I wrote her once, and months later, I received a reply. By the time I got it, it had been so long that it took me a few seconds to remember writing her. She had just put her surname in the return address; she left out her first name. That said, even before I opened her letter, I could literally FEEL the hatred, the evil, and the hositility emanating from it! When I finally opened and read the letter, I was proven right.

What had I written to her? I basically said that, even if she'd been totally in the right, even if Dan had been a scumbag adulterer who'd abandoned his wife and family for no good reason, I asked her why didn't she LET GO of her anger and hatred? Why didn't she try to put the whole, sordid episode behind her, and GET ON with her life? I mean, whether we like it or not, life goes on; whether it's with us or without us, life WILL go on, will it not? Since life will go on regardless, isn't it better for us to go on WITH life, rather than getting left behind? I think so. Therefore, I think it's best for us to find a way to let go of our feelings for those unjust people & circumstances in our lives, and go on with life. I firmly believe that people will be rewarded or punished for their deeds; sooner or later, the law of sowing and reeping (aka karma in the Eastern religions) will reward us or punish us as we deserve. That is basically what I said in my letter to Betty Broderick. I truly tried to be neutral, since I know that many of these so-called 'docudramas' sometimes take liberties with the truth.

Well, I got HAMMERED in the reply! She cussed me out, telling me I was an idiot for believing the movies! She said how dare I tell her to let go of her children and not love them! She blew my hair back, big time. BTW, I NEVER told her that I believed the movies, nor did I tell her that she shouldn't love her children. What I DID say was, that if movies had been true about her and her marriage, why did she not MOVE ON with her life? Even if she had been the innocent victim here (I don't believe she was), if Dan HAD truly abandoned her and traded her in for a newer, younger woman, then why didn't she just ACCEPT THAT & MOVE ON? Why did she hang on to her hatred, anger, and hurt, rather than letting them go, and getting on with life? That is what I said. How could she make the leap to her crazy conclusions?! I was perplexed to say the least.

As a result of my correspondence with Betty Broderick, it is my opinion that the woman is mentally ill, mentally unbalanced, or all the above; there is clearly something WRONG with that woman! Since I'm not a mental health professional, I won't pretend to diagnose what specifically is wrong with her, but something was and is wrong with Betty Broderick. I'll go on and say that I think that she played a role in the disintegration of her marriage. I think she drove Dan away from her. I don't think Dan Broderick, her late and former husband, acted in a vacuum; I think he had good reason to leave Betty, and I can't understand why he didn't do it SOONER. While I don't think he was totally innocent in the whole mess, I think that Dan had good reason to leave Betty, and her subsequent conduct is proof of that.

Continuing with the story, according to the movie and what I read about the Betty Broderick story, Dan and the family took a vacation. They'd worked hard, and they'd sacrificed much to get to where they were; now that Dan was finally 'arriving', he wanted share the wealth with this family, and to thank a wife who had been very supportive of his efforts. When Dan suggested that he and Betty enjoy some quality time alone (i.e. marital intimacy), Betty rebuffed his advances. The couple had a public fight. For whatever reason(s), the marriage between Dan & Betty Broderick went downhill from there, and it culminated in his murder.

As Dan established his law practice, a pretty young lady by the name of Linda Kolkena came to work for him. She started as his receptionist, and she progressed from there. In addition to having a professional relationship, a romantic relationship blossomed between the two as well. And why wouldn't it? She was, by the accounts I read, pretty, vivacious, and fun to be with. Please remember that this was during the 1980s, BEFORE Catherine Mackinnon's sexual harrassment lunacies became law and public policy throughout the land; back then, one could safely date a coworker or subordinate, and not worry about it. Linda Kolkena was the perfect balm for Dan, who by this time was undergoing a very NASTY divorce with Betty.

How nasty did the divorce get? Well, it was nasty enough that Betty drove her vehicle IN to Dan's house, caving the wall in! Betty would also leave nasty, obscene messages, calling Linda a slut, a whore, and other bad names. Betty's harassment got so bad that Dan took out a restraining order against Betty, and he GOT it! Unfortunately, this didn't deter Betty from her antics; she continued harassing Dan with increasingly hostile and provocative gestures. Her hostility would culminate in the murder of Dan and his new wife, Linda.

Betty Broderick couldn't accept the fact that her now EX husband, Dan, had moved on with his life. For whatever reason(s), she just couldn't let go. She decided to get a pistol, and she learned how to use it. One night, in a fit of jealous rage, Betty got in her car, and drove over to Dan's house. Betty broke in to the house, found the bedroom where both Dan & Linda were sleeping, and shot them both. In a jealous rage, Betty shot both her ex husband, Dan, and his new wife, the former Linda Kolkena.

Betty Broderick went to trial. She invoked the abuse excuse, and she ALMOST got away with murder. Unfortunately for her, the jury didn't acquit her; the jury was merely hung, so she could be tried again. Kerry Wells, a female prosecutor, saw through Betty Broderick's BS; Wells secured a conviction at the second murder trial. Betty Broderick was sentenced to two, consecutive prison terms of 15 years to life, and she will be eligible for parole starting in 2011.

Again, based on my personal contact with Betty Broderick (which was one of the CREEPIEST experiences of my life, BTW), I think Dan was justified in leaving her. Betty Broderick may have tried to ACT like a saint, she may have tried to play the innocent victim here, but she's full of it. I doubt that those who sympathize with Betty Broderick actually interacted with her as I did on one occassion-one occassion too many for me. Betty Broderick is sick in the head, and something is VERY wrong with her. As far as I'm concerned, pushed Dan away from her; as far as I'm concerned, Dan Broderick was JUSTIFIED in leaving her. Of course, he's dead, so he can't tell HIS side of the story, can he?

So, what's the point, MarkyMark? Why did you tell us this sordid story? As the comedian's joke goes, I told you all that to tell you THIS: Betty Broderick, who did basically the same thing as Mary Winkler would later do in March 2006, got convicted of murdering her husband. Meanwhile, Mary Winkler basically got away SCOT FREE; she GOT AWAY WITH MURDER! I don't know what anyone else would call it, but I do not call 67 days in a mental hospital just punishment; it's not even close! Therefore, someone owes Betty Broderick an apology. Then again, if Betty had only waited a few years, perhaps she could have gotten away with murder too, a la Mary Winkler...

Thanks to Mary Winkler getting away with murder, America has effectively declared OPEN SEASON on men! Let me repeat: America has declared OPEN SEASON ON MEN! You think I'm engaging in hyperbole? You think I'm being overly dramatic? Well, what would YOU call it when a woman can murder a man, invoke the abuse excuse, and GET AWAY with it? Even though Mary Winkler (like Betty Broderick before her) murdered her husband IN COLD BLOOD and got away with it, you think I'm off base, huh? What would you call it when, she not only got away with it, but also got rewarded for her deed, hmmm? I'd call it open season on men, thank you very much. Meanwhile, women weep, wail, and gnash their teeth, wondering why they can't find a good man-incredible! Thank you for reading, and good day...


06 September 2008

An Article That Offended Me


As you know, I ride motorcycles. I've always loved them, and I always will. Anyway, there's this picturesque, little town I ride through now & then: High Bridge, NJ. When I first moved to North Jersey a few years ago (it only seems like a few months ago-how time flies), a fellow rider took me on a ride along Rt. 513, which is Main Street through the town. When we stopped at the then local bar & grill, Planet High Bridge, I saw a photocopy of this article affixed to a roofed bulletin board across the street. While waiting for our food, I walked across the street, and read this article. It aroused strong reactions in me, though I didn't know why at the time.

This was right before I found NiceGuy's site. I was in the process of unplugging, but I didn't know what that meant yet. This article, at the end which I'll quote, offended and upset me, though I couldn't articulate WHY at the time. All I knew was that this piece bothered me, much the same way that other, similar articles, TV shows, and commercials bothered me. After I found NG's site, it all made sense. To my regular readers and those who are part of the MRA/MGTOW scene, this will make sense too. To those for whom my objections don't make sense, I'm not talking to you; go jump in a lake!

If you're so inclined, you can go here to read the whole thing. However, I'll only be copying and pasting the last two paragraphs of the piece, since that's the part that got under my skin. If you wish, you can click here to read the bottom of page three, the section I'm quoting and on which I shall comment. Thank you.

Norma Melendez-Galinsky likes High Bridge so much she has moved there twice. Looking for a good school district for her daughter, she and her husband first arrived from Brooklyn in 1995. ''It was farm-y, beautiful and open, and the street where we lived was just wonderful,'' said Ms. Melendez-Galinsky, a lawyer. But by 1998, her husband had tired of the commute to his teaching job in SoHo, and the family moved to a suburb closer to Manhattan.

If you look at the train schedule for the Raritan Valley Line, you'll see that High Bridge is at the END of the line. To view the actual timetable, go to page two; when you get to page 2, look for the part that says, "To Newark/Hoboken/New York" in the Monday-Friday section. Once there, you'll see that it takes almost TWO HOURS to get to NYC via the Raritan Valley Line, followed by the PATH train running between Newark and NYC. You're talking the better part of two hours, one way, just to GET to NYC! That doesn't factor in any subsequent transfers to the MTA to travel to your ultimate destination on Manhattan or one of the outer boroughs; that's just to GET to NYC. By the time you set foot at your end destination in NYC, you're talking TWO HOURS PLUS traveling time-two hours plus!

I know, because I rode the same route (as this woman's poor husband) to attend the International Motorcycle Show in NYC. I took the Raritan Valley Line to Newark, where I caught the PATH train to NYC; once in NYC, I had to take a subway or bus over to the Javits Center, where the motorcycle show was held. Doing this once was bad enough-and that was for a leisure trip! I cannot fathom doing this commute every freakin' day-sheesh. I can't blame the husband for wanting a shorter commute. I know I would've wanted a shorter commute if I had to do this EVERY FREAKIN' DAY.

Also, please note that they say HER daughter, not THEIR daughter! This is important, for it reflects the gender bias in society. Women are seen as having full rights, i.e. owning, the children; men have NO SAY WHATSOEVER when it comes to their kids. I just 'loved' that line-not!

But after three months, unhappy with the schools in their new town and missing the friendly neighbors she had had on Thomas Street in High Bridge, she wrote to all of the residents on the street letting them know she wanted to return and was looking to buy a house in the neighborhood. The next year, she was back living on Thomas Street.

Ah, all was once again right with the world! All was perfect once again! The little lady got what she wanted; she ended up back on the same street where she had lived previously. Never mind the fact that her poor husband, that hapless SOB, had to go back to that CRUSHING, two plus hour commute-and that was one way! That poor SOB spent over FOUR HOURS A DAY commuting-ouch. Hope that piece of ass was worth it, pal. Anyway, what he wanted didn't matter; the fact that he wanted to have a shorter commute (who can blame him?) matters not a whit. All that mattered was that the little woman got what she wanted; all that mattered was that Wifey was back on Thomas Street, and the HELL with him, his wants, his needs, and his desires. Guys, if you're dumb enough to get married, THIS is what you're signing up for...

BTW, isn't it interesting that we NEVER, ever, ever learn the husband's name in the piece? Isn't it interesting how he's mentioned almost as an afterthought? To me, it shows you where men rank in terms of priorities if they're dumb enough to get married. Long before I unplugged, long before I knew what MRA or MGTOW were, I saw this sort of thing; I saw how men are viewed and treated in marriage. You know what? That alone was enough to almost totally turn me off to marriage. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: though I'm not perfect, I'm a decent guy. As such, I deserve BETTER than this! If this is what marriage entails, then you can keep it, thank you very much.

THIS was the part of the article that really frosted me! This was the part that upset me in ways that I couldn't put into words when I originally read this piece as I passed through High Bridge, NJ years ago. Again, this was right before I found NG's site and the Mancoat forum, so I hadn't begun my deprogramming from feminism. Though I couldn't put my feelings into words at the time when I first read this a few years ago, I knew that the underlying train of thought and assumptions made offended me greatly. When I tried to share my feelings with my riding buddy, he just said that that's the way it is if you get married. I told him that, if that is what marriage entails for me as a man, then I do NOT want any! Being single himself (how else could he have multiple bikes in his stable?), he understood... ;)

BTW, I shouldn't have been surprised at the bias of the article. The article appears under the byline of Julia Lawlor, a woman. No wonder it's gynocentric in its focus! As a woman, this is how things ought to be as far as she's concerned! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: women talk too much, revealing more than they think. That's ok though, because they warn unsuspecting men about what they're REALLY like, and what marriage to them would be like. Keep it up, Ladies; we thank you for your service to men!

It was because of seeing stuff like this for years that turned me off to marriage. What Hubby wants doesn't matter; all that matters is what Wifey wants. That's the zeitgeist in society today; this is what men are in for should they say "I do". If you don't believe me, then go to the WE Channel's website, and watch some Bridezilla clips. You could also go to the HGTV channel's website, and watch some videos of the show, "House Hunters", and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's always about what Wifey wants; Hubby's there as some sort of afterthought-and to PAY for it all, of course. But, he's a MAN, so he doens't have any rights, right?

Back in the day, prior to feminism and the no fault divorce laws that they jammed down our throats, men & women received both benefits and burdens when they married. Back in the day, going from being a single person to married person involved meaningful tradeoffs, tradeoffs that both husband and wife had to make. Both men & women gave up something to get married, and both got something out of marriage. IOW, it was a fair trade for BOTH parties. Now, it's only the woman who derives any benefit from marriage; truth be told, she gets ALL the benefits nowadays. Men get no benefits from marriage; we have no rights, only responsibilities. Sorry, but I don't find that to be a fair & just tradeoff, so I'll avoid marriage, thank you very much. Besides, you strong, independent, empowered women don't need no stinkin' man, so it works out for everyone concerned, hehehe...

In closing, this article brought to the fore all my emotions concerning marriage. This article angered and upset me when I first read it on that motorcycle ride years ago. Soon thereafter, I found NiceGuy's site, and things started making sense; I finished unplugging from the matrix when I found his site and forum. Truth be told though, it was articles like THIS that provided the initial impetus to avoid marriage, and to unplug. Without realizing it, reading and seeing things like this prompted me to start unplugging, even before I knew what that meant. So, to the ladies out there, just keep it up; just keep up your man bashing. As you do, more and more men will do like I did; they too will realize that marriage offers NOTHING to them, and they too will avoid it. But that's ok; you're strong, independent, empowered women who don't NEED no stinkin' man! Hope your careers keep you warm at night, Ladies-ha! I'm out of here, and with that, I shall wish my readers a good day...


30 March 2008

Lily Tran Loved Her Bad Boys


I saw this on Mancoat some weeks ago, but, due to my computer issues, I couldn't publish my post on this until now. One, I lost the files containing future blog posts, among which was this article. Two, I had to find it again on my own, which took time. Well, better late than never, eh? Here's a story about Lily Tran, an aspiring model who LOVED her bad boys; here's how, in her search for excitement, she got more than she bargained for! You can find the original article here...


Accused killer among 3 victims of drive-by

Suspect awaiting trial injured; girlfriend shot dead

Jim Farrell, The Edmonton Journal

Published: Tuesday, September 12 2006

EDMONTON - A 23-year-old bikini model's recent switch in boyfriends may have led to her death Saturday night when bullets tore into her car, killing her and wounding the man beside her, accused killer Steven Anthony Pillon, the woman's friends say.

Ah, girls just LOVE their bad boys; the hotter the chick, the worse the men she dates. This one was really bad though; he was charged with 2nd degree murder! Furthermore, she switched boyfriends, which according to the above, led to the shooting. Looks to me like Miss Tran had an affinity for bad boys; she was on her second in a row!

Lily Tran was killed when a bullet struck her in the head as she sat behind the steering wheel of a late-model Mercedes Benz sedan while waiting at a stoplight at 76th Avenue and Argyll Road.

See what hanging around with the wrong people can bring your way? Ah, but this ‘gentleman’ (and I use that word VERY loosely!) had a Mercedes. He has money, doesn’t he? Since he’s charged with murder, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Pillon was involved in some other, shall we say, naughty activities? I mean, you don’t attract the attention of assassins unless you do something to EARN it, folks…

Another bullet grazed Pillon's head as he sat beside her in the passenger seat. The man seated behind Tran was shot in the throat.

The killers weren't messing around, were they? Too bad they missed their intended target-what a waste of oxygen! That’s not to say that Miss Tran was much better. What did she do, other than try to look pretty in pictures? BTW, if you look at her pics in this article, you’ll note that she is NOT that good looking. At least I didn’t think she was. To me, she’s just another, twentysomething skank who does nothing to float my boat.

I used to get a motorcycle magazine, Two Wheel Tuner. I saw it at the motorcycle show last year; they offered an awesome subscription rate ($22/yr), so I said why not? There was lots of useful information in the magazine, stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else. It has a similar flavor to the tuner car mags, except it’s targeted at the motorcycle world. The only thing I didn’t care for was the use of girls who were Lily Tran’s age, girls who had a similar ‘look’. Even in the pictures, they look USED UP-yuck! No amount of airbrushing can hide that, either.

The shots were fired from an older-model black van that pulled up beside the Mercedes, then sped away after the shooting. According to police, the shooting was gang-related.

Mr. Pillon was a REAL bad boy, wasn’t he? Some guys just look the part; others are the real deal. Mr. Pillon obviously did much more than look the part. You don’t get assassins’ attention unless you’re a REALLY bad boy…

It’s been said on Mancoat that girls dig bad boys because they’re exciting; they’re not boring like your good or nice guys are. Given Lily Tran’s known penchant for bad boys, it’s obvious that she liked the excitement they brought into her life. This time, she got a little more than she bargained for…

One of Tran's friend's said Monday the young woman recently began dating Pillon, who was charged with second-degree murder last year for the May 15, 2005, stabbing death of 20-year-old Kenyon Joseph Gardiner at a west-end house party.

It took police two months to track down Pillon and Brandon Neil Prevey in Vancouver, arrest them and charge them with second-degree murder in connection with Gardiner's death.

Ah, Mr. Pillon’s such an ‘upstanding’ citizen that he evaded the police for two months; why did he do so, unless he’s engaged in nefarious activities, hmmm? If he'd been at all innocent and legitimate, he would have turned himself in to the police, worked to clear his name, then get on with his life. No, the reason he evaded police for two months is because Mr. Pillon is a bad man who has a LOT to hide...

On April 21, Pillon was released on bail pending his Dec. 4 trial on charges of second-degree murder and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

"She was seeing Pillon," said one of Tran's friends, who asked not to be named.

"It was a brand-new thing," said the woman, who once worked with Tran at the downtown Sawmill restaurant on 104th Avenue at 115th Street.

"I don't know how much she knew about him."

I don’t know how much Tran knew about Pillon, either. Perhaps she was attracted to the air of mystery surrounding him? They say that that’s one reason why chicks dig bad boys. Even if she knew nothing about Pillon, she must have figured out that he didn’t earn his money via legitimate channels; how stupid could she be?!

Tran was a waitress in that restaurant's lounge until last year. She supplemented her income with prizes from bikini contests and earnings from modelling jobs, such as car shows. Tran promoted herself extensively on the Internet with photos showing her wearing bikinis or lingerie.

"She had been at it for awhile," said a local photographer who shot one of Tran's online portfolios.

"She seemed like a very sweet young lady, very friendly but quite quiet."

Why is it the sweet, quiet girls go for such assholes? Could it be she wasn’t so sweet? I think so. She had that ‘thousand penis stare’ that all whores have…

Like virtually everyone else who spoke about Tran, the photographer asked that his name not be used.  For the past six months Tran had been employed as a server in the lounge of the west-side Sawmill restaurant at 9504 170 St., working Mondays to Fridays.

"She was an excellent woman, good-hearted, absolutely beautiful and a hard worker," said a supervisor from the west-end restaurant.

What can I say, other than spoken like a true mangina?! Dude, give it up; such obsequious pandering to chicks will NOT get you their hearts, nor will it get you in their pants. If anything, girls like Miss Tran will view you as the pathetic, spineless fool that you are...

Last spring, Tran's co-workers became concerned when she was late getting back from a Caribbean cruise.

"Her sister phoned here because she was getting worried," said another worker at the west-end restaurant. "She was four days late getting back."

Why was that, hmmm? Why don’t I remember any cruise ships having any problems while underway during the last year or so? Perhaps because none of them did? Seems to me that if any cruise ship had been in trouble on the high seas, that it would have been a newsworthy event; it would have been all over CNN, CNBC, Fox News, etc. Methinks that Miss Tran did some HEARTY partying while on board, and she had one HELL of a hangover in its wake-wow! Or, or she got involved in some, er, 'meaningful sex' with someone who got her panties wet before she headed for home. Perhaps she found someone so exciting, so bad that he kept her captive while having his way with her! Though it would have been rape for any other guy to have had rough sex with her, it was 'different' because a bad boy forcefully took her and had his way with her; hell, she probably liked & enjoyed it! One thing's for sure: she was so kind & considerate of her friends that she did NOT bother to call them, so she could tell them that she'd be late getting back...

By most accounts, Tran led a good life. A few months ago, when she came in for another photo shoot with another local photographer, she proudly showed him a car she had just bought -- a late-model white Mercedes convertible.

According to the article, Miss Tran was working as a waitress and free lance model. That said, how did she manage to buy a late model Mercedes convertible, hmmm? I wonder if she were running drugs for her bad boy boyfriend? Trafficking illicit drugs does provide, shall we say, a lucrative income stream? I mean, even if she brought a USED Mercedes convertible, it would STILL cost a pretty penny-more than she should have been able to earn via her declared, legitimate income channels...

Tran grew up in Edmonton. One Asian employee at the downtown Sawmill knew her as Lily Duong when the two girls met in kindergarten. Duong was Tran's mother's name, and it was the name Lily used at the west-end Sawmill restaurant, one of that restaurant's supervisors said. At some point, Tran's parents divorced and her father moved to Vancouver.

Ah, now the picture comes more into focus! Miss Tran, regrettably, was from a broken home. That explains a lot. One thing I’ve noticed is that chicks who dig bad boys beyond reason had little or no relationship with their fathers growing up. They never learn what real, proper male strength is; they never learn how to distinguish between bad boys' false bravado (which is weakness concealed) vs. the real thing. Girls growing up in broken homes, i.e. without their fathers, never really learn how to relate to men in a proper, healthy manner. Furthermore, these girls are more promiscuous, and they make poor choices in boyfriends.

Within hours of the Saturday night shooting, news of Tran's death reached many of the people who worked with her.

"The news got around really fast," said a senior employee from the downtown Sawmill restaurant. "I was at a big outdoor event Saturday night," said the woman, who competed in the Playboy Girls of Golf competition alongside Tran in 2005.

Birds of a feather flock together, don’t they? Miss Tran was friends with an old (senior employee), used up slut-what a surprise…

"When I got back home at 2 a.m. I learned about it," the woman said. "I was with a bunch of friends at the time and we had a big cryfest about it."

Friends and colleagues created a memorial of flowers, cards, placards and a teddy bear at the intersection where Tran died.

Aw, how sweet of them. If she'd been shot in her own car as an innocent bystander, that would be one thing; that would be tragic, because she would not have been at fault for being victim of events beyond her control. However, at the time of her death, she was with a BAD MAN, folks; moreover, she CHOSE to be with that bad man. Ergo, her death was not a tragedy, but rather the culmination of poor choices that put her in the crossfire meant for her new, 'exciting' boyfriend.. Her new boyfriend was CHARGED WITH SECOND DEGREE MURDER, folks! Miss Tran's death was many things; indeed, it was the result of many things, poor decisions and choices among them. But, don't tell me it was tragic...

She made a CHOICE to date bad boys. She made a CHOICE to continue going out with them once she knew more about them. She made a CHOICE to remain with them, rather than dump them when their sinister personalities became apparent. Are you going to tell me that no good guys wanted to date her? Don't, because I'll call you a bloody liar! No, Miss Tran CHOSE to blow off any good guys who may have been interested in her, and instead she CHOSE to take up with bad boys instead-bad boys with murder charges...

Circumstances related to the shooting may see Pillon return to jail.

"The Crown will be making application for bail review, on the ground the accused is in breach of his bail conditions," said Bart Johnson, spokesman for Alberta Justice.  Johnson declined to elaborate.

There you have it, folks. Lily Tran, sad as her situation may be, is all too typical in America, Canada, and the rest of the Western World. I and too many other good guys I've known have been blown off by girls like this, simply because we weren't 'exciting' enough. May I puke now? I do like drama, but only in a good book or movie; as for real life, boring is a good way to go. I don't know about anyone else, but I have better things to do than to cavort with persons who have outstanding MURDER CHARGES against them...