14 June 2012

AARP Magazine a Celeb Rag


 I had a problem with my car this morning, so I didn't go to work.  The car ran rough when I started it the first two times; after the third time, it ran normally.  If I didn't have estate business to take care of tomorrow, I would have gone in to work; but, since I absolutely, positively HAVE to be at my mother's old house in the morning, I took it to the shop and had the ignition system checked.  I have to meet the auctioneer; with the auction next week, I couldn't afford to blow this off.  Anyway, nothing was found.  I needed to have my oil & tranny fluid changed anyway, so I had that done.

Before I continue, let me say that things are slowly returning to normal in my life; by the end of the month, the worst of the estate business will be behind me.  After the next two weekends, I won't have to make a trip down to South Jersey for a while.  Ever since my mom died, I've had to drive down there every weekend to either get stuff out of the house, meet a contractor, do cleaning, etc.  Since the auction will be conducted soon, that means my work is almost done-yes!  As life returns to normal, I hope to resume blogging again.  Now, back to my original point...

Anyway, while I was at the shop, I saw a copy of the AARP's magazine on the table.  For those of you outside of America, the AARP is the American Association of Retired Persons; anyone 50 or over can join.  It's SUPPOSED to advocate for older people, but that's BS.  They advocated for Obamacare, a piece of legislation decidedly harmful to older people, the very people whose interests the AARP is supposed to serve!  Anyway, the AARP is just another socialist advocacy organization.

Like many organizations, the AARP has a magazine that goes to its members.  I saw a copy of it in the waiting room, so I checked it out.  Since the AARP PURPORTS to advocate for people over 50, you would expect to find things about geriatric health issues, retirement, etc., right?  Wrong!  This copy of the AARP's magazine wasn't much different from People or your other celebrity rags!  Why?  Because the cover story was about sexy men who are 50 or over.  They had vignettes on Vigo Mortensen, Yo Yo Ma, Denzel Washington, and others.  How is this different from People or other gossip rags?!  If the magazine is anything to go by, the AARP is not the organization for seniors to belong to!

For those of you who are 50 or over and are seeking an organization to represent your interests, do NOT join the AARP!  It's just another, socialist advocacy NGO, nothing more.  Rather, a better alternative would be AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens.  Another alternative is Generation America, promoted by Chuck Woolery.  I have a funny feeling that their membership magazines do not resemble your supermarket gossip rags...

In closing, I was surprised that the AARP's member magazine resembled People and other gossip rags.  I would have expected it to discuss issues concerning older people, but it did not; no, it had an article about the sexiest men over 50-wow!  How does that help older people again?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  If you're going to join an over 50 organization, make it Generation America or AMAC.  Until next time...