20 October 2013

Republicans Caved-Again!


I haven't been in the mood to say much lately, but I am now.  Last week, the Republicans caved to the Democrats AGAIN!  Again, they wimped out of a budget and/or debt ceiling fight.  I knew the writing was on the wall when 25 of the 44 Senate Republicans voted with the Democrats for cloture, which effectively opened the door to get a CR done; I say get a continuing resolution (i.e. CR) done, because we haven't had a proper budget in almost five years now.

When the House initially passed a CR with everything Obama wanted BUT Obamacare funding, I was encouraged; those of us in the Tea Party put pressure on the Republicans, and it appeared that they'd listened to us.  When Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) led the charge in the Senate to defund Obamacare, I was encouraged.  When the government was PARTIALLY shut down, I was even more encouraged; the last time the Republicans did this in 1995, it led to our first balanced budget in years, and we even had a surplus!  I was hoping the Republicans would fight the good fight this time; I was hoping they would listen to us; after all, if not for the Tea Party, the Republicans could not have won control of the House in 2010.

Ah, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn put pressure on Senate Republicans to vote WITH the Democrats!  WTF?!  By voting to end the filibuster (which is what cloture does, per Senate rules), the 25 French Republicans, in effect, voted to KEEP Obamacare in place; they voted for Obamacare!  Oh, I know, I know; when the vote on the CR (restoring Obamacare funding) was held, these same clowns voted against it, but that was meaningless; the Democrats hold 54 Senate seats, while the Republicans hold 44.  IOW, when holding a vote of any kind that only requires a simple majority, the Republicans cannot stop anything the Democrats want to do.  Why?  Because they do not have the votes; 54 is more than 44 the last time I checked.

If the Republicans want to stop the Democrats' agenda, then they have to use the filibuster and vote AGAINST cloture; they have enough votes to stop the Democrats IF they remain united; to invoke cloture, 60 votes are needed, while the Democrats had only 54.  IOW, if the Republicans had held fast on the cloture vote of 27 September, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democrat cronies could not have passed a CR that restored Obamacare funding.  To put it another way, by voting for cloture, the 25 Republican traitors effectively voted FOR Obamacare; they voted to keep in in place.  Why?  That is NOT what we sent them to do!  We sent them to STOP this botched abortion of a law, a law that'll wreck what was once the finest health care system in the world.

What's even more galling is that these same 25 French Republicans will then run back to their states, and say how they voted against Obamacare when the vote came up; they'll say that they tried to stop it but couldn't, since they're the minority party in the Senate.  This is true; they voted against the CR when it came up.  What they will NOT say is how, by voting for cloture, they enabled the CR to pass in the first place!  They're freaking hypocrites and traitors.  How stupid do they think we are?!

The reason that this is upsetting is all Republicans campaigned on the promise to repeal, defund, and/or obstruct Obamacare in any way possible.  Poll after poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans do NOT want Obamacare, so fighting against it is a winning strategy.  However, when push came to shove, most of those rat bastards voted for it; they did not vote to defund the law, which would have delayed or prevented its implementation.  When it came time to fight, the majority of Republicans surrendered, and they did so before the fight even began.

I think that had the Senate Republicans held their ground in the cloture vote, then we may have won this fight.  The government would still be partially shut down.  The fight would still be going on, which means that we'd have a chance to finally begin to reign in our out of control spending.  If we don't, then we'll be like Greece in the near future.  That's not something any thinking person wants.

I know I shouldn't be surprised, and at the end of the day, I wasn't.  After all, the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill (House Speaker John Boehner, House Leader Eric Cantor, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, et al) has caved on every fight with Obama and the Democrats; I figured that they'd cave this time too.  However, when the House voted for a CR defunding Obamacare, a part of me was optimistic.  Thanks to the backstabbing ways of the French Republicans in the Senate, we (our country) lost an important fight, a fight to remain fiscally solvent.  While I am not surprised, I am disgusted.  Those are my thoughts...


04 October 2013

The World Will NOT End of Debt Ceiling Is Not Raised!


There have been a lot of lies, misinformation, and BS spread by the PC, feminist media, lies that even the brightest and best on Mancoat are believing.  I am here to dispel those lies, and to shine the light of TRUTH on a story that is making the rounds: the incessant braying about the US Government's debt ceiling, which will be reached in the near future.  Here's a post I made on Mancoat, and I am sharing it with my audience.



This default stuff is a LIE!  Let me repeat: this default story is a lie.  Here's why: we'd still be able to service our debt and interest payments, because the US Govt' takes in approximately 200 billion dollars a month; on an annual basis, that equates to 2.4 trillion a year.  Covering debt service, especially at today's historically low interest rates, would be no problem at all.  What WOULD change is how all other spending beyond debt service would be prioritized and appropriated.  Because 2.4 trillion is smaller than the approximate 3.8 trillion we're spending this year (we don't know for sure, because we haven't had a proper budget in almost five years now), hard choices would have to be made.  We may have to cut down on support payments to all the single mother sluts out there; we might not be able to enable their bad behavior anymore.  Is that such a bad thing?

The Democrats and their media sycophants are acting like spoiled brats at the thought of not getting their way.  These are the same people who predicted Armageddon on the eve of the sequester (THEIR idea, BTW!).  These are the same people who cried about Armageddon prior to this week's partial gov't shutdown of non-essential services.  That begs an obvious question: if they're non-essential, WHY do we have them in the first place?  That's another rant for another time.  Anyway, the world didn't end; the sun is still rising in the east and setting in the west; the world is still going on, and will continue to go on if the debt ceiling isn't raised.

The fact of the matter is that we HAVE to get spending under control.  We cannot continue to run TRILLION DOLLAR deficits every year for very long before suffering economic collapse; we just can't do that!  You know what happens when the economy collapses?  Society collapses as well.  You know what happens when society collapses?  I'm not sure we want to go there; even for those of us who are prepared, I'm not sure we want to go there-not when society has the morality (lack thereof, I should say) that allows such trashy TV shows as the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and Desperate Housewives to be aired!  Do we REALLY want to see society collapse when the majority of people don't even have the morals of an alley cat?!  I'm insulting alley cats when I say that, BTW...

Where are the media on all this?  Where are they?  They brayed, kvetched, and moaned incessantly when we were running deficits of 400 billion a year under George W. Bush and the Republican Congress, yet they have NOTHING to say about deficits that have been TRIPLE & QUADRUPLE that amount?!  We never heard the end of deficits experienced under Republican administrations!  Ah, but now that Barack Hussein Obama and his Demonrat cronies are running deficits of a trillion dollars or more, that's somehow ok.  Anyway, as I said above, we cannot keep that up for much longer.

In closing, if the debt ceiling isn't raised, the world will not end.  It didn't end with the sequester; it didn't end with the partial gov't shutdown this week; and it won't if the debt ceiling isn't raised.  The gov't will still be taking in 200 billion a month, so we can cover our debt and interest payments with no problem.  What WILL change is that we'll have to cut spending in other areas, including those that transfer money from men to women.  AFIAC, that's a good thing that's LONG overdue!  Let's hope that the debt ceiling isn't raised, so hard choices will be made WRT our out of control spending-spending that needs to be brought under control.  Those are my thoughts...