29 December 2010

Redskins Cheerleader Dates Bad Boy


Here's yet ANOTHER story from the headlines in which a hot woman takes up with a douche bag!  What else is new?  I could not make this up if I tried...


Missing former Skins cheerleader filed complaint against boyfriend
December 21, 2010 - 3:42pm

Associated Press

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A missing burlesque dancer last seen by her ex-boyfriend told police he had beat her while she was pregnant with his child more than a month before her disappearance, according to Las Vegas police records.

Here, the guy ADMITTED to beating her, yet she stayed with him anyway!  If you click the link to the article, you'll see that this woman is attractive; you'll see that getting male attention would be NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER for her.  IOW, here's a woman who could pretty much have her pick of men, yet she took up with an asshole anyway.  Then folks wring their hands wondering what happened to her?!  Come on!

Deborah Flores-Narvaez, 31, was reported missing Dec. 14 after she didn't show up for a rehearsal of "Fantasy," the nightly burlesque show at the Luxor hotel and casino where she worked.

Little Miss Debbie was an exotic dancer in Las Vegas.  These are among the most attractive of women...

She was last seen on Dec. 12 by Jason Omar Griffith, who has not been named as a suspect. Police said Griffith has been cooperative and there is no evidence to suggest Flores-Narvaez has been harmed.

But police records show the Las Vegas Strip dancer and her former beau had a rocky past.

Is it any surprise that this woman dated bad boy?  Is it any surprise that she sought out someone who treated her like crap?  That's what 'having a rocky past' means...

Flores-Narvaez and Griffith had been dating for about a year when police responded to a domestic violence call involving the couple on Oct. 22.

Flores-Narvaez told police officers she had been visiting Griffith's ex-girlfriend when he showed up. She said he stole her iPhone and elbowed her in the chin, according to an arrest report.

Sounds like a real nice guy-not!

He drove away, and Flores-Narvaez and the ex-girlfriend followed him.

So, even after he hit her, Little Miss Debbie STILL wanted him!

Griffith stopped his car less than a mile away and confronted the women. Flores-Narvaez said Griffith threw her phone and told her that he was not going to jail, police said.

As she picked it up, she said he pushed her and then kicked her and pulled her hair while she was on the ground, according to the arrest report.

Sounds like a real caveman; he even pulled her hair like one...

Bruises dotted both of Flores-Narvaez's legs and she later showed police a chunk of hair that she said he had yanked from her scalp.

Sounds like an S&M session gone bad...

Griffith fled in his car.

She again followed him.

She couldn't get enough of this guy, huh?

At a nearby intersection, he exited his car and kicked the side door of her vehicle, Flores-Narvaez told police.

So, he wasn't content to just beat Little Miss Debbie; he wanted to beat her car too!

Griffith told police the couple had been in an argument but denied hitting her or taking her phone.

He said he threw her phone after she taunted him with it.


He was arrested on battery, domestic violence and coercion charges.

Sounds like Mr. Griffith is a real 'Prince Charming'-not!

Flores-Narvaez moved to Las Vegas to become a dancer. She previously lived in Maryland, where she served as an ambassador for the Washington Redskins in 2007, a non-performing position that sent her into the community.

Friends said she isn't the kind of person who would blow off work and leave town without telling anyone.


Her 1997 Chevrolet Prizm was found Friday in north Las Vegas. There were no signs that car had been vandalized.

The Chevy Prism was also known as the Geo Prism, a twin to the Toyota Corollas of the same period.  IOW, here's a small, light car made with thin, sheet metal panels.  If Mr. Griffith had kicked the car as alleged, then he WOULD have left evidence of having done so; there would have been dents wherever he'd landed a kick or punch.

Before I wrap things up, I must ask a simple question: WTF is this dumb bitch doing with a 1997 car of any kind?!  She's a burlesque dancer in Las Vegas, and she's a former Washington Redskins cheerleader; she makes enough money to buy something newer and nicer!  If Little Miss Debbie is a burlesque dancer, then the odds are that she 'moonlights' as a whore or escort too.  Women working in the "world's oldest profession" out in Las Vegas can easily earn $150/hr extra; a few hours a week on her back can translate to THOUSANDS of extra dollars per month!  What was she doing with all her money?

Flores-Narvaez is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

It's unclear whether she is still pregnant.

What do you mean that it's unclear whether or not she's pregnant?  If she were pregnant a month or so ago, then shouldn't she have been showing now or in the near future?  I was just wondering...


As I said, I CANNOT make this up.  Until next time...