01 October 2017

LXLE Rocks!


I haven't been on here much because I don't have much to say anymore.  I'm not angry with women or relationships in the USSA; the situation is what it is, as they say, and there's no sense getting angry over it.  Secondly, there are other bloggers saying more and saying it better than I ever could.

Having said that, I did want to share something with folks that might help them with their computers.  I'm talking about the LXLE Linux distro.  It's based on Lubuntu, or the light version of Ubuntu.  It's only based on the LTS, or long term support version, which means you'll have five YEARS worth of updates-five years!  Plus, the LTS is more stable anyway.

What's to like about LXLE?  One, it's very light on resources.  Two, it's the most user FRIENDLY distro I've tried, and I've tried a few over the years.  Three, it works right out of the box; it's pure plug and play.  Finally, it'll bring old computers back to life; I'm writing this post on an ANCIENT Dell Inspiron E1705 that was cutting edge in the early or mid 2000s.

LXLE is light on resources.  How light is it?  My old computer has an Intel Duo Core processor running 1.61 GHz or thereabouts.  It has 2GB of RAM.  It came new with Windows XP, okay?!  That said, it comes with useful applications; it comes with some bells and whistles; it's not like some other lightweight distros that don't do much for you.  Anything you need to do you can do with LXLE.

Secondly, this is absolutely the most USER FRIENDLY distro I've ever tried, and I've tried a few over the years.  I've tried Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, Puppy Linux, Mint, Zorin, and Knoppix to name a few.  Either they didn't play nice with my computer, or they required a fair amount of work to get my computer functioning.  Even with Ubuntu, which is one of the more user friendly distros out there, I spent HOURS on ubuntu.com's forums troubleshooting stuff that didn't work.  To be fair, that was with Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04; the OS might be a lot better now.  Debian, though it's a rock solid distro, requires one to be a computer scientist to configure.  Plus, with their commitment to ideological purity WRT proprietary software, forget about finding drivers to make your wi-fi work!  Though I understand their sentiments WRT free software; while I do have my problems with Micro$oft; at the end of the day, I want my computer to WORK!  I want it to do stuff for me!  I didn't have to do a SECOND of that with LXLE-none!  It was plug and play all the way.  I just installed it and started using my computer.

Thirdly, though I covered a lot of this in the previous paragraph, LXLE works RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX; soon as you install it, you're good to go.  Try to say THAT about another Linux distro; I dare you!  Try to say that about another operating system, period.  In other words, you won't have to spend hours reading forum posts that you hope address your issue; you won't have to spend hours trying to follow the instructions in those posts.  Soon as the installation of LXLE is finished, you're ready to start using your computer.

Finally, LXLE will resurrect an old computer like nothing else can.  Trust me, I know.  I'm using LXLE 16.04.03 on this old Dell-make that an ANCIENT Dell!  This computer came with Windows XP, which has not been shipped with new computers in at least a decade.  That said, this computer runs BETTER with LXLE than it did with Windows XP; it's true!  I had Windows XP on this machine before it got nuked with a nasty virus that rendered the computer unusable.  After taking my computer to a tech who said it was not repairable; after calling another one who wanted to keep my machine for a week or so before getting around to fix it; I installed Ubuntu on it and got my computer back.

Having said that, I never expected to be USING this ancient Dell all these years later.  I have a newer machine, though that's old too; it has Windows 7 on it.  Sorry, I don't like Windows 8 or 10; why on Earth does M$ insist on changing the UI all the time?!  Why can't they leave well enough alone?  That's another rant for another day.  Unfortunately, my newer computer is at my residence in the western city where I work and spend most of my time now.  When I relocated, I left this old Dell here, so I'd have SOMETHING to use when I visit my house.  Thanks to LXLE, I still CAN use it.  Thanks to LXLE, this old Dell not only works; it works BETTER than when it was new!

In closing, if you have an old computer that came with Windows XP; if you think that computer is no longer usable; think again.  Thanks to the LXLE distro, it's not only usable; I can almost guarantee you that it'll work BETTER than when it was new with Windows XP on it!  If want a distro that installs seamlessly and lets you get right to work (or play), LXLE is your distro.  If you want a user friendly OS, LXLE is your distro.  Give it a try and see!  To find out more, go to http://www.lxle.net.  You'll be glad you did!