15 July 2012

TV Is Going Ever More Matriarchal


Before I get into the meat of this post, let me say this: life is returning to normal for me, and the worst of the estate business is behind us.  My brother and I have been able to move along on the estate business quickly.  In fact, we've already sold the house, and we did so in less than ten days!  Barring any legal or financial snags, closing will be next month.  Anyway, that means I'm getting my life back, which means time for posting.

What I really wanted to talk about was how blatantly MATRIARCHAL TV has gotten.  I was watching the NASCAR race at Loudon, NH today (first race I've watched in months, BTW) when the predictable commercials and TV show promos came on.  There was one show being promoted that, as far as I could tell, had all FEMALE characters; they were all women!  There were no main, male characters I could see in the promo.  The show was called Political Animals, and it's on the USA Network.

Back in the day, USA Network had some unique shows on; they had stuff on that no one else had, which made them worth watching.  One of my favorites was Silk Stalkings, which I think originally ran on CBS, but I can't be sure; other than sporting events, I haven't watched network TV like CBS in ages.  Another favorite show of mine on USA Network was Pacific Blue, which was about bike cops in Santa Monica, California.  Unfortunately, that show jumped the shark after the third season; though there were some good story lines in seasons four & five, the show was never quite the same once they changed over half the characters.  Even so, Pacific Blue was a unique show that I enjoyed.

Then, over the years, USA Network changed; they no longer had the unique fare that had set them apart back in the 1990s.  I don't know exactly when, where, or how it happened; all I know is that, after 2000 or so, I just stopped watching their programming; they had nothing that I wanted to watch anymore.  When I recently read the Wiki on USA Network, I found that there had been a change of ownership around the time I stopped watching them.

Anyway, they have this new show coming on.  I think it's new; either that, or it's a new season.  When I saw the promo for it during the commercial break for my race, I was like wow, why would I even want to watch that crap?  They have some old crones starring it, one of whom is Sigourney Weaver.  Even when she was younger and more attractive, I couldn't stand her; she was a bitch back in the day, and she's a bitch now.  Only now that she's an old crone, she's even more, er, 'charming' than she was back when she starred in Working Girl, circa 1989.

Oh, because there will be some money left over from Ma's estate, I'll be able to pay off my house-yes!  Since that would leave me some extra money each month, I thought about upgrading my standard of living while also saving for my future.  I'm going to take half the extra money and save it, while upgrading my standard of living with the other half.

One of the ways I thought about upgrading my standard of living was to get a flat screen TV along with a cable or satellite hookup for it.  After seeing the promos for the new shows this fall, I don't know; I don't know that I'm missing anything by not having a TV at all.  I had a TV, but I gave it to Ma because I never USED the damn thing!  The things that I really want to see are available online, such as the racing.  If I want to watch QUALITY TV programs, then I can go to Hulu.com; that site has the old, classic TV shows that were, unlike today's trash, actually worth watching.  I watched a couple of seasons of Adam-12 & Emergency! on that site-good, uplifting programming that showed men being men.  I think I might be better off getting a bike or scooter with my extra cash.  Either that, or I could start taking trips to Central & South America to meet some nice, hot women down there.  I'll have more to say about that in an upcoming post...

In closing, TV, from the looks of it, has gone totally matriarchal.  They don't even make a pretense of catering to men anymore-none!  Since there's nothing for me to watch on there, why get a TV, let alone a cable or satellite hookup for the damn thing?!  Seriously, why bother watching it?  The races are increasingly available online; sites like Hulu & Netflix carry TV shows and movies.  To see things that appeal to me, I don't need a TV.  No wonder why TV and the rest of the old media are dying!  Until next time...


06 July 2012

Taking the Red Pill, by Nightstorm


On Mancoat, there's a good discussion going on about how we men perceive women after taking the red pill.  How did taking the red pill impact us?  Do we find women less appealing?  Do we still find them attractive?  The typical answers went like this: though we still find them appealing from a physical standpoint, we men are turned off to women's EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BS.

Having said that, a few guys had longer, deeper answers to this question.  One of them was Nightstorm, another luminary on the Mancoat forum.  What you're about to read will show you, the reader, why we have the best & brightest guys in the world on there.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks!  This ride's about to get bumpy...


In my blue pill days, I was often depressed because I thought the only way to happiness was the love and affection of a girlfriend. Those days are long gone. There is too much I hate about women's behavior and thinking that makes me despise them as human beings.

1. They aren't accountable for anything. They would rather quickly blame someone else, or use reverse psychology on you and somehow make it seem their fucked up behavior is your fault. You made them do this!

2. They will NEVER admit to a fault. Same as point one but with a different twist. The reality is, you could bust out facts, figures, numbers, truth.. and they will openly deny their own behavior and call you misogynistic instead. What turned me off from women in my early red pill days wasn't the fact that they was doing wrong, but it was that they was denying it when confronted with it. As if they had nooooo idea what I was talking about. They would NEVER... NEVER... NEVER... fess up to the wrong doings that they committed. If they even did, it would be a half-assed fess up like.. well YOU aren't so good behaving yourself either!

3. Masters of usery. They talk about men as if they was machines, not human beings. Infact, they have been so coddled, so pampered, so spoiled from reality.. that they have lost any sense of humanity in them. Its one thing to protect a child, but if you over-protect them, they become useless. Most women have become useless and even though they know what it takes to make a man happy, refuses to be a "slave" to that man.

4. Bitching, Nagging, Attitude. I don't know why women think this is in any remote way attractive to a man. I level of desire to feel a woman bitch is about the same as I feel as someone stabbing me in the back with a knife. I don't want it. Ever!!!

5. Entitlement. They have the strongest self-delusion that they are worthy of something just because they was born a woman.What they don't realize is the worth that they do have, was given by men. Take out men, and what worth do women have? ZERO! They will be living under bridges within less than 3 days. I have seen women who say things like "they don't deserve me!", perching herself up on her own pestal! As if she was some dam royal queen! In the words of Jesus, "If I honor myself, my honor is worth nothing". These women flatter themselves and honor themselves with self-worship to the highest degree with no shame. Am I suppose to go out of my way and indulge a woman with this completely made up fantasy that she is important? So important that I have to stand on the close side of the street curb so I can get hit by the car and not her? HELL. NO! Not only will I not do that, I REFUSE.

6. Cherry Picking. They demand all the privileges men earned through their sacrifice for free!!! Except with a twist. They don't want to sacrifice or be responsible or accountable themselves because their just 'ladies". So not only do they not qualify for the position, they refuse to play the full part. Yet men handed it over on a silver plate. Not only that, now that they are.. "equal"... they want men to STILL give them the benefits of chivalry and opening doors up for them.. and treating them like ladies.. who are "equal" to us. In reality, they are cherry picking the hell out of it and everyone knows it but wont' say a dam thing about it.

7. No sense of FAIRNESS, HONOR, or JUSTICE. Women are the most selfish creatures on earth with only the mere emotional delusion that their feelings for another human being is "love", while ignoring the fact that real love is actions, not feelings. They don't care about other women, let alone men or their children. They are number one in their life, they will destroy by the powers men gave them to destroy the very same men. They have no guilt and no remorse. If they happen to do feel something is wrong, they will shut it out via the sisterhood. At least men think about themselves and women. Women, only think about women, period.

8. Drama. Last but not least, their desire for drama. I have no pleasure or peace in being a jester for these bitches just so they don't get bored. Which only sheds light on how truly pathetic and boring their lives are. I have had women admitting to me that they literally purposefully will just out of no where bad-mouth a man right in front of him just to get him to start a fight with them. Unlucky for her, it went over-board and that drama lead to her being stressed out. Well, not so wise are we!

Women expect men to not only be there for them for everything hand and foot, but also expect us to smile when they wipe us like toilet paper and toss us away. Were suppose to be grateful that her majesties feet has put mud on us. Were suppose to be happy that she even took the time to shit on us.

When I see women now days, I don't see pretty little innocent girls who get beatin' up by big strong bad mean men. I see evil witches who want to torture everyone else because they themselves have no love for anyone else, except themselves.

For that, screw them. Screw them to hell. They can rot with their cats. There has been too many examples of good men being destroyed by these bitches that one should even remotely entertain the thought that he should be with one as a "soul mate". Your just another fiddle in a woman's life. When you come out, some magina will come in and take over. Her whole life is nothing but a play where she manipulates, controls, and decimates men at her will.

And the biggest irony of it all.. is men are blind to it, and men LET them do it.


Good stuff, wouldn't you say?  Amen, Nightstorm, amen...


04 July 2012

She's Not the Little Girl I Once Knew...


We had an estate auction late last month, after which we listed my late mother's house.  Now that this is done, my life will start returning to normal; that means you can expect some posting from me now.  While wrapping up my mother's affairs during the past weeks, I caught up with some people from my old neighborhood.  One of these is a woman I knew when we were both teenagers.  As the old Beach Boys' song goes, she's NOT the little girl I once knew...

A few weeks ago, a woman stopped while walking her dog and chatted up my brother and me.  We were taking a break from cleaning out Ma's house, and we were hanging out in the front yard.  Rose, the old woman in question, had just recently gotten to know my mother before her death.  She expressed her condolences, of course.  Then, she said that she was scared because she's only a few years younger than my mother was.  As the conversation progressed, she pointed to a nearby house and told us that she lived there.  In response, I said that that was Toni X's (not her real name, obviously) old house.  The woman then said that Toni X was her daughter, and that her daughter was still living there.  I was like wow!  Are you kidding me?  Toni is still here?!

Back in the day, Toni was a cute gal.  She wasn't hot, but she was definitely cute; I would have ratee her as a solid 6.5.  She was about 5'5" (165cm) tall, weighed about 100-110# (45-50kg), had dark, curly, shoulder length hair, and a nice smile.  We'd say 'hi' to one another in passing, usually while I was walking my dog.  Toni would be a bit flirty with me back then; I remembered how, she'd playfully tap me on the shoulder or my arm as she said hello to me with that cute smile of hers.  That said, I was too shy to do anything about it in response.  As the years went by, I would occasionally think of Toni; I wondered what had become of her; and, of course, I wondered 'what if'?   What would have happened if I'd responded in a more positive way?  Would we have had a relationship of any sort?  If so, what would it have been like?

Returning to the present, as I was talking to Toni's mother out in front of my mother's old house, I asked about how Toni was, that sort of thing.  Toni's mother then said that I could stop by and see Toni if I liked, and I took her up on the invitation.  I said that I'd stop by before I left the next morning, which was a Sunday.

Sunday morning came, and I was curious about how things with Toni would go.  What did she look like now?  What had she done with her life?  What was she, as a person, like now?  I walked a hundred yards or so up the street to Toni's house, and I knocked on the door.  Her step father answered the door (Toni's real dad had died years before), and he called out to her before asking me in.  As soon as I got inside, Toni came up to the living room area.

She was no longer the cute, petite, perky girl I remembered from my youth.  In fact, she bore little or no resemblance to the girl I remembered; though she was still thin (near her teenage weight), she was different in every other respect.  Though I knew, intellectually speaking, that she would no longer be the young girl I remembered, I couldn't help but think of her in that way; after all, that's how I'd known her.  I knew in my head that she was 48 or so, but my eyes weren't prepared for the sight that greeted them.  While her hair was still dark, it was no longer shiny and curly; it was a flat, faded brunette color, and it was straight.  Her face had lost its youthful glow long ago.  In fact, if I hadn't known it was Toni X from the old neighborhood, I would not have recognized her had I passed her on the street!  I hate to say it, but Toni had become ugly since I'd known her when I was a teenager.

Her personality had also changed during the years.  Back when I knew Toni, she was friendly, open, outgoing, and a bit flirty; she had that youthful innocence that makes young girls and young women appealing.  Unfortunately, she no longer had that.  Her voice had changed too; it was more gravelly or something.  Both her countenance and her skin were hard; it was evident that her life hadn't been easy, and boy, did it show.  For me, that was the biggest and saddest change.

When I knew Toni, she was friendly, cheerful, and outgoing.  She had a sweet voice and smile.  She was cute and perky.  Now, she's more or less the opposite of all those things.  Her voice is coarse and gravelly now.  Her smile, while still there, is flat; it's no longer bright and cheerful.  She's DEFINITELY not cute anymore; man, she got UGLY!  Chris in Oregon always said that when women get older, they get ugly-how true it is.

What's even more bizarre is that Toni seems to think she still 'has it'!  I got the house number and called her a few times when I thought about her in passing over the past two months.  She never called me back.  She never gave me her cell phone number-not that I wanted it.  I was like, really?!  Toni cannot and does not get much in the way of male attention these days, yet she blew me off like she was a 10 or something.  Toni, my dear, you never were a 10, even back in the day.  Nowadays, you DEFINITELY are not; you're anything but!

Even if she were still hot, it would be hard to have a relationship with her, because she's so far away from where I live now.  Also, because my mom is dead, I don't have a reason to visit the old neighborhood anymore.  Because my mom lived down towards the shore, getting to her place in the summer time is a royal PITA; if I didn't have a reason to go down there, I wouldn't go.  I like the ocean and all, but not enough to sit in traffic for freaking hours!  I just thought it would be nice to have a female acquaintance to talk to, nothing more.

In that vein, I remember Chris in Oregon telling me (was it in a comment or e-mail?  I can't remember) how he'd thought about three cute girls from his youth.  He then went on to say that it hit him that they weren't cute teeny boppers anymore; they too were 48, which meant they would be ugly.  CIO was right!  I know that Toni, a cutie from my youth, is no longer the little girl I once knew...