06 July 2012

Taking the Red Pill, by Nightstorm


On Mancoat, there's a good discussion going on about how we men perceive women after taking the red pill.  How did taking the red pill impact us?  Do we find women less appealing?  Do we still find them attractive?  The typical answers went like this: though we still find them appealing from a physical standpoint, we men are turned off to women's EMOTIONAL & MENTAL BS.

Having said that, a few guys had longer, deeper answers to this question.  One of them was Nightstorm, another luminary on the Mancoat forum.  What you're about to read will show you, the reader, why we have the best & brightest guys in the world on there.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks!  This ride's about to get bumpy...


In my blue pill days, I was often depressed because I thought the only way to happiness was the love and affection of a girlfriend. Those days are long gone. There is too much I hate about women's behavior and thinking that makes me despise them as human beings.

1. They aren't accountable for anything. They would rather quickly blame someone else, or use reverse psychology on you and somehow make it seem their fucked up behavior is your fault. You made them do this!

2. They will NEVER admit to a fault. Same as point one but with a different twist. The reality is, you could bust out facts, figures, numbers, truth.. and they will openly deny their own behavior and call you misogynistic instead. What turned me off from women in my early red pill days wasn't the fact that they was doing wrong, but it was that they was denying it when confronted with it. As if they had nooooo idea what I was talking about. They would NEVER... NEVER... NEVER... fess up to the wrong doings that they committed. If they even did, it would be a half-assed fess up like.. well YOU aren't so good behaving yourself either!

3. Masters of usery. They talk about men as if they was machines, not human beings. Infact, they have been so coddled, so pampered, so spoiled from reality.. that they have lost any sense of humanity in them. Its one thing to protect a child, but if you over-protect them, they become useless. Most women have become useless and even though they know what it takes to make a man happy, refuses to be a "slave" to that man.

4. Bitching, Nagging, Attitude. I don't know why women think this is in any remote way attractive to a man. I level of desire to feel a woman bitch is about the same as I feel as someone stabbing me in the back with a knife. I don't want it. Ever!!!

5. Entitlement. They have the strongest self-delusion that they are worthy of something just because they was born a woman.What they don't realize is the worth that they do have, was given by men. Take out men, and what worth do women have? ZERO! They will be living under bridges within less than 3 days. I have seen women who say things like "they don't deserve me!", perching herself up on her own pestal! As if she was some dam royal queen! In the words of Jesus, "If I honor myself, my honor is worth nothing". These women flatter themselves and honor themselves with self-worship to the highest degree with no shame. Am I suppose to go out of my way and indulge a woman with this completely made up fantasy that she is important? So important that I have to stand on the close side of the street curb so I can get hit by the car and not her? HELL. NO! Not only will I not do that, I REFUSE.

6. Cherry Picking. They demand all the privileges men earned through their sacrifice for free!!! Except with a twist. They don't want to sacrifice or be responsible or accountable themselves because their just 'ladies". So not only do they not qualify for the position, they refuse to play the full part. Yet men handed it over on a silver plate. Not only that, now that they are.. "equal"... they want men to STILL give them the benefits of chivalry and opening doors up for them.. and treating them like ladies.. who are "equal" to us. In reality, they are cherry picking the hell out of it and everyone knows it but wont' say a dam thing about it.

7. No sense of FAIRNESS, HONOR, or JUSTICE. Women are the most selfish creatures on earth with only the mere emotional delusion that their feelings for another human being is "love", while ignoring the fact that real love is actions, not feelings. They don't care about other women, let alone men or their children. They are number one in their life, they will destroy by the powers men gave them to destroy the very same men. They have no guilt and no remorse. If they happen to do feel something is wrong, they will shut it out via the sisterhood. At least men think about themselves and women. Women, only think about women, period.

8. Drama. Last but not least, their desire for drama. I have no pleasure or peace in being a jester for these bitches just so they don't get bored. Which only sheds light on how truly pathetic and boring their lives are. I have had women admitting to me that they literally purposefully will just out of no where bad-mouth a man right in front of him just to get him to start a fight with them. Unlucky for her, it went over-board and that drama lead to her being stressed out. Well, not so wise are we!

Women expect men to not only be there for them for everything hand and foot, but also expect us to smile when they wipe us like toilet paper and toss us away. Were suppose to be grateful that her majesties feet has put mud on us. Were suppose to be happy that she even took the time to shit on us.

When I see women now days, I don't see pretty little innocent girls who get beatin' up by big strong bad mean men. I see evil witches who want to torture everyone else because they themselves have no love for anyone else, except themselves.

For that, screw them. Screw them to hell. They can rot with their cats. There has been too many examples of good men being destroyed by these bitches that one should even remotely entertain the thought that he should be with one as a "soul mate". Your just another fiddle in a woman's life. When you come out, some magina will come in and take over. Her whole life is nothing but a play where she manipulates, controls, and decimates men at her will.

And the biggest irony of it all.. is men are blind to it, and men LET them do it.


Good stuff, wouldn't you say?  Amen, Nightstorm, amen...



Anonymous said...

Those gals who bother to write in because they perceive themselves as different,would still use the misandrist lawz to destroy her man once she gets spiteful.That does not take much these days.
Retire and spend time at home-she's not haapy about that.
Lose your job?
Insta divorce.
A "good man" is one who keeps paying out w/ asking nothing in return and staying out her way as she chases her emo/drama porn dreams.
Common sense?
To hell w/ that
"she deserves better!"
BTW-every outcast father is painted as a bad man.Ever wonder why?
Because women are NEVER,NEVER accountable for anything.

Greddy said...

Anon 21:31 +1

This was a really good post. With some editing to clean it up a bit it deserves to be preserved as a permanent document.

Greg said...

I find the average woman somewhat less attractive, because an increasing percentage of my attraction is based on character.

At one point, a beautiful face and body would cause me to overlook all sorts of bad behavior. In fact, a bitchy comment from such a woman made me think I was doing something wrong. Now such a comment makes the woman in question seem unattractive.

Nevertheless, I find plenty of women to still be quite attractive and worth spending time with. I just think that I'm a better judge of who is worth it and more selective now.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think such women don't love themselves, they are only narcissists. Who truly love themselves love their neighbours too.
Interesting I think maturity should be the most important goal in an young adult life, everything else is consequence. Feeling peace of mind is priceless. I also think love has much more to do with actions than with feelings. Feelings and emotions come and go and any adult no matter their gender should learn how to master his/her feelings and emotions.
Speaking about mental illnesses I see much of such discussion on MRM blogs and forums. I think it's dangerous, it cand lead to prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. Mental illnesses don't choose gender, men and women suffer from mental illnesses. When I was bipolar I reached a point I had to avoid dates because I didn't want to be a bad companion to a guy who wouldn't deserve suffering from my mental illness caused bad behaviour. That was a true forced loneliness.

Brazilian Woman.

Burton said...

MarkyMark, you have to do something about the "Please prove you're not a robot" feature--it really is getting absurdist.

As for the posted topic, I'd note that AW have pulled off something remarkable, making themselves repugnant to their own men.

MarkyMark said...


You can thank Google for the anti-spam BS. I find it a royal PITA when I comment on other blogs...


Anonymous said...

I still find, even in my mid-40's, that the biological instinct is a strong draw to be with a woman.

I have avoided serious relationships for my own protection as we all know the dangers they bring. Fundamentally, i am not happy with the single life and wish i had companionship or even an intimate relationship.

Some of the blame, well maybe a lot lies with my White Knight Syndrome. I have fallen for women who are ....well...nuts. I know this but it still happens. I pray that as i get older, i can find a woman who just wants companionship and who has lost the desire for drama.

Failing that, i have to learn to be happy alone. I am not ready to give up, but i am mature enough to look at where i have gone wrong and avoid the mistakes made previously.

My list of no-no's for women....must not have been to university, must not be proud to say they are 'independant' and not vegetarian. If i embark on another serious relationship at some stage i may be back to tell you of a fourth 'no-no'.

Lily said...

"while ignoring the fact that real love is actions, not feelings" >> Very powerful and true statement.

"I have had women admitting to me that they literally purposefully will just out of no where bad-mouth a man right in front of him just to get him to start a fight with them." >> I personally can't fathom doing that.

I'm just curious where the majority of the blog followers and participants are from? I know that Mark is from the US, but it is my perception that the majority of Men's Rights Activists are in the UK. Is this so?

(Blogger's captcha system is now very difficult to read. I've hit the reload button 5X now and I still can't read it. Wish they would make it readable.)

Anonymous said...

After reading a text about Borderline Personality Disorder on Henry Makow's blog and texts about Narcissistic Personality Disorder on more than one blog I get the conclusion all or at least some personality disorders can be produced by the society/culture/environment in a way very different from affection/mood disorders such as deppression and bipolar disorder.
I don't know if there's some statistics on that issue, maybe there's some. Are all that women really mentally ill? Or is such diagnose exaggerated for Big Medicine and Big Pharma's sake of profit? If so, maybe those personality disorders aren't genuine mental illnesses, but a deterioration of character due to a morally decadent culture thanks to Second Wave Feminism?
Or the problem isn't the per se existence of such disorders, but the overwelming number rate of their ocurrence.
There're some food for thought, and separating the darnel from the wheat is needed in order to discern what's going on.
A mental illness is a cause of suffering to both the ill person and the people that live with him/her.
At least who suffers from affective disorder or any kind of phobia or obssessive/compulsive disorder can keep his/her character relatively intact.
Personality disorders are much more difficult to solve and to live with.
I empathise with men who's committed to girlfriends/wifes who suffer from personality disorders. I myself don't want live with somebody who suffers such mental condition. That cross I don't want to bear too.

Brazilian Woman.

PS.: I don't want to judge anybody, but if there're so many people suffering from such kind of disorder makes me think there's something wrong going on.

Anonymous said...


You should watch the "Bridezillas" TV show to see some truly awful women.

LAst night was a Bridezillas marathon, and in one show the Bride got absolutely dumped @ the reception. The groom co0mmitted to doing an Annulment the next day

Anonymous said...

If you deal with women on their terms it is a waste of your time. Understand they are to make your life easier and more enjoyable - if they aren't doing that, why would you want them with you?

Only interact with women on your terms - they will be happier since they don't have to worry about anything but keeping you happy. And you will be happy as well since you don't have to deal with their nonsense - win-win...

Anonymous said...

Geeezus, but you hate women. LOL

With an attitude like yours, no wonder you can't find a woman. You expect perfection but you're far from perfect yourself.