17 November 2013

Women, Nature, God, and Harleys, by Christopher in Oregon


I forgot about THIS classic by CIO.  This here is good stuff, interspersed with comments from Yours Truly...


Christopher in Oregon said...

There are so many things about women that under the best of circumstances should cause a man to run away from them. In these days of rabid feminism and STD's, a thinking man has run out of reasons to have any dealings with women.

Can't argue with that, especially with what today's modern, empowered woman brings to the table...

I pity men in their twenties. It's a scary battle to fight, if a man even has the wisdom to do so. Most men just give in, and allow themselves to be manipulated by their sexual lust, not realizing that they are just pawns in nature's breeding process, only to be discarded when they have served their purpose.

Man, if only I had had wisdom back in my twenties!  It was scary facing the dating scene back then, which for me was 30 years ago now, and things weren't so crazy then.  I cannot IMAGINE going into that viper pit now...

Nature (and women) knows nothing of mercy. Ponder how various species of animals feed upon each other. It's a brutal world that most of us are sheltered from, and we often don't realize that human relationship are also dictated by nature, that same cruel mistress that allows animals to be ripped apart by others. Think of the shark, the lion, and virtually all meat-eating animals. It's brutal, but part of the natural order of things. Consider the "acts of God" such as tornadoes and earthquakes that kill vast numbers of people.

Relationship between humans are no less brutal. Think of the wars that have killed millions. Men are used and slaughtered by governments with abandon. The military has always taken men and used them to fight battles that benefit "society", meaning women. Men are expendable to society and nature. And to women.

As RedPillSetMeFree (he has an EXCELLENT blog, BTW!) said, women lie, manipulate, and do whatever they have to do to secure a man's resources, and that they do so without apology-pretty much what CIO said here, but in a different way...

I merely propose stepping off of society's treadmill, and refuse to play the game.

As Joshua, the computer in Wargames, said: strange game-the only winning move is NOT to play...

Refuse to fight in wars for our corrupt government. Resurrect that famous line from the Vietnam era, "Hell, no, we won't go!" Your life is valuable, and don't let anyone pressure you to be "patriotic". Thousands of American men have already been slaughtered in this insane attempt to protect our country from a threat that never existed in the first place.

You got THAT right!  What about the white feather campaign in WWI England?

Refuse to beat yourself senseless in college, in hopes of attracting a beautiful woman, who will "allow" you to have sex with her when she deems it necessary. (The beauty won't last) Sex just isn't worth the shit you have to put up with in order to get it.

As the wise man once said, the fucking you're getting isn't worth the fucking you're getting-so true!

I wish I hadn't gone to college either, because that was one reason I went-to be worthy of a 'good' woman.  Fortunately, I began to see that this was a fool's errand; unfortunately, I didn't see this until I was almost finished with college, i.e. in my last year....

Refuse to fight your way up the corporate ladder so you can be a "good provider" for a woman that hates you anyway. Your employer views you as a number, and couldn't care if you are destroyed by working for them. Stress kills, so find a job you enjoy, and just get by.

The other advantage to this is that you can leave whenever you want; you're not chained to a job because you have mouths to feed.

Refuse to get married, and become a wage-slave to a family that will never appreciate you, and will be taken from you when your wife decides to dump you (and she will).

Unfortunately, with the legal climate as it is, it doesn't make sense to get married; it's too big a gamble, and what CIO says here has too much of a chance of coming to pass.

Refuse to be one of the legions of men living in a roach infested apartment with several other divorced men because your wife took the home you worked hard to buy for her.

Hear, hear!  Why is it Wifey gets to keep the house, while Hubby keeps the mortgage payment?  That doesn't seem fair to me, nor does it make good financial sense...

Refuse to spend money on dates in the hope of having access to some wart-encrusted vagina. The money you spend on a date will pale in comparison to the money you will spend getting treated for the STD she gave you.

How much does Valtrex (the Herpes medication) cost per month-$500 or more?  That's a lot!  And it doesn't even cure the disease, because there is no cure for the Herpes she will give you; Valtrex merely reduces the severity of the outbreaks.

What about HPV, the virus that give genital warts?  Do you want YOUR Willy looking like a bunch of cauliflower?  Do you feel lucky?  Well, do you, Punk?!

Refuse to try and impress women with your ridiculous attempts to be macho. It's no different than a male bird flapping his wings trying to get the attention of the female. It's silly, and just makes you look like a fool. You don't realize that women are laughing at your attempts.

Good advice...

Refuse to be manipulated and controlled by your religion, whatever it may be. The churches, synagogues and mosques and their leaders view you as a provider for a woman, and a protector of your country. You are expendable, and to them your submission is essential in order to fulfill your proper role in their grand scheme of things. You're just there to pay tithing.

Ka-ka-kaboom!  Chris DRILLS another one!  The only church I would semi trust today is the Mennonite church, because they don't pay their preachers; their preachers have to hold an honest job like the rest of us do, so their conduct, sermons, and advice aren't in any way influenced by what will fill up the offering plates.  However, their theology is questionable...

Now, in order to do the things I have recommended will require strength. Most men have been so emasculated and pussy-whipped they are beyond hope. I realize this, and my words are to the enlightened few who actually desire to be something more than just an extension of their penis.

If you really and truly don't want to be used by society, and by that I mean women, religion, government and business, you will have to first realize that from birth, you have been groomed to fulfill your role as an expendable male. Everyone expects you to live your life, and sacrifice it, if necessary, for someone else. In all areas of life, your happiness is secondary, if even that. Everyone's happiness and safety comes before you, because you, you poor befuddled male, have a penis. You are just a tool to be discarded when no longer needed.

Don't be a tool, fool!

Don't forget this: society doesn't give a tinker's damn about you-not you wife, girlfriend, pastor, employer or the government. When you have this firmly entrenched in your mind, then possibly you will make the same decision that I did. Simply refuse to play the game.

Again, Joshua had it right; the only winning move is NOT to play...

Have as few connections with society as possible. Stay out of debt under any circumstances (except for a Harley payment-more on that later). By being in debt, you are a slave to the corrupt banks. Avoid having credit cards for any reason.

I heartily concur with being debt free; now that I am, I will NEVER go back in debt again-never!  As the Bible says in Proverbs 22:7, the rich ruleth the poor, and the BORROWER IS SERVANT TO THE LENDER.  IOW, your time, effort, and money are not your own when you owe money to lenders.

However, I disagree about not having credit cards, since they can make life easier.  For those of us who prefer and/or need to shop online, a credit card is a necessity.  The same holds true for renting a car.  Even if you can use your debit card to rent a car (and not all car rental companies allow this, BTW), you'll have to put down a deposit on top of your rent.  For example, when I visited Chicago between Xmas and New Years a few years ago, I rented a car from Enterprise; they charged me $200 above and beyond the car rental because I used my debit card; at the time, I had no credit card, so I had no choice.  Having a credit card can make life easier and more convenient.

HOWEVER-and this is key-pay off your balance in full after using it!  Treat it as cash, and don't buy anything you couldn't afford with the cash you already have on hand.  I have a MasterCard, but I only use it a handful of times over the year; when I do, I pay off the balance in full.  Treat a credit card like a charge card (e.g. American Express), and pay it off in full every month.

If you're afraid of using a credit card for impulse purchases, then you can do like I did for years: keep the card in your desk drawer at home.  You could also freeze it in a block of ice, something frugal living websites like Dollar Stretcher recommend.  The thinking is that, if tempted to make an impulsive purchase, you'll have to think it through while chipping the ice off your credit card; by the time you will have done so, the temptation will have passed.  I thought that was too much work, so I just kept the card in my drawer most of the time.

When I was 16, I had already made the decision that I didn't like women, and didn't want to spend any time in their company. So, I looked for an alternative obsession that would take my time, money and energy, but wouldn't involve being around women. I found two things, and they have been my passion ever since.

I don't dislike women, let alone hate them; I simply do not care for or about them anymore.  However, I do not feel the same about them like I once did, nor do I have any ardor for them.  I dare say that many men who have swallowed the red pill feel the same way.

I have always loved classical music, and have a truly vast and growing collection. Avoid listening to ANY modern music, as it is designed to get you to think about women, romance and sex. It's very hypnotic, and in this, I agree with Christians. It's evil, and designed to get you to obsess over the flesh. If you have any modern music, trash it. It's garbage, and just re-enforces the matriarchal brainwashing you get bombarded with every day. Join the Musical Heritage Society, and start collecting good music, created by people who actually were gifted. I order much of my music from Amazon, as well.

I can't argue with this, either.  Though I'm no longer religious, I don't indulge in a steady diet of modern music; most of my collection is classical also.  Listening to too much modern music leaves me feeling unsettled, and I don't like that feeling.

Secondly, learn how to ride a motorcycle. Don't say you can't do it. You can. It's one of the most liberating experiences known to mankind. Take lessons, and learn how to ride safely. Then go buy a Harley Sportster 883. You can get a new one for about $6500. If you have a job, you can afford one. It's a matter of priorities. You'll spend more in one year of dating some Vagina-Beasty, I can assure you. And a Harley won't give you genital warts.

Chris wrote this a few years ago, and the cheapest Sportster goes for about $8k now.  Also, it's the low rider, not the regular one that had more ground clearance.  That said, Harley-Davidson has their new Street models (the 500 & 750) coming out soon.  Their styling is reminiscent of the Honda VT500 Ascot from the early 1980s, but they're modernized and perfected.  I could DEFINITELY see myself purchasing a Street 750; that's a hot bike!  You can get the look of a street cruiser with modern technology to boot...

As for learning how to ride, you can do so a couple of different ways.  One is to take a class through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which is what I did over 20 years ago when I began riding.  Harley-Davidson offers a variety of riding courses also; whatever your experience level, they have something for you.  Why don't dealers selling other motorcycle marques offer rider training too?

Lest you think I'm a shill for Harley-Davidson, nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, I have never owned a Harley; however, with their new Street models, that could change.  Anyway, the reason Harley-Davidson is so successful (in spite of not having cutting edge, high performance bikes like those from the Big Four) is because of their marketing.  They offer bikes in many different colors, whereas the Big Four (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki) only offer one or two colors for the year.  Also, I don't know of dealers for any other make that offer riding courses; there are a few non-Harley dealers that do, but they're a handful.  On the other hand, all Harley-Davidson dealers offer rider training; they offer one stop shopping, which makes one's life easier.  If you can make the customer's life easier (i.e. give him something he'll need anyway), you'll do well in business.  Sorry, but I digress...

It will empower you, and distract you. I can't count the number of times going for a ride along the Oregon coast, or back in the deserts of eastern Oregon, or around the massive mountain ranges of the northwest have saved me from loneliness for a woman. When you are out in the wild, communing with the God of nature, you will feel a connection that you never feel when around people, especially women. A woman will always create a rift between you and God. Never forget this. A woman is anti-God. She will always be the stumbling block between you and your creator. Her mere presence prevents God's spirit from being near. She has a negative energy, and will sap your strength.

Chris speaks the truth here, Fellas!  I know, because I've had similar experiences.  The Force is strong with him...

Every time I ride, I come back renewed. I feel the presence of God, and come back stronger. Riding a motorcycle is one of the finest pleasures still available to men, and allows you to transport yourself solo away from society and the Matriarchy. It saved me when I was young, and today is even more important, as I use it as a way of communing with God. You won't find God in a church full of harpies, whining brats, and thieving pastors. You will find Him out in the forests and mountains. I never felt close to God in church. I just felt tense. Used. On my rides, I often stop and ponder God's creation. I rode down to Crater Lake one day, and just stood at the rim looking down. Such incredible beauty on a scale so vast that it has to be seen to be believed. The presence of a woman would have destroyed the moment completely.

Some of the rural highways in north-central Oregon wind their way up deep canyons like the one near Grass Valley. No guard rails, and you can ride along the edge of the narrow highway as it climbs up and up and look almost straight down hundreds of feet into the abyss.

That sounds GLORIOUS...

One morning three years ago, when I had my Goldwing, I just decided to wake up at 3 a.m., and climbed aboard and went to Nevada.  And came back the same day. One-thousand miles of butt-breaking happiness. I was flying along the highway near summer lake, and ran smack into a huge herd of cattle. They use the highways in that part of the state for cattle drives. I stopped, and they stopped. I was only ten feet from the lead animals, and they seemed to glower at me. I think it was the leather gear I was using, but in my defense, it WAS goat skin. Didn't seem to matter to them, though.

I remember riding to work one morning and having a deer jump in front of me.  I stopped, and he gave me a look like WTF are you, Pal?!

What's the point of this? I share a few of my countless memories that are still in the making, and will be for many years to come, to show you that you can have a full, rich and immensely happy life if you follow my advice. I have no memories of women in my life, for there have been none to speak of. My memories are those of hundreds of rides all around the northwest, and hundreds more to come. My life is a joy, and it's because I'm a man and I live a man's life. I'm free and independent. So many times when riding, I'll notice men in their mini vans, with fat wives and children, staring enviously at my decked out Harley's and Langlitz Leathers. I paid $2000 for my leathers, and about $500 dollars for each of my Arai helmets, and I didn't have to ask the permission of any woman.

Don't you just LOVE being able to do what you want, when you want, how you want?  I do!  It's the life of a happy bachelor... :)

The joy of walking into the Harley dealership when I decide I want a new bike, and being able to just do it is incredible. So, I say to you, or those of you who desire the freedom and happiness of the Harley riding bachelor (meaning me) the first step is simple. If you have a girlfriend, call her up and say "Sweetheart. Fuck off. I'm buying a Harley today, and I don't need your mangy ass. Go to hell."

Then go buy your Harley.

Hear, hear!


Good stuff...

15 November 2013

How to Make a Feminist Mad


One of the fellas on Mancoat linked to this.  When I saw it, I KNEW I had to share it with my audience; this is so funny!  Unfortunately, I cannot embed this video here, because it doesn't agree with Blogger's format; it doesn't display the controls.  Go here for some laughs.  WARNING: there is foul language, so don't click the link if that offends you!  Enjoy...