29 March 2013

Lawrence Auster Dead


This morning, at 0356 hours, Lawrence Auster died after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.  Today, we lost an intellectual giant.  His website, View from the Right, will now be inactive, since no one can fill Mr. Auster's shoes; no one can duplicate a voice such as his.  Thankfully, his website will remain online for as long as the Internet exits, an enduring memorial of who he was and what he stood for.  Laura Wood has left a moving eulogy and mini bio on his website.

I first became acquainted with Mr. Auster's writings during the great game debate from a few years ago.  Has it been that long?!  Though many disparaged Mr. Auster, saying he didn't get modern women and the modern dating scene, I found someone who was a thoughtful, traditional gentleman; I found a TRUE conservative in every sense of the word.  I think that Lawrence Auster DID get game, but I also think that he was disheartened by what it meant for men, women, and our culture.  After discovering him, I became a fan of his writings and a regular reader of his website.

Lawrence Auster could have, like Rush Limbaugh and other faux conservatives, have made millions if he only overlooked the truth; if he could only tell the pretty, little lies that Limbaugh, Hannity, et al tell, he could have been a rich man; he could have been a household name.  However, integrity was the most important thing to Mr. Auster; without that, how can one be a real man?  The answer, in my book, is one cannot.  To me, the essence of being a man are courage and integrity; Lawrence Auster had both in spades; he was a man who put his money where his mouth was, even though it cost him dearly.

For example, Lawrence Auster has for years said that American culture was gone; he correctly pointed out that, though America still existed as a political and geographic entity, the Judeo-Christian culture that had made America great was long gone.  Another example is that, while the aforementioned, big name talk show hosts were touting an Obama defeat, Mr. Auster correctly pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama would re-election, and he gave sound reasons why.  This wasn't what most conservatives wanted to hear, but Lawrence Auster wasn't about telling folks what they wanted to hear.  He was about telling them what they needed to hear; he was about telling the truth.

In closing, America and the world will be a poorer place with Lawrence Auster gone.  The deep, lively debate that once took place on View from the Right is gone forever.  The voice that had cried so long in the wilderness is gone as well.  America is poorer for his passing.  That said, many of us were glad you were here, and that you touched the lives of so many people.  Thank you.


15 March 2013

Who Says Small Bikes Can't Be Fast & Fun?


While looking for something else, I stumbled across the video you're about to watch.  It features a guy on his Kawasaki Ninja 250 riding on the highway.  Though I'm not sure where it was shot, my guess is Canada.  Why?  One, because they drive on the right side of the road, not the left as is customary in other English speaking countries.  Two, the rider was an English country judging by the signs and his speech.  Three, the metric system is used.

Though the whole video is entertaining, the best shots are @ 6:42, when he gets crowded by a white pickup truck on the right, a big rig on the left, and a blue sedan in front.  At 6:57, once things clear up a bit, he blows by the blue sedan which made him slow down in the first place.

So who says small bikes can't be fast and/or fun?  Captain Capitalism owns a Ninja 250; if it's good enough for him, it can be good enough for many of us.  Enjoy!

 Wasn't that good?!  It's certainly better than most programming you'll find on the matriarchal TV!  Have a good day now...


02 March 2013

Barack Hussein Obama Caught LYING about Sequester...


Barack Hussein Obama, our Communist in Chief, was caught in a BALDFACED LIE about the budget sequester that went into effect yesterday.  Fifteen months ago, he was in favor of it, because it would force both sides to make a deal on the budget; rather than face automatic 'cuts' to their beloved programs, both sides would be compelled to make a deal instead-or so went the reasoning.  That didn't happen (no deal was made), so the budget sequester began yesterday.

Leading up to the sequester, the Communist in Chief and the state controlled media (they really ARE an arm of the Obama Administration when they raise NO questions about Benghazi, Obama's original stance on the sequester, etc.) were crying about all the dire consequences that would occur of the sequester took effect; why, the world as we know it would end-oh no!  There's been quite a campaign against the Republicans, so as to make them cave on this; this way, the Communist in Chief (aka Barack Hussein Obama) could get even MORE spending-as if running trillion dollar plus annual budged deficits weren't enough!

What the State controlled media didn't tell you was this: the sequester wouldn't make any REAL cuts; that is to say that government spending would still be more than last year, just not quite as much more.  To put it another way, federal government spending will still be 15 billion MORE than last year!  How is that a cut?  I'll tell you how, and I'll educate you on a dirty little secret in Washington, DC (aka The District of Criminals).

What the federal government does is engage in baseline budgeting.  What this means is that they take last year's budget, then build automatic increases of up to 10% into the new budget.  If a particular budget item is only increased 5% vs. the 10% originally planned, Congress will call this 'a 50% cut'!  I'm serious!  This is how gov't officials can run around talking about 'draconian cuts', meanwhile the budget NEVER, ever decreases year to year.

If you still don't quite 'get' baseline budgeting (who could blame you, since this isn't how YOU do your budgets), I'll put it another way.  It's no different than you buying a new car with a $500/month payment, then getting a $300/month payment and saying you 'saved' $200.  No, you didn't save a dime; you merely spent $200 a month less, but you're overall spending $300 a month more than you had prior to purchasing the new car; all you did was lessen the increased expenditure.  That, in a nutshell, is baseline budgeting.

If you don't believe me WRT the budget numbers, just look at those instruction booklets that come with your tax returns.  Here in the US, we're entering tax season, so you'll either receive them soon or pick them up at your local post office.  April 15th is not far away, folks!  Anyway, in these instruction booklets for your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ, they'll have the federal budget in there somewhere; at least they used to.  Compare those numbers year to year, then ask yourself WHY they never seem to go down, even though your Congresscritters always cry about 'spending cuts'.

Now, without further ado, let's watch our-gag-'beloved' Communist in Chief, our Hugo Chavez wannabe, LIE about the budget sequester that began yesterday...

Liar, liar, pants on fire!  Mr. Obama, you and your statist lackeys in the State controlled media no longer have a MONOPOLY on information.  There is this thing called the new media, of which the Internet is a part, so you can no longer hide your lies.  Have a good day now...


01 March 2013

Another Cheatin' Bitch...


Here's a story about paternity fraud.  What, a perfect, divine goddess commit fraud?!  You can't be serious!  Ah, but I am.  However, this story has a happy ending-sort of.  Here goes...


Husband Awarded $40K After DNA Tests Prove Children Aren’t His
Jan 23 2013 

by Elysia McMahan

Have you ever wondered if you were raising another man’s child?

If you're married to a modern, Western woman, then you probably have or are!  That's what sluts they are these days...

We sure hope not! This sounds like something you’d hear on a soap opera.

Life with a modern, Western woman is a soap opera!  That's why, when it comes to relationships with women, it's better to do like Nancy Reagan said-just say NO...

Unfortunately, that was the nagging question on Richard Rodwell’s mind soon after his marriage to his wife Helen fell apart.

Mr. Rodwell had those nagging doubts for a REASON...

As their marriage began deteriorating, Helen would disappear from their home in Peterborough, England, for several days at a time without letting her family know where she was. And when she would return and he would ask where she had been, she would say, “It has nothing to do with you.” This woman would never even leave a note or message letting her husband or children in on her whereabouts.

Guys, this quote from the wife gives good insight into how women think.  When Mrs. Rodwell told her husband that her DAYS LONG disappearances from home had nothing to do with Mr. Rodwell, she was telling the truth-from a certain point of view, anyway...

Come to find out, the daughter and son he had raised into their teenage years were not even his. The poor man finally caught on to her deception when rumors started floating around that his daughter Laura, now 20, was someone else’s. And this is after the fact that Helen was granted custody of the children and he was paying child support every month for four years, which totaled around $25,000.

Hmmm, Mr. Rodwell got off easy, because $25,000 over four years amounts to a shade under $521 per month.

“People said that Laura didn’t look like me and that Helen had been seeing a teacher who lived next door on the caravan park,” explained Rodwell. “I confronted Helen on the phone but she insisted that I was Laura’s father. Finally, I said I wanted DNA testing.”

Lucky for Mr. Rodwell, he was able to GET DNA testing!  In some countries, such as France, the father cannot get DNA testing to verify paternity in cases like this...

Geneticists have been seeing rising cases of deception, infidelity and adultery among couples, which has recently made DNA testing very popular. For a man that once thought he had it all (happily married, two healthy children, a house and a good paying job), he was so terribly wrong!

He had it wrong because he TRUSTED a woman!  Women have always done this, but they were never caught until the advent of modern, DNA testing.  Modern DNA testing has shown the real nature of women...

On the other hand, cuckolding is the preferred reproductive strategy for women.  They have sex with the alphas whom they REALLY want but won't commit to them, while getting the betas to help support and raise their bastard children.  This way, women get the best of both worlds; they get sex with the men they REALLY want, while also getting a sucker to raise her bastard children.

To put it another way, as has been said elsewhere, women put men into two categories upon meeting them: suckers and fuckers.  In this case, Mr. Rodwell was the sucker, while Mrs. Rodwell's paramours were the fuckers.  Don't be a sucker, Fellas!

You ever wonder why women and women's groups are against paternity testing?  Did you ever wonder why women and women's groups raise a fuss about this?  I think it's for a couple of reasons.  One, they don't want the cover blown off their TRUE natures; they don't want all men knowing what the wise men have known forever: mainly that women are anything BUT goddesses!  Two, women don't want an end to their gravy train; they don't want an end to their preferred reproductive strategy.  Finally, because of women's and women's groups opposition to paternity testing, we men are seeing what wise men have known for generations: that women have no INNATE sense of honor or justice whatsoever.  If they did, why oppose paternity testing?

The DNA testing was done with a swab of Laura’s mouth and when the results came back, Mr. Rodwell was floored. “When I saw the letter stating that I was not Laura’s father I just broke down. I phoned Helen and we had an argument. She didn’t even say sorry,” he said in distress.  In fact, the DNA tests revealed that the children had two separate fathers!

Ah, the kids had TWO different fathers!  Wow, sounds like Mrs. Rodwell got around...

“I still have no idea who Adam’s father is,” he said. “For nearly 17 years I have cared for Laura as my daughter and for Adam for over 14 years and now it’s all gone. It’s so sad.”

It can't be gone, because you never HAD it to begin with, Pal...

Following the results, the children cut off all contact with him. He claims his ex-wife turned them against him. “I would have been happy to have a close relationship with them as a stepfather but Helen wouldn’t allow this and told them to keep away from me,” Rodwell explains.

I have one, simple question: why would any man who'd been cuckolded WANT contact with children who aren't his?  What's the very FIRST THING a new, alpha bear does once he beats out the former alpha?  First thing he does is kill all the cubs, because they're not part of his genetic line!  Bears have more sense than human males do...

If I'd been cuckolded (never happen, because I'd never be DUMB enough to get married and have kids in the first place), I couldn't look myself in the mirror; I'd feel like such a fool.  I damn sure couldn't look at the kids or my bitch ex-wife, because I'd be reminded that I was a fool; I'd be reminded that I'd lived a lie; I'd be reminded that my hard work hadn't even gone to MY genetic line.

Recently, he was awarded nearly $40,000 in damages after suing his ex-wife for deceit. The court treated his case similar to bereavement, awarding an amount like the one you would receive if your child died in an accident. In this particular case, the judge even went further than that due to the level of deceit, as well as taking into account the fact that Mr. Rodwell’s second wife is too old to provide him with children. He also won a court order, which forced his wife to move out of their marital home.

THIS is the happy ending!  This is it, right here.  Not only did he win back payment of the child support he was FRAUDULENTLY forced to pay; he got the house too!  The cheating bitch had to move out-yes!  This is cause for celebration, because it means that proper, righteous, and JUST court decisions are being made in these cases; as it happens more, more precedent will be set; as more precedent is set, then these rulings will be common.  It's about damn time too.

When speaking for the first time since the controversial case, Rodwell said, “It’s like a bereavement because I have lost the children that I believed were mine. I treated them both as if they were my own. I was there at their births, went to their nativity plays and helped them with school homework.”

To bad you weren't there for YOUR children-children you'll never have now, because you wasted your time, energy, and money being married a slut (or typical, modern woman).  As I said above, cuckolding is women's PREFERRED reproductive strategy, because she gets the best of both worlds: alpha genes from the alpha sex she craves, while securing beta resources for her and her children.

It’s hard to imagine such a thing even happening, but if it wasn’t for the whispering campaign that was going around, he may have never known the truth.

It's NOT hard to imagine happening if one knows the TRUE nature of women...


Guys, if you know what's good for you, you won't marry or have kids with a modern, Western woman.  If you know what's good for you, you won't do this with any woman, period.  Depending on whose numbers you use, paternity fraud can occur in up to 30% of cases-30%!  That means that, when a woman tells you that you fathered her child, there's almost a one out of three chance that you are NOT the father!  It gives proof to the pithy, little saying: Mommy's baby, Daddy's maybe.  How true it is...