23 January 2010

Ronnie, WTF Are You Doing?!


I said that I would do another post on the recent Jersey Shore episode, 'Boardwalk Blowups', and here it is-finally!  Originally, I said that I'd post this later in the New Year's weekend.  Unfortunately for me, the words didn't come until now; I had writer's block.  Tonight, the words just came, so here they are.

For those following the show, Jersey Shore, you no doubt know that Ronnie is getting together with Sammi.  If you've watched any TV, particularly the late night shows, then you know that Ronnie and Sammi are still together months after filming ended.  I want to ask Ronnie WTF are you doing, man?!  What are you doing getting together with her for?  She's dangerous, my friend; she's bad news!  How so?

As I said the other day, Sammi and the other girls didn't even OFFER to help clean up after dinner; they didn't even OFFER to help clean up after the guys cooked a sumtuous feast of a dinner!  Then, when Mike "The Situation" told Sammi to take the plate to the garbage, she gave him an attitude about it!  She then accused him of being controlling and all the other standard, feminist BS.  Ronnie, my man, your woman is advertising numerous red flags, and you're ignoring them.

The number one red flag with the so called 'Sammi Sweetheart' is that she's a selfish, thoughtless bitch.  Yeah, I said it!  She's a thoughtless, selfish bitch!  What else would you call someone who didn't even offer to help clean up after having had a SUMPTUOUS dinner cooked for them?  I'd call them selfish, narcissistic, thoughtless, and other unflattering things.  If her girlfriend had cooked a meal for her, would she have neglected any offer to help clean up?  I don't think so...

The second red flag is that Sammi is a feminist.  Oh, I haven't heard her CALL herself one yet, but she's a feminist nonetheless.  One, she's a senior majoring in sociology @ WPU; modern colleges & universities are hotbeds of political correctness and feminism.  The same could be said for anything in humanities, such as sociology.  Two, her statements about Mike being controlling (when he wasn't) was standard feminist rhetoric.  Why didn't you just read out of the feminist playbook, Sammi?  I forgot; you did!

The third red flag is that Sammi can dish it out, but she can't take it.  For example, on the cab ride back from The Headliner, Sammi starts teasing Ronnie, calling him 'a stumpy bastard'.  He calls her a stumpy bastard right back.  Then he makes a crack about her 'Fred Flinstone big toe'.  All of a sudden, Sammi gets all pouty and pissy, because Ronnie dared to say anything critical about her.  Uh, Sammi Darlin', YOU are the one who started it, not Ronnie.  If you don't want people talking trash to you, don't talk trash to them first-duh!  If you can't take it, don't be dishin' it out.

The fourth red flag I've noticed about Sammi is that she'll NEVER admit to being wrong; even when she's obviously wrong (e.g. egging on the fight in Boardwalk Blowups), she won't admit it; she'll put it off on Ronnie or someone else.  When the group was at The Beachcomber Bar & Grill, this guy was giving them a hard time.  The group tried to ignore him, but he wouldn't let things go.  More about that later...

The fifth red flag I noticed about Sammi is that she will NOT listen to Ronnie, nor will she respect his wishes.  After they got up to leave The Beachcomber that night, the antagonist and his GF were out on the boardwalk following Sammi & Ronnie as they walked home.  The antagonist and his GF were talking trash to Sammi & Ronnie.  Sammi egged on the situation by insulting the antagonist and his GF.  Ronnie asked, then told, Sammi to stop.  She didn't, so he pushed her away.  The fight Ronnie and the antagonist ensued.  Afterwards, Sammi would NOT admit she was wrong; not only that, she had the CHUTZPAH to say Ronnie was wrong!  What's YOUR name?!

The sixth red flag I noticed is that Sammi's a freakin' drama queen.  I can furnish a couple of examples.  The first example I mentioned earlier; it was the ride back from The Headliner.  Sammi trash talked with Ronnie.  Ronnie gave it back to her.  Sammi didn't like it.  She can dish it out, but she can't take it.  Ah, but that's not the worst example of this sixth red flag...

The worst example is how Sammi reacted to Ronnie pushing her-justifiably so, I might add.  This was after Sammi egged on the aformentioned antagonist and his GF to the point that a fight was inevitable; as far as I'm concerned, it's ultimately Sammi's fault that that fight occurred.  Fortunately, Ronnie kicked the guy's ass.  If it weren't for Sammi egging things on though, said ass kicking wouldn't have been NECESSARY.

Anyway, Ronnie pushed Sammi away from him; it was a mild shove, as if to say get away from me, you stupid bitch!  Ronnie was mad at her, and had every right to be.  Sammi not only got pouty & pissy about the whole thing; she cried about it later!  Then, she told Ronnie that he'd TRAUMATIZED her!  He did no such thing; he didn't give her a good bitch slap like she deserved.  Had he done so, then she would have been traumatized; a little shove != trauma, Darlin'.

Unfortunately for Ronnie, he's been having sex with Sammi; he's got the hormone goggles on tight.  He cannot see her numerous character flaws that make her undesirable for a long term relationship, let alone marriage.  She didn't even show herself to be decent, thoughtful companion to Ronnie.  As I discussed in my post, Worthless Bitches, Sammi didn't even OFFER to help clean up the feast the guys had cooked for the whole house; she didn't even offer!  That says to me that not only is she a selfish narcissist who only thinks of herself; she isn't even willing to LEARN about domestic chores.

What's going to happen, God forbid, if Sammi & Ronnie get married?  They're still together four going on five months after filming Jersey Shore wrapped up, so that's a possibility.  What's going to happen if they have an impasse over something?  She'll fight him tooth & nail; even if she's wrong, she won't give an inch.  That'll cause friction and lead to divorce.

The sad thing is that Ronnie won't even see it coming.  Hell, if he'd take off the hormone goggles; if he'd stop banging Sammi; he'd see this right now!  Sammi 'Sweetheart' has shown herself to be anything but sweet.  She's shown herself to be a selfish, narcissistic drama queen.  She's told the world via her actions that she's not willing to do wifely things in the domestic sphere.  She's shown herself unwilling to even CONSIDER that Ronnie has point of view; she's totally unwilling to listen to what he has to say, understand his POV, let alone respect it.  She doesn't respect Ronnie, pure & simple.

Ronnie, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but in the unlikely event that you do, please do yourself a favor: dump Sammi!  She's bad news!  She's a bitch, Ronnie, and you know it; you know I'm right, Dude.  The relationship you have with her (to quote the Donnas' song, Wasted) is a train wreck in the making, my man.  I can see it, and so can any other disinterested, detached observer.  My only hope is that you'll see it too-before said train wreck destroys you.

Guys, I like Ronnie from MTV's Jersey Shore.  Even though I'm not a guido and never will be, I could definitely have a beer or two or three with Ronnie.  He's no nonsense, no BS.  Ronnie says what he means, and he means what he says.  You don't have to wonder where you stand with the guy; he'll let you know on no uncertain terms.  As a guy, I like and respect that.  I only hope that he sees Sammi for the bitch she is, and that he dumps her rather than marries her.  He's a good guy who deserves better.  Unfortunately, Sammi is as good as modern, American women get these days.  Until next time...