23 October 2015

Molon Labe, My Ass!


This was originally written in response to a gun confiscation article on a conservative/libertarian site I often read.  In response to these articles and columns, many gun owners say 'molon labe', which is Greek for "come and get them".  The phrase, molon labe, was first uttered by the Spartan king, Leonidas, at the Battle of Thermopylae.  He said this in response to the Persian king Xerxes' command telling the Spartans to hand over their weapons prior to the start of the battle.  Anyway, I was unable to post this on the website in question.  Since this was too good to let disappear in to the ether of cyberspace; since this is a good follow-on for my last post; I'm posting it here instead.  It starts below...


You gun owners are all talk-molon labe, my ass! When the government comes for your guns, you will not resist at all; you will meekly hand them over with no protest. Why do I say this? Because one, you all gave in on the background check, which transformed the Second Amendment from a right to a PRIVILEGE. Two, many of you go about proudly declaring that you're 'legal gun owners'. Three, you all meekly submit to the copious infringements on your Second Amendment rights. I'll expand on my points...

WRT point number one, the Second Amendment has ALREADY BEEN GUTTED by the Brady Law. Every time you go into a gun shop, you fill out your form 4473; then, the salesman at the counter calls the NICS. There, a gov't bureaucrat tells the gun salesman whether or not he can sell you the gun. Does this not amount to seeking permission to buy a gun? It does. Sorry guys, but if you have to get permission to do something, then that something is not a right; it is a PRIVILEGE-duh!

Let me address this from a different, more familiar angle. What is it that the DMV always says in its literature? That driving is a privilege, not a right, correct? How does one go about securing the privilege to drive? By securing a driver's license issued by your respective state, right? And what is a license? Black's Law Dictionary says this: "A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal..." You can go view the Black's Law Dictionary definition of license here.  The Second Amendment is GONE, Folks, and it happened because gun owners gave in on the background check, and they have meekly submitted to it ever since.

That brings me to my second point: how the vast majority of gun owners loudly and proudly proclaim that they are 'legal gun owners'.  I have a problem with that phrase, which I will discuss now...

All of the laws and regulations that to which gun owners must submit are infringements on the Second Amendment.  Yeah, I said it!  For example, if you want to carry your pistol with you in public, you need to get a permit, do you not?  It's called a concealed carry permit.  What is this permit for?  So you can carry a means of protection with you, and do so with government permission.  Isn't self preservation supposed to be a right?  What about the background check?  Is that not seeking permission from a gov't bureaucrat to buy a gun?  What about getting a state permit to buy a gun, like you have to do in New Jersey, where I'm from?  Did gun owners oppose that?  No, they did not; they meekly went along, just like they do with all the other government INFRINGEMENTS on the Second Amendment.  What about the inability to order guns by mail, and have them delivered to your house?  You USED to be able to do that, you know.  The Founding Fathers had THIS position WRT keeping and bearing arms: if you wouldn't trust a man to carry a gun in public, then he shouldn't be free in the first place.  That is MY position on guns.

That segues to my third and final point: that gun owners meekly and quietly submit to the numerous and onerous regulations that infringe on their Second Amendment rights.  I'll cite the example of a buddy of mine from across the river in PA.  He went on Armslist looking for a gun a year or so ago; he was interested in an AR-15, I think.  In his state, one does not have to go to a gun shop to do an official background check and transfer for a rifle; only pistols, per PA law, require doing a transfer via a FFL.  That is to say that two guys can get together, do a private sale (i.e. exchange cash or goods for the rifle), and be done with it.  The guy he contacted on Armslist INSISTED on doing an official transfer, even though state law does not REQUIRE one for a rifle or long gun.  THAT is what I'm talking about!  You gun owners ALREADY meekly submit to the numerous infringements on your Second Amendment rights!  Why should I believe that you all of a sudden have a line in the sand WRT gov't confiscation?  After all, you've ALREADY submitted to government dictates on numerous occasions.

In closing, you gun owners are all talk; yeah, I said it!  You can cry 'molon labe' all you want, but I don't buy it.  You didn't put up a fight over the background check, even though that effectively GUTTED the Second Amendment.  Moreover, you continue to go along with it!  If you truly had the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, you wouldn't need to seek government permission now, would you?  A right is something you can do WITHOUT government knowledge, interference, or consent.  Can you do that when it comes to guns?  I rest my case!  Molon labe, my ass...


That concludes my thoughts on the state of the Second Amendment here in America.  Until next time...


11 October 2015

Coming to America...


Sorry I've been away, but I've been busy doing other things, like preparing to change jobs.  Also, I haven't had much to say.

That said, I do have something to say with respect to gun control.  We have another school shooting (in Oregon) recently, so Barack Hussein Obama is politicizing the event; hell, the bodies weren't even COLD before he started pontificating about 'common sense gun restrictions'!  That was despicable!

Isn't it strange how that commie bastard, SOB doesn't mention cities like Washington, DC; New York; Chicago, where BHO is from; and other nirvanas of gun control.  In those cities, it is virtually impossible for honest people to buy guns-at least legally, anyway.  Even so, we have mass shootings there every weekend!  We have blacks killing other blacks, yet our 'dear leader' refuses to make even a peep about this.  Can't draw attention to the obvious now, can we.  Folks, I hate to break it to you, but gun control does NOT work!

Something else I would like to share with you is what the anti-gunners REALLY have in mind for America: elimination of private gun ownership!  For proof, we can simply look to our neighbor to the north, i.e. Canada.  The following video is what they want to do here also.

Folks, those of us in America MUST stand up!  Hell, we should have stood up long ago and opposed the background checks that were instituted back in 1998.  They effectively UNDERMINE the Second Amendment and turn it into a privilege.  I'll have more about that in a subsequent post.  Until next time...