31 December 2011

Oscar Wilde on Women


We have a discussion going on Mancoat that's about relationships. I won't go into the discussion itself, but two of the guys posted quotes from Oscar Wilde. Judging by what he said, I think it's fair to say that the man knew women...


"I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters all the same." - Oscar Wilde

“The husbands of very beautiful women belong to the criminal classes.”
-Oscar Wilde

”Men always want to be a woman’s first love-women like to be a man’s last romance.”
-Oscar Wilde

“Dammit sir, it’s your duty to get married. You can’t be always living for pleasure.”
-Oscar Wilde

“As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.”
-Oscar Wilde


Were those quotes profound, or what?! Did that man know & understand women, or did he know & understand women?! I think it's fair to say that he did! Have a good night now...


What Your Wife Will Become


I just ran across a Craigslist ad that cracked me up! It's from an obviously unhappily married man (redundant?) who's been married a long, long time. I won't add anything, because I can't. You guys will laugh too, and you'll thank God Almighty that you're single, happy, and free-yeah, Baby!


For Sale—One (1) Wife, slightly used, 1964 Model

Date: 2008-04-14, 2:09AM PDT

Needs muffler, as it is currently VERY LOUD. Intake valve is stuck in the open position.

Rear end needs major overhaul. A crack there has grown monstrously large.

Needs re-wiring—Many wires are currently crossed.

Lots of little dings in the body, which have been covered up with too much paint in a failed effort at camouflaging them.

Needs re-upholstering—Carpet has turned a dingy gray.

Needs front-end work--Headlights are too close to the ground, and fenders are too far apart.

May not pass emissions test, as it currently produces foul clouds of malodorous gases on a regular basis,

Heater works great. Hot air is never in short supply..

Asking $500 or trade for 1984 model.

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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What else can I say?  Guys, if you get married, THIS is what you can look forward to-ick!  Until next time...


Seven Signs of Stupidity


Here's another of my 'oldies but goodies'.  Someone on Mancoat posted this, and I couldn't resist taking some pot shots at this POS MSN article. Any guy who's dumb enough to marry DESERVES whatever heartache and pain happen to him; yes, I mean all of it! Fellas, do yourselves a favor, and keep your balls. Whatever you do, DON'T GET MARRIED!! Once you do, it's 'curtains for ya'...


Seven Signs He's About to Propose

His apartment is clean, he's saving money, and Thursday night poker with the guys has turned into date night with you? Either your guy is coming down with something, or he's planning to pop the question. Read on for more telltale signs that he's ready to say "I do."

If he knew what was good for him, he'd be saying "I do NOT!" I do not give up my freedom! I do not give up my balls! I do not give up control of my wallet! I do NOT give up everything I love and enjoy for some ungrateful bitch! I do not give some American bitch control over my life! I do not become someone's slave! I do not!!!

1. He's Growing out of His Bachelor Ways
You can tell his bachelor days are behind him when his number one priority is no longer himself. If he's constantly using terms like "we" and "our," and plans for a weekend with the guys in Vegas are suddenly on the back burner while weekend picnics with you are becoming more common, he's probably not just sick of his buddies. He might've realized that he prefers a more settled lifestyle, and this transition puts him squarely on the path to proposing.

You mean he's getting ready to put his head in the noose, don't you, Darlin'?! Let's see if she keeps using 'we' and 'our' after the divorce, pal! And divorce you she will. Women file for divorce first 70% of the time, and you'd best remember that, Fellas.

You know how she'll use the word, 'our'? When she talks about appropriating and controlling your pay, dumb ass! What's hers is hers, and what's yours is 'ours'. Isn't it funny how THAT works when you get married? When she uses 'our', that's womanese for MINE; in effect, she's saying, "I own you and everything you have, pal!" Shoot, I remember hearing female colleagues BRAG about this; they were loud & proud in proclaiming "What's mine is mine, and what's his is mine!" Don't you forget it, either...

2. He's Redecorating
You may also notice certain items have disappeared from his pad, like his college posters and Star Wars memorabilia. Did he ditch that ugly brown chair for a nice new couch? It could be the start of major changes — your boyfriend is making room in his life for you, both physically and emotionally.

Cleaning up clutter and stuff != redecorating, okay?! And if he is redecorating, then it means he's already handed over his balls, since you'll be nagging him to change this, that, and everything else about him, his life, and his place. WTF can't you bitches leave us men alone, huh? Why do you insist on changing us?! Why can't you be happy with how you found us, hmmm? Again, this is a premature, self inflicted castration; don't do it! Guys, as long as you do not propose, you are in the driver's seat; you have the power, and you should keep it. Once you say those two words, "I do", then it's over for you...

3. He's Curbing Big Purchases
Has your boyfriend gone from big spender to scrooge? The plasma screen TV he'd been planning to buy isn't hanging over his mantel, and instead of buying rounds of drinks at happy hour after work, he's home cooking dinner. No, he's not training for Top Chef; he's started to eliminate frivolous spending to brace for a large down payment (on your ring). And it's not just the jewelry he's saving for — he may be putting away money now so that the two of you will be comfortable well into the future.

Let me ask a few pointed questions here, okay? Why can't SHE save for her own ring, hmmm? After all, women earn their own money today, don't they? Why does the guy have to buy a shiny, overpriced, piece of stone anyway? To symbolize his love? Oh please, that just means he's surrendered his balls, and has told the entire world that he has. He's also told the world that he is stupid, stupid, stupid!

As for saving money, that in and of itself doesn't mean he's getting ready to pop the question. Could it mean that, especially in today's economic environment, that a guy is preparing for the worst? Couldn't it mean that he's trying to brace for the reality that he's likely to lose his job? According to The Boston Globe, over one million men have lost their jobs in this recession, while 12, 000 more women are working. Looks like he's trying to play the odds to me.

Then, I have to wonder WHY a man would put off purchasing something HE wants prior to marriage. Why would he do that?! Once he's foolish enough to say those two, little words, "I do", then that's the LAST fun he'll ever have! He won't have the freedom to buy that ATV, big screen TV, that motorcycle, or that boat he always wanted-oh no. That's because it will no longer be his money; his money will be 'our' money. Once he says "I do", then he's effectively said "I don't" to anything and everything else he likes, enjoys, and wants. Once he says "I do", it's all about her. Sorry, but them's the facts...

4. He's Not Complaining About Weddings
While at a wedding together, it's more than just the usual eagerness for an open bar. He's not cracking jokes during the vow exchange — he's commenting on the couple's first-dance song choice and the meal selection. Take it as a sign that he's paying attention to all things wedding-related because matrimony is on his mind.

Why else would a guy go to a wedding, other than the open bar? Why? The only thing I could think of is to celebrate the demise of an enemy. What is a wedding, other than a woman's victory march over having subdued a slave for life, hmmm? You know why women want such grand weddings nowadays? Not only to 'one-up' their girlfriends, but to celebrate having gotten themselves their very own slave, that's why! Once you say "I do", you become her bitch, and Big Daddy Government is there to back her up and see to it that you're enslaved to her for as long as you're drawing breath. Whether you're with her or not, the State will make sure you work for her until you drop dead.

5. He's Taken an Interest in Your Jewelry
Has he been complimenting your great ability to accessorize? Snooping around in your jewelry box? Holding your hand, constantly? All kidding aside, when your favorite ring goes missing, you'll know for sure that he's trying to find a covert way to figure out your size.

WTF would a guy take an interest in her jewelry?! Why? Any guy who tries to purloin his beloved's favorite ring is a dummy! Why would he be in such a rush to surrender his freedom to some bitch who hates him as a man? Sorry, but when you're dealing with American women, the odds are that they hate you; that's what they've been taught their whole lives-to hate, fear, and suspect men. Why would you want to marry someone who hates you as a man? Why? Furthermore, why would you want to tip her off that you're willing to become her slave? When a woman sees her favorite ring missing, she's got to be jumping for joy, because she's about to have her very OWN man-slave.

6. He Wants to Meet the Parents
Okay, so he's probably already met your parents. If he hasn't and has become insistent on meeting them, it's probably for a good reason. But if he already knows them well and has become the first to RSVP for your nephew's birthday party, jumps at the chance for a weekend visit with your parents, or, even more telling, tries to plan outings for both your families to hang out together, he's ready for the next step.

Isn't love grand?! No doubt her family is ecstatic, because it means that they're about to unload a big, pain in the ass-their daughter! Why do you think that they had dowries in the old days? Why did fathers offer dowries to prospective grooms back in the day? Because they knew that they were unloading a liability, a pain in the ass, on the hapless man, that's why! They had to give him some compensation for the lifelong troubles and burdens he was about to assume. IOW, they had to make it worth his while to live with some shrew for life!

7. He's Acting out of Character
You know his daily routine inside and out, and any variation is enough to give you pause. If he's super-insistent that you guys do something you never do (like take a walk through a park or drive to a place to watch the sunset), he may be setting you up to speak those four little words: "Will you marry me?" After all that hard work, be sure to make it easy on him and say "yes!"

So, WTF is wrong with a guy doing something unusual, hmmm? I thought that today's enlightened, modern woman craved spontaneity. I thought that that was the appeal for the bad boys of the world; they're 'unpredictable and mysterious', aren't they?

But, is a guy wanting to marry REALLY out of character? Lawrence Shannon, in his book, The Predatory Female, says that slavery is the natural condition of man; he says that men can't handle freedom; he says that this is why, in spite of all the evidence out there that marriage is a sham, that men by the droves still seek to do it. By seeking marriage, they're seeking their own slavery; indeed, they're VOLUNTEERING for it! Is it really out of character for a man to willingly lay his balls on the chopping block, just so some bitch can proudly display them on her mantle or put them in her purse? I don't think so.

Oh, and Ladies, if a guy proposes to you, please do him a favor, and say 'no'! He may not understand what a bullet he's dodged now, but he will in the future, believe me.


Those are my thoughts on the seven stupid things a man does before enslaving himself, er getting married. Remember to give American women the husband they deserve-none! Have a good night...


What Schools USED to Teach


As you know, I've been digging around the net, finding my old posts, and backing them up.  It's been a slow, laborious process, and I expect it to remain that way.  As I was digging through my old posts, I came across this one.  It was from a commenter whose handle was Civilla.  She was home maker married to a retired military man if I remember correctly.  I couldn't link to her post on this, because her blog is now open to invited readers only; I seem to remember her getting SICK & TIRED of feminazis bothering her, so I can't blame her for limiting access.  Isn't it funny how feminazis bitch about choice, but they won't allow other women to exercise THEIR choice to live a traditional lifestyle like Civilla does?  In any case, I won't be adding my commentary, as there is nothing I CAN add. Read it and weep, People...


Read this post to see how far we've come as far as manners and dress go. My brother's wife, Marty, recently sent me a couple of boxes of old stuff that she found in the attic of my parent's house.

Rummaging through the boxes of mementos -- dolls, photographs, nick-nacks, books and papers, I came across this little booklet: "Eastport (N.Y.) High School, Student Handbook 1969-1970. It was mine when I was a senior in high school during that school year. (This was public school, by the way.)

Page 14 started a chapter on "Citizenship and Manners at School". I will print the chapter in its entirety, although is a little lengthy, to show what was expected of public school students back then, and to show how far we've come.


The five Trustees of the Eastport Board of Education were elected by the school districts' qualified voters to govern the operation of our school. The Principal, as educational leader of the program, holds responsibility in the implimentation of all regulations. The Board must require high standards of conduct and appearance if we are to create an atmosphere within the school that will insure the best possible learning conditions.

While respecting individual student rights and responsibilities, the Principal, in his traditional role, is obliged to support and defend what furthers the "common good" and common standards of the community. When individual behavior, action, or dress undermines or is detrimental to these purposes and tends to negate the learning environment of the school, such actions must be limited by the school authorities -- board of education, and district principal.

Therefore, in conjunction with the purposes and climate needed to conduct school properly, the school should set reasonable standards of behavior and dress for its students.The importance of being a good citizen at school and elsewhare cannot be overemphasized.

Our school's reputation is the responsibility of each student as he or she demonstrates habits of citizenship and manners. The following regulations have been developed to assist students in learning accepted standards:

1. Smoking is prohibited in the school building, on the grounds or on any school sponsired trip. This habit is injurious to health and should be discouraged, especially for young people. Enrolled students may not carry matches or smoking materials to school or on any school trip. Offenders will be reported to the principal for punishment.

2. Chewing gum or candy may only be used in the Dining Hall. It is not courteous to use it in class, therefore, it is forbidden.

3. Dress appropriately whenever you are at school. This evidence of respect for your educational institution will bring rewards to all of us in our school's reputation.


1. No jeans above Grade 8.

2. Shirt buttons closed except top button when worn without tie.

3. At all socials -- shirt, tie, and suit coat are required.

4. Hair is to be cut to give a neat manly appearance.

5. If a shirt has tails, they should be tucked in pants.

6. One must respect himself before others will respect him. Being neat and clean generates a respect for you in others.


1. Girls should give a ladylike impression; therefore slacks, shorts, etc., are not permitted. Skirts should be suitable for school use.

2. Makeup should be appropriate for teenagers. This means no eye makeup except at formal dances in reasonable degree.

3. Hair should be groomed to give a neat appearance; of course this means no curlers, etc.

4. Large dangling earrings are not to be worn during the regular school day.

If in doubt concerning proper dress, makeup, etc., please consult the school nurse-teacher.

Students should use please, thank you, and pardon me, whenever necessary. These phrases are verbal courtesies which are an evidence of good manners.

In a school which houses children in the Kindergarten as well as elementary and upper grades, it is very important to consider the little people. Holding doors and walking (not running) in corridors and to the buses are essential for safety.


Upper graders are not to go near the Kindergarten windows, at any time during the school day. Visitors to the Kindergarten must first get a pass at the office. Students from other grades should not use the kindergarten playground or equipment.


There's no place like home for practicing good manners. A few simple rules will make life much pleasanter for you and your family.

Be your own "picker-upper". Put magazines, books, and games in their proper places.

Don't drape your clothes over chairs. Hang them where they belong.

Improve your table manners. (Look for hints in this book.)

Don't invite guests for meals or stay overnight without first getting permission from your mother and from their mothers.

Respect the property and privacy of the other people in your family.


If you're having a party, always remember to...

See that your guests are introduced to each other.

Make sure that everyone has something to do and is not left out of any games.

Tell your best frients to be extra nice to the shy ones and those who are strangers to the group.

If you are invited to a party...

Answer your invitation as soon as you can.

Arrive on time.

Take part in any games that have been planned.

Be friendly and polite to everyone.


It's easy to introduct people properly if you follow a few simple rules.

Introduce a man to a woman -- "Miss Jones, may I introduce Mr. Smith?"

Introduce a young person to an older person -- "Mrs. Grant, this is "Sue Brown. Mr. Kean, this is Kenneth Haines."

Introduce your friends to your mother -- "Mother, this is Helen Parker and John West."

The same rule follows for introducing friends to your father, although you may use the "ladies first" idea and say, "Jean, have you met my father?"

Introduce everyone to a clergyman -- "Dr. Brown or Father O'Brien or Rabbi Grant, may I present my mother?"


It's bad manners to link arms and walk three or four abreast on a crowded sidewalk or to go into a huddle with your friends so that others have trouble getting past you. Also, remember not to stare or point at anyone and never talk or laugh so loudly that you attract attention.


Don't monopolize the phone!

Other members of your family have a right to use the telephone, too. Try to keep your phone calls short. If you must have a long conversation, be sure no one else has to use the phone.

Keep a pad and pencil by the telephone, so that you can write down messages and be sure to be polite to everyone who calls. Ask if the call should be returned and be sure to write down the name and phone number.


Whenever possible, use the fork rather than any other piece of silver. Use the knife only for foods which cannot be cut with a fork and the spoon only for foods too soft to be eaten with a fork.

Hold the spoon just above the center of its handle so it rests on the middle finger and is guided by the thumb and forefinger.

Hold the fork as you do the spoon when eating, and in your left hand, prongs down while cutting. Lift food on the hollow, curved side of prongs. Use the knife only for cutting, never to carry food to the mouth. Lay knife and fork on the right outer rim of the plate when you're finished.


If the table is set correctly, you'll have no trouble selecting the right tool. Begin at outside and work in. 1. Napkin, 2. Salad Fork, 3. Fork, 4. Plate, 5. Knife, 6. Dessert Spoon, 7. Teaspoon, 8. Cup and Saucer, 9. Glass, 10. Breat-and-Butter Plate, 11. Butter Knife.


Do eat slowly and quietly.

Do keep your mouth closed when it contains food.

Always keep your elbows off the table.

Remove your spoon from a cup or tall dish.

Always try to eat whatever you are served.

Do break bread and rolls into small pieces before buttering.


Don't chew with your lips open.

Don't reach across the table or in front of anyone (politely ask for anything out of reach).

Don't tuck the napkin under your chin (unfold it partially and put it across your lap).

Don't ever blow your food to cool it.

Don't play with your food.

And, in another chapter, some suggestions for successful studying:


1. Develop regular habits of work.

2. Study at definite times each day.

3. Keep your goal in mind when you start.

4. Review your work as you progress.

5. Begin each day at your scheduled time. Don't wait for inspiration. Discipline yourself to work on schedule. Ideas will come.

6. Have good surroundings for study: a quiet place to work, a table with good light, all needed equipment within reach.

7. Do only one job at a time. Let the T.V. or your family's conversation go for the moment.


1. Take only those notes you will need later.

2. Analyze your own weaknesses and concentrate upon weak points first.

3. Review sensibly. Schedule your time well. Try to see your problem as a whole. Organize the entire subject in a logical and orderly fashion.


1. Keep cool. It's too late to fret when the examination is before you.

2. Read all questions over before answering any of them.

3. Don't wait for inspiration on the hard questions. Begin at once on the easy questions and let your subconscious mind do some of the preparing for you.

4. Neither hurry nor waste time. Ask the instructor for the number of minutes left, if necessary.

5. Allot time sensibly. Don't give undue attention to a question worth a few points.

6. Read the question and be sure you understand what it says.

7. Check your paper carefully before you hand it in.


Thought provoking, isn't it? As I said in my comment to this post, we've come a long way, Baby-the WRONG way! Have a good night...


Cripling the Matriarchy, by Mirror of the Soul


Here's another classic from Mirror of the Soul, and it's about shutting down the Matriarchy. Click the link, scroll about halfway down, and you'll see it. While you're at it, read the other wisdom on that page. Let's do it, Fellas (cripple the Matriarchy and increase our knowledge & wisdom)!


Shutting Down The Matriarchy

It is pretty easy to shutdown the matriarchy, however, most men are too addicted to pussy to actually shut it down, and because of this, they keep the matriarchy going - chivalrous males are the worst offenders. However, for those of you that want to know how to shutdown the matriarchy, or even just your little section of the matriarchy here is how:

1. Drop out of society. Just disappear. It is easy to do. You engage minimally as possible with society, particularly women. The less visible men are and contributing to society the more women have to take up the slack and will soon burn themselves out, contributing in part to a matriarchal shutdown.

2. Focus on you. Work for you. Become YOU, INC. Your well being is just as important as anybody else's, particularly women's. Can't decide between reading a good book or going a date? Read the book instead, it is much more benefical than spending money on a date, even if you are paying just half of the date. The more dateless women, the more discontent the matriarchy becomes for women, the better. Let women know, it is over for them - remember they don't need men anymore, so let them do without. Plus, and more importantly, you could get accused falsely of rape if you both find each other attractive and sparks fly, and later on she feels gulity for the one night stand, and decides to absolve herself of being a "ho" by accusing you falsely of rape.

3. Support pop and mom stores. Avoid big corporations in buying your products and services, which employ and promote women that can't even do their jobs which further funds the matriarchy with your money.

4. Don't be sucked into that "real man" crap, I have heard it over and over, "A real man would be responsible and get married" or "A real man would support a woman". All this "real man" crap is a ploy by women to trap you into marriage and make you a matriarchal wage slave that keeps the matriarchy going- voluntary by her using you with traditional marriage to get you to support her and the matriarchy, and involuntary through divorce, with the courts forcing you by police arrest and jail to support her and the matriarchy via alimony, child support, etc. Women have access to education and jobs better than men do these days, let women support themselves and their cats. As mentioned in point (1) above, this will contribute to more burned out women and discontent to shut down the matriarchy.

5. Legally minimize your tax burden. Less taxes going to the government will be less money supporting the matriarchy.


That's good stuff that we ALL need to be implementing in our lives, Gentlemen! If we all do what the Mirror suggested, then we can CRIPPLE this Matriarchy of ours real quick like-not to mention pay back all the ungrateful bitches in America while we're at it...


30 December 2011

Grow Up? Why Should I? From Boozin' with Bell


I'm a race fan. I like racing in all its forms. Whether you're talking about NASCAR, F1, MotoGP, NHRA, or even lawn mowers, I like racing! NASCAR is big here in the States. After the races, nascar.com had a webcast post race show. One of the hosts was Mike Bell, who'd been a welcome addition to the Beau Estes & Nikki Alexander; when Mike Bell has joined the nascar.com post race show, it was 100% better.  Unfortunately, Jack Daniels discontinued their sponsorship of the show, so it ended right after they got it right!

So, I did a web search for Mike Bell.  Since he worked on the Jack Daniels Post Race Show on nascar.com, that meant he had experience working in the media somewhere.  I found out that he has a radio show, Archer & Bell, on the Atlanta, GA radio station, 790 The Zone. On the station's website, Mr. Bell also has an online blog called "Boozin' with Bell". This is one of his posts, and it's about the benefits of single life contrasted with the horrors of married life. I found myself CRACKING UP when I read it, and I think you will too. Enjoy!


Grow Up? Why Should I?
WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE & CONTENT The big 4-0 is just a year away, but unlike many of my friends an


The big 4-0 is just a year away, but unlike many of my friends and coworkers I am showing no signs of slowing down or growing up. This was profoundly evident last week when I attended the Clemson-FSU game at Death Valley. While on line to buy another Coke to mix with my Jack Daniels minis during halftime, who do I bump into but my first college roommate! He’s a big corporate lawyer now in The Carolinas and I don‘t want to embarrass him by using his real name, (we’ll call him Jimmy Tompkins of Charlotte, NC). After I got kicked out of Tallahassee in the Spring of 87’ we’d run into each other here and there over the years. The last time I saw him was the 1993 National Championship Game weekend in Miami. He had just gotten engaged after receiving his big shot law degree. Meanwhile I was working at an all 70’s format rock station and bartending in Ft. Lauderdale. Jimmy was always Felix to my Oscar, the voice of reason to my hair brained schemes. Tony the Mailman and I had to twist his arm to get him to stop into the Pure Platinum gentleman‘s club. Later that night we did a zillion shots celebrating Bobby Bowden’s first title and closed down Baja Beach Club. When his fiancĂ©e called he was passed out with a stripper in my guest bedroom. I explained who I was and that Jimmy was crashing at my place and that he had food poisoning and would call her back. You could tell that she wasn’t buying it and was not happy he ran into me. She was even more unhappy when Andy put me in charge of his bachelor party a year later. She put the kibosh on that immediately. Adding that I was persona non grata at the wedding. I advised Jimmy to break off the engagement, switch to Criminal Defense and move to South Beach with me. I hadn’t seen nor heard from him since. So thirteen years later sure enough there’s Jimmy with this big woman and two pudgy kids all decked out in garnet and gold . His wife suffers from classic Tiegs-Campbell Syndrome. (The upper body of Cheryl Tiegs and the lower body of Earl Campbell). She had the debutante smile with the big Charlotte hair. And an even bigger butt. Like 40 pounds of chewed bubble gum for an ass stuffed into Capri pants. “Wow looks like you’re raising two offensive linemen huh, Jim”? I joked as I knelt down to meet his boys. “That’s Samantha on the right” his wife intoned. “Oops, I meant boy and girl or boyish girl”. We bullshitted for a few minutes while his wife took the two sloth like urchins back to their seats. “Yeah I’m still single, broke up with the 24 year old a few months ago, just having fun in Atlanta, been doing a lot of traveling, went to Prague last Summer”. Jimmy nodded “Just as I would’ve expected, you are living the dream”. Then his wife Broom-Gilda reappeared and the twinkle in his eye went out like a candle in the wind. “Hey this time let’s stay in touch” I said while handing him my business card, “cell phone is on there if you ever want to come down for a weekend, blow off some steam.” Jimmy said he would but I know it will never happen. He gave me a final hug and whispered in my ear “kill me.” Okay so I made that last part up but it’s just so sad to see an old friend living that clichĂ© of a life we made fun of as freshman back at FSU.

Now I know what you married with kids people are going to say. Wait until you have your own children, everything changes. Your kids become the focal point of your happiness Blah, blah frigging blah. No way Jose. I ain’t going out like that. My 20 year high school reunion was like an adult version of “scared straight”. Between tales of divorce, separation, child support or guys working three jobs to put the kids through college my head was spinning. It’s not that I don’t like kids. I loved coaching little league. (My starting line up consisted solely of children from single mothers). I love taking my neighbor’s son to Hooters when his dad is working late. You’ve heard of big brother, I’m like a big dysfunctional brother. Give me a kid for three hours for some Madden on the PlayStation, then “bye-bye”, that’s perfect for me. And in case you’re wondering, I do have fatherly instincts and actual parenting skills. I even taught an ex-girlfriend’s kid how to pee standing up. It wasn’t that hard. I used the same method to teach Drunk Larry at a Dolphins game. Anytime I start thinking maybe I should settle down I come to my senses after seeing people with kids at the airport. The poor father of two trying to get the diaper bag and his carry on stowed while his two rug rats are waling on a Delta flight, all the while getting an earful from the wife for not leaving for the airport sooner.

I’m sorry married people. Not being married is a lot cooler and a lot more fun. If I called you to go out for a night on the town tonight how many of you married slobs could do it? If I called you right now and said “the Cowboys are playing the Dolphins Sunday let‘s hit South Beach for the weekend how many would say “Well I’d have to check with the wife” or would just shake your head and say “no way, not possible”. That the beauty of singleness. It’s the freedom baby. The freedom to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. I had an ex-girlfriend about three ex-girlfriends ago who used to bust my balls all the time. She would say in that annoying sing-songy girlfriend voice “You think life is one big party all the time. You think that life is free golf and eating fried chicken sitting around playing Madden in your boxers or doing shots all night in some strip club with some skank sitting on your lap, or five trips a year to Vegas, well it’s not”.” Life is about relationships and part of a relationship is about commitment and sacrifice and wanting to do things for someone else…wait a minute are you sleeping?

The thing is I’m not alone in my unabashed singleness. I’ve got a bunch of friends in their late thirties and early forties who are committed to bachelorhood as well. And not all of these guys are losers. And as long as there are other dudes I can hang with who validate my lifestyle why should I change? Let me ask you a question. Are you having more fun at 39 than you were at 19? Aha! Here’s another one for ya. What do you call playing Tiger Woods for three hours with your doorman while woofing down a case of beer and a pizza then spending three more hours at The Cheetah with the boys before grabbing a steak and then a few more cocktails at The Palm? Me, I call it a Tuesday.

If getting a hall pass from the wife is as tough as remembering your anniversary I think some changes need to be made. For some of you dudes, tailgating at your alma mater’s football game or a round of golf is as wild as you get these days. Well at least that’s a start but a lot of you guys should be having a little more fun than that. Maybe a little screwing around on the side. Nothing close to home, maybe a hot little secretary from an out of town sales call. And just when did that become such a big crime? I’m sorry I got off track, uh where was I? Oh yeah reasserting your “guyness”. How about a few nights out once in a while? We’re living in one of the greatest cities in the country for fun. The chicks outnumber us 4 to 1, there’s bars and clubs open every night, so come on guys pick up your skirt and find your balls…now who’s with me?

On the Way: A night on the town in The Windy City. And a trip to Notre Dame, The Whitest Place in America.


Did that crack you up or what?! While it is funny (I especially love the imagery of meeting his old college roommate, fat wife, and slothful kids), it's serious too. See what you get when you marry a typical, American bitch, fellas? While I don't party till dawn like Mike does, I do what I want; I do it when I want; and I do it HOW I want. I don't have some bitch getting on my ass about how I did this or that wrong, nor do I have her nagging me to mow the fucking lawn at 0700 on Saturday morning! Guys, do what I, Mike Bell, and many others have done-stay single, stay free, and stay HAPPY! Until next time...


29 December 2011

Handling 'The Question' @ Work


The quandary most of us MGTOW find ourselves in is how to answer 'The Question'; how do we deal with the inevitable queries as to why we're still single? I'll relate past experiences along with what I learned; I'll tell you what I do now, and why I do it. It's worked for me, and I think it'll work for my readers too.

Number one is to remember that you must be careful around men too; it's not just women who will hold your honesty and candor against you. At my previous job, I was NOT shy about being a happy, single bachelor; I loudly and proudly proclaimed all the joys of single life, such as being able to purchase two motorcycles with my bonus. Not only that, my boss' right hand man, his assistant, was engaged at the time; I tried to dissuade him from walking down the Aisle of Doom to no avail. He and his woman both came from intact families, and to him, marriage was normal; he said to me that everyone gets married. After hearing that, I no longer tried to dissuade him.

Almost all the other guys in the department were married. There were three of us who were single: a nice, young kid who'd just graduated college; another man who's a Christian; and there was me. Anyway, in early 2007, my boss was told to reduce headcount; he was told that he had to get rid of someone. The axe fell on me. Though it turned out to be a blessing in disguise (my present employer is doing better than my former one, and I have better long term prospects), I don't think that my unabashed MGTOW views helped me. I don't think that most of the guys were happily married, and they didn't like me reminding them of that. The moral of the story is that you have to be careful around men too when it comes to expressing MGTOW views.

As for women, it goes without saying that you have to be careful around them. The moment you even INSINUATE that women might not be perfect, you get accused of hating women and all that crap; they'll tell you that you should have known better, picked better, etc. At least one of them will go crying to the boss about how you're a big misogynist; they'll say that you have 'trouble working with women', and all that crap. It doesn't matter whether your boss is male or female, either. If your boss is a man, he'll be eager to be the little ladies' knight in shining armor, so he'll come down on you; he'll make an example of you. If your boss is a woman, then she'll back up her fellow sisters; since you attacked one of them, you attacked all of them, including her. If you espouse MGTOW views at work, you're putting your job on the line.

Even if you keep your job, your future prospects at that employer have been damaged-all because you dared to criticize women, and say that they might not be perfect. And make no mistake about it; if you upset your female colleagues in any way, you just might end up with a pink slip. Employers are scared to death of a lawsuit from one of the dearies, so they'll do almost anything to placate them-even if it means firing you. Anyway, it goes without saying that you absolutely, positively CANNOT share your MGTOW views with women, nor can you share your reasons WHY you hold those views-not if you wish to keep receiving a steady paycheck.

It's easier for men to lose their jobs than it is for women; the converse of this is that it'll be harder for us to REPLACE that lost job too. One, women are members of the protected class, whereas we are not; women have the power in the workplace, and men do not. Women know this, and they will exploit this too-especially if it means getting even with someone who said that they're not a goddess; how DARE that POS man criticize me, a superior being! Two, we men will be discriminated against during a job search. Men interviewing job applicants are mostly manginas, and they're going to want some pretty eye candy to look at on the job; we are not eye candy to them. Women also have the EEOC and other alphabet soup, gov't agencies backing them; big daddy gov't tells employers that they'd BETTER give the little women a chance, so they do-at our expense, of course. Ergo, if you're a man, you do not want to run afoul of the little dearies-if you're unfortunate enough to work with them, that is.

I have told you what not to do, and I have told you why. However, I have not told you what TO DO. Don't worry, I'll answer that all important question right now...

So, what does a MGHOW say when asked about his single status? How does he answer such a question? You're about to step into a nasty mine field, and it must be navigated with care. You know what I say? I simply say that I never met the right one; rather, I met the right one, but I didn't meet her at the right time. I go on to tell about the lovely relationship I had while stationed at Pearl Harbor over 20 years ago; I wax poetic about how it was like the relationship Mr. & Mrs. Bailey had in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". I know that this is idealizing things a bit, but not by much. I then say that, unfortunately for me, I was in the Navy at the time; I got orders sending me back to the mainland, thus ending the relationship. I close by saying that both the woman and true love that we shared ruined all subsequent women and relationships. Then, I leave it at that.

This does a couple of wonderful things; with either a male or female audience, this does some wonderful things. It easily deflects any subsequent questions about your single status, and does so in a way without making you look bad. I'll explain...

With men, they'll understand about wanting that someone special; though they won't openly ADMIT it, most men wish they'd married better, i.e. that they had a nicer woman for a wife. In other cases, they too lost a love from long ago, and they understand the power a lost love has over a man's heart. If you're dealing with a man who wishes that he married better, he'll quietly respect your decision to hold out for someone special, and he'll applaud you for doing so. If you're dealing with a man who also lost someone special long ago, he too will understand the power a lost love has on a man; if he married someone else, he will also respect and admire your decision to not settle for less. Face it, Fellas; most men wish that they either married someone else, or they wish that they'd remained single themselves. The worst thing you can do is rub their nose in the fact that you're a happy, single, and free MGHOW! No matter how you slice it, handling 'The Question' the way that I did will have your fellow men admiring and respecting you, not hating you for being happily single. Your fellow men won't consider you a pariah or enemy, and in this economic environment, that matters.

When dealing with women, I've found that they'll feel sorry for me when I answer 'The Question' the way that I have. They'll see me as a sweet, romantic, loving guy who's still carrying a torch for someone else; they'll see me as emotionally unavailable, so they'll leave me alone. Secondly, because they see me as sweet, romantic, and all that, they won't have desire for me, since most modern women want bad boys who treat them like crap. Thirdly, I come off as someone who's being true to his heart; they see me as following my heart. Since women are emotional creatures enslaved to their feelings, they understand this PERFECTLY! They'll feel sorry that I no longer have the love of my life; seeing that this is a tender spot with me, women will leave me alone too. By saying I met the right one at the wrong time, I get women off my back too, albeit for different reasons. Even so, I get 'em off my back WRT 'The Question'.

Whatever you do, do NOT tell them the truth! Come to think of it, if you say you haven't met the right one yet, you ARE telling the truth; you just aren't telling them all of it. Think about it; if you're a MGHOW trying to fly under the radar, you are telling them the truth. You have NOT met the right woman; you just leave out the part that, in this toxic, feminazi environment, meeting the right one is all but impossible. Men, particularly married ones, don't wish to be reminded of the fact that they made a huge mistake when they married. Women don't like to hear anything that even has a hint of criticism. If you say anything remotely critical to a woman, they'll go ballistic; they absolutely cannot handle being told that they're anything less than a princess or goddess-they just can't! IOW, what I'm saying to you guys is this: assume that both men and women cannot handle the truth, and govern yourselves accordingly. Give them part of the truth, but don't give them the whole truth. To borrow a line from Col. Nathan Jessup in "A Few Good Men", they (the vast majority of both men and women) can't HANDLE the truth! Ergo, you don't give it to them. Just give them enough to placate them, then drop it.

Jesus instructed his followers to be as wise as serpents, yet as harmless as doves. I think that this is a good example of that principle. Too bad I had to learn it the hard way, but at least I learned it. At work, if you're a MGHOW, then showing your hand is NOT an option! Repeat: as a MGHOW, laying your cards on the table is not an option! If you do so, you'll make enemies of both men and women you work with; this, in turn, could place your job in peril. So, just give them enough truth to satisfy them; tell them you haven't met the right one, and leave it at that. Again, you're telling the truth, because meeting the right one is impossible! You don't have to tell your COLLEAGUES that; they won't appreciate it if you do so anyway...

In closing, if you're asked about your single status, simply say that you haven't met the right one. Better yet, if you had someone nice long ago, but you got separated from her, then play that up. Men will understand why, and they'll leave you alone; as an added bonus, they'll admire and respect your decision to not settle. Women will see you as a sweet, loving, romantic person who's got a broken heart. They'll feel sorry for you, since your heart is broken; because you're carrying that sorrow (or so they think), they'll leave you alone, so as to not exploit that emotional wound. If you play up the broken heart angle, women will show compassion for you-even if you're a man! Who would've thought? A woman showing compassion for a man? Yes, it does happen! Furthermore, because they see you as a nice, romantic, sweet guy, you'll repulse most modern women; nice guys are boring and weak in their eyes, so they'll remove you from their 'boyfriend material' list. With women, you'll play up the 'feeeeelings' angle, which will work like a charm! In either case, as a MGHOW, you can continue to fly under the radar, thus preserving your job and livelihood; that's always an important consideration, but never more so than in these days and times. Thank you, and have a good day...


Men Harassed @ Work Have NO Recourse


Those who have the misfortune of working with women know that women get away with murder in the workplace. We also know that they get the pussy pass for everything that they do. They can say the most wretched, mean spirited things about men, and it's okay; if a man were to say ONE THING about women though, he's out on his ear. How dare that male chauvinist pig say something like that! Ah, but it's okay if a woman does it.

Here's an article from the Telegraph that confirms what we men already knew: that reporting sexual harassment won't be taken seriously by our employer. You can read the facts for yourselves. As always, you have my biting commentary amongst the article text...


Most men are harassed by women at work

Four out of five men are sexually harassed by women at work - but are too afraid to complain to their employers - according to researchers.

By Rupert Neate
Last Updated: 12:24PM BST 02 Jul 2008

A study by the law firm Peninsula found 85 per cent of employers admit they take a complaints of sexual harassment from a male employees less seriously.

Naw, you don't say?! IOW, if you're a man and report sexual harassment, kiss off! That begs the question: why is this the case? One, such matters are reported to the human resources office (used to be called Personnel back in the day). Two, HR is known as a 'pink collar ghetto'; i.e. it's staffed mostly by feminazi bitches. The female HR staffers will assume that the man is lying; that the woman is telling the truth; and, they'll stick up for their fellow sisters no matter what.

Here, you have an admission STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH that they do not take men's complaints as seriously. Finally, we have a mainstream media organization (albeit a British one) admitting the freakin' obvious! And they wonder why men don't report sexual harassment...

Two-thirds of the 2,300 men questioned also said sexual banter was inappropriate at work.

I'd call it more than inappropriate; I'd call it garbage. Did you ever hear what women talk about at work?! Sheesh, women today talk worse than sailors, for cryin' out loud!

David Price of Peninsula said: "The balance has shifted and it is now women who are aiming sexual banter at male workers.

Damn right the balance has shifted! Women know that the government, their employer, the law, the courts, and the police are all on their side. They know that they have the pussy pass, and they make use of it. They know that they can get away with anything, up to and including murder-just so long as the act is against a man...

"Many workers are under the opinion that sexual banter is an acceptable norm in the work place.

Some banter WAS acceptable in the workplace, and it went both ways. The gals gave as good as they got too.
But, the respondent above is right; sexual banter IS acceptable in the workplace-just so long as women do it! If a man does it, why that's another matter...

"But not everyone is happy with these types of jokes and the situation is a consistently growing problem for employers.

"The majority of men don't feel that gender discrimination applies to them, and tend to just accept any banter aimed at them.

"Male employees should not feel they can't report incidents to their employer. It is an employer's responsibility to investigate harassment claims, whatever the employee's gender."

You're right; male employees SHOULDN'T feel that they can't report incidents to their employer! This begs the question as to WHY they feel that way. They feel that way because men are second class citizens in the workplace, and they're treated accordingly, that's why! They also know that HR, to whom they'd have to report any incidents, is populated with women. Like most modern women, the women in HR hate men, so they're not inclined to believe them, let alone give benefit of the doubt; they also believe that women are superior to men, and that women couldn't sexually harass a man; finally women always stick together when it comes to screwing over men. Even if another woman MURDERED a man, you can bet your bippy that other women will JUSTIFY the act. So, men know that they cannot go seeking justice from HR. In fact, if they complain about sexual harassment, they're the ones likely to be fired! So much for equality and all that crap...

Earlier this month girls at a further education college were reprimanded for wolf-whistling at builders.

Though it's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change, though it's nice to see women getting into trouble for the same things that men do, this political correctness has gone way too far! WTF is wrong with giving a comely woman or handsome man a good whistle, huh?

Officials at West Kent College in Tonbridge, Kent, warned pupils the behaviour was "totally unacceptable," and said any student caught harassing the contractors would face disciplinary action.

Imagine that-women getting in trouble for the same thing that can get men in trouble. Who would have thought?!

Again, this is PC run amok though. This crap has gone way too far! Whistling at someone is NOT sexual harassment, damn it! I know sexual harassment when I see it, and this ain't it...

I guess the only way this PC crap will change is because women are now being affected by it too. When men complained about it, we were told that we were insenstive brutes; that we didn't know what we were talking about; to suck it up; and to shut up. Now that women are getting bitten in the ass by the same laws, policies, and regulations for which they clamoured, I wonder how long THEY will still think that these are all reasonable? It's a different story when the shoe's on the other foot, isn't it Little Missy?

I view this with a mix of schadenfreude and frustration. I feel schadenfreude because now women are getting a taste of their own medicine; now that they are, they're making the same COMPLAINTS that we did years ago when these policies were put in place. Ah, but now that this PC garbage affects them, that's different, huh?

I'm also frustrated because everything is against the law now; shoot, it's getting to the point that a guy can't even rip a good fart anymore without being chastised by the EPA or DEP! A guy can't do guy things; this has been true for a while now. What's wrong with a little banter and a little kidding around? Man, I gotta get out of this wretched world, the sooner the better...


Analyzing "A Moment of Clarity"


Back on 27 March 09, I ran this post, "A Moment of Clarity". It featured the video you're about to see. Why are you running it again? This time, I want to ANALYZE what that commercial means to us men; there are a lot of truths in that commercial, and I'd like to share them with you. Enjoy...

So, what does this commercial teach us? What hidden truths does it contain? I'm glad you asked, because I'm about to tell you...

One, it shows women before you marry them. It shows how their beauty and hot body are but a brief illusion; it shows how women are but illusions themselves. Notice how beautiful the young damsel in distress is? Notice the bountiful breasts and the wondrously displayed cleavage thereof? You notice how enticing she looked when she flashed that beautiful smile of hers, while cocking her head in that coquettish way? As Christopher in Oregon has said and bears repeating, women's beauty and charms are an illusion; they are a dirty trick played by Mother Nature to get us to do something PROFOUNDLY against our best interests: breed with a woman and raise her children. That's ALL it is, guys.

The second part of the commercial that I'd like to analyze is when the guy comes to his senses after he drinking his water; he has a spooky, yet accurate vision of the future that awaits him should he save the damsel in distress, and be taken in by her charms. He sees what marrying the damsel would entail, and it rightfully freaks him out.

Firstly, married life will SUCK! Secondly, the lovely, little lady isn't so lovely anymore after she's dropped a couple of womb turds. Thirdly, we get a glimpse of his mother in law and, along with it, what HIS WIFE will look like when older. Finally, your life will NOT be your own, Fellas-not if you get married. Let's examine all but the first point one by one, shall we? After all, the fact that married life sucks goes without saying, amen?

The lovely, little lady who's got you weak at the knees won't always be so lovely; she won't always be so hot, Fellas. Look at when the commercial goes inside the mobile home. We see our former damsel in distress in a yucky, green gown. We see that she's pregnant with yet ANOTHER womb turd in addition to the three or four that the couple already has! Her hair is sloppily put up; it's not hanging down and framing her formerly lovely face; also, it's starting to lose its luster. The little lady has clearly lost her youthful glow.

We then see our hero's mother in law come out of the bathroom as the toilet flushes-what lovely imagery! Anyway, the MIL is very instructive. Why? Because that's what our former damsel in distress will look like in thirty years time. It's been said that, if you want to know how your woman will age, just look at her mother; how true it is. What do we see when looking at the MIL? We see a fat, wrinkled up, old hag! We see someone who's face has is shriveled up. We see someone whose hair is flat in color; there's no luster there like the damsel in distress had while hanging from the tree branch. Finally, those big, luscious breasts that the damsel in distress had will be sagging to the floor when she gets older-yuck!

After seeing the formerly comely damsel and her mother, we see our hero.  Before rescuing the damsel in distress, he was happy, single, and free; he rode his horse wherever and whenever he wanted; he was the epitome and quintessence of a MGHOW!  After drinking the water; after imagining what rescuing the damsel would entail (i.e. marriage); our hero gets a scary vision-a vision of losing his freedom.  He sees that women are dream KILLERS.  He sees that the lovely damsel in the revealing, red dress will not always be such a comely (i.e. hot) woman.  He sees that he'll have her mother to deal with, and she looks like a real 'charmer'-not!  Our hero sees that his life will no longer be his own.  Once he drinks the Montavit mineral water and has his moment of clarity, he rides off to remain a free man-yeah, Baby!

Last, but definitely not least, this commercial teaches us men that we CAN override our instincts. We can override our desire for women! We can override our desire to save and protect them. We can override our sex drive, which is what gets us entangled with women in the first place. This commercial teaches us that, rather than think with the little head, we can, should, and indeed must, think with the big head. If we think with the big head, we'll see that women and relationships therewith are not worth the heartache and trouble that they bring into our lives; we'll see that we're better off living as we please-on OUR terms, thank you very much.

In closing, this video is very, very instructive. It's instructive on women's charms, and how they're such a BRIEF illusion. It shows us what the little lady will morph into; we see both near and long term what she'll become. We see that we can override our instincts, and do what's best for OURSELVES. Finally, we see the truth that we all know: to wit, marriage sucks! I didn't have to tell my boys that though, huh? Have a good night now, and I'll catch you on the flip side...


28 December 2011

How to Talk to a Woman


I took a quick look at the Mancoat forum, and Tango had started a thread off with this video.  It shows us how to REALLY talk to a chick-ha!  This is so true...

I understand the gentleman's sentiments; I really do. Like you guys, I have the character defect of viewing women as actual human beings; like you guys, I treat them accordingly; like you guys, I get the same results...


27 December 2011

Life Lesson in Ten Second Elevator Ride


Nightstorm on Mancoat posted this little life lesson...


Learning lifes lessons aren't always around a group of old men ready to give the wisdom of the ages. Every man can give you a life lesson by sharing just a part of their life-even if you don't know them and are casually passing on through.

I had such a experience today. After eating lunch, I slowly headed back to work. As I got in the lobby area, I noticed it was just me and 2 other guys by the elevator. Both men appeared to be in their mid 30's to early 40's. One guy was down on his luck, and the other, a co-worker / friend.

As all 3 of us proceeded in the elavator. I press 6, while they are heading towards floor 4. The following phrase came from the victim, who had a very low sad pitched voice, almost as if he was depressed or helpless.

"You know you go out and earn a certain amount of money and when you stop making that much, they leave you for someone else".


Then the depressed man got off the elvator with his friend heading back to work.

It seemed this guy learned the hard way. Somehow, somewhere, he stopped producing; as soon as the money stopped flowing, his relationship ended.

Remember boys, it's all about the money.


That was thought provoking stuff...


An Excellent Post ALL Should Read!


Rob Fedders' is updating his "No Ma'am" blog again; he's put a GREAT post up! Even if he didn't update it, I'd still leave the link up, because he has so much GOOD stuff on there that answers a lot of questions reasonable people may have. If you want to know why men aren't working as hard as they used to, he'll tell you. Men don't have the same stake in society that they used to have, and Rob lays it all out as to why. This post should be REQUIRED READING FOR EVERYBODY-especially feminists! While you're at it, spend some time there reading the rest of his posts too; you'll learn more there than you EVER learned in school...


26 December 2011



Without going into details, I got a little bit careless in real life.  There was a chance of being outed, so I wiped out all my posts.  I shall delete this blog in the near future.  Thanks, guys...


18 November 2011

I'm Ready to Man Up, by Roosh


I'm not fond of PUAs or chasing pussy.  I understand why they exist, but I have no wish to partake in their lifestyle.  Life is so much more than chasing pussy; life is so much more than pursuing vapid, shallow, disease ridden women for a pump 'n' dump.  That said, PUAs, such as Roosh, sometimes have good things to say; this is one of those times.  I must say that Roosh hit it OUT OF THE PARK with this one!  Thanks to Simpson on Mancoat for finding this gold nugget...


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’m still here in Poland, pretending to be Peter Pan, having purely sexual relationships in a life void of responsibility where no one counts on me and no one expects anything of me. There is no reason to wake up before noon. I spend my days writing, reading, drinking, and chasing pussy. I have so much free time that I decided to learn Polish, one of the hardest languages in the world, just for the hell of it. I feel that there should be something more to life, even if it means taking on what may initially seem like a burden.

I’m convinced that the solution is to grow up and do what society expects of me, to be a man as defined by my middle-class peers.

I will man up and fly to Washington DC. I will fix my resume, make up some amazing bullshit for the four-year gap in professional employment, and become a microbiologist again. Hopefully I won’t have a mean boss, and hopefully the HR gals like me enough so I don’t get the axe in the first round of corporate restructuring.

Once stably employed, I will man up by looking for a modest condominium in the suburbs, taking on a mortgage that is not too crushing. The mortgage will give me a respectability that my self-published fuck guides never could. Hopefully the value of my condo doesn’t decline, the condo association nazis don’t complain about my music, and no major repairs will be needed that force me to eat ramen for an extended period of time.

To get around in the suburbs, I will man up by purchasing an environmentally friendly automobile, preferably a Toyota Prius. I will finance it. I will have to budget carefully since gas, insurance, and maintenance adds up. Hopefully I don’t get into a catastrophic accident.

I will man up and enroll in a part-time graduate program by borrowing the tuition (I can get my dad to co-sign the loan since he likes it when I go to school). If I really move my ass, I can have a fresh degree in four years, which will really impress my boss and set me up for a 4.5% annual raise instead of the usual 3%. My debt load should now keep me quite busy and anxious for the next 30 years.

I will man up and find a wife on eHarmony. She’ll be my age, a handsome woman tired of being pumped and dumped, with a masculine sensibility that South American and Eastern European women don’t have. She will drastically shorten her hair six months after the wedding, and in spite of my disapproval, she will gain one pound a month until finally exploding like a whale for our first of two kids. She’ll never make the effort to lose the pregnancy weight, no matter how many subtle gym membership gifts I get her for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, her birthday, and Christmas. She will lose interest in having sex with me. The most humiliating moment of my life will be when she tells me to pump her hand while she reads a woman’s magazine. I will feel unattractive and unloved.

Once the kids are in middle school, my wife will initiate divorce proceedings because “the feeling” is no longer there. The feeling was no longer there for me either, but I was willing to make it work for our children. Nonetheless, I will man up and let her take the property, the cars, and the kids. I will pay her steep child support payments that leave me on the edge of poverty. My kids will be brainwashed against me, and hate me for the rest of their lives. I’ll hate them too, but if I stop paying child support I will be sent to prison. With little fatherly influence in their lives, my son will become a little bitch and my daughter a slut who loses her virginity at the age of 14.

I will not give up on life. I will work even harder and make wise investments until my kids are 18 and the burden of child support payments are lifted. Once eligible for social security at the age of 67, I will take my modest nest egg to a modern country with a cheap standard of living, maybe Poland. Once there, no one will count on me and no one will expect anything of me. There will no reason to wake up before noon. I’ll spend my days writing, reading, drinking, and purchasing pussy. I will have so much free time that I’ll decide to learn Polish, one of the hardest languages in the world, just for the hell of it. Yes, I’m ready to man up.


Yeah, Buddy, I'm ready to man up too-not!  Seriously though, why would Roosh man up, work like a dog for 30 years for a bitch that hates him, only so he can retire to live in Poland?  Why take that three DECADES long detour when he can do that now?  Oh, I forgot; he's already in Poland-duh!  Why take the detour to the destination when you can be at the destination now?

Oh, and I have vacation coming up, so look for some original posts from Yours Truly!  Until next time...


13 November 2011

PhillyBoy81's Comment


I saw this comment on Roissy's blog.  It was in response to his post on college being a 'poon nirvana'.  This was one of the comments in response to that post.  PhillyBoy81 talks about how women overplay their hands, thinking that their SMV=MMV.  He also talks about how players and PUAs do us a favor by ferreting out the skanks for us.  This is good stuff.


Fret not, my brethren. You will be a master of the universe in the long run, so long as you stick to the script. In the end, good guys get the last laugh.

These players, or as Roissy says “alpha males,” are doing all the rest of us a favor in the long run. They operate very much like short sellers in the dating market, exposing fraud and helping to discover the true prices of commodities (women).

I’m not a big fan of evolutionary psychology, so I’ll implore you to think about the situation this way. Let’s take a 21-year old chick who’s between a 7/8 (cute to pretty). She’s the equivalent of Roy Jones, Jr. in his prime, all attributes, no fundamentals or technique. She garners the attention of males both older and younger. She can pretty much get sex whenever she wants it and with whomever she wants to have it with. And that is ultimately her downfall.

Young women (and some older ones) have an overinflated sense of the value of their vaginas. I mean, they have Wharton MBAs paying for exotic trips and they’re drinking Cosmos in the VIP with the Wizards. Why wouldn’t they? Since they are able to get such easy access to “alpha” dick, it follows logically that they should also have access to “alpha” wealth, marriage, and the lifestyle that accompanies all of that, right?

Wrong. See, when women gain this enormous sense of pussy power, they swing for the fences. That’s what power does to people. It makes them crave more. So, the cute guy with a 3.8 GPA, but no car? Nope, not good enough. The nice-looking pre-med student? “Nah, I’ll just get back to him later. I heard Jude Law’s hotter brother is transferring here this semester.” They invariably end up overplaying their hand. They chase these players looking to get a ring, and then that ring never comes. So now they’re 27. It’s a good thing she kept that pre-med Johns Hopkins student in her back pocket just in case things didn’t work out with the player, right?

Wrong again. In a vacuum, women would have their way. Men beg for sex. Women decide whether to give it to them (and for most guys, they will not give it to you). But luckily, we don’t live in a vacuum. We live in the real world with social constraints, and there are two that work distinctly to a man’s advantage: reputation and age.

Men take notes. Ladies, don’t think our homeboy didn’t tell us about the time he bought you drinks, only for you to walk away and make fun of him with your girlfriends. Don’t think we won’t remember your bitchiness. And don’t think we won’t remember those guys who you ran behind like a cum bucket. We remember. And we punish.

When a man sleeps with 100 chicks, he’s a stud. When a woman sleeps with JUST ONE guy, that eliminates you as wifey material to ALL of his friends. Seriously, how many times have you met a cute girl and your friends said, “Oh, she was with _____.” It was a wrap. Women who aren’t able to learn their true value quickly and then make wise decisions early on pay a hefty price in the long run.

The height of a woman’s value, in terms of her value as a long term partner, is around the age of 27. That is the praecipice. She must make the decision: settle down or play around. Her best choice, if she wants to get married, is to begin actively pursuing a husband. But she faces a couple of problems. First, she wants to marry up (older, richer, higher status). But by this time, her peers are just hitting their prime. They’ve picked up some wealth and game along the way, and are seeking to exact revenge against the throngs of women now begging for engagement rings. Second, she’s got competition. Those new “alphas” aren’t trying to mess with used goods. They want that 21 year old model. And for a Harvard MBA on Wall Street, that’s not an unrealistic expectation.

The older she gets, the more her singlehood gets scrutinized by men. Why the hell is she still single? Who’s cock has she been sucking all these years? This bitch must be crazy or something. And let’s face it, what virile, successful bachelor wants to entertain a 29 or 30 year old as wifey potential? She’s going to want to become a baby factory right away and rip away the last vestiges of your freedom. I don’t think so. It’s now my time to swing for the fences and bang some of these 21 year olds that I couldn’t bang in college.

In conclusion, a woman’s value is really defined by the type of man who puts a ring on her finger, not the type of guy who will fuck her. It takes a lot of women a long time to understand this, and thus, they overplay their hand. If it wasn’t for the players dogging them out, these women would not get a sense of their true value and start to seek out men who fit within their price range.

One last thing.

I would encourage attractive women to read Greek mythology, especially the story of Icarus. Icarus, with his new but fragile wings, could not resist flying too close to the sun.

Attractive women, with their pretty faces and firm backsides, often can’t break the spell of the intoxicating power that comes along with those attributes. Power’s a hard thing to give up. It’s a lot like winning at the craps table. Some people just don’t know when to quit and cash in their chips. And when they don’t have the good sense to cash in their chips, they often end up just like Icarus–dead in the water.


I hope you all enjoyed that.  Have a good night now...


08 June 2011

What Pussies


Yesterday, I was listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning on my way into work.  Though I like to know what's happening in the world of sports, I'm no sports nut; I only listen to Mike & Mike because that's the best thing on then.  During the show, I heard something that upset me.

Greenie told a story about one of their staffers, a guy they call 'Stats'.  It was the story of Stats that I found, shall we say, disconcerting?

Stats and a bunch of guys from work (i.e. ESPN, which puts on Mike & Mike) were in the car after work; seat belts were fastened, okay?  They were on their way to see the new movie, X-Men, when Stats' wife texts him, and she says she wants to see the movie with him.  Can anyone say shit test?  So what does Stats do?  He tells the guys he can't see the movie because Wifey says so!  Furthermore, the guys with him don't go see it on their own, either.  What's up with that?!

I wouldn't have had a problem if Stats' wife had told him in the days prior that she wanted to see the movie with him; that would have been considerate.  Then, he could have told his fellow workers @ ESPN that his wife wanted to see the movie with him; that he'd be happy to see something else with them; but he and his wife were planning on seeing X-Men together.  Then, his colleagues could have made their plans accordingly.

But, for his wife to text him in the car is over the line!  I'm sorry, but it just is.  What's even more disgraceful is that Stats GAVE IN to her demand!  Here they are in the car; they're belted in; they're ready to pull out to see X-Men; and the wife tells him NOT to go?  Worse than that, the little pussy gives in to her demand?  Come again, Rampart?!

What he should have done was go see the movie.  He should have told his wife that, if she'd wanted to see the movie with him, then she should have told him BEFORE that day; she should have let him know, so he could have let his colleagues know that he and his wife were planning on seeing X-Men.  For her to tell him not to see it when he's ready to go see it is wrong.  What's even more pathetic was that Stats GAVE IN like a good little boy-ugghhh!  Yes, Mommy, I'll do whatever you say!  What a pussy...

Oh, and Greenie & Golic were pathetic too.  They both (and Mike Golic is a former pro football player) said that guys talk tough about being lord of their house; they then went on to say, in effect, if you know what's good for you (as a husband), you do what your wife says; they said that when your wife asks (read tells or bosses you) to do something, you do it.  I've heard 'em say stuff like this before.  I remember Greenie saying one day that, as a man, you cut off your balls and put 'em in your wife's purse.  THIS is what passes for manhood today?!

On Henry Makow's site, Maureen Smith recently asked where the real men went; I'd like to know that myself!  Where are the real men?!  Where are the guys who will put their foot down, and say this is right, and this is wrong?  Where are the men who will stand up and be counted?!  Is it any wonder our country is a matriarchal society?  Is it any wonder we're going down the crapper?  Until next time...


10 February 2011

Mark Sanchez & High School Girl in 'Sack'


For those who follow sports even at a casual level, you've no doubt heard about NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez' alleged relationship with a 17 year old girl.  Well, I have some thoughts about that, which I will share with you now.  I'll intersperse my thoughts among the NY Post article about this.  Here goes...


Jets' Sanchez and HS gal in QB 'sack'

By PERRY CHIARAMONTE in Greenwich, Conn., and DAN MANGAN in NY
Last Updated: 3:38 PM, February 9, 2011
Posted: 1:41 AM, February 9, 2011

She's in high school and dating the star quarterback -- of the Jets!

Superstar Gang Green play caller Mark Sanchez "hooked up" in his New Jersey home last month with a striking 17-year-old Connecticut high-school girl -- whose preppy dad is a super-wealthy financier, a bombshell new report claims.

Sexy rich girl Eliza Kruger not only bragged on Facebook about "MARK F--ING SANCHEZ" texting her after they flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year's Eve -- she also took photos of a mussed-up bed in his boudoir as "proof" of their huddle just days later.

One, Eliza Kruger IS a sexy girl; she's a hot blonde-ow!  If you click the above link to the NY Post article, you'll see a pic of her.  Mr. Sanchez has good taste, I must say.  If I had the chance, I could see myself, er, succumbing to temptation with Miss Eliza Kruger.  She is a hottie, no doubt about it.

Two, here we have an ADMITTEDLY underage girl in a nightclub.  She's 17, while the drinking age is 21.  Whatever you may think about it, the drinking age is 21.  That means she was in the club illegally-duh.  As you might expect, this has never been brought up in any of the reports I heard on ESPN Radio or WFAN in the last 24 hours.

"We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner. He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm," Eliza told Deadspin.com, according to that website, which identified her only as E.K.

Asked if she "hooked up" with the 24-year-old Sanchez that night -- after they dined together at Midtown hotspot Nobu the first week of January -- the Greenwich high-school senior said, "Yeah," albeit somewhat reluctantly, according to Deadspin.

When a Deadspin editor told her he would research the legality, Eliza reportedly replied that the age of sexual consent in New Jersey is "16. I checked."

The young lady knows her stuff, I see.  As one who grew up in NJ, the age of consent is 16 there.  In NY (which, of course, includes NYC), it's 17.  Ergo, if the couple had a 'sack' (sorry, I couldn't resist!), any sexual relationship between Mr. Sanchez and Miss Kruger was legal in either state.  Since the couple allegedly went back to Sanchez' place (Mr. Sanchez lives near the Jets' practice facility in NJ), it would have been more than legal with Miss Kruger.  This hasn't been brought up, let alone emphasized, on the sports talk shows.

"He's a really nice guy, you know," Eliza told the site. "He's one of the kindest people, and he's a genuine person."

I and other people like Mark Sanchez too-especially his teammates.  I think he's a good guy.

Eliza's dad is Konrad "Chip" Kruger, a partner in the Stamford, Conn., financial firm Five Mile Capital Partners, who court records show received a $48 million bonus, severance and a deferred-compensation package when he left the firm Greenwich Capital in 2000.

He also was in a partnership that in 2005 bought 78 percent of the commercial real-estate subsidiary of General Motors Corp. -- at a cost of $500 million.

"The return on this investment is potentially staggering," wrote a Connecticut divorce-court judge in 2006, dissolving the marriage of Konrad and Eliza's mother, Marie Kruger.

While married, the couple had homes in Greenwich and Massachusetts as well as a "manor house" in London. They also summered on Cape Cod, divorce re cords show.

What, pray tell me, does THIS have to do with anything?  I can understand a little background info on Eliza's dad, but I don't get the rest of this.  What does this have to do with the story, which is about the alleged relationship between Eliza Kruger and Mark Sanchez?  The fact that she's from Greenwich, CT is all we need to know, since that's one of the WEALTHIEST towns in all of America.  By telling us she's from Greenwich, CT, we already know that she and her family are loaded; anyone living in Greenwich, CT is loaded-duh!

Eliza told Deadspin that Sanchez continued contacting her after they went to his home.

"He would send me a text at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday asking if I was out that night," she told Deadspin.

"But I'd be, like, I have school tomorrow."

In fact, Eliza told the site, Sanchez last texted her at 2 a.m. on Jan. 24 wanting to know if she was going out, hours after he returned from Pittsburgh, where the Jets lost in the AFC Championship.

Deadspin posted photos from Eliza that showed a room with a mussed-up bed, football helmets -- including a Jets one and one from Sanchez's alma mater of Southern Cal -- and a montage of photos on a picture titled, "I love you Tio [Uncle] Mark."

Deadspin reported that Eliza claimed she met Sanchez on New Year's Eve at the Manhattan nightclub Lavo, where he approached her to chat, flirt and get her BlackBerry number.

"You know I'm 17, right," she told Sanchez, according to the site.

Sanchez allegedly replied, "Well, we can still talk. But I can't see you until you're 18," Deadspin reported.

See, Mr. Sanchez WAS using his head; he was going to refrain from seeing Miss Kruger until...

Eliza then shot back, "Actually, 17 is legal in New York," the site reported.

She was CLEARLY in the know here; she clearly knows about the, er, facts of life.  Sounds to me that she's rather, uh, 'advanced', if you know what I mean.  She's not only in a trendy, Manhattan nightclub illegally; she's practically telling Mark Sanchez she wants to bang him!  If she wasn't inviting him to ravish her, pray tell me, what WAS she trying to say?  Anybody care to tell me that?  She's basically saying here, "Take me; I'm yours..."

However, if you listen to the sports stations in the morning (I do, because there's nothing better on then), you won't hear ANY of this.  No, they're trying to paint Mark Sanchez as a predatory man, while painting Miss Kruger as this innocent, virginal princess.  It's disgusting!

For example, I was listening to ESPN All Night with Jason Smith.  I awoke early, which is why I'm posting this in the middle of the week.  Anyway, Smith was going on about how Sanchez could have anyone he wanted; he could have a super model; what's he doing with a little high school girl?  Though that's not an exact quote, it's close.

They don't say that she's a hot blonde.  She's a cutie!  Those sanctimonious media pricks don't bother pointing that out!  They don't say that she's a rich girl who'd be an appropriate match for a rich, famous athlete.  They don't say that Eliza Kruger is a high school senior; all they say is that she's a 'high school girl.  Depending on her school's age cutoff, she'll be 18 in a matter of months; she'll be 18 before the summer is over.  That means that, in a matter of months, she'll be able to vote, serve her country, and almost any other thing adults in America can do.  So, what's the problem?  Again, those sanctimonious media pricks don't bother doing their job, and telling the public the REST of the story!  They make me sick...

You know what I think?  I think a lot of these media pricks are jealous.  They're jealous of the fact that, even as media personalities, they wouldn't have a PRAYER of landing someone like Eliza Kruger-not a prayer!  To even have a chance of landing a hottie like her, a man will have to be rich, famous, and handsome.  That's just to be in the running!  That doesn't guarantee you'll GET someone as hot as Eliza Kruger; it just means you'll have a chance to get a hottie like her.  These media pricks know that they don't cut the mustard, and they're jealous of a guy who can.  As Clint Eastwood once said, a man's got to know his limitations...

She also reportedly told the website that Sanchez gave her and a friend tickets to the Jets-Bills regular-season finale on Jan. 2, several days before she met him at Nobu.

That's a nice gesture, I must say.  Since football players only have a limited number of tickets to give to family and friends, I think it's fair to say that Mark Sanchez liked Eliza.  I'm not so sure after she told the world about them though...

A Jets spokesman said the team would not comment on Sanchez's personal life. Sanchez couldn't be reached for comment.

After this past year, I wouldn't want the NY Jets' spokeman's job for any amount of money!  They've had plenty of issues, both on and off the field, over the past year...

At her Greenwich house, Eliza's mom said, "I don't think she wants to talk. We're really trying to shut this down."

Good luck with that in the 21st Century!  The world has certainly changed with the advent of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Those are my thoughts on Mark Sanchez' relationship with Eliza Kruger.  Have a good day now...