28 May 2013

I SHOULD Have Known...


There will be nothing happening with Blanca, because her number is NOT a working number.  Yes, I got a wrong number.  I can't believe it, because her body language revealed classic IOIs.  That hasn't happened to me since-I don't know when.  I know it's been a lot of years though; the last time I can remember this happening was high school.

I was going to ask Blanca out to mini-golf this coming Saturday.  In a way, I'm kinda glad that won't happen, because an area motorcycle dealership has a nice, brand new leftover Burgman scooter I'm just DYING to check out!  Now that I won't have to bother with the date, I can go check out that nice two wheeler, and maybe buy it; after all, I don't have to check in with the wife first, hehehe...

Perhaps it's just as well she flaked, because she was probably a single mom; Blanca had two kids in tow at the rink.  Relationships are hard enough without throwing single mama drama into the mix.  I don't need that BS in my life!  Still, my biology gets the better of me sometimes; my desire for female companionship and sex still rears its ugly head now and then...

Oh well, I had a great time skating, and I'll have a great time skating again soon-yes!  I'm getting my legs and my moves back; I'm looking and feeling good.  At the end of the day, that's all that matters...

Well, have a good night.  I'll have more to post in the near future...

27 May 2013

Importance of Having Fun While Trolling for Babes


I'm not a big devotee of Game, but I have read up on it; I've also applied Game principles to my life when and where they may be of some benefit.  IOW, I've used Game to learn some things as part of my Red Pill education, not to chase pussy.  I don't spend every waking hour trying to bed some filthy, disease ridden bar skank; meaningless sex never appealed to me.  Having said that, it has opened my eyes about women and stuff like that.  To buttress that point, I shall tell you a little story.

This past weekend, like every weekend, I went to the local skating rink.  I've loved and enjoyed skating for years, and I still do.  They say that you're supposed to stop doing it once you leave your teens, but I never got that memo.  I enjoy it; I'm good at it; and it's good exercise; that's why I do it.

I took a layoff from skating for a few years.  It's taken me a couple of years to really get my legs back and really get good again.  After my mom died last year, I made up my mind that I was NOT going to take a chemical cocktail of meds to control blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.; I was going to be proactive, start exercising, and control those issues that way.  It's worked well.

However, they say that, if you want to stick with your exercise regimen, then pick something you enjoy.  For me, this is skating.  At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I can skate better than most people can walk; I'm serious!  It's taken me a year or so to get my legs and technique back, but they're back, baby!  I've also made a couple of new friends skating.  The other two guys are MGTOW bachelors; one is older than me, and the other is a few years younger.  Anyway, I go skating 2-3 times a week, and it's good, fun exercise.  My blood pressure is normal and all that.  However, that's not why I'm telling you this; this is just to set the stage.

Because I'm a good skater, it enabled me to meet cute, Spanish or Italian chick who's a cutie.  For this post, I'll call her Blanca.  I saw her standing by the wall (watching her kid, I think), so I struck up a conversation with her.  She immediately remarked about how good a skater I was, to which I confidently but humbly said thank you.  Then, she asked me how long I'd been doing it, and I told her many years, which is basically the truth.  Then she went out on the floor; once I got my breath back, I did too.

When I saw her on the floor, I made sure she saw me, and I did an easy but impressive looking move that takes you from forward to backwards.  What you do is put one foot out in front of the other (make sure the trailing foot is where you're going to turn, so your legs don't get tangled up; IOW, if you're going to do this to the right, make sure your right foot is back); put the weight on the balls of your feet; then shift the hips and shoulders in the direction you wish to turn.  It look like you're quickly pivoting from forwards to backwards on the front wheels of your inline skates.  It's an easy move to do, but it looks cool; it also impresses the chicks!

After doing that, I skated away.  Without knowing it, I was doing some push-pull as the PUAs say.  I'd talk to her, skate by her, then go away.  I just did my own thing, hung out with my boys, and included Blanca in my world when I felt like it.

A while later, I saw her over on a bench a ways away taking off her skates.  I skated over to her, and asked her if she was calling it a night.  She said she was.  I asked her if she'd ever come to the rink before (I hadn't seen her; believe me, I would have REMEMBERED this one!), and she said it was her first time.  I sat down to talk to her a bit.  As I did, she turned towards me, leaned in, and licked her lips-yes!  She told me where she was from, stuff like that; we exchanged a bit more small talk when I asked for her number.  Well, I didn't exactly ask for it; I politely told her to give it to me; I said before you go, why don't you give me your number.  She did without hesitation.  She left, and I was pleased.  I knew by her body language that I had a good shot at getting it.

So, what's the lesson here?  One, chicks DIG confidence; they lap it up like a thirsty dog laps up water on a hot, August day.  Two, don't go out with the express intent to get a chick; do something you like and enjoy, something that you'll have fun doing regardless of whether or not you meet a woman.  Three, do something you're good at; do something you enjoy; do something that brings out your confidence.  For me, this is skating.  My skating skills gave me an 'in' with a nice looking chica, a chica I plan on seeing again.

I decided to write about this because, on Return of Kings (an excellent blog, BTW), there was a post about NOT buying a chick dinner.  One of the commenters said that he took chicks out to an activity instead; he'd take 'em to go bowling, shoot pool, or play mini-golf.  These activities are fun, lighthearted, and cheaper than dinner.  Oh, BTW, even if you don't hit it off with the girl, you'll still have a good time anyway.  In response, I chimed in about my experience.  After doing so, I thought I would post about this.

As I said, I'm not a hardcore devotee to PUA or Game.  I've learned enough to advance my Red Pill education and grease the wheels of my social life, but that's it; I don't spend every waking minute chasing pussy.  I'm still going to live my life; I'm still going to do the same things I've always done; only now I'll do 'em better.  I'll use my knowledge of Game to meet chicks like Blanca on Saturday evening.  I got her number, and I'm confident that I'll get at least one date out of the deal.

So, what did we learn, Fellas?  One, be confident.  Two, you can only be confident by picking an activity you enjoy and are good at; for me this is skating, but it could be something different for you; whatever activity you pick with the hope of meeting women, make sure you're HEAD TURNING good!  You want to show your alpha, as it were. Three, don't make chicks your focus; do your thing, and if she wants to join you, fine; otherwise, just keep doing your thing, and doing it with your boys.  Four, when you do something you're good at and enjoy, you'll feel and look good doing it; your confidence will come out; as I said above, this will make you look more alpha to the object of your desire.  Five, chicks will find this attractive.  When I sat down with Blanca on the bench, she immediately turned towards me, leaned in, and licked her lips; she immediately displayed some classic IOIs (indicators of interest).  Six, don't wait!  If you see someone you want and think might be into you, go after it with confidence.  Don't follow her around like a puppy dog; do some push-pull by talking to her, then leaving, then returning to talk to her later.  If she shows interest, go for the number or make plans on the spot.  If you snooze, you'll lose...

You see, I'd already had a good time Saturday night; no matter what happened with Blanca, I still would have been happy.  I got my back step back, and I was looking & feeling good on my skates; I had a good workout; and it was good to see my boys again.  I'd already had a good night, so getting Blanca's number was icing on the cake.  Also, I've been a member of the Latin American Cupid dating site, and that's been good too; I've learned that, if one woman doesn't work out, well, there are a ton of others out there; I'll do a post on that soon.  Anyway, I didn't have any care if Blanca gave me her number or not, so I was totally cool and confident with her; not having that 'oneitis' makes a huge difference!

Now, I don't know where things will go with this woman.  It felt good just to catch a cutie's eye, get her number, and have the possibility of more.  I don't know.  She had a couple of kids in tow, so I'm not taking things beyond a certain point; I know better than that!  Even so, this chick is cuter than Maria (the gal at work, if you'll remember)-a lot cuter.  Just catching her eye felt good.  Part of me would like to see if I can bang her (i.e. Blanca)!  We'll see what happens...

In closing, I had a great night this past Saturday night.  Not only did I have a great skating session; I met a cute Spanish or Italian chica who's into me-yeah!  I got her attention by using some basic, if not rudimentary, Game principles.  However, I didn't go out skating with the intent of meeting anyone; I would have done it anyway, because it's part of my health maintenance routine.  There are certain nights I go skating; when they roll around, I'm at the rink-end of story.  I picked an activity I like and enjoy, an activity I'm good at, so this allows me to showcase my inner alpha, as it were.  Just doing something you like, enjoy, and are good at will grow your confidence, and this will carry over to other facets of your life.  If you can do that, you'll start meeting chicks; once you start meeting chicks and getting somewhere with them, your confidence will grow, you'll get more chicks, your confidence will grow more, and so on.  Until next time...


24 May 2013

Franz Klammer's Gold Medal Run


This is my FAVORITE sporting memory!  It's Franz Klammer's gold medal run in the 1976 Winter Olympics.  I was 14 years old when I saw this, and I can still remember where I was, what I was doing, everything.  Why does this stick in my mind?  Give me a minute, and I'll answer that question.

The reason I love this is because Klammer was flat out going for it; he was in total attack mode.  It was clear that he was either going to be a hero, or he was going to the hosptial-if he was lucky!  There was no in-between.  I like and respect a man who literally lays EVERYTHING on the line to win, and that's what Franz Klammer did here.

As you'll see in the video's prelude, downhill skiing is dangerous.  Men get hurt; men die.  It has been said that downhill skiing is the original extreme sport, and I cannot argue with that.

With that, let's watch one of the most astounding sporting feats you will ever see!  When you consider that Klammer did this on those old, heavy wooden skis they used back then, his feat is even more astounding.  Franz Klammer had balls of steel; he had to to do what he did in 1976.  Even after all these years (37), I still get chills watching this; even though I know the outcome, I still get chills watching this.  Thanks to YouTube, I still can; you can too.  Enjoy...

As I said, Franz Klammer had balls of steel to do this.  He risked life and limb to win the gold; he didn't play it safe like so many racers do today; THAT is why this is one of my favorite sporting memories...


19 May 2013

In Search of Noah's Ark


Here's a film I've been trying, literally, to find for years; I've finally found it!  I remember seeing this film when I was teenager, and I never, ever forgot it.  Since finding it on YouTube, I've watched it all the way through once, and I expect I will do so again.  As the narrator says in the beginning of the documentary, this truly WAS one of the most incredible films I have ever seen; if it hadn't been, why would I remember it 37 years later?

Please keep in mind that this film was made in 1976, which is why the computer technology, to put it politely, is archaic bordering on ancient.  Nevertheless, it's a good film about one of mankind's most enduring stories, and it brings forth evidence that we seldom, if ever, are told.  For example, did you know that there have been numerous sightings of the ark on Mount Ararat?  There have been.

Without any further ado, enjoy the film, In Search of Noah's Ark...

13 May 2013

Leo Tolstoy's Thoughts on Marriage


I was reading more of the "Fu*$ked Company" thread (excerpts of which Happyghost posted on the MGTOW forum) when I saw these quotes by Leo Tolstoy. Looks like marriage has been a big risk for men for a long, long time...


"Tie yourself up with a woman, and like a chained convict, you lose all freedom . . . If you only know what women in general are! Egotism, vanity, silliness, triviality in everything. That's what women are when they show themselves as they really are...No, don't marry, my dear friend. Don't marry!"
--- Leo Tolstoy, "War and Peace"

"Women are generally stupid, but the devil lends her brains when she works for him. Then she accomplishes miracles of thinking, farsightedness, constancy, in order to do something
--- Leo Tolstoy 1898


The last quote was from 1898. As I said, marriage is a big, big risk for men, and it has been for a long, long time. Oh well, feminism LIBERATED us from that-yes! Until next time...


10 May 2013

A Natural Player


I was going through some of my old Mancoat posts in search of posting material. After all, I posted a lot of good stuff before starting this blog; that, and I couldn't leave my with & wisdom buried-ha! Anyway, here's SquarePeg telling us about his uncle, a natural player if there ever were one...


You all know the story of how I got BBD'd, and how it drove me to this forum.

So I was telling my uncle this story he says I don't know how to deal with women and that's why it happened. Which is true to a certain extent but perhaps not as much as he implied.

Anyway, him and I are complete opposites, and his life story perfectly illustrates how players work and how dumb women are (because they act on their basic emotions and have no long-term thinking ability):

Me: 26, never had a woman. Responsible, not overweight, successful, well-paying job, good education, treats women with respect, not a player.
Him: 35, has four different children from four different women. And these women weren't exactly trash either...one of them has a PhD, and all of them are average or above average looking. Now, he's living with woman #5 and she is working 12 hours a day to pay his rent and pay for his car. He has no education, been evicted from several different apartments, been arrested for domestic abuse (although he's not a criminal), is hated by all the mothers of all of his children, swears at his mother, has an extreme victim mentality and never accepts responsibility for his actions, very poor with money (doesn't have a job yet asking me which plasma TV he should buy with his government assistance). He has never held down a real job for more than a couple months in his entire life. He is overweight and has no eating discipline.

Point being, women gravitate towards guys like him, they think he is a good guy to be with and they dump their current boyfriends for him. When he talks to women, he comes off as "funny", "smooth", and "charming", causing them to completely ignore the fact that his is not an honorable man. He is a smooth talker and a master bullshitter, and gullible women (sometimes even my mom) fall for his garbage with ease. I am left to conclude that 99.9% of women fall for facade, game, and gimmick, instead of quality.

Is this what we must become in order to get women? What the hell is wrong with this system? This proves unequivocally that women do not care about quality, they only respond to the tactics of players. Or more accurately, only men who are skilled at making women feel emotionally attracted to them will get women. And these are the very men who are least likely to make good husbands and fathers. (taken from THE RULES)

He swears up and down that what he does is not a game, he's just "being himself". Which in a way may be true in the sense that these tactics are so ingrained in him that they are subconscious and he is not aware when he is manipulating female emotions through specific actions, postures, ways of speech, and words. Nevertheless, whatever one wishes to call it, he has it, and he can bag women left and right.

When I tell this story to my mom and my sister, they give the typical "Oh, but look at the kind of women he gets. You don't want those kind of women!". That's nonsense. The women he gets are normal women. They are the same as all the others. This "you don't want to attract those kind of girls" line, I believe, is simply a tactic women use to make themselves feel better than other women. When in fact, 99.9% of women would fall for his games.



Guys, it's like I always say: chicks do NOT want a good man; they want the worst scumbag that they can find! That's who gets their panties hot & wet, not being a gentleman. Until next time...


07 May 2013

Chris in Oregon's Thoughts on America's Loss of Men


Many of us have said that Christopher in Oregon should have his own blog, and this post will show us why. In this post, which was a comment to a post I made long ago, Chris talks about how & why America has lost its manhood. His comment was in response to a question I had for Anna's comment about America losing her men. I asked how so, since I wasn't sure of what she'd meant. Chris answered my question, and he did so powerfully & persuasively. Chris, my friend, I hope you get your own blog one of these days...



America IS losing its men, and through a number of different ways. Many men have been emasculated by society and/or their wives/mothers. Many men have retreated from women and responsibilities after having been shafted by their wives. Many other men, like both you and I, have simply withdrawn, and live for ourselves even though we never married.

Men increasingly no longer take any interest in what happens to our society, and even less when it comes to family and wives. There has been a fundamental withdrawing of men from their traditional roles, and it's only going to become more pronounced. Soon, women will only have the government to turn to, as men will have all but completely walked away.

Traditionally, American men have always been patriotic. If we felt there was a threat to our country, we usually willingly fought to protect our society, and our families from any external threat.

I was discussing war and the military and the like with some conservative friends of mine recently. The question was asked, more or less, "Since feminism changed our society completely, which of us would be willing to fight in the military to defend the U.S.?"

(Or, as Makow put it recently, "Would you take a bullet for a feminist?")

Funny thing. We're all gun-toting, traditional conservatives, and a pretty rational, sober lot of thinkers. All of us started laughing, and the conversation got real serious fast. We all agreed that because women, and also the state and the church, have turned against men so viciously, none of us would be willing to lay down our lives to fight for the U.S.

We all made comments along the lines that we felt the U.S. should just rot, and women should enjoy the fruits of their labors. In other words, let women fight the next war. The conversation was pretty sobering. Every one of us said, essentially, "Fuck women. Let them take care of themselves."

Yeah, let them take care of themselves indeed! After all, women have been crowing about how they can do anything a man can do, and do it better, etc.

Twenty years ago, this type of talk would never have gotten off the ground. I would never have talked that way, either. Women will never realize what they have lost until it's too late, and it's too late now.

I know what you mean how, twenty years ago, how such talk would never have gotten off the ground. We would have been ASHAMED to talk that way; it would have been heresy! I never would have talked that way, either, Chris. That said, that's how I feel; I couldn't give damn about women anymore. If they're not blood relatives or one of the FEW decent women I know, then they can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned...

I have to commute around town quite often by bus, and we also have a very extensive light rail and street car system, as well. It never ceases to amaze me how rarely men allow women to board the train or bus first, and how they almost never offer their seats to women, ESPECIALLY the younger (under 40ish) ones. I was raised to always be chivalrous, and I still marvel at the changes in men. So often the women, young and old, look so bewildered when men push past them to grab a seat. Nobody seems to care.

I never offer my seat to women anymore, either; even if she's pregnant, I won't offer my seat. Why do so, when she probably got knocked up by some bad boy? Why give up a seat to her, when she'd probably SPIT at a good guy who surrendered his seat for her? She probably views such conduct as weakness anyway?

If I were to see a REAL lady, then I might be inclined to offer my seat to her.  Then again, real ladies have gone the way of the Dodo bird; they're all but extinct now.  What is a lady?  For me, it's like pornography; I know one when I SEE one.  Since we men should want to reinforce good behavior amongst women, then we should reward them for it-though it rarely happens these days...

Ah, well. This is just the beginning. Do you remember that mass murder that took place at a University in Canada in '89, I believe, when the killer told all of the men, both students and faculty, to leave the room, and then proceeded to kill most of the female students. Interesting stuff. None of the men made any attempt to protect the women, and ALL of them just walked away knowing the women were going to be killed. Makow wrote about that recently.

I believe you're referring to Marc Lepine. Well, women said that they no longer wanted those brutish, masculine, sexist, chauvinist pigs, right? They said that they wanted us to be sensitive, new age guys, didn't they? Seems to me like they got what they said they wanted...


Ah, well. Women are just beginning to reap the benefits of their freedom. What does the Bible say about reaping what you sow....?

Galatians 6:7 says: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Just wait, ladies, until men go from being indifferent about your plight to hating you. My, oh, my. Now, THAT should be entertaining.

Yes, it WILL be entertaining! I will be rejoicing with much schadenfreude as this unfolds...

Kinda sucks, eh?

Not really-not when bitches will be getting their just deserts...

Christopher in Oregon


That was a good post, and I enjoyed interspersing my thoughts amongst Chris'...


06 May 2013

Review of Confessions of an Online Hustler


Matt Forney was kind enough to send me a copy of his book, Confessions of an Online Hustler: How to Make Money & Become an Internet Superstar, for review.  His book, if followed, WILL enable you to make money online.  However, Mr. Forney doesn't blow sunshine up your ass and say it'll be easy, either; if anything, he lays out just how much effort it'll take to become an Internet superstar.  Hint: it'll be a lot, and it'll probably take a few attempts before you become successful.

He then recounts Roosh V's history.  Did you know that he's had at least two or three previous blogs?  I didn't!  I just thought he'd always had his present site, RooshV.  He largely uses RooshV as an example of how to make money online, and why not?  He was one of the first and still is one of the best at doing so, so it only makes sense to study Roosh's example.

One thing I really liked about his book is that I found myself laughing constantly; this is one entertaining read.  For example, in the intro section, he says on page 5: "In my years of blogging and lurking, I've watched sites come and go like herpes sores."  I laughed my ass off when I read that!

That said, the book isn't all fun & games; it's very much a how-to manual about making money online.  Unlike many self help books though, Mr. Forney isn't overly condescending or upbeat.  He just lays out what to do, how to do it, when, with whom, etc.  For example, he has an entire section juxtaposting Blogger vs. Wordpress.  He has another section on which hosting service is best, which one permits the most freedom, etc.  He tells you all about this, so you won't have to find out on your own, wasting precious time and effort; that alone makes the book worth the price.

However (and Matt makes no bones about this), the book won't teach you about HTML or CSS.  He does though point you to excellent resources that will teach you the aforementioned languages, but he doesn't cover them himself.  Mr. Forney says (and I agree) that you don't have to know HTML to do a blog; all you need is a few basics, which is all I've ever needed over the years doing this site.  Knowing some basics can help you troubleshoot a formatting problem, say when a line of text won't print where you want it to.

What I liked best about the book is this: it'll answer the question for you about whether or not you want to make money online; are you really willing to do what it takes?  For me, the answer is no.  I started this blog with the intent of saying things about men's issues that others weren't saying.  Back then, the major Manosphere heavyweight was Eternal Bachelor; if he and his contemporaries didn't comment on something, then I'd have a go at it.  My desire is still the same; I wish to comment on things others aren't saying, or to say them in a way no one else is saying them.  I was never about making money; all I wanted to do was vent my thoughts online, share them with other people, and influence a few of them in the process.  I have, so that's enough for me.

In closing, if you want to be an Internet superstar, Matt Forney's book, Confessions of an Online Hustler, will show you how to do it; he provides an excellent road map to do this, so you don't have to waste time stumbling about trying to find your way.  He doesn't say it'll be easy to make money online; if anything, Mr. Forney does an excellent job of highlighting how much WORK you'll have to put in to make it happen.  This is a great self-help book, one that is both serious and entertaining; you'll learn and laugh at the same time!  Even if you never start a blog but want to learn more about it, the book is an excellent read.  Most importantly, it'll help you figure out: 1) if you really want to make money online; 2) if you're willing to do what it takes (and it'll take plenty); 3) how to do it.  I would urge everyone here to read Matt Forney's excellent book; it'll be time well spent.  Thanks, and have a nice day!


04 May 2013

AF on Religion & Morals as Constraints on Human Conduct


Recently, there was a good piece on The Spearhead about how girls are going absolutely GAGA over Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, aka the Boston Bomber.  The post is good, and I would encourage you all to read it; then the comment that follows will make more sense.  While there were a lot of good comments, a chap by the name of AF nailed it-just nailed it.  Here's his comment, with a thought or two from me...


This is precisely why “never worship false idols” is such good advice.

I’m not Christian, before anyone starts quoting the Bible at me again, but I can see quite clearly that when culture swapped from worshipping divine and therefore perfect images, e.g. Gods, saints, angels etc, and went instead to worshipping human and therefore flawed creatures, e.g. celebrities, rich people, “hot” members of the opposite sex, everything went to hell.

Part of the social engineering plan of the last 50 years or so has been to scrap religion, and to instead idealise and worship sex, relationships and sexually attractive people, to the extent we are encouraged to see these things as almost mystical, transcendental. The overriding message we hear again and again and again is “hot woman + hot man + hot sex = astonishing transformational happiness.”

There is no longer any emphasis on aspiring to anything higher than base physicality. Man as a spiritual creature with higher ideals has been extinguished. We are taught to find our meaning and higher purpose through other, equally imperfect and flawed, human beings, and it doesn’t work.

What you say about the nature of women is more or less true. But then, men have morally questionable lusts too. Women may be attracted to violent men because violence connotes power, and men may be attracted to 15-year-old girls, because youth connotes fertility. Are either of these things morally impressive? No. But they’re just a fact of life, which make perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

The fact human nature can often be base and amoral is really irrelevant. “Nature” is given too much credence where it comes to sex. So we’re attracted to unsuitable people, so what? It doesn’t mean we have to do anything about it. The whole point of civilization and of human intelligence is for people to control and channel natural impulses in a way that is most beneficial to them and to their families, society and culture, This represents what most cultures call morality. Living a moral life is and has always been recognised as hard and a struggle – if it were easy, all the major religions wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to control and enforce it.

This brings us to the vital crux of the situation we’re in now; our culture has become morally insane. We have stopped imposing moral limits on anyone’s behaviour, specifically their sexual behaviour, as this would be “oppressive” and “intolerant”. Instead, we practise and preach ‘safe sex’ – which basically means you can behave as immorally as you like, provided it is sterile and hygienic.

Nobody wants to accept that there is an important dimension to sexual behaviour above and beyond the physical ramifications. Nobody wants to confront the notion that doing whatever you like sexually is not okay and is profoundly destructive, even if you don’t get syphilis or an unwanted kid.

Everyone is terrified of stating: “you shouldn’t do this because it’s wrong”. That’s why unfettered sexual licence shouldn’t exist; not because of unplanned pregnancies, not because of diseases, but because it’s wrong; and a first-class ticket to an unseamed and insane culture.

Ah, but to say that something is wrong is to be 'judgmental', and that's bad.  Never mind the fact that those shouting the 'judgmental' epithet are being judgmental themselves!  Ah, the hypocrisy of libtards never ceases to amaze me...

Other posters have suggested that men used to idealise women to enable them to commit and work hard to support the family. This is absolutely wrong. Men committed to women and supported families because it was widely recognised and understood as being the right thing to do, the moral thing to do. This is the same reason women committed. Plus, both sexes had to demonstrate the skills and practical applications to be a good spouse – a job and means to support a family if you were a man, and homemaking skills if you were a woman. Both parties had to be considered to be “of good character” by the other’s family. People couldn’t get married simply because they thought the other one was “hot” or because they were “in love”, as it is now. They had to prove themselves.

This is was the 'social contract' that once existed...

Can anyone honestly think men in the past never argued with their wives, never got annoyed with them, never lusted after anyone else, even after decades of marriage and several kids? Of course they did. Husbands and wives didn’t idealise each other; that is very much a modern invention, necessary after we scrapped religion and God. Any ancient text, be it religious, philosophical or whatever has elucidated again and again the imperfections of mankind and the imperfect ways in which the sexes relate. The point is to find the arrangements that work best.

As I said, the point isn’t what men and women’s “nature” may or may not be. The point is for society as a whole to set moral standards and expect people to adhere to them, with penalties if they don’t. We have given up setting any moral standards, therefore we have given up having a viable culture based on healthy relations between the sexes.


I thought that was good stuff, so I shared it with my readers.  Stay tuned; there are more posts on the way!  Until next time...


02 May 2013

An E-Mail I Received


After spending a relaxing holiday weekend down in South Jersey with my late mother four years ago, I found this e-mail waiting for me. The writer, who I'll call Greg, said it was up to me what I did with his message, so I'm publishing it. The writer's name has been changed for reasons that will become apparent as you read it.

BTW, I am not unmarried because I am wise; I'm not. I'm unmarried solely by the grace of God. I WANTED to be married, but I was never that successful with women. They didn't ignore me, but I was never a threat to become the next Casanova, either. My present single status is more by God's grace than it is by any smarts I may or may not possess.

Without any further ado, let's read Greg's e-mail to me. You'll find it to be quite sobering and enlightening all at the same time...


Hi MarkyMark,

I am a long time lurker on your site and have read many of your comments and blog posts. I respect the fact that you have never been married and have no plans to do so and I wish I had been so wise. I am writing you to let you know what one man had to pay for freedom and hopefully share the true cost of same with you. It's up to you what you do with this story. Anyway as you probably get a lot of these I'll try to mark the highlights and skip a lot of the extraneous junk...

I'm a deadbeat dad!!! (light your torches - gasoline in 89, 91, and 95 octane is available in your choice of containers). Yep, I've got three kids and I'm behind on my child kidnapping payments by probably 10 grand at present and considerably more behind on alimony and her lawyer fees. I skipped the country rather than be jailed for all of the above compounding my crimes. A runaway slave is the worst kind of slave - one that absolutely refuses to serve his massa. My reasons were simple... if the state forces me not to be a father, then I will not pretend to be one. I will certainly not pay 75% of my take home pay to someone who hates me and actively tries to have me jailed every single day under threat of violence. Since I can't see my children anyway, it became a choice of not seeing them from jail or not seeing them from where I am now. The choice wasn't all that hard. It is my hope that as things get worse in the U.S. more men will make this move but the rest of the world is very unwelcoming to such as I and you take a great many risks that most men simply do not have the balls to take. Oh well. My only advice - have a job lined up and remember that working for peanuts in a third world country is better than living as a slave in a first world country.

Snippets of advice for those who jump ship:

*Most of the world doesn't even realize that county "family" court even exists much less the real implications of same. Your "civil" violations won't mean jack shit to places like Cambodia, Chile, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia, China, etc. so shut up, stop whining, and live. The cops of Paraguay don't care your nation labels you a deadbeat.

*You won't be able to renew your passport so treat as you would your heart in a jar. If you lose it or it gets damaged you're dead, period.

*Women from around the world look better than anything back in the states, cost less unless you're totally stupid, and are much more easily disposed of.

*Before any man gets into a relationship with a woman in the U.S. have him travel to Manila, Pattaya, Rio, or someplace else for a full month. See the women there. Have several. It will change the way you view American women *forever*.

*Get a teaching certificate or such. CELTA, PGCE, or such so you can teach English. Whatever paper pushing job you do now won't be in demand in the third world country but your ability to speak English will be. If you are a tradesmen such as a plumber, electrician, etc. cheaper folk do your job so forget it - get the CELTA. If you are programmer who works from home - great - have the money you make target accounts in a foreign bank and work for a company abroad. If you can swing it somehow to make 1st world wages in a place like Thailand or Brazil you are king. If you are a pilot or professional diver - what the heck are doing living in the U.S.? Get out, live, earn all your money tax free, and expat already!!!

*Internalize "Who the fuck cares". Consider that your being jailed is inevitable (and it is as long as the United States is a living, breathing country). You'll get sick, you'll lose your passport, you'll run out of money, something. Internalize it, know it, and get over it. Freedom is in the mind and there are plenty of prisoners who walk around "free" every day of their lives and plenty of prisoners who are freer than them. Personally i'd rather be in jail than married to a American woman again.

"Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support." - Bo├ętie

Powerful stuff, wasn't it? I thought so, which is why I posted it. Until next time...


01 May 2013

Chris in Oregon on Older Women


Chris in Oregon left this comment in response to an old post. Actually, it was three comments, thanks to Blogger's new limit on comment length; he wrote it in three parts. Anyway, it was so good that I'm posting it here...


Actually, I just read the entire article, and have a few thoughts, none of which are particularly earth-shattering. I just feel like pontificating, as the weather is nightmarishly hot this week, and there ain't no goin' outside for me.

This is so like women. They are so self-obsessed, they can't see down the road and ponder the consequences of their actions. They only care about their own personal gratification, not realizing that they might be the one's who are the losers in the long run by rejecting traditional family.

I hear the pain in this woman's voice, so to speak, but still, it's all "me, me, me, I want, I want, I want...."

Tough bananas, baby. Life ain't all roses, and we all make choices. Now, I've made choices in life, most good, some not so good. But, I live with the consequences of my choices, and don't whine about it. It is what it is.

A woman, on the other hand, is not prepared to accept responsibility for the decisions she has made. She wants someone to magically make it better. She foolishly waited to try and have kids until she was an OLD HAG, then wonders why it won't work.

Uh, duh!

Leave some eggs in your refrigerator for twenty years, and you'll understand the problem. Simple lesson: EGGS WILL ROT OVER TIME!

Here is a well-educated professional woman who doesn't understand this basic fact? I know women have been sold a bill of goods, but how dumb can you get?

Face it: Nature doesn't want CRUSTY OLD WOMEN having children! Basic biology, folks, and I'm no expert on biology. It's just common sense! Nature wants a woman around long enough to care for her off-spring, and she can't very well do that properly if she's spending her time having bypass surgery, cleaning her dentures, and sorting through her wrinkles!

Old women were not designed to breed!

Old women are supposed to be.....old women. Crabby old women. Ugly old women. Nasssssty old tobacco-chewin' women.

She has forgotten her place in life. She missed her opportunity, and now she regrets it. Suck it up, sister! A woman should be done spewing out babies by the time she is thirty, and no later. By forty, a woman is OLD! Look around you. Look at the forty-year-old women you see every day. See any of them you want to screw? Any of them? Didn't think so. (Blow-jobs aren't good either- their dentures might lock up on your weinie! Imagine THAT 911 call!)

Dude, you cracked me up with that one!!

Nature makes women BUTT UGLY fairly early in life to prevent them from breeding. Kind of hard to get pregnant if you're so gruesome no man in his right mind can get a boner over your appearance. But, women, in their arrogance, fail to realize that men are stimulated VISUALLY!

If you look like an old hag, then the penis just naturally will NOT stand to attention. You've got to have some sort of good looks to get our motors running, ladies, and if you look like a bag of wrinkly cellulite, then you had better face it- no one wants you! Contrary to the lie feminists have been telling you, fifty is NOT the new thirty! A fifty-year-old woman has less sex appeal than a sheep. (Ask anyone in Montana.)

What is it about Montana people & sheep, eh? That's like the second time you've said that...

I am constantly amazed at the post-forty women that have come on to me lately. Give me a break! Do they think I'm blind?


There is truly nothing more preposterous, pathetic and downright sickening than an old woman who is trying to be seductive.

Ick, ick, ick!

There ought to be a law against such behavior!

I don't know. This is an issue my bachelor friends and I discuss quite occasionally. Old women trying to seduce us, that is. It gives us no end of amusement. I've got women in their fifties and sixties trying to flirt with me. Regularly. I can understand a woman in the transitional stage of thirty-five trying this behavior. She doesn't quite realize that her looks are all but gone, and is still trying the same old tactics. By forty, she should know better.

Look in the bloody mirror! If you can find one wide enough, that is. A woman of forty is not sexual in any sense of the word. She is useless for breeding, and her sex appeal is GONE! Why have women fallen for the lie that they remain sexual into their sixties and seventies? They are NOT! They are putrid, smelly shells of their former selves! Nothing more! By that age, a woman looks like the package her body once came in. All sagging, wrinkly and disgusting!

I'm in good shape physically, but I'm not twenty. I have no problem with this. I don't expect to have the strength, looks or virility I had when I was young. I'm realistic. I don't expect pretty eighteen-year-old girls to find me attractive, unless I win the lottery. (Then, of course, my looks will amazingly rebound overnight! Kinda' like a magic tonic, or something, those lottery tickets!)

It's amazing how money makes you look better to women, isn't it?

I've got this one broad, an antique dealer I know, who has the hots for me. About 60-65 years old. Nice enough lady, as far as that goes. I'm sure she was hot back in, I don't know....the Korean War? She just doesn't get it. I could rattle off dozens of these old crows that have tried to nail me. This is nothing new. I had these old broads bothering me when I was twenty! Seriously! If you just have to get laid, and you can close your eyes, and hold your breath (pew!), there is no easier lay than an old woman. They are so desperate. So pathetic. So easy.

So gross.

Christopher in Oregon


Chris, my man, thanks so much for leaving that funny, insightful comment. That was good, funny stuff! Until next time...