10 May 2013

A Natural Player


I was going through some of my old Mancoat posts in search of posting material. After all, I posted a lot of good stuff before starting this blog; that, and I couldn't leave my with & wisdom buried-ha! Anyway, here's SquarePeg telling us about his uncle, a natural player if there ever were one...


You all know the story of how I got BBD'd, and how it drove me to this forum.

So I was telling my uncle this story he says I don't know how to deal with women and that's why it happened. Which is true to a certain extent but perhaps not as much as he implied.

Anyway, him and I are complete opposites, and his life story perfectly illustrates how players work and how dumb women are (because they act on their basic emotions and have no long-term thinking ability):

Me: 26, never had a woman. Responsible, not overweight, successful, well-paying job, good education, treats women with respect, not a player.
Him: 35, has four different children from four different women. And these women weren't exactly trash either...one of them has a PhD, and all of them are average or above average looking. Now, he's living with woman #5 and she is working 12 hours a day to pay his rent and pay for his car. He has no education, been evicted from several different apartments, been arrested for domestic abuse (although he's not a criminal), is hated by all the mothers of all of his children, swears at his mother, has an extreme victim mentality and never accepts responsibility for his actions, very poor with money (doesn't have a job yet asking me which plasma TV he should buy with his government assistance). He has never held down a real job for more than a couple months in his entire life. He is overweight and has no eating discipline.

Point being, women gravitate towards guys like him, they think he is a good guy to be with and they dump their current boyfriends for him. When he talks to women, he comes off as "funny", "smooth", and "charming", causing them to completely ignore the fact that his is not an honorable man. He is a smooth talker and a master bullshitter, and gullible women (sometimes even my mom) fall for his garbage with ease. I am left to conclude that 99.9% of women fall for facade, game, and gimmick, instead of quality.

Is this what we must become in order to get women? What the hell is wrong with this system? This proves unequivocally that women do not care about quality, they only respond to the tactics of players. Or more accurately, only men who are skilled at making women feel emotionally attracted to them will get women. And these are the very men who are least likely to make good husbands and fathers. (taken from THE RULES)

He swears up and down that what he does is not a game, he's just "being himself". Which in a way may be true in the sense that these tactics are so ingrained in him that they are subconscious and he is not aware when he is manipulating female emotions through specific actions, postures, ways of speech, and words. Nevertheless, whatever one wishes to call it, he has it, and he can bag women left and right.

When I tell this story to my mom and my sister, they give the typical "Oh, but look at the kind of women he gets. You don't want those kind of women!". That's nonsense. The women he gets are normal women. They are the same as all the others. This "you don't want to attract those kind of girls" line, I believe, is simply a tactic women use to make themselves feel better than other women. When in fact, 99.9% of women would fall for his games.



Guys, it's like I always say: chicks do NOT want a good man; they want the worst scumbag that they can find! That's who gets their panties hot & wet, not being a gentleman. Until next time...



handbanana said...

a lot of these women are also willing to do porn for money, which is then made available for a nominal charge on the internet, which I can then download for free off any number of other file sharing sites.

when the collapse goes down, any man with a supply of food will be able to get regular sex. unfortunately for the little darlings, I don't think I can grow enough food for more than just myself and my brother. I will however have enough ammo for all of them.

dannyfrom504 said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah. the classic "dark game". i ran this from 15-27/28.

it definately works with many women as they eventually think they can "change" him.

now, i just don't lie. i NEVER refer to anything going into anything less than the current dynamic of us sleeping together.

most 18-24 year olds as DTF when you run decent game.

Anonymous said...

First, if women would dump her man because some guy intrigued her, just like that. Who would want her? she lacks character and she lacks integrity, she has nothing to offer. (maybe a piece of ass.) she has no honor or respect which makes her completely worthless….
What women want is domination, whether they admit it or not. (It is a fact) unfortunately women work on a emotional level, and often mistake domineering for true dominance, there is a difference.
Men and women are not equal, we each have are roles in life. through out history women have keep the home fires going and our men kept us fed and safe. everyone knew there place.
Since the feminist movement in the 70s we have done are best to emasculate men and women have become worthless.

My son is an asshole to the women in his life, I asked him why? he told me that women like to be treated like shit. “No really mom they like it” my head exploded! “NO” .. “NO”.. these women are looking for male dominance, not abuse, most can’t name what they are looking for, they want to be forced and will not tell you, what they need and want. also they really don’t understand why they want to be controlled. they end up with people who use fear as a tactic for domination. Of course, this is not domination but, rather, domineering. Being a bully is not dominating yet many seem to think this is how a relationship is run. When fear controls our decisions (i.e. lives). we are weak.
To properly dominate, one needs to come from a place of strength. It is that strength that women find so attractive

Mrs. Anna T said...

Once, my husband told me he had dated someone who said to him, "come back to me when you gain some experience".

He didn't, of course. He married me *smile*. I didn't want a man with "experience" (translation: a baggage of unsuccessful, emotionally damaging relationships). I was very happy to have someone who would be mine alone.

But a very primitive instinct makes a woman seek the man who is dominant, perhaps brutally so, and who has proven his ability to attach many women, which supposedly makes him "desirable".

It might be understandable, but that's not an excuse. We have minds, souls, intelligence, and the ability to analyze our own drives and decide whether they are actually good for us.

MarkyMark said...

It might be understandable, but that's not an excuse. We have minds, souls, intelligence, and the ability to analyze our own drives and decide whether they are actually good for us.

This is true, but where do you see popular culture encouraging women to develop their higher, rather than lower, selves or natures? If anything, it seems as if women are encouraged, if not admonished, to give IN to their base natures, because feelings are everything...

Anonymous said...

Sex is a woman's nature. A woman will never be fulfilled if she is not properly controlled and dominated by a male, now it does not necessarily have to translate into abuse. The problem today is 80% of western men are manginas, and instead of fostering the true art of domination. They foster abusive psychotic mentalities. Thus, when women by nature choose the dominant man, they get screwed over badly. A balance between jerk/good is key. Too few women know how to spot such a man. Those who do naturally fulfill their female need and at the same time serve their husbands very well. That is the type of couple that lasts. Now I could go on about how the woman should be like, and how your average traditionalist has it wrong. But I will leave that for another day.

And Anonymous is correct: women want domination, it is natural. You cannot ever expect a woman to seek the same goals and values as a man, women are deficient by nature. They only fulfill their natures when they have the partner, who is able to dominate them. Only then do they reach their true potential.

Majority of women are fuck toys, who willingly undertake such a risk, which is ultimately their own downfall. I warned them and they didn't listen, I hope they enjoy the burdens of such consequences, idiots.

Anonymous said...

Women are nothing but sex toys, simple. Now they can be smart and find one man who protects them, or they can be whores and be with a bunch of guys.

Mrs. Anna T said...

MarkyMark, it's true that popular Western culture dictates that if it was done from "passion" or "desire", it is right. Women are perhaps more susceptible to this, because women are highly emotional. Our true power lies in recognizing it... once a woman understands how strongly hormones influence her, instead of writing this off as a "chauvinistic myth" she can look in a kind of detached manner at all sorts of emotional upheavals that happen during certain times of the month (and I have definitely noticed such cyclic fluctuations in myself as well).

As for popular culture, I say ditch it. :o)