24 May 2013

Franz Klammer's Gold Medal Run


This is my FAVORITE sporting memory!  It's Franz Klammer's gold medal run in the 1976 Winter Olympics.  I was 14 years old when I saw this, and I can still remember where I was, what I was doing, everything.  Why does this stick in my mind?  Give me a minute, and I'll answer that question.

The reason I love this is because Klammer was flat out going for it; he was in total attack mode.  It was clear that he was either going to be a hero, or he was going to the hosptial-if he was lucky!  There was no in-between.  I like and respect a man who literally lays EVERYTHING on the line to win, and that's what Franz Klammer did here.

As you'll see in the video's prelude, downhill skiing is dangerous.  Men get hurt; men die.  It has been said that downhill skiing is the original extreme sport, and I cannot argue with that.

With that, let's watch one of the most astounding sporting feats you will ever see!  When you consider that Klammer did this on those old, heavy wooden skis they used back then, his feat is even more astounding.  Franz Klammer had balls of steel; he had to to do what he did in 1976.  Even after all these years (37), I still get chills watching this; even though I know the outcome, I still get chills watching this.  Thanks to YouTube, I still can; you can too.  Enjoy...

As I said, Franz Klammer had balls of steel to do this.  He risked life and limb to win the gold; he didn't play it safe like so many racers do today; THAT is why this is one of my favorite sporting memories...


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