06 May 2013

Review of Confessions of an Online Hustler


Matt Forney was kind enough to send me a copy of his book, Confessions of an Online Hustler: How to Make Money & Become an Internet Superstar, for review.  His book, if followed, WILL enable you to make money online.  However, Mr. Forney doesn't blow sunshine up your ass and say it'll be easy, either; if anything, he lays out just how much effort it'll take to become an Internet superstar.  Hint: it'll be a lot, and it'll probably take a few attempts before you become successful.

He then recounts Roosh V's history.  Did you know that he's had at least two or three previous blogs?  I didn't!  I just thought he'd always had his present site, RooshV.  He largely uses RooshV as an example of how to make money online, and why not?  He was one of the first and still is one of the best at doing so, so it only makes sense to study Roosh's example.

One thing I really liked about his book is that I found myself laughing constantly; this is one entertaining read.  For example, in the intro section, he says on page 5: "In my years of blogging and lurking, I've watched sites come and go like herpes sores."  I laughed my ass off when I read that!

That said, the book isn't all fun & games; it's very much a how-to manual about making money online.  Unlike many self help books though, Mr. Forney isn't overly condescending or upbeat.  He just lays out what to do, how to do it, when, with whom, etc.  For example, he has an entire section juxtaposting Blogger vs. Wordpress.  He has another section on which hosting service is best, which one permits the most freedom, etc.  He tells you all about this, so you won't have to find out on your own, wasting precious time and effort; that alone makes the book worth the price.

However (and Matt makes no bones about this), the book won't teach you about HTML or CSS.  He does though point you to excellent resources that will teach you the aforementioned languages, but he doesn't cover them himself.  Mr. Forney says (and I agree) that you don't have to know HTML to do a blog; all you need is a few basics, which is all I've ever needed over the years doing this site.  Knowing some basics can help you troubleshoot a formatting problem, say when a line of text won't print where you want it to.

What I liked best about the book is this: it'll answer the question for you about whether or not you want to make money online; are you really willing to do what it takes?  For me, the answer is no.  I started this blog with the intent of saying things about men's issues that others weren't saying.  Back then, the major Manosphere heavyweight was Eternal Bachelor; if he and his contemporaries didn't comment on something, then I'd have a go at it.  My desire is still the same; I wish to comment on things others aren't saying, or to say them in a way no one else is saying them.  I was never about making money; all I wanted to do was vent my thoughts online, share them with other people, and influence a few of them in the process.  I have, so that's enough for me.

In closing, if you want to be an Internet superstar, Matt Forney's book, Confessions of an Online Hustler, will show you how to do it; he provides an excellent road map to do this, so you don't have to waste time stumbling about trying to find your way.  He doesn't say it'll be easy to make money online; if anything, Mr. Forney does an excellent job of highlighting how much WORK you'll have to put in to make it happen.  This is a great self-help book, one that is both serious and entertaining; you'll learn and laugh at the same time!  Even if you never start a blog but want to learn more about it, the book is an excellent read.  Most importantly, it'll help you figure out: 1) if you really want to make money online; 2) if you're willing to do what it takes (and it'll take plenty); 3) how to do it.  I would urge everyone here to read Matt Forney's excellent book; it'll be time well spent.  Thanks, and have a nice day!



Wikked said...

"My desire is still the same; I wish to comment on things others aren't saying, or to say them in a way no one else is saying them. I was never about making money; all I wanted to do was vent my thoughts online, share them with other people, and influence a few of them in the process."

Agreed. If I can wake a few Coppertops and get them to unplug themselves from the Matrix, then I have accomplished something.

Thanks for the plug you made for my page, by the way. I appreciate it. Now I need to make sure my writing is actually worth reading! LOL I expect the quality will improve now that I have more time to research what I want to talk about, as well as write something that's not COMPLETELY off-the-cuff and/or pulled from my ass.

MarkyMark said...


If your writing weren't worth reading, I would NOT have plugged your page... ;)


Anonymous said...

To make any money on the Net will require the same intelligence, business sense and work as it does in real life. The technical aspect is not important because if you're really trying to make a business out of it you can hire some geek to do that part of it. If it's an MRM type website all I've ever seen is people trying to sell books or e-books etc like Roosh, and there's a limited market for that. He's probably the more successful in this genre but yet even working full time on it he's only managed to sell about $30k in books (or so I believe) in the last year. When you have comment sections you'll be wasting a lot of time censoring out the trolls, idiots and maniacs.And if you just write a blog without comments and try to make money by click through ads etc. for a variety of products where you receive a commission for every sale that goes through you you'll have to be very careful about what you write because sponsors may not want you as an affiliate, so it's not easy to really make any money while at the same time being what would be considered too controversial or extreme for the general public.
And btw, I once asked Gore Vidal back in the 80's how many writers can make a good living just based on their writing. I don't know if this is correct but he said about 1k worldwide so it's a very hard business. It's sort of like acting where a handful of the top people do well while the 99% others make peanuts.
Incidently I think Angry Harry was the original and best although he just does it as a hobby and has no comments.