19 May 2013

In Search of Noah's Ark


Here's a film I've been trying, literally, to find for years; I've finally found it!  I remember seeing this film when I was teenager, and I never, ever forgot it.  Since finding it on YouTube, I've watched it all the way through once, and I expect I will do so again.  As the narrator says in the beginning of the documentary, this truly WAS one of the most incredible films I have ever seen; if it hadn't been, why would I remember it 37 years later?

Please keep in mind that this film was made in 1976, which is why the computer technology, to put it politely, is archaic bordering on ancient.  Nevertheless, it's a good film about one of mankind's most enduring stories, and it brings forth evidence that we seldom, if ever, are told.  For example, did you know that there have been numerous sightings of the ark on Mount Ararat?  There have been.

Without any further ado, enjoy the film, In Search of Noah's Ark...


Mrs. Anna T said...

I haven't seen the film (might do so when I have time) but I've lately read some fascinating research on geological findings which suggest there really was a great catastrophe, similar to the one described in the story of Noah. There was also research about the phenomenon of the Red Sea parting for Moses.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Talking of Noah's Ark, you do remember what brought forward the Flood over the Earth?

Genesis 6:4 and that despicable "union" between fallen angels and human women, which brought on forth cursed beings (Nephilim).

Anonymous said...

Or maybe my interpretation was wrong (most Orthodox Jews disagree), but the identity of the "sons of God" reminds me of false gods or something.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in God, MarkyMark?

cybro said...

Follow this path all the way back to the beginning and you will understand why things are the way that they are.

ray said...

Noah's Ark! lol

fakes and fakery, makin' moolah, will there be no end of them?

Anonymous said...

I believe I saw that movie back in 1976. But, my wife and I watched it again. Still interesting.

Anonymous age 71

Mrs. Anna T said...

As far as I know, the Flood was brought on by the overall immorality of the people in those days.

I believe that if G-d hadn't promised there would never be another Flood, we'd have one today.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Let's remember that all of these oral stories were well known and were written down well after the fact and likely in a very jumbled version.Moses probably knew the story of learned it from more advanced cultures.
Perhaps it was the Black Sea flood and Noah had a big fishing boat and saw the waters rising or some torrential ran and decided to get in the boat with his family.He survives it and comes down in the foothills of Mt Ararat and this becomes an oral legend. A 1000 years later someone writes it down and tries to explain what happened (he doesn't really know) and embellishes it. God destroyed man because man was evil.Same story with Sodom and Gomorrah where fire burned both cities down.

MarkyMark said...


Then how do you explain the fact that some 200 cultures around the world featured this story? How do you explain the huge deposits of sedimentary material all over the world? How do you explain finding fish and other marine life at the top of Mt. Everest? Do not these and other facts point to a worldwide flood at some point in Earth's history?


Anonymous said...

Genesis 6:4 and that despicable "union" between fallen angels and human women, which brought on forth cursed beings (Nephilim).

You know that if you hadn't been indoctrinated by the misinterpretation currently taught by religion this would be very easy to understand. It was the mating between the aliens(gods)and earth females.The alien men were doing what a sailor who had been on a ship would do when in port. Going out and screwing females.

"The sons of god saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and married them (had sex with really)"
Obviously the aliens (gods)were very closely related to earth humans and may have been a more intelligent race of men on earth at one time or from another place.

As I said all of this stuff was based on oral stories that may have been 1000's of years old before being written down and are very jumbled aside from the fact that from one paragraph to the next in Genesis may have been 50k years apart because the writers did not know the real timelines of all of these oral stories.

Anonymous said...

The mountains were actually pushed up from the seabed and the fact that cultures follow the same story just means that they learned it from others as you learned the Genesis story.
And I think that the fairly modern writers of 2500 years ago who put these ancient stories down didn't understand the why themselves so tried to explain it in terms of gods doing all of it.The gods were not the God as in Supreme Being but merely humanoids superior in many ways to the primitive earth humans.

Anonymous said...

@Anon-would you stop reading this nonsense on Château Heartiste. He's just taking a lot of pop psychology and trying to make it sound like science which it isn't.He's likely some little nerd living in his fantasy world and writing this stuff in a cellar and couldn't pickup a female if his life depended on it.I used to read it just for amusement but when I commented on how wrong his assumptions were and he looked like a fool he banned me and blocked a large IP block that covers a hub and nodes that my major(all the east coast) ISP uses for security purposes. I'm not at the location of my IP if you traced it so in effect he blocked out millions of people from posting on his site but likely doesn't know this since they may be going through the same hub and nodes.But it shows you how insecure and petty this pretentious little Heartiste geek is if he's so afraid of someone debunking his cherished little pseudo theories about "game".This guy also likes to use French names and had other blogs which he closed because he though that his real identity had been discovered. Chateau Heartiste should really be called Hearty's Shack because he probably lives in one. lol

NO MA'AM - "MGTOW" said...

There actually was a global flood that occurred around 12,000 years ago, at the end of the Pleistocene, when the ice melted and the ocean levels rose some 400 feet.

Think about that - 400 feet. All of those continental shelves - and many parts of the ocean floor elsewhere - were above water once and then "sank" as the waters kept rising.

Also, just like today, most people live relatively close to the sea, so any humans alive at the time definitely would have noticed "flooding." Imagine if the ocean levels rose a few feet every decade or so... you would definitely notice! Not to mention all of the further cataclysmic events that would be happening as the weight of water shifting around on the earth's crust would have most likely set enough a large number of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. It would have been a very difficult period of time to live through.

Anonymous said...

Why would ice melting cause the sea to rise?
If you have ice in a drink and it melts does the glass overflow?

NO MA'AM - "MGTOW" said...

"Why would ice melting cause the sea to rise?

If you have ice in a drink and it melts does the glass overflow?"

You're not really thinking, are you?

When you put ice in the drink, did it displace the liquid in the drink? If you kept putting ice into the drink, would it eventually overflow?

Much of the ice was on land, and when it melted, it eventually ran into the oceans, displacing the water that was already there, causing the sea levels to rise.

Or, you could just look it up. I'd recommend Google.com. It is not some conspiracy theory, but a well known geological fact.

Anonymous said...

We've been living in blue sky days for who know how long but they once may have been a firmament which was a band of water about 20 miles up that encircled the earth. It was like living in a greenhouse of giant plants and animals and perhaps even humans that lived for a very long time due to the firmament blocking out most of the harmful radiation.This may have actually been the norm on earth and the blue sky the exception. Something may have caused the firmament to be pierced and the earth was flooded.It's all part of the carbon cycle. This may not be good for humans at first but then the plants become larger and absorb it and put out oxygen.High levels of carbon may just be a natural thing until a firmament forms and we get the greenhouse effect and then more oxygen from the giant and abundant plants.
Old writings were based on oral histories which may be very accurate but there was no way that earthlings could know most of these things and were likely told them by the gods(aliens)
There would be no way that men on earth would know that a firmament existed but yet in Genesis it talks about the water below (oceans) and the water above(firmament)
Perhaps we should look into these old writings more because they may give us a hint of what to study.But I don't think that any of this stuff has to do with GOD and religions are just man made institutions.

Alphonse said...

This is cool!