27 May 2013

Importance of Having Fun While Trolling for Babes


I'm not a big devotee of Game, but I have read up on it; I've also applied Game principles to my life when and where they may be of some benefit.  IOW, I've used Game to learn some things as part of my Red Pill education, not to chase pussy.  I don't spend every waking hour trying to bed some filthy, disease ridden bar skank; meaningless sex never appealed to me.  Having said that, it has opened my eyes about women and stuff like that.  To buttress that point, I shall tell you a little story.

This past weekend, like every weekend, I went to the local skating rink.  I've loved and enjoyed skating for years, and I still do.  They say that you're supposed to stop doing it once you leave your teens, but I never got that memo.  I enjoy it; I'm good at it; and it's good exercise; that's why I do it.

I took a layoff from skating for a few years.  It's taken me a couple of years to really get my legs back and really get good again.  After my mom died last year, I made up my mind that I was NOT going to take a chemical cocktail of meds to control blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.; I was going to be proactive, start exercising, and control those issues that way.  It's worked well.

However, they say that, if you want to stick with your exercise regimen, then pick something you enjoy.  For me, this is skating.  At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I can skate better than most people can walk; I'm serious!  It's taken me a year or so to get my legs and technique back, but they're back, baby!  I've also made a couple of new friends skating.  The other two guys are MGTOW bachelors; one is older than me, and the other is a few years younger.  Anyway, I go skating 2-3 times a week, and it's good, fun exercise.  My blood pressure is normal and all that.  However, that's not why I'm telling you this; this is just to set the stage.

Because I'm a good skater, it enabled me to meet cute, Spanish or Italian chick who's a cutie.  For this post, I'll call her Blanca.  I saw her standing by the wall (watching her kid, I think), so I struck up a conversation with her.  She immediately remarked about how good a skater I was, to which I confidently but humbly said thank you.  Then, she asked me how long I'd been doing it, and I told her many years, which is basically the truth.  Then she went out on the floor; once I got my breath back, I did too.

When I saw her on the floor, I made sure she saw me, and I did an easy but impressive looking move that takes you from forward to backwards.  What you do is put one foot out in front of the other (make sure the trailing foot is where you're going to turn, so your legs don't get tangled up; IOW, if you're going to do this to the right, make sure your right foot is back); put the weight on the balls of your feet; then shift the hips and shoulders in the direction you wish to turn.  It look like you're quickly pivoting from forwards to backwards on the front wheels of your inline skates.  It's an easy move to do, but it looks cool; it also impresses the chicks!

After doing that, I skated away.  Without knowing it, I was doing some push-pull as the PUAs say.  I'd talk to her, skate by her, then go away.  I just did my own thing, hung out with my boys, and included Blanca in my world when I felt like it.

A while later, I saw her over on a bench a ways away taking off her skates.  I skated over to her, and asked her if she was calling it a night.  She said she was.  I asked her if she'd ever come to the rink before (I hadn't seen her; believe me, I would have REMEMBERED this one!), and she said it was her first time.  I sat down to talk to her a bit.  As I did, she turned towards me, leaned in, and licked her lips-yes!  She told me where she was from, stuff like that; we exchanged a bit more small talk when I asked for her number.  Well, I didn't exactly ask for it; I politely told her to give it to me; I said before you go, why don't you give me your number.  She did without hesitation.  She left, and I was pleased.  I knew by her body language that I had a good shot at getting it.

So, what's the lesson here?  One, chicks DIG confidence; they lap it up like a thirsty dog laps up water on a hot, August day.  Two, don't go out with the express intent to get a chick; do something you like and enjoy, something that you'll have fun doing regardless of whether or not you meet a woman.  Three, do something you're good at; do something you enjoy; do something that brings out your confidence.  For me, this is skating.  My skating skills gave me an 'in' with a nice looking chica, a chica I plan on seeing again.

I decided to write about this because, on Return of Kings (an excellent blog, BTW), there was a post about NOT buying a chick dinner.  One of the commenters said that he took chicks out to an activity instead; he'd take 'em to go bowling, shoot pool, or play mini-golf.  These activities are fun, lighthearted, and cheaper than dinner.  Oh, BTW, even if you don't hit it off with the girl, you'll still have a good time anyway.  In response, I chimed in about my experience.  After doing so, I thought I would post about this.

As I said, I'm not a hardcore devotee to PUA or Game.  I've learned enough to advance my Red Pill education and grease the wheels of my social life, but that's it; I don't spend every waking minute chasing pussy.  I'm still going to live my life; I'm still going to do the same things I've always done; only now I'll do 'em better.  I'll use my knowledge of Game to meet chicks like Blanca on Saturday evening.  I got her number, and I'm confident that I'll get at least one date out of the deal.

So, what did we learn, Fellas?  One, be confident.  Two, you can only be confident by picking an activity you enjoy and are good at; for me this is skating, but it could be something different for you; whatever activity you pick with the hope of meeting women, make sure you're HEAD TURNING good!  You want to show your alpha, as it were. Three, don't make chicks your focus; do your thing, and if she wants to join you, fine; otherwise, just keep doing your thing, and doing it with your boys.  Four, when you do something you're good at and enjoy, you'll feel and look good doing it; your confidence will come out; as I said above, this will make you look more alpha to the object of your desire.  Five, chicks will find this attractive.  When I sat down with Blanca on the bench, she immediately turned towards me, leaned in, and licked her lips; she immediately displayed some classic IOIs (indicators of interest).  Six, don't wait!  If you see someone you want and think might be into you, go after it with confidence.  Don't follow her around like a puppy dog; do some push-pull by talking to her, then leaving, then returning to talk to her later.  If she shows interest, go for the number or make plans on the spot.  If you snooze, you'll lose...

You see, I'd already had a good time Saturday night; no matter what happened with Blanca, I still would have been happy.  I got my back step back, and I was looking & feeling good on my skates; I had a good workout; and it was good to see my boys again.  I'd already had a good night, so getting Blanca's number was icing on the cake.  Also, I've been a member of the Latin American Cupid dating site, and that's been good too; I've learned that, if one woman doesn't work out, well, there are a ton of others out there; I'll do a post on that soon.  Anyway, I didn't have any care if Blanca gave me her number or not, so I was totally cool and confident with her; not having that 'oneitis' makes a huge difference!

Now, I don't know where things will go with this woman.  It felt good just to catch a cutie's eye, get her number, and have the possibility of more.  I don't know.  She had a couple of kids in tow, so I'm not taking things beyond a certain point; I know better than that!  Even so, this chick is cuter than Maria (the gal at work, if you'll remember)-a lot cuter.  Just catching her eye felt good.  Part of me would like to see if I can bang her (i.e. Blanca)!  We'll see what happens...

In closing, I had a great night this past Saturday night.  Not only did I have a great skating session; I met a cute Spanish or Italian chica who's into me-yeah!  I got her attention by using some basic, if not rudimentary, Game principles.  However, I didn't go out skating with the intent of meeting anyone; I would have done it anyway, because it's part of my health maintenance routine.  There are certain nights I go skating; when they roll around, I'm at the rink-end of story.  I picked an activity I like and enjoy, an activity I'm good at, so this allows me to showcase my inner alpha, as it were.  Just doing something you like, enjoy, and are good at will grow your confidence, and this will carry over to other facets of your life.  If you can do that, you'll start meeting chicks; once you start meeting chicks and getting somewhere with them, your confidence will grow, you'll get more chicks, your confidence will grow more, and so on.  Until next time...



Connor Kenway said...

The fact of the matter is..what's the point in meeting them. Frankly I would want to focus more on the fun of the activity than on watering it down by having to deal with the typical woman's dysfunctions. And did I read it right...she's a single mom? Dude, really? You know what she's after. She could have been babysitting, so I'll give you that. But if it turns out to be a single mom, torpedo that shit real quick..else you'll end up in the shitter. Frankly, most chaps aren't really that great at things that are socially acceptable..hence MGTOW's often get ridiculed with the video game mantra of being losers in their parent's basement. So it's real hard to show "confidence" in something that most women generally don't give a damn about.

And the ones that do..are fugly beyond measure. So I say, I agree with gist of your post, but I'd say, just focus on the activity and to hell with everyone else. Frankly, as a single dude, I'd want to avidly block my mind from the bitches in the rink, else it'll just ruin the activity. The focus should be the activity, just for the sheer thrill of it. My red pill education has taught me that altruistic and humanistic paradigms that most men are endeared to, are things women don't give a damn about...they're way more shallower and materialistic, so why, in my personal growth, would I want to be in the company of such selfish creatures who value me for nothing more than how "cool" I appear to them.

Most guys are into shit that women wouldn't naturally be exposed to unless they actually broke out of their personal selfish bubbles and started to give a damn about someone else...highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this and what have you done with Marky Mark?

Anonymous said...

But Mark, I'm afraid if you get to bang her outside of marrying her you'll die and burn...


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