01 May 2013

Chris in Oregon on Older Women


Chris in Oregon left this comment in response to an old post. Actually, it was three comments, thanks to Blogger's new limit on comment length; he wrote it in three parts. Anyway, it was so good that I'm posting it here...


Actually, I just read the entire article, and have a few thoughts, none of which are particularly earth-shattering. I just feel like pontificating, as the weather is nightmarishly hot this week, and there ain't no goin' outside for me.

This is so like women. They are so self-obsessed, they can't see down the road and ponder the consequences of their actions. They only care about their own personal gratification, not realizing that they might be the one's who are the losers in the long run by rejecting traditional family.

I hear the pain in this woman's voice, so to speak, but still, it's all "me, me, me, I want, I want, I want...."

Tough bananas, baby. Life ain't all roses, and we all make choices. Now, I've made choices in life, most good, some not so good. But, I live with the consequences of my choices, and don't whine about it. It is what it is.

A woman, on the other hand, is not prepared to accept responsibility for the decisions she has made. She wants someone to magically make it better. She foolishly waited to try and have kids until she was an OLD HAG, then wonders why it won't work.

Uh, duh!

Leave some eggs in your refrigerator for twenty years, and you'll understand the problem. Simple lesson: EGGS WILL ROT OVER TIME!

Here is a well-educated professional woman who doesn't understand this basic fact? I know women have been sold a bill of goods, but how dumb can you get?

Face it: Nature doesn't want CRUSTY OLD WOMEN having children! Basic biology, folks, and I'm no expert on biology. It's just common sense! Nature wants a woman around long enough to care for her off-spring, and she can't very well do that properly if she's spending her time having bypass surgery, cleaning her dentures, and sorting through her wrinkles!

Old women were not designed to breed!

Old women are supposed to be.....old women. Crabby old women. Ugly old women. Nasssssty old tobacco-chewin' women.

She has forgotten her place in life. She missed her opportunity, and now she regrets it. Suck it up, sister! A woman should be done spewing out babies by the time she is thirty, and no later. By forty, a woman is OLD! Look around you. Look at the forty-year-old women you see every day. See any of them you want to screw? Any of them? Didn't think so. (Blow-jobs aren't good either- their dentures might lock up on your weinie! Imagine THAT 911 call!)

Dude, you cracked me up with that one!!

Nature makes women BUTT UGLY fairly early in life to prevent them from breeding. Kind of hard to get pregnant if you're so gruesome no man in his right mind can get a boner over your appearance. But, women, in their arrogance, fail to realize that men are stimulated VISUALLY!

If you look like an old hag, then the penis just naturally will NOT stand to attention. You've got to have some sort of good looks to get our motors running, ladies, and if you look like a bag of wrinkly cellulite, then you had better face it- no one wants you! Contrary to the lie feminists have been telling you, fifty is NOT the new thirty! A fifty-year-old woman has less sex appeal than a sheep. (Ask anyone in Montana.)

What is it about Montana people & sheep, eh? That's like the second time you've said that...

I am constantly amazed at the post-forty women that have come on to me lately. Give me a break! Do they think I'm blind?


There is truly nothing more preposterous, pathetic and downright sickening than an old woman who is trying to be seductive.

Ick, ick, ick!

There ought to be a law against such behavior!

I don't know. This is an issue my bachelor friends and I discuss quite occasionally. Old women trying to seduce us, that is. It gives us no end of amusement. I've got women in their fifties and sixties trying to flirt with me. Regularly. I can understand a woman in the transitional stage of thirty-five trying this behavior. She doesn't quite realize that her looks are all but gone, and is still trying the same old tactics. By forty, she should know better.

Look in the bloody mirror! If you can find one wide enough, that is. A woman of forty is not sexual in any sense of the word. She is useless for breeding, and her sex appeal is GONE! Why have women fallen for the lie that they remain sexual into their sixties and seventies? They are NOT! They are putrid, smelly shells of their former selves! Nothing more! By that age, a woman looks like the package her body once came in. All sagging, wrinkly and disgusting!

I'm in good shape physically, but I'm not twenty. I have no problem with this. I don't expect to have the strength, looks or virility I had when I was young. I'm realistic. I don't expect pretty eighteen-year-old girls to find me attractive, unless I win the lottery. (Then, of course, my looks will amazingly rebound overnight! Kinda' like a magic tonic, or something, those lottery tickets!)

It's amazing how money makes you look better to women, isn't it?

I've got this one broad, an antique dealer I know, who has the hots for me. About 60-65 years old. Nice enough lady, as far as that goes. I'm sure she was hot back in, I don't know....the Korean War? She just doesn't get it. I could rattle off dozens of these old crows that have tried to nail me. This is nothing new. I had these old broads bothering me when I was twenty! Seriously! If you just have to get laid, and you can close your eyes, and hold your breath (pew!), there is no easier lay than an old woman. They are so desperate. So pathetic. So easy.

So gross.

Christopher in Oregon


Chris, my man, thanks so much for leaving that funny, insightful comment. That was good, funny stuff! Until next time...



John Rambo said...

What a coincidence. I just wrote about this same subject over at Onion-Chan on the Tor network.

Here's the comment I wrote there, feel free to publish it on your blog.

We men all want our women to be hot, young, sexy, big tits, nice ass, good face, etc.

Women want their men to all be big, strong, muscular, confident, etc.

Now, here's the good part. For us men, at least.

Women age like milk. A woman loses all her sexual value after age 25 or so. Whereas MEN GAIN sexual and economic value starting around age 30 and it keeps going up.

So we men age like wine.

So we men, we can get hot young girls even when we are 50 or older. Whereas old women would be lucky to even get an old man as a partner, and getting a young male as a partner is out of the question.

Time favors men. After women hit age 30, they get fat and ugly, and THEN they start wanting to "settle down" and get married and find some "nice guy" beta male chump.

But at that point, many of the beta males have already dropped out of the game and either refuse to get married, or have married foreign women.

Either way, in the end, women lose the game.

Time I am, the destroyer of all things (including women's youthful beauty)- Bhagavad-Gita

Mrs. Anna T said...

My husband was born when his mother was 40. His younger sister was born when my mother-in-law was 43.

My sister-in-law just had her sixth child some months ago, at the age of 41. Her eldest is 18.

Some women have naturally extended fertility and strength, and truly, even today, when she is over 70, my mother-in-law is a strong, healthy, hard-working woman. She is a grandmother, and looks as such, but everyone adores her and she is never too tired to look after her grandchildren.

But my husband has 3 older siblings as well. The advice of "you must have your babies young" kind of makes me laugh, because in Orthodox Jewish families, women have children when they are young AND when they are older. There is a 15-year gap between my husband's eldest brother, and his youngest sister.

But not all women are like that. Some begin losing their fertility early, and because you never know which one you are, it's better not to delay starting a family.

Also, I'm not a doctor, but it's easier to become pregnant once you've already been pregnant, and your systems are "activated", so to speak. Which means that a 40-year-old mother of a large family will have an easier time having another baby than a 40-year-old single woman who has never been pregnant, or worse, had abortions.

MarkyMark said...


Yes, there are EXCEPTIONS to the rule, but they are just that-exceptions. These exceptions, if anything, validate the rule that it's best to have children when young. My sister in law (i.e. my brother's wife) didn't have her first child till her mid or late 30s; even so, it would have been easier for her to bear children when young.

The Mayo Clinic, one of the most respected health care organizations in the world, says that women's fertility peaks at age 24 or thereabouts; other medical professionals have said the same. While I cannot speak about birth (a medical impossibility), I do know this: my body, as an older man, injures more easily and quickly, and it takes longer to heal. For example, muscle pulls that used to heal in days now take weeks or months. Can it be any different for a woman bearing children?

I will say this: most of a woman's eggs are gone by the time she's 35; by the time she reaches that age, 3/4 of her eggs are gone, and those that are left aren't of the same, high quality of those she had when she was younger. Not only is her body better equipped to handle the stresses of child birth; her eggs are of higher quality, so she'll be able to pass on higher quality genes.

Women who have children after 40 stand a higher chance of having handicapped children; just look at Sarah Palin, who was candidate for Vice President in 2008. She had Trig after she turned 40, and he has Downs Syndrome. Granted, she didn't kill her baby; many women would have. That said, had she borne Trig prior to 40, the chances are he would NOT have Downs Syndrome.


Spocksdisciple said...

Chris the door is always open and a table reserved for you over at HB, your brand of wisdom and humor is always unique and welcome, we still discuss some of your older posts.


Mrs. Anna T said...

MarkyMark, but Sarah Palin was definitely not one of those women who "waited" to have children. As far as I know, Trig has 4 older siblings, the eldest was 20 or so when he was born.

For those of us who do not believe in birth control, it's impossible to say, "Wait, I'm 35, chances of Down's Syndrome are rising so I'll stop having children".

The truth is, if you are well and healthy, chances are your baby will be well and healthy even if you are past 40.

But of course it's easier on the body to bear/take care of children when you are younger. That is why G-d wisely made it so that when a woman starts having babies young, and keeps having babies when she is older, she usually has more help by the time she hits 40 - from her older children. My sister-in-law's 12-year-old dotes on the baby, loves to take her for walks, bathe her, etc.

Not that 40 is old age, either. But I see that older women definitely have a more difficult time at their pregnancies than I had when I had my babies, at 23 and 25. Can't say what will happen next because I haven't yet been pregnant again, although I very much want to.

MarkyMark said...

No, Sarah Palin definitely didn't wait to have kids; she started young. Her eldest, Track, is in his 20s now.

All I know is that, with the spate of articles and columns coming out about the difficulties 40+ year old women who are having babies (or even getting pregnant for that matter), there were those on the other side who pointed to Sarah Palin, because her youngest was born with Downs. As you correctly stated though, Mrs. Palin started having kids when she was younger.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I also believe (although I currently don't have statistics to back me up) that most problems arise with pregnancies that were achieved through IVF or other fertility treatments - in other words, for women who are pushing the edge of their fertility. If you let nature take its course, *mostly* you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

This honestly reads like it was written by a thirteen year old. It's like a parody of something a disgusting misogynist would say.

Anonymous said...


John Rambo, I certainly hope you know what you're doing when using Tor.

It can be perfectly secure and enhance internet browsing utility when accessed with proper precautions and know-how.

But Tor can also be dangerous in the sense that browsing there makes it much easier to be hacked and have your hard drive remotely accessed by malicious users.

Tor is also notorious for the myriad rabbit-holes into highly illegal (and immoral) avenues to which it provides disturbingly easy access.

I can only hope that you use it for only innocuous purposes. Though given your comments' history throughout various blogs and forums, I sort of doubt it.

The gist of my comment is, whatever the hell you're using Tor for, I hope that you've taken the time to accustom yourself to its ins and outs, and didn't just get into it because of 'deep web' memes circulating on 4chan...

Outcast Superstar said...

Hi Mark,

I'm a little late on Christopher's great piece on older women

I thought you be interested in a blog entry I just did on Jody Arias to demonstrate just how much a woman's sexual currency value plummets in just 5 years.


Anonymous said...

This post made my whole day, possibly my whole week.

Verena said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

John Rambo said...
"A woman loses all her sexual value after age 25 or so."

It's cute when people try to pass off their personal opinions as fact. And by cute I mean fucking retarded and vile.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely nailed it!! Girls think they can just run around like harlots endlessly. They never realize that the disfavor is to themselves for not settling in with one guy. Once they get over 35 it's over! All one need do is go look at any online dating site- loaded with ugly girls over 35!!!