30 April 2013

How I Unplugged


I found yet another forum post, this one from 29 Apr 2006, that belongs on the blog. In it, I shared how I unplugged from the fematrix...



To answer in greater detail, for years I've known in my gut that something was wrong with relationships. For years, I knew something was screwed up. I just couldn't ARTICULATE it; I couldn't say why things were messed up.

Before I continue, let me say this: even though I use the word, 'stage', that is not to imply that the stages were all orderly & sequential. They were not; it would be more accurate to say that they overlapped in some cases. BTW, I didn't finish this process until I turned 43.

The first stage of my awakening was when I was in the Navy. When I traveled overseas, all I can say is wow! What a difference to see women who not only tolerate you, but like and appreciate you-in spite of having a 'Y' chromosome and a penis! Fred Reed has an article about AW and the chip they have; in it, he says that if you haven't been outside of America, you have NO IDEA what it's like to be around women who don't have the chip. Boy, is he right.

The second stage took many years. I was like Hambone, hoping to find a decent woman, and trying all the NG things that we know don't work. After my share of failed attempts, I threw in the towel.

The third stage occurred when I worked with women. I worked at a couple of the biggest companies in America doing office work. I also worked at small, local companies doing the same thing. I got exposed to many women, and I saw what they're REALLY like when they're not trying to impress or charm me. To say that I was disheartened by what I saw & heard would be an understatement! I saw how mean, shallow, hypocritical, and selfish 99.99% of all women are. It was truly a disappointment, akin to finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist, but many times worse than that... sad.gif

The fourth stage was seeing how married guys live-ugghh! The bitching, the honey-do lists, being forced to give up their passions (a classic muscle car, motorcycle, etc.), and other things just GRATED me. It was unfair, wrong, and I was not, nor am not, going to live that way. I LOVE my motorcycles, and I will not give them up for anybody! If I couldn't ride, a part of me would die. Allowing someone to amputate me on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level is simply unacceptable to me.

The fifth stage occurred when I was falsely accused under the DV statutes. I'd dated a gal briefly; it didn't work out, and I thought that was that-but it wasn't. She began stalking me. She then accused me of doing it to her! When I'd tried to seek the help of the authorities, I didn't get the help I needed. Going to family court was something I'll NEVER forget! This was no kangaroo court, no sir; this was beyond that. A kangaroo court would have had some PRETENSE of fairness...

The final stage occured when found this site. I was new at my job in late '04. By now, I'd put the pieces together, but I thought I was one of the few, if only, men who'd seen the truth. I entered 'women suck', or 'American women suck', into Google. I found this site, and the rest, as they say, is history...


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Anonymous said...

FYI, the whole "foreign women are really nice" idea is a myth. Places where this seems the case, such as Asia, are just fooling you. Asian men are more henpecked than any men on the planet.

Take Japan for example...on the surface it seems like throughout their history, men have run the country, but when you look deeper into it, it's quite clear that the Japanese wife, with her downward gaze and little steps, has been in control of Japanese society since day one...they're simply happy to let their men think they run things but come payday, it's normal behaviour in Japan for husbands to give their entire salary to their wives and be given an 'allowance' for themselves. You simply think because women there don't berate men in public that they're nice but in reality they're bigger taskmasters than western wives and trust me nothing on this planet moves as fast as an Asian wife once her husband stops making money....common story in the Japanese recession (been going since the bubble burst in the 80's) is that the poor salaryman loses his job and goes home to find his wife and children have left and a divorce form is the only thing left in the house.