12 April 2013

Chicks Dig Jerks


Here's a post I was working on some time ago, but I never put it up. This comes courtesy of Heartless Bitches, International. Enjoy my wit, wisdom, and biting commentary as I analyze this piece as only I can do, hehehe...


10 Reasons Women (who aren't Heartless Bitches!) Date Jerks Instead of Nice Guys

1.It's more fun to complain about them to her friends.

I knew it! I knew it! Women just LOVE to complain! What have I been telling you, Fellas? What have you observed when watching women you know? Yeah, that they bitch & moan about everything! I swear, if women weren't unhappy, then they'd invent something to be unhappy about...

2.Guys who actually like her just aren't challenging or exciting.

Yeah, guys who actually want to treat you like a human being are boring, right?

3.When she does date nice guys, they turn into jerks anyway, so why not save time and go for the jerk in the first place?

This is typical thinking of AW. Because they've dated nothing BUT jerks all their lives, they think that all guys are jerks. According to their twisted 'chyck logic', since all guys are jerks, AW think that the nice guys are lying about it; they think that the nice guys are dishonest; they also think that the jerks are more honest, so might as well go for them. Makes sens to me-not!

4.She won't get as emotionally attached to a jerk, so she'll be more in control.

Wait, I thought it was all about 'love'-silly me! Secondly, how can an emotional being (i.e. a woman) be in control anyway? Is this not an oxymoron? Thirdly, the whole reason chicks dig jerks is because their emotions get the better of them-duh! They go after the jerks because they get the girls' panties all hot & wet; IOW, the jerks make women go out of control. If women were really in control of themselves, then they wouldn't date jerks in the first place.

5.All the other women want them, so they must be worth having.

Typical freakin' chick logic! Ah, all the othe girls want him, so he MUST be 'hawt', right? Here's proof positive that chicks are herd creatures, and that they're incapable of thinking for themselves...

6.Affection means more when it comes from a guy who doesn't normally give it.

What can I POSSIBLY say in response to that?!

7.Guaranteed to cheat on her so someone else can endure his lack of lovemaking skills most of the time.

Is this a case of projection? I think it might be. Women cheat, so they automatically assume that their man will cheat too. Shoot, I've heard it said that women are DISAPPOINTED if their man doesn't cheat on them! Can you believe it?

8.No need to feel guilty for abusing or deceiving them.

And women are supposed to be the kind, gentle, empathetic sex, right? But why would a decent person want to deceive others anyway? Isn't that simply the wrong thing to do?

9.Jerks will actually tell her when they don't like what she's doing instead of getting mad about it six months later.

Jerks won't put up with a woman's crap-end of story. Since all the other girls want them too, they know that if their GF gets bitchy, then they can easily replace them. Ergo, they don't have to be nice to her for fear of running her off; one hundred women will happily take her place.

10.She was looking for someone she can't trust, and won't care about too much, who will abuse her mentally and financially, but she didn't know any lawyers.

Even if she did know lawyers and policemen, she wouldn't contact them; the abuse she gets from her jerk BF turns her on too much...


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justeunperdant said...

LOL good, really funny. Point 4 is really importat.

You said:

If women were really in control of themselves, then they wouldn't date jerks in the first place.

This is really important and should never be forget. What women called a jerk is a man that will protect woman against them self.

Why do you think women react well to the bitch slap when apply to control her emotion.

Any really funny stuff.

Take The Red Pill said...

Have you ever noticed how women always prefer jerks over 'Good Men' -- UNTIL they are getting close to thirty, they feel their eggs starting to dry out, and they see The Wall approaching on it's inevitable collision course?

The schadenfreude at that time is a most delicious thing to observe and enjoy -- but always at a safe distance, of course.

At such times, every Good Man who was always rejected in favor of jerks/thugs/players/etc. should constantly remember the old saying, "Revenge is a dish best served cold".

Sophia said...

This list is a very good look into the minds of women who;

-have absolutely no self-esteem
-may suffer from some form of impairment
-believe AMALT
-did not have *any* male role models
-have been abused by every man in their life
-don't actually want a real relationship
-use men as "arm candy" instead of equals
-want to "fix" the bad boy
-are just plain stupid

Trust me...a mature, rational, empathetic adult woman does not want men like this.

MarkyMark said...


That begs an OBVIOUS question: why are the aforementioned guys the most SUCCESSFUL with women?


Sophia said...

I'd hazard a guess that there are more of the types of women I mentioned than we'd like to admit. As I've said before, I have had only one man in my life so far...he is a truly nice nerdy guy, and I wouldn't want him any other way.

He is respectful, kind, confident, intelligent, fun and has a great sense of humor. He is never emasculated by the fact I make more than he does, and we strive to have a very equal relationship. It's lasted nearly a decade, so we must be doing *something* right.

We are both adults, and treat each other as such. When I read/hear about men who prevent their wife from leaving the room during a heated argument...or who force painful sex...act ignorant to her feelings...treat her like an unbalanced child...I shake my head in awe and disgust. In these cases, BOTH parties are acting like idiots who can't control their bodies or emotions. It is utterly ridiculous.

Even above, one of your other commenters states "why do you think women react well to a bitch slap when applied to control their emotion". This is quite disturbing to say the least. I already went through physical abuse with my father...I'd never stay with yet ANOTHER man who would claim to "love me" yet believes that it is fine to strike me. As soon as you use your hands on another person, you've lost your humanity in my book. And yes, this most certainly goes for women too!

Others may think that the core of love is fear...not I. Love for another is a sacred bond forged from mutual care, respect, compassion and a wish to do anything to ensure the other's happiness. Anything that does not include this is hardly worthy of being called "love".

ScareCrow said...

Hateful bitches - or whatever it is called...

Is a feminist site.

Bad linkage my friend...

While I agree with most of the reasoning, the same author has written another article about why she will not date "nice guys"...

A paradox from another "modern woman".

That site is crap.

I would have just changed the text slightly, and not given her any linkage.

Mrs. Anna T said...

This really is how many minds work... subconsciously, of course.

But once a woman notices a pattern of unhappy relationships, she MUST get the cards on the table (with her own self) and RUN for her life from such destructive behavior.

Anonymous said...

Just one more glaring example of how most American women are mentally retarded on all fronts...

Anonymous said...

6.Affection means more when it comes from a guy who doesn't normally give it.

What can I POSSIBLY say in response to that?!


SEX means more when it comes from a GIRL who doesn't normally give it.


Anonymous said...

@ justeunperdant do you EVER know how to spell?

Anonymous said...

justeunperdant says: "I am a 45 year old and this is a good description of lust. I relate to this.

I think that I have almost saw your primal animal instinct of reproduction in your post.

That is what gets young man in trouble and the whole human race: the lust is so intense ( or primal instinct of reproduction) that men bypass the logical part of their brain.

Very few men can control their sexual lust, my self I am usually a good at control of it, but under certain circumstance I could probably lost it."