11 April 2013

Suckers vs. F*ckers, by Outcast Superstar


I was just reading some Happy Bachelors' posts with my breakfast, and I saw this gem posted by Outcast Superstar. It's his post, Suckers & $uckers. Be warned that some profanity follows! If that offends you, then don't go any farther. Thank you.


I did this piece back in 2007

After reading the nomarriage ebook, the author talks about two groups of men: fuckers and suckers.

Keep in mind western women love excitement and hate boredom. When they are in their teens and early 20's, they don't want stability that suckers have to offer because that is boring.

Keep in mind that women don't think for themselves but decisions on who they date or sleep with is usually made by the council not by the woman herself. This council is usually made up of her mother, sister, and friends etc. If dating a nice guy is not considered to be fun and popular by the "council" he is going to get snubbed.

There is another group of guys called fuckers. Women love to have sex with these guys during their prime years. Although they offer no stability to these women, however women will still sleep with them. The reason why women will is because they are unpredictable and therefore they are deemed as very exciting.

Once these women get to there late 20's - early 30's they will fraudently sell their looks to suckers who make a good income in order to get married. In other words they will put on a pony show for them until they get the ring. After a few years of marriage, these women are going to get bored and everything is the suckers fault. They will look for affairs and cash out on their suckers knowing that they will get the house, child support (if they have children), and alimony. All she has to do is file a false abuse charge (no proof necessary) to make all this happen. Even as a bonus, the sucker even gets to pay for her attorney fees.

Also, remember guys a women's fertility starts to decline at age 27 not in her 30's and 40's. If any of you want to start a family I highly recommend to make sure that the woman you are going to start a family with is no older than 25.

Despite there not being any legal justice in this country, Mother Nature has a justice of her own.

Those suckers who once ached for these women will lose interest in them once they get to be in their mid to late 20's. The last thing they are going to find attractive are used up women in their late 20's-30's. In fact these women must be avoided at all cost. They got a disease called baby rabies. They are going to do everything possible to get pregnant and trap you into a long term relationship where they can get provided for.

However, once those "suckers" get financially stable they will get to travel to foreign countries and enjoy beautiful women. Also, while in the United States, they will have developed fun hobbies to do when they are not working. In fact these "suckers" will not have to deal with the stress of fear of divorce, a nagging whore, false abuse and rape chargers, get to keep their sanity and money, won't have to worry about raising kid that aren't theirs etc.

However, the women who neglected the “suckers” in favor of the “fuckers” during their prime years are going to have to face justice. It's not legal justice but Mother Nature justice. Once they get to their late 20's for every year a man ages, they will be aging by two years. They will wrinkle and get ugly very fast. Investing thousands of dollars in makeup in order to form a bond with a “sucker” is not going to get the job done because they failed to form a bond with a "sucker" during their prime years. Their biological clocks will be ticking and they will get very desperate. They are going to want to be talking care off, like living off a “sucker” so they won't have to work. Disgusted by their behavior, the "suckers" will not want anything to do with them and will rebuke them. They are going to have to work long hours for the rest of their life because they could not find a "sucker" to take care of them. They will whine and complain that the "suckers" will not commit despite them snubbing them in favor of the "fuckers" during their prime years. They will rot all alone with no one to take care of them, many of them will not get to have children, and will be living very miserable lives until death all because they thought it was cute to let the "suckers" rot all alone while they go squander their prime years to the "fuckers" That my friends is what I call justice!


That's what I call justice too.  Don't be a sucker, Fellas!  Until next time...



Mrs. Anna T said...

If I had written this post, I would call it "Nice guys who are late bloomers and ultimately a woman's best bet, vs. Guys with a rough charm that doesn't last"... *smile*

The truth is, the luckiest women are those who are wise enough to catch the "nerd", the "weirdo", the guy who is insecure in highschool/college, who doesn't get drunk or play in a rock band and doesn't do the "cool" things. How many women are wise enough to do so? Not many.

The truth is, the guys who acted all of an alpha male in their teens and early twenties many times end up with no real prospects, and no desire/ability to care for a family. Whereas the "weirdoes"/nerds gain academical and career accomplishments, and ultimately grow out of their social awkwardness. As you said in one of your recent posts, it's not about looks.

Some women, of course, always find a reason to complain. Recently I met a woman who complained because her husband is "too much taken" with his hobby of raising fancy chicken breeds. You know what? She ought to be grateful that her husband has such a lovely, family-friendly hobby that is also great fun for the children (sorry, Mark, but chickens are more family-friendly than motorbikes... had to say it... :o)).

Anyhow... "Wise Women Marry Nerds"... how about this as a title for a book? :o)

Sophia said...

"Once they get to their late 20s, for every year a man ages, they will be aging by two years. They will wrinkle and get ugly very fast."

Very true in many cases. I have seen women I used to know back in high school who are the same age as me (28 or so), and many of them have not aged well...at all. The ones who used to date the alpha jocks, wear massive amounts of makeup, drink, smoke, party, stay out late and were "popular" are now very overweight, wrinkles everywhere, yellow teeth, stretched skin, tan lines and just generally unattractive. They are often single, desperate and unhappy sounding as well.

I feel no sympathy for them. They were pretty on the outside and horrible on the inside when we were teenagers...now their physical traits match their personality. Oh well.

Grit said...

Its known as "alpha fux and beta bux" in other circles of the manosphere.

There is a solution.

Women will still ride a decent gravy train of self delusion well into their thirties, funded by lons of beta feminist wishes. You have to sell them short before they can take hold.

"What's your salary? Ill do it for half."

Reacquaint sluttiness with low class behavior and milllions of hamsters will cry out.

MarkyMark said...

Mrs. Anna,

The owner of my company raises chickens, and he brings the eggs to anyone who wants them... :)


Kev said...

They choose their behavior, now time for them to suffer the consequences of their actions...

Anonymous said...

How about men lower their standards and date ugly women? Oh but wait...looks matters to them but a woman going for a man's looks will be ugly, cause we all know men don't like ugly women, old and alone and unhappy. which is exactly wat men want. they want the pretty women that rejected them to then grow up alone and unhappy but an ugly woman has to "change" her appearance and be a good cook where in both cases its still the woman's fault. that's wat happens wen women live in a male dominated society. men think all women are children crazed, husband oriented. they think we think men are the world and since some women don't think like that they complain that those types of women are stupid sluts that need a good d*cking. and women listen and men know this that's y women always put up with men's BS. an example would be American men boycotting American women by rejecting the pretty women( not all women only the pretty ones), marry foreign pretty women or stay at home and watch porn and video games. that's wat happens wen u teach ur daughters that men are everything so wen one comes her way (no matter how fat, ugly, nerdy he is) she has to accept him if she wants to be happy while men get to f*ck and dump the ugly "b*itches" while chasing the hot babes. and wen those hot babes reject them they go to China to get a bride that wouldn't dare question him. men have options while women have to settle for a fat gummy bear of a man that can smell like he hasn't showered in weeks. that's y men hate feminists. they give women options. and I think its funny that men complain that they "looooove" women but an ugly one comes their way and they treat her like the hot babes treat "beta" men. oh and men complain that beta men are the best but if they work for feminists then they're doing men everywhere a disservice. which is it men? If he's aman he's good but if he works for feminists he's evil? I guess that's the male mentality that men are always good but if they work for women, feminists or other's, then that's horrible. and to the women on this site who defend men because wen u were young u saw the beta males lonely and fault it was the woman's fault so u naturally blame all women....u need to stop sucking d*ck and look at the real world. all men want ONLY is a pretty woman. Rejecting the ugly women, they can walk around complaining that all women (which only means the hot babes) want an alpha male. how can all women want alphas wen men only like certain women? They pay no attention to the ugly women and yet complain about ALL WOMEN. including the ugly ones that they IGNORE. If she's ugly and she can't get a man its her fault (because men don't like ugly women so she should do yada yada) and if she's pretty and can't get a man its STILL the woman's fault (because we all know men like hot babes so she must be doing something wrong). Yes this is coming from an ugly woman. will I ever change my appearance? For wat? 99.9999% of men that will never treat me with respect, love or protect me? Hell no. does it make sense to change for someone who doesn't like u in the first place? No it doesn't. men and I don't talk to each other, look at each other, we don't respect each other, and we r not friends or acquaintences. so people should not be surprised wen ugly women learn to defend themselves and stop hating themselves, against men who do harm to them because they're ugly and we all know wat men do to people they don't like (rape, murder and abuse). men should know because they don't change all they do is complain complain and complain.

Kirik said...

Hey Anon, if you want your viewpoint taken seriously then you should at least try to use reasonable grammar. Notice that I didn't say perfect grammar. You'll also want to make use of paragraphs so we're not trying to read a wall of text.

Since most of your post is so incoherent I'll just answer your first question.

"How about men lower their standards and date ugly women?"

I believe a good chunk of the answer lie in humanity's past as hunter / gatherer and agrarian societies. Given the difficulties such as no access to medical care in the same way that is available to modern people, possibly being killed by any number of causes (other people, animals, falls, etc), it was important that you picked someone with traits that promote survival of the offspring. For men, that means choosing a woman with good physical traits (although what the traits are tends to change from one society to the next) and are able to take good care of the children. For women that means choosing a man capable of bringing home enough material resources (money, food, fur, etc) to support her and the children.

In other words, our choices are dictated by what was best for the survival of the species.

Now, if men were to lower their standards, would there be a reciprocal lowering of women's standards? If so which standards would that be? If not, then how can you ask men to do something that women are not willing to do?