07 April 2013

The Duke University F*ck List


I originally posted this in 2011, but as you know, I deleted a bunch of my posts.  I'm going through them, backing them up, and rerunning those that I consider my best or are still relevant.  This is one of my best; though Karen Owen put out her infamous Duke U F*ck List going on two years ago now, what it TEACHES about female nature (especially hypergamy) is still relevant.  Here goes...


I cannot make this up; I simply cannot make this stuff up!  Here we have Karen Owen, a typical, American college girl, authoring the Duke University F*ck List.  What is this list?  Well, it's a document done in a thesis like format detailing the sexual escapades of a typical college girl during her senior year.

So, what was her senior, or final, year like?  Miss Owen, in black and white, ADMITS to having had thirteen dicks in one year-thirteen in one year!  If we extrapolate those numbers over her four years (assuming she finished in four years), that means that this typical, American girl had FIFTY TWO penises in her during her college years-fifty two!  Just think: the health text books of 30-40 years ago considered a woman promiscuous if she'd had more than six or seven men total during her life.  Now, a woman like this is considered typical...

If you'll notice, Miss Owen didn't go for your engineering students, physics nerds, or computer geeks; nor did she go for average guys.  No, she went after various athletes who played lacrosse, baseball, tennis, etc. for the university.  IOW, she went after the alpha males.

Also notice that this chick is a bar slut.  Yeah, I said it!  She's a bar slut!  In many of her accounts, she says, "I met the subject at Shooters...".  Shooters is evidently a popular, local bar where Duke students go.

As I said in my opening, I cannot make this stuff up.  Guys, if you're dating a woman who is either an American college student or college grad, THIS is that you're getting!  Do you understand that?  THIS is what you're getting, fellas!  You're getting a bad amateur porn star; you're getting a whore; you're getting a woman whose birth canal has had more dick than a men's room urinal.

You're also getting a petri dish of diseases from tramps like this.  Given the complexity of female anatomy, things WILL go wrong when it's abused like that.  Sorry, but you cannot play with fire and not get burned.  If you have any physical contact with your typical college woman or female grad, you WILL catch something from her.  She'll give the gift that keeps on giving.  Looks to me like keeping it in your pants is a good thing...

In closing, what you've just seen is the sex life of your typical, American college girl.  Daddy, THIS is what your precious little angel (gag!) is doing!  Fellas, this is what your girlfriend did before she met you!  She was getting all the alpha dick she could.  Now that Little Missy is bearing down hard on her expiration date, she's all of a sudden settling for you, Mr. Computer Geek; she wants to 'settle down'-yeah, sure!  If you believe that, I have a famous bridge in NYC I'd like to sell you.  Guys, when it comes to American women, particularly American college women or American women who have graduated college, THIS is what you're getting.  Never forget that!  Fellas, when it comes to AW, just say no!  Go foreign or do without, but don't stick your dick in the petri dish of diseases that is your typical, American woman.  Thank you.



Anonymous said...

LOL you loser sound like you're jealous because you can't get as many chicks as she can get dicks. 13 dicks per year merely means 1 dick every month. Since guys are horndogs and ruled by their dicks, she couldve easily had twice the amount of c*** she had, so taking that into consideration, she's actually pretty tame. rofl, you're probably one of those nerds who beats off to slutty porn stars, wishing you could have as much p***y as she had dicks, and then whine on the internet when a woman is merely taking advantage of men's promicuous nature.

face it, you men have created this monster. if you want women to be virtuous good girls, lead by example!


Sophia said...

It is when I read articles like this that I'm so glad I waited till I was done with my Bachelor's and out of college before having sex with my boyfriend.

Meaningless flings, pregnancy scares and the constant threat of getting a STD from a random guy?
Or go to work, study hard, graduate early, and then spend time and money on the man I care about?

Honestly not a difficult decision to make.

Anonymous said...

Good post.