05 April 2013

Analyzing A Moment of Clarity


Back on 27 March 09, I ran this post, "A Moment of Clarity". It featured the video you're about to see. Why are you running it again? This time, I want to ANALYZE what that commercial means to us men; there are a lot of truths in that commercial, and I'd like to share them with you. Enjoy...

So, what does this commercial teach us? What hidden truths does it contain? I'm glad you asked, because I'm about to tell you...

One, it shows women before you marry them. It shows how their beauty and hot body are but a brief illusion; it shows how women are but illusions themselves. Notice how beautiful the young damsel in distress is? Notice the bountiful breasts and the wondrously displayed cleavage thereof? You notice how enticing she looked when she flashed that beautiful smile of hers, while cocking her head in that coquettish way? As Christopher in Oregon has said and bears repeating, women's beauty and charms are an illusion; they are a dirty trick played by Mother Nature to get us to do something PROFOUNDLY against our best interests: breed with a woman and raise her children. That's ALL it is, guys.

The second part of the commercial that I'd like to analyze is when the guy comes to his senses after he drinking his water; he has a spooky, yet accurate vision of the future that awaits him should he save the damsel in distress, and be taken in by her charms. He sees what marrying the damsel would entail, and it rightfully freaks him out.

Firstly, married life WILL suck! Secondly, the lovely, little lady isn't so lovely anymore after she's dropped a couple of womb turds. Thirdly, we get a glimpse of his mother in law and, along with it, what HIS WIFE will look like when older. Finally, your life will NOT be your own, Fellas-not if you get married. Let's examine all but the first point one by one, shall we? After all, the fact that married life sucks goes without saying, amen?

The lovely, little lady who's got you weak at the knees won't always be so lovely; she won't always be so hot, Fellas. Look at when the commercial goes inside the mobile home. We see our former damsel in distress in a yucky, green gown. We see that she's pregnant with yet ANOTHER womb turd in addition to the three or four that the couple already has! Her hair is sloppily put up; it's not hanging down and framing her formerly lovely face; also, it's starting to lose its luster. The little lady has clearly lost her youthful glow.

We then see our hero's mother in law come out of the bathroom as the toilet flushes-what lovely imagery! Anyway, the MIL is very instructive. Why? Because that's what our former damsel in distress will look like in thirty years time. It's been said that, if you want to know how your woman will age, just look at her mother; how true it is. What do we see when looking at the MIL? We see a fat, wrinkled up, old hag! We see someone who's face has is shriveled up. We see someone whose hair is flat in color; there's no luster there like the damsel in distress had while hanging from the tree branch. Finally, those big, luscious breasts that the damsel in distress had will be sagging to the floor when she gets older-yuck!

After seeing the formerly comely damsel and her mother, we see our hero.  Before rescuing the damsel in distress, he was happy, single, and free; he rode his horse wherever and whenever he wanted; he was the epitome and quintessence of a MGHOW!  After drinking the water; after imagining what rescuing the damsel would entail (i.e. marriage); our hero gets a scary vision-a vision of losing his freedom.  He sees that women are dream KILLERS.  He sees that the lovely damsel in the revealing, red dress will not always be such a comely (i.e. hot) woman.  He sees that he'll have her mother to deal with, and she looks like a real 'charmer'-not!  Our hero sees that his life will no longer be his own.  Once he drinks the Montavit mineral water and has his moment of clarity, he rides off to remain a free man-yeah, Baby!

Last, but definitely not least, this commercial teaches us men that we CAN override our instincts. We can override our desire for women! We can override our desire to save and protect them. We can override our damnable sex drive, which is what gets us entangled with women in the first place. This commercial teaches us that, rather than think with the little head, we can, should, and indeed must, think with the big head. If we think with the big head, we'll see that women and relationships therewith are not worth the heartache and trouble that they bring into our lives; we'll see that we're better off living as we please-on OUR terms, thank you very much.

In closing, this video is very, very instructive. It's instructive on women's charms, and how they're such a BRIEF illusion. It shows us what the little lady will morph into; we see both near and long term what she'll become. We see that we can override our instincts, and do what's best for OURSELVES. Finally, we see the truth that we all know: to wit, marriage sucks! I didn't have to tell my boys that though, huh? Have a good night now, and I'll catch you on the flip side...



Anonymous said...

I remember you posting that the first time. Never gets old. Surprising it was aired and not pulled.

BTW, now that your house is paid off, has that made you "more attractive" to some women?

MarkyMark said...


Only a few guys know my place is paid off; no women with whom I come into contact do. Ergo, my attractiveness and success with women hasn't changed one iota... :)


Take The Red Pill said...

I laugh myself silly every time I watch this. "Clarity" wasn't THAT quick for me -- but I finally saw through the scam (THANK GOODNESS!) that women pull on men when I lost the "hormone haze" of youth.
Truth may sometimes be ugly, but Truth is ALWAYS better than a pretty lie!