29 April 2013

Sluts vs. Used Cars, by Mr. Stinky


I was reading @ Happy Bachelors when I found THIS gem...


Consider the following scenario:

A man walks into a car dealership to buy a vehicle and is greeted by a car salesman.

The potential buyer is shown around the floor and is given the chance to look at various models, is given their specifications, gets a chance to sit in a couple of the models and is even given the opportunity to test drive a couple of the vehicles.

The buyer selects two models and takes them both out on the road to see how the drive and to get a better feel for them.

After returning from the second test drive they both go into the car salesman’s office to discuss purchasing a vehicle.

One vehicle is a brand new 2013 model that has less than 5,000 clicks, no dents or scratches, in perfect working order, has all the bells and whistles and comes with a 5 year warranty. It costs $25,000.

The second vehicle is a used 2009 version or the same vehicle, has 130,000 clicks, has a dent in the bumper, less fuel efficient, doesn’t have a leather interior and only comes with a 3 year warranty. It too costs $25,000.

The buyer is perplexed.

“You want to sell me a vehicle that has 26 times the mileage, 2 years less on the warranty, a couple dents and is lacking some of the details I want in a car. Tell me again why I am paying the exact same price for it?”

“Well, because all cars a created equal” the car salesman retorts. “Who are you to scoff at the thought of getting less of what you want for your hard earned money. Who are you to impose your societal expectations and social conditions on this vehicle? You’re obviously projecting! You’re obviously not a real man! You and your double standards make me sick”

“Well if I’m spending my hard earned money on something – I want to get what I want. I don’t want a subpar vehicle with more mileage, more dents and less of a warranty. And who are you to tell me what I should like? Who are you to tell me what is valuable? Who are you to try and impose your capitalistic expectations on me? I’ll buy whatever vehicle I see fit!”

Society (on the whole) is the used car salesman.

A slut is a used vehicle -- or maybe more aptly a used-up vehicle -- and society is attempting to sell it to you for the same price as a new vehicle.

A car that has been driven around the block a few times really isn’t a big deal. A car that has driven across the country – twice – is much less desirable if you are spending the same amount of money to purchase it.

Society – particularly feminists -- wants you to believe:

= = > Used cars (sluts) are as good as new cars.

= = > Used cars (sluts) should cost the same as new cars.

= = > There is no intrinsic difference between the two.

= = > A used car (sluts) have the same market value as a new car (female who has had only a couple sexual partners)

Now before you get your knickers in a knot – I am not saying women/sluts are only as valuable as cars. I understand NAWALT but it seems in this day and age sluts are the rule, not the exception.

If you’re spending your heard earned money (commitment) and you want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck – no pun intended -- why would men value something that has been through the ringer over something that is brand new or gently used?

The problem is that the vast majority of modern women have been ridden hard; they've spent much of their lives on the cock carousel.  They are truly used up...

In fact, human beings desire brand new things over used things. Apart from things that are considered collectibles -- 99.9% of the time the value for something used goes down -- not up.


Mr. Stinky NAILS it!  That is truly good stuff.  Have a good day now...



Doc said...

A very good analogy... Being and older male, that exclusively dates women in the 18-25 bracket I am constantly assailed by this mentality. I would always say, that when I was younger all I could afford was used clunkers, now that I'm older I tend to buy new since I don't like dealing with other people's problems. Why is it that is acceptable, except for when it comes to women? Sure when I was a teenager, I got the new stuff right off the show room floor, now I'm supposed to go for the clunker when it comes to women? I don't think so...

Needless to say, that doesn't go over very well among the feminists... But I don't have to worry about them, I do what I want and say, I let the car pick who it wants to drive it... Is it my fault that the new cars all want the experienced driver that knows how to handle a car to get the best performance out of it? That goes over even worse... Comparing women to cars... Oh, the horrors...

Anonymous said...

The only thing in the world that is worth more broken than unbroken is a horse.

Anonymous said...

Correct! Stinky NAILS it!

Anonymous age 71

dannyfrom504 said...

i ran a post a few weeks ago referring to women that spent time on the carousel as "chewed bubblegum".

who the hell wants to chew used bubble gum?

TaxExile said...

ls yearsthis sounds like a table full of overweight college girls in Hogtown on a Saturday night.

TaxExile said...

doc holliday rented it in every town he played. don't ever buy anything that is free, comrades.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mark. Are you saying a Dodge\Plymouth Neon isn't as valuable as a Bentley? ;)

Nice post.

MarkyMark said...


When it comes to sex, a man ALWAYS pays-always! The only question is whether or not the cost will be paid up front.

Or, as the wise man once said, if it flies, floats, or fucks, you're better off renting...


Anonymous said...

But Doc, why did it never occur to you that you yourself might also be an "old clunker?"

An old guy who will date an 18 year old? A lot of people would consider that predatory. If you like dating 18 year olds, that usually means you'd date even younger than that if only you could. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Let me fix that for you, Anonymous:

"An old guy who will date an 18 year old? A lot of aging crones like me find competition threatening and will hamfistedly attempt to shame and slander you for not dating us, like so. If you like fucking 18 year olds, that usually means you'd never even consider dating a clapped-out old biddy like me. I hope more men don't follow your lead. Scary."

There. Much better.

TaxExile said...

Anon 23.03:
please advise again what she has between her legs that equals my life savings?

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Tonia said...

This is cool!