07 April 2013

Western Women Can't Find Dates Overseas!


These articles are almost a dime a dozen now; it's getting to the point where I could almost devote an entire blog to them! Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. I could certainly run more pieces like this, because they're so plentiful. Now sit back, open a cold one, and enjoy some schadenfreude with me as we listen to these Western skanks lament the dearth of men that they so RIGHTFULLY deserve! May they always get the man they deserve-none.


Foreign women label Beijing a dating wasteland

By Erik Nilsson (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-11-11 08:46

As China's expatriate population grows, many foreign women looking for love are saying this is the wrong place to meet Mr Right.

That's because any DECENT man, any man who could be Mr. Right, doesn't want anything to do with these skanks!

These dreamboats have sailed to cleaner waters that offer better fishing-duh!

You don't know one foreign man who's single; many expat women you know ARE single. Do you think that there might there be a connection there? Just wondering...

Minnikin, a research and development specialist for a human resource development company who has lived in China for two years, said the reason there aren't many available foreign men is simple: "There are a lot of Chinese women; they're available, and they have a lot to offer."

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Miss Minnikin gets it right! Chinese women, when compared to their Western counterparts, DO have a lot to offer. It's akin to comparing a BMW to a beat up Yugo-IOW, no comparison whatsoever.

The dating problem of China's forlorn foreign females has become a hot topic on online forums for expatriate such as www.thatsbj.com and http://asiaxpat.com. Threads with titles such as "Why foreign women will NEVER have a dating scene" and "How can a woman find a man?" are becoming increasingly popular.

Why will a foreign woman never have a dating scene? That's easy; they're uber BITCHES, that's why! Now that these womens' countrymen have seen what real women are like, they want NO PART of their female homies. You'd think that these stupid bitches would put 2+2 together, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you figure that they'd see that there's-gasp-a REASON why they're single, while their fellow countrymen are not?

"I have lived in Asia for about four years now and know how tall blondes are treated by a lot of the men here," said MTGirl, who posted on a "Frustrated woman" thread on thatsbj.com's Love and Dating forum. "Although that has not turned me into a man-hater, I find the situation frustrating."

Aw, what's the matter, Sweet Pee? You can't handle the fact that you're no longer the center of attention like you were back home? You know, THIS is the life your countrymen have lived all their lives! Ah, but it was all right when the shoe was on their foot; now that it's on yours, it's unfair and frustrating?! Come on! Cry me a river, Darlin'! It's nice to see you get a taste of the medicine you've dished out to good guys all your lives back home. How does it feel, hmmm?

Offline, MTGirl is Juanita Hartman, 33, who came to Beijing from Ellensburg, Washington, as a research fellow studying Chinese history at Peking University.

Ah, now we know a little more about MTGirl. She's a research fellow, which means she's an academic; since she's a female academic, that means she's STEEPED in feminism; she's a man hater, extraordinaire. Is it any wonder why she doesn't have a man?! Her attitude is so toxic that men can practically see it! I've been around these women, and the aura of misandry surrounding them is so strong that it may as well be physically visible.

She says that even though foreign men in Beijing are available, she has seen that they are likelier to seek local women.

Behind Door #1, we have someone who is: 1) cute; 2) intelligent; 3) can talk about more than who won American Idol; 4) has domestic skills; 5) gasp-likes men! Or, behind Door #2, an expat man can have a woman who is: 1) a raging feminazi; 2) dumb & clueless; 3) can't talk about anything other than the latest celebrity gossip; 4) has NO domestic skills whatsoever; 5) hates men and everything about them. Gee, what should I pick? I know, I know; it's a difficult decision-not! How stupid can Western women be?!

"It really doesn't bother me that they overlook expat women," Hartman said. "What bothers me are the looks of disdain I get when I'm out and about.

That begs an obvious question: how many contemptuous looks of disdain did you give to men back home, hmmm? Another question I have to ask is this: how do you like having the shoe on YOUR foot, Darlin'? How do you like being on the receiving end of what you dished out to us all those years? You know what I have to say to that? Tough! Welcome to my life, Sweetheart!

"Men look away when eye contact is made," she said. "I'm not drop-dead gorgeous, but I'm not butt-ugly, either.

Just like you looked away from men when you were back home-especially when you were young, hot, and desireable. Oh, and while you may not be butt-ugly on the outside, you ARE butt-ugly on the inside! Now that your fellow countrymen have seen sane women overseas; now that your fellow countrymen have been around women who don't hate and fear them; they can see just how TOXIC you are! Is it any wonder men turn away from you in disgust?!

"Living in China for about four years has given me great insight to who I am and what I want. Part of that self-discovery has been that I haven't had a steady boyfriend and had to struggle through comparing myself to these beautiful, petite Chinese girls.

You ALMOST had a glimmer of understanding here-almost! But, you couldn't follow all the way through with it, could you? While the Chinese women are nice to look at, that's not all that's appealling about them. Their nice exteriors catch our eyes, while their nicer personalities, their nicer interiors, KEEP them...

"I am 176 centimetres tall and often felt like a bull in a china shop - no pun intended. I have come to terms with the way I look and the way I am built. I am more confident because of this experience."

Uh, you don't sound that confident to me-not when you were talking about having to compare yourself to those pretty, petite Chinese girls. The nicer packaging Chinese girls come in catches our eyes; the superior CONTENTS of said packaging KEEPS them. You might want to think about that, Darlin'! It's not your face; it's not your body; it's your attitude...

For China's lonely "laowai" ladies, it seems the problem is a matter of not only the quantity of men, but also the quality.

Translation: there are no 'hawt' bad boys chasing these skanks! They no longer have their pick of the litter, and they're pissed.

Many foreign women complain that the fabric of the men who are attracted to the expatriate lifestyle is too often different from that of good dating material.

"Beijing seems to attract only certain types of guys: English-teacher types straight out of college who just want to have fun, ladder-climbing executive types and a bunch of weirdoes," said Emily Patterson, 23, of Cleveland, Ohio, who works as a reporter for a Chinese magazine in Beijing. "You don't want a college guy. Maybe the executive type is already married, busy or boring. And of course, you don't want to date a weirdo.

Weirdo = nice guy who this American woman finds boring, a guy to whom she is NOT sexually attracted; this is the kind of guy she'd call 'creepy' back home. The executive, even if he isn't married, is going to have many, many much better options; he'll be able to get someone younger, hotter, and nicer than this American bitch. Finally, this Emily Patterson resents the fact that, for once in her life, the roles are reversed; for once in her life, guys her age are wanted; she's not; and she can't STAND the reversal of fortune! Aw, you want me to cry for you now or later?

"At home, maybe you meet a hundred nice, normal, single, socially, capable guys, and you have feelings for one or two. Here you meet five normal guys, and there's such a small chance that one of them is the one you want."

What did I tell you?! What did I tell you?! She no longer has the pick of the litter, and now she's pissed-waaaaaaaaahhhh! Cry me a river, Darlin'...

Hartman agrees: "I think the main problem in Beijing is that most of the men here I wouldn't touch back home, so why would I here?"

Uh, Miss Hartman, now that these men have seen and experienced REAL women, they're asking themselves the same question! They're asking themselves what they EVER saw in toxic women like you.

Oh, and before you dismiss these men as being of low or no quality, here's something to think about, Darlin': even though there is a shortage of females in China, expat men have no problem finding themselves one! Thanks to China's one child per family policy, many girl babies haven't been allowed to live; they were never born, or they were killed shortly after birth because the families deemed boys to be more useful. This has resulted in a shortage of Chinese women for the available, eligible, local men. To put it in words you, the vapid, shallow Western bitch would understand, that means that there are millions of more Chinese men vs. women; there's a huge surplus of Chinese men vis a vis women.

According to your logic, your countrymen shouldn't have a prayer! However, these expat men, your countrymen, are not only adding to this demographic imbalance; they are in COMPETITION with the local boys, and they have no problem finding themselves a woman-wow! How could they do that if they were of such low quality? How could they find a local woman at all when the local, Chinese women can have their pick of men? Could it be that the countrymen you so blithely and cavalierly dismiss aren't so low quality after all? Could it be that your countrymen are really good guys? Could it be that it's your selection criteria that needs a reality check?! Nah, that couldn't be it, because you're a 'goddess', and goddesses can never do any wrong, right?

Like many expatriate women in China, Hartman believes that while "a few" laowai guys in China are worthwhile men, capable of establishing solid relationships, many come here to get a badly needed ego boost.

Here we have an over the hill, past her expiration date, man hating feminazi academic talking about fragile egos?! Come on! She can't handle the fact that she's no longer the cat's meow like she was back home, and she can't stand it.

"The majority of men come here because they have issues back home ... or they just can't get a woman back home for a number of reasons," she said. "They come here because they become a big fish in a little pond; they become very important and sought after."

Damn right we have issues back home-a dearth of decent women! We have issues with the shallow, vapid, filthy, dumb, clueless, disease ridden skanks from which we get to pick. We have issues with being sold a rotten, shit sandwich, while being told that it's filet mignon! We have issues with paying a Ferrari price for a beat up Yugo. If that's having issues, then we plead guilty as charged, your honor...

Oh, and guys who took assignments in China probably did so for other reasons besides women. They took them to take advantage of the travel opportunity this would offer them. They took advantage of a once in a lifetime chance to see a unique place many of us never even get to VISIT during our lives! Why wouldn't a young, single guy take advantage of the opportunity to not only visit China, but actually LIVE there?! That's the mindset I had when I was offered assignment to Pearl Harbor during my Navy days.

Ah, but when your countrymen got to China, they had their eyes opened; they saw something that they'd never, ever seen before: sane, happy, reasonable, intelligent, and pretty women who actually LIKED them-wow! Not only that, the Chinese women treated your countrymen with dignity and respect-something you never gave them back home, my dear. I know, because I speak from experience here.

I remember when I was in the Navy, and we were on our way home from our Mediterranean Sea deployment. Before we went through the Straits of Gibraltar though, we made a call on Palma de Mallorca. I remember going to a local laundry to do my clothes; it would be the last chance I had for weeks to do my own laundry. Anyway, I met some local girls out and about. One of my buddies was trying to ditch them, so I took them off his hands.

After finishing my laundry, I and these three local girls sat down at a nearby streetside cafe. We, all of whom were strangers, laughed, talked, and enjoyed one another's company; it was a night to remember! Even though this was back in 1984, before American women became totally toxic, it occurred to me that this had NEVER, ever happened to me back home, nor was it ever likely to. I could tell many stories like this! Once I went overseas, I had no problem meeting women at all. It was quite the eye opener for me-just like it is for the countrymen you so blithely dismiss, Miss Hartmann. Just another little something to think about, Darlin'...

For these reasons, these women see the pool of single, dateable foreign men more as a small puddle. And they don't consider dating locals a viable option.

Sheesh, how STUPID can American women be?! Really, how stupid can they be? They have the same, unrealistic standards that they have back home, even though they're in a weaker bargaining position! Think about it; these Western chicks are competing against the Chinese women; the men have options, so their standards need a reality check-duh. The countrymen they so casually dismiss as being undateable have no problem finding local, Chinese women-women who are smarter, sweeter, and prettier than they are! You'd think that Western women would see the competition, and realize that they need to settle for a regular guy, not some romance novel fantasy archetype that they have in their silly, little heads, but no. Even without options, Western women STILL have the same, crazy standards that they always had! Again, how stupid can someone be?! Sorry, but I just can't wrap my arms round the illogic in that.

Oh, BTW, the local Chinese men don't see you toxic, Western bitches as a viable option either. You're NOT a viable option to any man who has a brain and loves himself the least little bit! Get a grip, Ladies! While you're at it, get over yourselves too.

"Women need to communicate more, so for women who don't speak Chinese, we don't have as many options as men," said Minnikin.

You realize the what while missing the WHY! You're so close, yet so far...

There are cultural barriers, as well.

Mainly a culture that doesn't condone, let alone encourage, bad behavior of women. You think that that might have a little something to do with it?

"Most Chinese guys are really shy," Patterson said. "They work really long hours and don't come out to bars and parties, which is where you usually meet people."

That's because, at the end of a long day, these guys have no ENERGY to go out, Miss Patterson! I know, because I work a lot myself. I've been working 50-60 hour weeks as of late; I start @ 0730 in the morning, and my day ends @ 1800-if I don't stay late, something I do on occasion. By the time I get home, I'm pooped. Oh, BTW, I have to fix supper, do dishes, laundry, and stuff like that. There are only so many hours in a day-sheesh! I don't know about my Chinese counterparts, but when my day ends, all I want to do is go home and relax...

Josh Bernstein, 21, of Phoenix, Arizona, has organized an informal singles group and has seen first-hand the difficulties faced by Western women interested in Chinese men.

The singles party he hosted a week ago attracted more than 20 Chinese women, four Western women, 10 foreign men and two Chinese men.

He said that while the foreign men ignored the Western girls, the Chinese men struck up conversation with them. But in the end, it was only talk.

Yeah, that's because, after talking to the Western girls, the Chinese guys figured out in minutes that they're filthy, shallow, vapid, not to mention toxic, bitches. They realized that they don't WANT any of that, thank you kindly...

"These foreign girls, even though they talk to the guys who they are interested in and think are interested in them, the Chinese guys seem to be too shy or too worried about saving face to make a move," Bernstein said. "They're afraid of making a mistake because of cultural differences. A lot of Chinese guys don't know about foreign girls and don't know how to approach them."

Uh, Mr. Mangina, if what you say is true, then riddle me this: how the HELL has China managed to become the world's most POPULOUS country, hmmm? If what you say is true, then these Chinese men shouldn't be meeting, let alone mating with, women. Nevertheless, these same Chinese guys have managed to do so much mating that China as the most people on Earth. How does something like that happen, Mr. Mangina? Care to tell me, you idiot? You'd think that, after having seen superior women, that this idiot wouldn't stick up for his nasty, bitchy countrywomen...

Hartman, for one, said she has given up on the dating scene, and believes it's for the best.

"I came to the conclusion that whatever happens will happen" she said. "I could find the love of my life here and have a great story to tell, but I could also return home alone.

Uh, let me save you some suspense, Miss Hartman; you WILL return home alone! The only stories you'll have to tell are how those low quality guys ignored you, yet ended up with those pretty, petite Chinese girls...

"Either way, I am still learning about myself, and isn't living abroad all about the learning experience?"

Yeah, but will you learn the right lessons? That's the question! Somehow, I doubt it. You won't be able to shake your goddess complex, so you'll pin the blame on everything and everyone but where it truly belongs-with YOU...


I don't know what to say, other than I cannot make this up; my imagination isn't that good! These stupid, shallow women make my job easy though. It's easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Until next time...



Unknown said...

Another GREAT post! I love your sarcasm.

MarkyMark said...

THanks, Unknown... :)

Take The Red Pill said...

"...Although that has not turned me into a man-hater, I find the situation frustrating."

NOT turned her into a man-hater???? She's been steeped in the feminist dogma all her life -- she's NOTHING BUT A MAN-HATER!

All the rationalizations and denials these Western skanks come up with never change -- "same old songs, only the jukebox is different".

MarkyMark said...


I LOVE that phrase: same old songs, only the juke box is different. I love it!


Greddy said...

So let's see, princess went there to "discover" herself but western men who went there went for an ego boost even though the men went KNOWING there is a female shortage in China. Talk about arrogant. Keep projecting onto every body else sweety.

It's truly a joy to watch princess blindly clawing around in the dirt to look for ANY excuse to help her avoid the truth: it ain't the Chinese guys or the Chinese women or the western guys that are the problem, it's you and your "sisters" sweety.

Sophia said...

The double standards in her comments are truly indicative of her idea of "reality". She may have undergone introspection of her physical traits...but it seems her emotional/intellectual meditations could use more work.

Unfortunately, she will probably never reach the top of Maslow's hierarchy...

Anonymous said...

"At home, maybe you meet a hundred nice, normal, single, socially, capable guys, and you have feelings for one or two. Here you meet five normal guys, and there's such a small chance that one of them is the one you want."

She has a 98% rejection rate!!! Think that might have something to do with her being single???

Anonymous said...

Nice that you brought this post back. I have read other posts by western wymn about being "ignored" in Japan and Thailand. They think Asian cultures are backwards. Asian men know what western wymn are like.

Most anglo females are about as popular in Asia as a pitbull at a cat show, or a Dodge Neon at a classic car event.

TrueFemininity said...

"Ah, now we know a little more about MTGirl. She's a research fellow, which means she's an academic; since she's a female academic, that means she's STEEPED in feminism."

You are absolutely right on that point, Mark. It's impossible to escape feminism in the academic world. Academic women love nothing more than to study their their own perceived "hardships." In my experience they will turn every subject to themselves and how they've been oppressed by men. Even though this woman claims otherwise, I'd be very surprised to find that she were *not* a man-hater. She may not think she "hates" men, but she would most likely act as if she must be their master and that they should serve her and her every whim (which in my mind is the same thing).

Omnipitron said...

Nice article, and not surprising whatsoever really. I see this very same attitude amongst black women as I was growing up. My bro and I where dismissed as being 'not thug enough' while chasing after real thugs and men who would turn their parents skin green.

And yet, years later when thugboy shows his true colours they have the audacity to look at men like my bro and I with attitude because we decided to marry interracial.

Even after all this time where many 'viable' black men have opted for women of other races, black women still sing the blues about black men. Just as the expat women you spoke of, black women have a heavily reduced bargaining position nowadays but their attitudes STILL remain.

No, many women won't change despite all the evidence in front of them that they are the main issue to their conundrums. It's baffling to consider the vast arrogance to blame a whole culture on their failure to find a mate.

It should be fairly easy for a woman to find a good man, the bottom line is that if a woman can't while 'lesser' women are, she can find the issue looking back at her in the mirror.

spokes said...

I loved this analysis of the China Daily article. How clueless these women are.

I just came back from two years of teaching computer science (can you say boring?) at a Chinese university. I am not just out of college, nor am I an executive, nor am I weird. I am just not interested in marriage.

But that was before I started interacting with the lovely women of China, one who convinced me with her feminine and pleasant ways that I really wanted to marry here, which I did.

Good riddence American skanks!