19 April 2013

Sexist Extraordinaire, Arianna Pattek


Since AVfM issued a retraction on this story, I'm going to follow suit-for NOW.  The fact that Georgetown moved fast to totally REMOVE all content WRT this situation made it look suspicious, so I ran with it.  Anyway, I'll keep on top of this and keep you abreast of any more developments.  Thank you, and good day...



Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. I love blatant admissions like this.
A lot of the tradcons think that if a man isn't being a provider, it is all his fault. This proves that their are forces out there stacked against him.

Anonymous said...

All of her personal info, plus a mountain of evidence, has been collected and posted here:


I even have screen shots where I confronted the President of Georgetown University on his Facebook page and caught him refusing to answer my questions. I'll be uploading it later today.

MarkyMark said...

Thanks, Mate!

ScareCrow said...

I would sprinkle this post with allegedly, and supposedly...

So far, there is no actual evidence linking her to that blog.

After doing that, delete this comment.

Better safe than sorry - by putting alleged and supposedly - you are off the hook for libel.

Zorro said...

That idiotic gash should be hunted down like the Boston bombers.

Western civilization put a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger the day it gave the vote to women. Our society is just the inevitable, slow exsanguination from that wound.

MarkyMark said...


AVfM has an BANG UP piece on Miss Pattek, and they have the GOODS on this bitch. She's guilty, and I'm going to do my part to inform the world of this. This shit has to stop!


ScareCrow said...

I agree - expose - but I'd use "allegedly" to keep yourself safe...

That is all.

I heard about this story from an anonymous poster on my blog.

I don't like anonymous posters telling me stories like this - especially when all the facts are not in...

Anonymous said...

Let's get the word out and make sure that NO white male ever dates her. Let her rejection be eternal.

Anonymous said...

You and your bros seem to have a case of mistaken identity, buddy.

Arianna Pattek is an undergraduate at Georgetown. She does not have a doctorate. This has been confirmed by officials from Georgetown, who also have stated that she never worked in admissions.

Why would a school of Georgetown's caliber hire one undergraduate student and give them total veto power over applications? No admissions office anywhere would do that. Do you understand what goes into considering a qualified applicant at the graduate level? No one person runs admissions. And when people apply in the hopes of pursuing a Master's or Ph.D, there's a process involved. Application fees are hefty for a reason. Admissions are judged case by case by a review committee. Prospective students face an interview process to determine if they have what it takes for the program they are applying for.

Feministconservative claims to have a 120-page thesis; Pattek's was 95. Pattek's thesis does not mention the topics that the blogger's does. Pattek received a peace and justice award for a thesis statement she wrote at the undergraduate level.

There's not a shred of evidence linking her to that blog, and a great deal that suggests that she has nothing to do with it. Incredible.

Do you even think? Or do you just spout "facts" that you find from blogs and Reddit (or what you call "reputable news sources")?

I love having free speech, but sometimes I think that so many people have abused their ability to broadcast their free speech to so many ignorant others on the internet. It's sad that what should be a tool for disseminating knowledge, facts, and useful information finds more use in the realm of personal harassment, spreading lies, and sheer distortion.

You probably think you're a pretty great guy for writing that post. The truth is, you're a bully who's blindly engaging in the slander and harassment of a woman who, based on the most cursory of research, is very obviously not responsible for writing a nasty piece of material that is just as obviously authored by an internet troll.

MarkyMark said...


You're wrong on multiple counts. One, Miss Pattek does admissions for UNDERGRADS; she was a grad STUDENT, not an admissions officer reviewing grad student applications. Two, I found reputable sources (e.g. Georgetown's website) for my facts. Three, GU has REMOVED any traces of the fact that they had Miss Pattek working for them. Why do you suppose that is? Could it be because they're covering up her misdeeds? BTW, if you want plenty of links to reputable sources about this, you can find them here @ AVfM. Have a good night, and have your facts straight BEFORE spouting your bullshit!


Anonymous said...

No. She was an UNDERGRAD student. She graduated in Spring 2012 with a Bachelors degree. She was never a GRAD student. She has never been employed by GU's admissions office. Honestly, how thick do you need to be? AVfM is wrong. You are wrong. You're a bully and nothing more.

Anonymous said...


Over at www.peacejusticestudies.org, under the PJSA Thesis and Dissertation Database, it says her Department/Major is "Justice and Peace Studies" and the degree is "BS". It lists the degree awarded on 5/2012.

On the feministconservative wordpress site, under the April 11, 2012 post titled "the racist mentality of 'palestinians'", it says "I've been very busy as I'm getting ready to finish up my PhD. In a month or two with a little bit of luck I'll have my PhD and the title of 'Dr.'".

Aren't BS and PhD two different degrees? Please do some further checking up on this.

Anonymous said...


AVfM still doesn't know if the feministconservative wordpress site is Pettek's site or not. AVfM article says "so far, there's nothing really linking the accused to the production of that text".

MarkyMark said...


Perhaps it escaped you, but Spring of 2012 was LAST year, not THIS year-duh!

Secondly, the only reason you're calling me a bully is because I'm calling you and your feminanzi sisters OUT for your hypocrisy and your bullshit! I only shine the light of truth on you, your kind, and your evil deeds, and you THINK it's bullying...


Sophia said...

I'd just like to point out that I'm also white...and I have, since a young age, been able to see the privileges I have gotten from being white. It's the same as how I've encountered both privilege AND sexism as a woman. If you're not aware of it, it's hard to see (much like misandry) but once your eyes are opened you can't unsee it.

Anonymous said...

Marky, I don't know how you find these obscure blogs like feministconservative, that no one had ever heard of, but you are really gullible and naive if you believe this stuff.This is just troll BS to get guys like you all worked up. Even if there is a real person named Pattek working in admissions (which I doubt)how do you know it's the same person and not just using their name to write this crap. Do you really believe that someone working in admissions at a University would admit to any of this if they were doing it? It would open them up to all sorts of lawsuits.
So this is just some crank troll or men's rights guy agitating you.

MarkyMark said...

Do I really think that someone like Pattek would openly brag about this sort of thing? Yes, I do, because discrimination & bigotry against WASPYy males like me is okay under the PC orthodoxy; according to the PC fascists, white males are responsible for ALL the ills in the world! It's no different than how discrimination against Jews was okay in Nazi Germany. People like Arianna Pattek see nothing wrong with what they are doing; as far as they and their ilk are concerned, they're doing God a service...

Anonymous said...


Nobody has even read this but you Marky. You really need to get a life and forget about all this crap. There are a billion morons on the Net and these blogs that no one reads mean nothing.They're not even on the radar.
Manboobz, who I refer to as Fruitloops, probably has a dozen wackos and freaks on his blog.Fugly looking man hating females mostly living on benefits who in real life people wouldn't even notice anymore than some bug crawling on the ground.So to even waste time with these stupid losers is just a big waste of time and you could be doing something interesting.

MarkyMark said...


You want to know what I think? I think that I am right, and that you cannot STAND it! If I weren't right, you wouldn't be giving me so much flak now, would you? You know what they say? THe more flak you catch, the closer to the target you are...


Anonymous said...

I'm only trying to help you. If this Pattek female(if she even exists) was really doing this in the admissions dept.I would see to it that those who were rejected sued her and the Uni.

ScareCrow said...

I am not trying to be offensive or argumentative here Mark.

I back you 100%.

However, we do have enemies.

How hard would it be to fabricate a story like this, and once most people are jumping on it, file a series of libel lawsuits?

Who would do such a thing?

The SPLC for one.

I am not suggesting you remove the post.

Just suggesting you cover yourself against any possible libel lawsuit by sprinkling the word "allegedly" here and there.

The lame-stream media does it all the time...

It would not hurt the content any - and your point would still be made.

As far as the anonymous poster.

I'd wager a guess that is just some troll.

I disabled anonymous posts on my blog...

I got a lot less comments - but a lot less trolls too...

I am looking out for you friend.

I did not bother telling AVFM thins - because I could care less if they get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should actually check your sources on this one. Pattek according to their facebook and essay graduated high school in 2008-- they have never been a PHD student.

Most of the keywords related to the PHD essay on the blog are virtually absent from the paper written by Pattek.

Pattek's paper is 25 pages (95 vs 120) shorter than the one mentioned in the blog.

This campaign really went wrong. Someone who is a college student needs to get on the Proquest dissertation database and actually search for the right one.

john said...

Hey, you should actually check your sources on this one. Pattek according to their facebook and essay graduated high school in 2008-- they have never been a PHD student.

Most of the keywords related to the PHD essay on the blog are virtually absent from the paper written by Pattek.

Pattek's paper is 25 pages (95 vs 120) shorter than the one mentioned in the blog.

This campaign really went wrong. Someone who is a college student needs to get on the Proquest dissertation database and actually search for the right one.

Anonymous said...

I am not a troll.This so called blog had no traffic outside of a handful of people and I can see now that it was picked up from AVFM where Marky likely saw it. As soon as I read a few things on it, and I have an excellent sense of these things, I immediately suspected it of being a fraud most likely by some female cunt who had something against Pattek or who just chose her name at random and wrote these things for some psychotic or jealous reason, very common among females.A female named Pattek did attend Georgetown and does have a degree from there but she has never worked for the school or in admissions.There is so much misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes, warped people who write things either from some psychosis, or who have an axe to grind about something and who fabricate stories and make them look authentic (I can do this myself just to prove a point to you doubters)that you have to be very careful about believing anything you may read and falling into some trap that the hoaxer intended, even if that trap is only to waste a lot of your time and make you look foolish.
Remember the story of that site from a few years ago about some former model with pictures and all? Few people even saw this site until the model found out about it and tried to find out who set it up. On the site she was made to look like some whore. Now, I don't know why she even bothered since no one even saw it until she made a big deal about it and the publicity then made people go to it. She even managed to get a subpoena to get information to track down the person who set the site up. It turned out to be some girl she had known who was just jealous of her for some imagined reason and with females that's usually because the girl is better looking than them while they're fugly and can't get the same quality men themselves, or even imagine that she stole some man away from her (in her warped mind anyway).
Anyway, when the above poster mentioned AVFM I went over there to read about this and while there I saw something from a site about the "Good Men Project" and went there to read some of the stuff and the comments. All that I can say is that I had the feeling that I had fallen asleep 30 years ago and woke up to find myself in a lunatic asylum on some alien planet. These people are so out of touch with human nature and reality that it would just be a waste of time and energy to rebut their nonsense and they wouldn't even understand common sense or logic their minds are so distorted.
So this is why I said to Marky not to be so annoyed with craziness and to just enjoy his life in any manner he chosers with a contented state of mind.We've reached the tipping point anyway and whenever things become too unnatural there is always a backlash in society and feminism will go back to what it was years ago of a small lunatic fringe that people just ignored or laughed at.

Anonymous said...

Check out her Facebook page. Classoc anti-white leftest.

Truth Hurts said...

Unfortunately, this is the NORM rather than the exception these days. I have seen this exact racist, and sexist mentality everywhere - all against white males... In most places it is institutionalized and not only is it accepted, it is the accepted practice.

Heck, the Federal Government is the worst at this - separating all applications according to race and sex and then discarding any from white males, since "we already have too many of them with power" and don't need any more.

This is why I have several businesses, which on paper are owned by minorities - well, they do OWN them, I just get all of the profits - law is a wonderful thing. I do this since it is in my best interest, and I make a fortune. I can turn in sub-par bids and still win - why pay for a top notch team to put together a killer proposal, when I can have it look like a disabled, female, veteran owns the company and put together shit and still win? I can cut corners across the board and make a mint - since no one can say a thing about the quality of the work - it's like having a bullet proof vest. Thank you for being so sexist and racist... I laugh about it every time I deposit my "cut"...

dannyfrom504 said...

i'm simply done with feminist dreck. this is currently making the rounds. a few of us are posting it sporadcially on our sites.


great blog, i'll have to check it out more often. saw you via Keoni's linkage.

stay up.

Anonymous said...

@Hurts- You and a lot of posters will believe anything that fits into your own delusions that you have about females, and life in general.
And I really doubt that you own anything or that you're familiar with the rules when running a business and dealing with the government and contracts.

John Rambo said...

Georgetown UNiversity REFUSES to answer our questions. Why did they delete all traces of Arianna from their website? Why did Arianna delete her blog and her Facebook page? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Until Georgetown UNi and Arianna RESPOND to our questions, we will NOT take down this post. They are both acting like criminals, and engaging in very suspicious behavoir.

Guys, PLEASE MAKE THIS STORY VIRAL. Post the link to AVfM's article, to the CAF article, and to Marky's article on ALL social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Until we make this viral, nothing will happen. Only ONCE it goes viral will Georgetown Uni be FORCED into answering our questions.

CAF page about Arianna

AVfM article about Arianna

Anonymous said...

The one part that really confuses me is the assumption that having graduated in 2012 she could not be a grad student. I will agree she could not be close to Ph.D., but that is what one does after getting the bachelor's degree. Apply to be a grad student.

I really laughed at Sophia. She benefits from white FEMALE privilege, and imagines that is purely WHITE privilege. Which would mean males get those privileges, too. Hee, hee.

I do agree with her, though. Most white females are incapable of grasping the special treatment they receive at every instant of their lives, and constantly rant about being so picked on.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

I understand that the Universities want us to think every application really is examined in depth, carefully by lengthy criteria.

Don't be ridiculous. Yes, it is possible that first screening of applications could be made by a low level functionary. Anything else would be very surprising.

If they spend hours on final screening, you can be sure all the men rejected solely for being men do not get the same time spent on their applications.

I am going to tell you what I have been saying for years. Gentlemen, Get The Hell Out. United States, nor any English speaking nation, is not a place where a self-respecting male should live.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

I went back and read your excerpts again, and at this time I tend to believe the posting is real.

So, she graudated 5/2012. This was in June 2012, and she plainly says she is working in the admissions office, "for the time being". That is, a temp job.

And, assuming this is for undergrad students, who here honestly thinks the president of GU is going to do first screening?

Her comment on male privilege sounds like it should say, Male superiority. I bet she actually tossed the best male applications, and their clear cut superiority pissed her off, so out they go.

Anonymous age 71

As far as being sued, anyone can sue anyone for anything. In the US, truth is a defense; in UK until recently it was not a defense.

Also, to actually win, as opposed to a nuisance suit, one must show either malicious actions, or gross negligence. And, one must show that reasonable people would believe the false reporting. That last one is easy; this shit happens all the time, so why wouldn't we believe it this time?

of course GU has removed it all.They would be in court sued by every male who was rejected last year. Make sure all screen prints are kept in a triple back-up circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I was telling my wife about this open discrimination. She believes it, because in the last 10 years, we have seen our son openly discriminated against multiple times.

I realized that the problem here is. We all know discrimination against men, especially white men, is rampant. Everyone knows they are doing it. The evidence is obvious.

This stupid bitch didn't realize she wasn't supposed to talk about it in public. I mean, it is talked about all the time in private. So, my guess is it never occurred to her that talking about it openly on the Web might not be a good idea.

Does anyone here doubt that the HR fiends don't openly discuss things much like she does, when they are alone in their offices?

Anonymous age 71

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mmmm... well, first I'll confess that I kind of cheered when I read that an Israel-hater's application went to the trash can. I was pleasantly surprised, because judging from the overall trend, the Arab student was supposed to be considered a "minority", and all wrongs are forgiven for minorities, isn't that so?

But I'm sure that what she's doing is illegal, and that a collective lawsuit can be raised against her.

Sophia said...

I have no idea what ethnicity you are, but if you are white and cannot see any way you are privileged you either have had a very enviable and sheltered 71 years thusfar...or those same years were not very examined.

And yes, I *do* understand and observe how I benefit from female privilege, as well as having to deal with sexism. It is what it is, the most any of us can do is work to eliminate all forms of inequality from our various societies.

Anonymous said...

"Where there's smoke, there's fire. Until Georgetown UNi and Arianna RESPOND to our questions, we will NOT take down this post. They are both acting like criminals, and engaging in very suspicious behavoir."

Alrighty, dudes.

Have fun. Seriously. I mean that legitimately. I feel pretty sorry for the girl you're lambasting. She probably barely has an idea of what's going on, or what she did to inspire such internet-hate. What she doesn't know is that she's becoming famous. I can only hope she'll be able to wield the attention drawn to her to her advantage.

In the mean time, keep having fun! Keep posting your b.s. You actively discredit yourselves, and any of your movement's aims, in literal breaths.

That part, I find sad. I'm a feminist, and I keep my male friends up to speed on issues that hold them down. I let them know that divorce, child custody, and certain work-related issues are tough for them. It stems from a patriarchy that assumes that women aren't even capable of filling some of these boots without some kind of help. I work in a tough friggin' kitchen with mostly men, and it's not a bad job at all. I love it. We can be a cohesive team and collaborate to equally divide labor, get our respective shit done, and perform our jobs beautifully. We're all friends, and at the end of the day, we can go to the local bar and get drunk and talk about what makes life harder or easier for us based on how we're treated or what our experience is.

Literal, actual communication is pretty cool, as compared to hypothetical situations, or assumptions. I cannot stress enough, how alike we are once we sit down and have a conversation. Of course we all want to be loved or valued. Of course we want to be good at our jobs. Of course it makes us feel good to generate our own incomes, to be able to say, 'I specialize in ______, and get paid lots for what I can do. My job is important and I earn good money for what I can do.'

In the meantime, keep bullying that college student. She probably did nothing to garner your judgment, but you're helping to cultivate a young woman who not only doesn't care about your cause, but who sees it for the hate movement that it is. You're making her famous. When she decides to lend volume to her voice, it won't be in your favor. So have fun while you can. Because not only is it not going to last; it just may go down in history to shut your movement like an unwanted book that collects no followers, only dust.

Keep up the good work, "fellas", "boys", etc.

Anonymous said...

Sophia I have been on this planet for 71 years. I have encountered almost every imaginable idiocy.

White privilege for all white people, including those of lower classes, is a major idiocy used by racist minorities to induce hatred for whites among their groups.

Rich kids may have some inherent privileges linked to their inherited wealth and high social connections.

People from the lower classes only get what they work for, and not always that.

White privilege for all whites, from all social classes, is right in there with the idiocy that only white people can be racist.

it is an especially insane idiocy in a time when millions of white males are openly and brazenly refused any job for which they are highly qualified, solely because they are male and white.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

23:47. Sameo. Sameo. We gotta' be nice or we lose all credibility, right?

After the Civil War, blacks in the US were badly abused. The young blacks wanted to fight, but the old blacks told them, no. We gotta' be dignified and not offend anyone. So, black girls kept getting raped, and black boys kept getting hanged from trees. This continued until in the 60's, X said we have automatic weapons and plan to use them. Suddenly, racist whites decided not to rape and hang any more.

Jews in Germany were hated and reviled, and publicly humiliated. They were forced into ghettos and starved to death, those who survived were sent to gas chambers. They were told by their leaders, we gotta' show them we are dignified, do not resist. Worked out real well for them, right? Now, you screw with the Jews, they go for the juglar.

For 45 years, men have been openly reviled. Women can shoot their non-violent husbands in their sleep, or sexually mutilate them, and the women become heroines to dearies like you. Millions of men forced to work for years, in some cases for life, for women who committed adultery then hid his kids from him with help from the government.

All this time men have been told, be nice. Do not let them know you are bitter or unhappy, or you lose all credibility. Works out real well, doesn't it?

So, it is past time for men to get nasty. That witch admitted openly to tossing superior male applications in the garbage, and said she hoped it continued. And, we are supposed to worry that we might offend her or make her feel sad? Don't be stupid.

The real problem is you dearies are so used to men rolling over and playing dead that when a man stands up for his basic human rights, you think there is something wrong with him.

Anonymous age 71

Sophia said...

I don't agree that only white people can be racist, and I fully acknowledge that there is classism and economic challenges suffered by many. But can you honestly say you've never seen ways you benefit from (presumably) being white? Here's some examples I've encountered in my 28 years;

-I am able to walk around a store carry numerous items and not be followed around by one of the staff.
-I can give an opinion without having to clarify that not every white person thinks this way.
-I can speak and write intelligently without being accused of "acting white" or being "surprisingly" articulate.
-When I am helpful to others, I never hear how I'm a credit to my race.
-While buying costly merchandise, I have never been asked if I'm "sure it won't be stolen from my home".
-When I buy BandAids, I don't have to search for ones that are flesh colored...but don't match MY flesh.
-I don't have to change my name in school because it's "just too white" sounding.
-I was never singled out during American History class to see how I personally felt about slavery.
-Were I to commit a crime, I'd be judged as an individual...not as a white person.
-I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder every time another white person commits a terrorist attack.
-I don't have to worry about my doctor forgetting to tell me that Cream XYZ will end up bleaching my skin.
-If I had a large family, I would never be asked how many fathers they're from.
-When being complimented for my looks, I never have to hear how I'm "so exotic" or "have good hair/skin for a white chick".
-If I go for a hair cut, I don't have to call to make sure there is a stylist who knows how to "deal with" my hair type.
-I don't (usually) have to worry that a man only wants to date me so he can check off that he's been with someone of my ethnicity.
-I have never been told to go back to my "REAL country" despite being born here.
-In kindergarten, I wasn't asked if the reason my skin was white was due to me drinking regular (instead of chocolate) milk.
-I never have to worry about being singled out at a "random" check during airport security walkthroughs.
-I never have to automatically apologize for cretins like Timothy McVeigh, despite the fact we are both white.

Anon 71...be truthful. Have you never noticed any of these examples in your own life? I'm not saying that they are your fault, my fault, or any individual white persons fault. But you have really never thought that your life would be at least a little different if you were of another ethnicity?

Anonymous said...

Note to Sophia from the evil white supremacist idiot who rejects white privilege out of total ignorance.

I came from a very racist family. So racist they cheered when little kids trying to go to school in Little Rock had their arms and legs broken. In 1957, I read the book, BLACK LIKE ME, written by the editor of the Constitution, who dyed himself to look like a black then traveled around the south. I hate racism almost as much as I hate feminism.

I had two wives, a Cuban refugee, deceased, and a Mexican, married now for nearly 38 years. Yes, my racist family made nasty remarks behind my back.

Most of my life has been spent in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial environment. My wife's best friend, a reak black lady, died this last December at age 97. Her first husband was a wealthy doctor, in Maryland, which is when my wife met her. She was viewed as my wife's mother, my kid's grandmother, and served as my mother-in-law. I first knew her around 1970, and felt her family was my extended family. There were times when I was the only white at a large wedding, except for the bride and her parents. I wanted my kids raised this way.

About ten or fifteen years ago, the blacks turned very racist. Each time we visited, they got nastier and ornrier, though I had never showed any signs of racism in any way. Finally, around 5 years ago I decided I had enough. For a while I still drove my wife across Mexico then across the US to visit her "mom", but when that also became intolerable, she had to fly to see them. I don't tolerate racism, not even directed at myself.

Grandma's daughter and her husband both have Ph.D.s, and at their peak probably made around $80,000 or more. The most I ever made was $36,000 a year. Their two daughters both got Ph.D.s, probably in some form of ethinic studies or history. A son got at least a Master's degree. This all is called white privilege by people like you.

My family was very low class. The best they did was dirt farming, or manual labor. My dad worked in a grocery warehouse filling orders. My nephews include jail birds. Our house was a shack. In the winter, a glass of water on a chair beside my bed would be frozen solid by morning, and there would be snow on the floor that came in through the walls.

When I wanted to work, I drove a truck for a feedmill, and washed dishes at a hospital. I took a sow and raised her pigs, then sold them to pay for a correspondence course in electronics. After military service, I got a job at a local high tech factory, and worked there for over 30 years. We lived frugally. I also went to night school for years and got a BS in business admin and accounting and passed the CPA exam. By that time, my youngest son was clearly hyperactive, so I "daddy tracked" and stayed in the same job until retirement.

My house was an intellectual house. My kids saw me going to college. Then include a Ph.D. in math; a med school graduate; a master's degree, and a bachelor's degree now studying nursing.

This did not happen because of white privilege. This happened because I "kept my nose to the grindstone." My kids were raised to take college for granted.

The black male was traditionally treated like the white male is today. So, he could not get a good education, nor a good job. So, when LBJ paid black girls to get knocked up, they were shoved aside. Most blacks are raised in a no-father zone, and blacks raised in a fatherless home do as poorly as whites raised without a dad. That is why blacks don't do well. The Ph.D's I mentioned above were raised in a two parent family.

Now, I live in rural Mexico the only Anglo in a 700 square mile region. I don't see another white for months at a time, nor do I feel any loss.

So, there is not a thing someone like you can teach me about racism.

Anonymous age 71

ScareCrow said...



I do not care if AVFM gets sued for libel.

I DO CARE IF YOU DO... Which is why I pointed out the fishy-ness of this story to you.

As I said, it never hurts to sprinkle "allegedly" and "supposedly" and what ever else in your post - just to cover your ass...

I care about you friend...

Sophia said...

I wouldn't say that I couldn't teach you ANYTHING...you certainly have more years in this life so far, but that doesn't mean that your experiences are the same as mine. We can ALWAYS teach each other.

It is clear that you have many good and bad experiences though, and that you've dealt with many ethnicities. It is wonderful that you have such a desire for knowledge and learning, and I wish you well in your studies. That is certainly an aspect we share!

Like I said previously, I dislike racism as much as modern feminism. I personally believe that women and men are created equal, and should each be held to the exact same standards. That includes responsibilities, respect, earnings, taxes, child custody, criminal proceedings, love, and education. No one deserves a free pass in life, we all (should) have to work for what we want and need.

So, despite you calling me "dearie" twice (I despise it when people use pet names on strangers...it shows a complete lack of respect), I will show you the respect you deny me. I have spoken out against my fellow women for acting sexist and agreeing with sexist comments. I wrote in to The View to complain about the harpies who made fun of a mutilated man. I have given money to our wounded soldiers, and helped fund a Kickstarter project that would've made 3 Men's Shelters (it didn't raise enough). On the other hand, I also call men out when they say and do sexist things. I've found that no sex is innocent.

You consistently act like you think I'm good with the status quo, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Do I want to keep my ability to pursue higher education, my right to vote, my right to equal wages for equal work, my right to a safe environment, and to live my life without having to marry? Yes, and I will fight anyone who attempts to take that away from me.

But I will also fight for those same rights for men. You cannot discuss women's issues without bringing up men's issues too. They are incredibly interconnected and BOTH deserve to be worked on. One cannot work without the other...not in a civilized society. That's why I'm egalitarian rather than MRA or Feminist.

That's me.
What about you?

Anonymous said...

Sophia, none of those things you mentioned would ever be taken away from you today so it's really a moot point. Even in muslim countries females have voted for a long time and have worked.

@scarecrow-neither Marky or Elam will ever be sued. Lawyers would not even take a case unless the person they want to sue has very deep pockets and it's worth their while. And even the monetary value of Elam's blog is worth nothing. It's not like your suing the NY Times for libel.

Anonymous said...

71 writes, Gentlemen, Get The Hell Out. United States

And where to? To some one donkey town in Mexico and live like a peasant on your SS? Any place on earth, even in what you may believe is a 3rd world country, is not cheap if you want to live like a normal person. In fact, it's generally more expensive in all ways if you want to live at the same level as you did in the US.
Why not go live on Tonga or the Phillipines where the climate is like the worst NYC hot and humid July heatwave every day. The few mountain resorts where it's not quite as bad are not cheap because that's where the wealthier go when it's too hot.
Every place that you can think of that is any good is also not cheap.

Anonymous said...

And btw, Elam has been totally discredited and issued an apology. This guy in his bitterness has really gone off the deep end. Don't do the same and end up looking like a loser.

Anonymous said...

Internet was down here for over 2 days. I did not deliberately delay a response. Local server problems.

Sophia, dearie was not a pet name. It was extremely sarcastic. Interestingly, you are one of the first people, male or female, EVER who didn't get that at a glance.

For 71 years, all I have heard is the moral superiority of women over men. The sex that has killed over 50 million human lives just in the USA, and driven hundreds of thousands of men to suicide, actually somehow believes it is morally superior to men. They think they are dearies; I do not.

And, it seems like you are suggesting that to be fair I must spend half my time working for justice for women. Nonsense. That is a common stunt women use to divert men from working for justice for men.

In 1984, I worked with a Father's Rights Group, because the previous year out of 35 members, 2 committed suicide, one by pouring gasoline over himself and setting it on fire.

We were working with men, period, with a minimum of volunteers and virtually no money, while the womens groups had millions of dollars from the taxpayers. The second wives came to try to control things. Some of them tried to tell us we had no credibility if we didn't spend half our time working with women. No matter women had the Army; Navy; Marines; Air Force; Sheriff; State Police; National Guard; City Police; Coast Guard; Civil Air Patrol; Child Support Office; all the state governments and the entire Federal Government; and taxpayer funds in the billions, and we had nothing and no one.

Still, we were supposed to spend half our limited resources adding to the gigantic pile for women.

As far as having to work together, women have had it 100% their way for 45 years now. Men have not even been allowed any serious part in the debate for 45 years. Any man who has tried to speak up is immediately attacked; fired from his job; faces false rape charges; anything to shut him up. As a result, most women actually believe the current insane legal system is really logical and cannot understand what sort of evil and insane man would bother to complain.

As a result, few women have any idea what men face in real life on a daily basis. You imagine you do, but you clearly do not. So, when a man actually speaks out, you are convinced there is something terribly wrong with him.

Also, any problem women had 45 years ago has been addressed at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. Then, they demanded more billions spent on the problems they caused by the first level of changes. That was also done, and then billions more on the third level of problems caused by the first two levels of changes. Yet the complaints never even slow.

And, at no time has anything been done to deal with the problems men have. Nada.

If you actually believe most men on MRA blogs or forums actually care about your opinion, you need to get out more. We have had nearly 3 generations of caring about what women think, to no avail.

Anonymous age 71

Sophia said...

Then there is nothing more that I can say. You have not adequately read what I've put, or simply enjoy twisting my words to suit your own beliefs. Each time I try to speak with you, it is thus. From you and other commenters trying to put words in my mouth, to telling me I don't know my own thoughts on children/marriage...I have no idea why you and other Anons do this.

Once again, I have no clue where you think I said that there is "something terribly wrong" with a guy who speaks out. I don't know why you think I care if "men on MRA blogs actually care about my opinion", when I already know that 99% of you don't. I am baffled as to why you think I believe you should work to provide justice solely for women. And your use of the term "dearie" as something other than a pet name is completely unknown to me...it must be something from back in your day, or from where you live. Either way, you admit you meant it in a sarcastic manner, so if you are already willing to do that...well, I can see you've discounted everything I have to say. Not that it matters at all.

You continue to think as you wish. I know who and what I am. I'm a young woman who loves her male friends and relatives, and will do whatever I can in this life to help them whether that involves money, housing, transportation, a helping hand or an open heart. I will keep donating my funds to groups that need it, and provide a shoulder to those who want it. Unlike others, I care about my fellow man and will strive to help...always.

Anonymous said...

Some months ago, someone commented on Dalrock about women who come to blogs and boards which are clearly meeting places for men. I wish I could remember exactly how he said it.

Essentially, he said those women assume when they appear they will be accepted as very knowledgeable, simply because they ARE woman. "A woman is here now. I guess I need to change my sinful ways."

To be truthful, no, I do not care what you think. For over 45 years, men have not been allowed to speak on major issues affecting them, such as divorce laws; child support laws; alimony laws; custody laws; false rape charges; false DV charges. Nobody care what we thought, and still don't. There is no reason for us to care what you think. You can do absolutely nothing for us, except lecture us on our defects and failures. We don't need more of that.

The end result is that most of our laws and social policies are no longer tolerable by men of intelligence. That is why marriage rates are way, way down and hundreds of thousands of men leave the country every year.

And, it still accomplishes nothing to try to discuss those things with women. A total waste of time.

Always the same. Criticism, shaming language, insults for many, many reasons. What horrid men you guys are. I am a caring woman who really likes men, but you gotta' change your attitudes if you want any success.

No, we do not. We have never gained anything by trying to be nice, and we will never gain anything by being nice. Just as the blacks and Jews never gained anything by being nice.

Let me review that you lectured me in a very patronizing way that we white men have white privilege. Instantly, you lost all credibility, just as the white haters who made up that nonsense. there is certainly white female privilege, which is why male unemployment rates are so high.

If I understand you, you are saying I don't seem to care much about what you have to say. BINGO!!

In the last 45 years, I spent uncounted hours trying to explain the view of men to various American women who insisted they cared, and really wanted to understand. Not only myself, but the 1,600+ men I counseled. A total waste of time. Absolute 100% waste of time.

Nor have I found any other man who was able to communicate with women. The minute you start trying to talk to an AW, she starts telling you that you must change this or that, or well, she is somehow different from all other women. In the end, there is no difference.

So, you are right when you say I clearly don't care what you have to say. I have been through these exchanges uncountable times with no gain.

The only real reason women come to places like this is to divert the conversation, or to stop it. Just like the second wives who used to come to Father's Rights meetings, trying to tell us what we must do.

This is MarkyMark's blog, not mine. He decides what passes here. As long as he lets you and me post here, I am going to tell you I do not care what you think or what you say.

Anonymous age 71

Anonymous said...

I missed a comment because of the Internet outage. Someone talked about how much it cost to live in another country if you live exactly as you do in the US.

So, what kind of knucklehead would move to another country and try to live just like he did in the USA?

Would you miss unemployment caused by female privilege? Would you miss false sex harassment charges? Would you miss the nasty, ornery women? Would you miss alimony and child support payments and jail? Would you miss getting arrested for saying hi to a kid in the park?

One moves to another country to get away from the bad crap. It makes no sense at all to try to live just like you do in the States.

Lee on DGM-4 was in bad health in California. He had heart surgery of one type or another. He was taking very expensive meds for various problems.

He moved to China, ate the local diet, and all his health problems were gone very fast. No more meds. Feels great.

I am much stronger at age 71 than I was when I came to Mexico at age 55.

Anonymous age 71

Sophia said...

"...I do not care what you think or what you say."

That's fine. We don't even live in the same country from what I can tell of your posts. It's not as though you will ever meet me, nor I you. Truthfully, I don't care about you either. It is a much better use of my time to offer financial assistance and emotional support to the men I *do* see everyday.

Hopefully one day sexism in all it's forms will be eradicated. Until then, we just have to keep plugging along in whatever ways are most helpful to that goal.

Anonymous said...

First of all, even though it may not be A.P., whoever it was made that post, I'm fairly sure by her whole tone, that the author is white.

And however liberal she may be, it's a near certainty that somewhere around at 30 she'll be looking for a white man to marry. Not a nonwhite, not a woman, not "happily single"... no, it's almost guaranteed that she'll be looking for a white guy...

....An educated white guy, with a well paying job -- engineer, businessman, better yet a doctor or lawyer. Not a carpenter or plumber or mechanic, the snobby bitch thinks she's "too good" for them. (Yes, I'm profiling her - I know the breed all too well). This type never believes in God, so her definition of "good" in a man, is almost totally bound up in status -- degrees, white collar jobs, lots of money...

So she'll be on a mad quest, as 30 stares her in the face, to find an educated, white coller, high status, high income, white man to marry... and there will be a terrible shortage of them... "Where have all the 'good' men gone?", she will wail....

I wonder then, if she will look back and realize that she PREVENTED THE FORMATION of the kind of men she would one day want to marry, by committing those long ago crimes in the admissions office...

Naaaaahhh.... too stupid. Dumb bitch can't even spell privilege.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 70 years old,

Learn that Affirmative Action is not a conspiracy theory invented by right winger cracknuts.

1) In the Dallas Morning News, last year, case of a female student sueing a texas university, either UNT or UTD, i can't recall, for being rejected from admission despite having better grades than other minority students. The journalist following the case mentioned that universites implement AA during admission processes, but don't like to advertise it for being afraid of being sued. I am not sure if the white female student won the case.

2) From within the academic word now, here is how it works to hire a new faculty: the chair or head of the department has his/her own pet candidate that will mostly be hired on that basis of being a friend, leaving the Search Commitee deal with the AA requirement to increase 'diversity' in the faculty.
One of my inlaw is a recent tenured Ass. Prof. in a well known Californian University. She witnessed an incident between the Head of the Department screaming at an African American faculty : "The only reason you have been hired is because you are black !!"
The department chief was afghan himself. My source also witnessed a phone conversation between a female secretary of the faculty and a female faculty candidate on the phone:" ...are you sure you are not hispanic? we would fund you if you were hispanic...". But my sister in law added "but i do not complain myself from affirmative action since i beneficiated from it". Indeed, she's now tenured.
Ah yes, i forgot a detail. During her interview for the position she was asked if she was jewish. When she asked "no, why do you ask?" she was told she looked jewish with a warm welcome smile.
She was 'nonetheless' hired.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Georgetown has confirmed that Arianna Pattek never worked for any admissions office:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you fucking bullies. You've ruined someone's life. And for what?

MarkyMark said...


What about the MANY of men's lives that feminists have ruined? What about all the lives destroyed by false accusations-accusations ENABLED by feminists' redefining of rape? Oh, but that's okay; after all, it's only men, right?!


arjun kapoor said...
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