14 October 2012

Recent Developments with Cleveland Bus Driver


It seems that the City of Cleveland has suspended the bus driver who defended himself against the violent woman on his bus.  I shared the video in my previous post.  View that first before continuing.  Anyway, the city has suspended him pending an inquiry, and it looks like he may lose his job over this incident.  This has been a hot topic on Mancoat, which is where I got the video in the first place.  When discussing the recent developments, I submitted my thoughts about the situation.  To sum things up, I think this case is totally wrong, and I will show you why.

This case is total BULLSHIT! The bitch was drunk when she boarded the bus. Like many drunks, she was loud and obnoxious. She was also violent, as evidenced by hitting the bus driver-an act caught on video. Now, the last time I checked; the last time I rode public transportation; one is not supposed to be drunk while on said public transportation. Also, it is a violation of FEDERAL LAW to disturb the operator; the operator is to be left alone to get the people to their destination safely! What, pray tell me, is hitting the bus driver, but disturbing the operator in a serious way? Isn't this bitch guilty of violating the law on multiple counts? Why isn't SHE being prosecuted for her gross (not to mention multiple) violations of the law?  Why is this being forgotten here?

Just by being drunk, the bus driver had every right to toss her off the bus. When she got loud and obnoxious, he had every right to toss her off the bus, because not only is she being a nuisance to the other passengers; she is DISTURBING THE OPERATOR-duh!  I don't know about Cleveland city buses, but NJ Transit buses have signs conspicuously posted telling passengers that they are to stand behind the line and NOT disturb the operator. With someone loud and obnoxious on board, it's harder for him to concentrate on traffic, pedestrians, the route, etc., so it's a lot harder for him to do his job safely. When she got violent, she was way over the line; not only that, she had crossed multiple lines by that point, and the bus driver had multiple justifications already to toss her off the bus.

Now, when things got violent and she HIT HIM FIRST (it seems like that is being forgotten here!), what was he supposed to do?! How else was he supposed to handle the situation?! He couldn't continue to operate the bus with her acting like that. If he'd pulled over, called the cops, and waited, then he'd have been well behind schedule; he would have been disciplined for that, because bus drivers have to keep to their schedules. What's he supposed to do, let her keep hitting him? As far as I can see, he was in a no-win situation. Again, this is total BULLSHIT.

In closing, the drunk, obnoxious, and VIOLENT woman is the one who should be prosecuted here. She only committed multiple violations! Let's review, shall we? One, she was drunk; on many transit systems, this is a no-no. Two, she disturbed the operator by being loud and obnoxious. Three, she HIT the operator! When I last rode a bus and train in July, I recall seeing signs posted telling passengers that they were NOT to do these things; I mean, she only violated multiple federal & state laws! Does that not mean anything? Shouldn't SHE be the one punished here? I think so. The City of Cleveland is wrong in suspending the bus driver, because: 1) the bitch violated multiple laws with her conduct; and 2) the driver was in a no-win situation. What was he supposed to do? Those are my thoughts.


12 October 2012

Act Like a Man, Get Treated Like One


Eli Johnson, a stalwart at Mancoat, shared this with us.  He finds examples of women getting their pussy passes revoked, and this is yet another example.  This chick acted like a hellion; she acted like a man, so she was treated like one.  Way to go Mr. Bus Driver!

Women need to be put in their place; they need their pussy passes revoked. Let's hear it for Mr. Bus Driver!