30 September 2012

No Such Thing as Honest Money


If you think using gold, silver, or some other precious metal will prevent debasement of the currency, then you do not know history.  All precious metal does is change the METHODS of currency debasement, nothing more; it does not prevent it.  Let me explain...

Back in Ancient Rome, copper was a precious metal.  The Romans used it in their money, the As.  After all their foreign adventurism and burgeoning social programs at home, they ran short of money; they needed to-gasp-PAY for all their government boondoggles!  So what did they do?  The HALVED the amount of copper in the As, thus DOUBLING the money supply overnight.  Using a precious metal didn't prevent debauching the currency; it merely changed the methods employed to do so.

The same could happen if we had our money still backed by gold or silver.  Also, the same could happen if we used nothing but gold and silver for our money.  If we were using gold and silver to back our paper money, all that would need to be done is reduce the amount of gold and silver backing each bill out there.  If we were using gold and silver as money, then we could simply do as the Ancient Romans did; we could simply reduce the amount of gold and silver in our money.  In either case, the money supply is expanded, is it not?  Can gold, silver, or other precious metal prevent debasement of a nation's currency?  No, it cannot.

Gold and silver aren't any more 'honest' than paper money.  That phrase, 'honest money', really burns me up.  There is no such thing as honest money!  The form that money takes isn't important.  What is important that those administering the money supply do so with honesty and integrity.  THAT is the key, the key that everyone forgets.  Since we have a bunch of crooks in government (including those administering the money supply), we will have crooked money-no matter what form that money takes.


23 September 2012

F-105 Thunderchief

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't had much to post lately, but I just don't have much to say anymore.  I'm no longer angry at women, nor am I angry at the misandry we face in society; they are what they are, and that's that.  Besides, there are other, better bloggers out there anyway, guys who are saying what needs to be said far better than I ever could.

Having said that, I have had some free time.  I've been digging through YouTube for documentaries that interest me.  This one was one I not only watched years ago (during the 1990s when Discovery had their outstanding Wings program); I taped it.  When my mother died, I simply couldn't save all my tape collection, which had many Wings episodes.  I had neither the time to save them all, nor did I have the space to keep them.  Having said that, I saved some the Wings episodes that I'd taped years ago; I saved the ones that really stood out to me over time.  The video you're about to watch is one of those that I saved.

Even though I've seen this multiple times, I still get choked up when I see it, particularly at the beginning and the end.  Part of it is because, when I was a young boy, our school took a field trip to McGuire Air Force Base; the base had a full squadron of F-105 Thunderchiefs that flew for the NJ Air National Guard.  I also saw them do practice bombing in the Pine Barrens, because their bombing area was near Penn State Forest.  I remember these planes when they were operational.  To see them sitting as hulks in the Arizona desert is sad.

What's even sadder is the heartache and BS the pilots endured in Vietnam.  From having the government TELL the enemy where they were going to raid and when, to fighting with their hands tied behind their backs (e.g. not being able to take out a SAM site unless it fired at you), these guys put up with a lot.  The comments from Ray Moss and Tony Cushenberry are particularly poignant, at least for me.

The documentary lasts about an hour.  If you're a guy who likes airplanes, it'll be time well spent.  Without any further ado, here's an excellent documentary on the F-105 Thunderchief...

Jeff Ethel was the first gentleman they interviewed.  He has an interesting story, which you can read about here.  So tell me-did that video choke you up like it did me?  I'd love to hear your comments.  Thanks, and by for now...