23 September 2012

F-105 Thunderchief

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't had much to post lately, but I just don't have much to say anymore.  I'm no longer angry at women, nor am I angry at the misandry we face in society; they are what they are, and that's that.  Besides, there are other, better bloggers out there anyway, guys who are saying what needs to be said far better than I ever could.

Having said that, I have had some free time.  I've been digging through YouTube for documentaries that interest me.  This one was one I not only watched years ago (during the 1990s when Discovery had their outstanding Wings program); I taped it.  When my mother died, I simply couldn't save all my tape collection, which had many Wings episodes.  I had neither the time to save them all, nor did I have the space to keep them.  Having said that, I saved some the Wings episodes that I'd taped years ago; I saved the ones that really stood out to me over time.  The video you're about to watch is one of those that I saved.

Even though I've seen this multiple times, I still get choked up when I see it, particularly at the beginning and the end.  Part of it is because, when I was a young boy, our school took a field trip to McGuire Air Force Base; the base had a full squadron of F-105 Thunderchiefs that flew for the NJ Air National Guard.  I also saw them do practice bombing in the Pine Barrens, because their bombing area was near Penn State Forest.  I remember these planes when they were operational.  To see them sitting as hulks in the Arizona desert is sad.

What's even sadder is the heartache and BS the pilots endured in Vietnam.  From having the government TELL the enemy where they were going to raid and when, to fighting with their hands tied behind their backs (e.g. not being able to take out a SAM site unless it fired at you), these guys put up with a lot.  The comments from Ray Moss and Tony Cushenberry are particularly poignant, at least for me.

The documentary lasts about an hour.  If you're a guy who likes airplanes, it'll be time well spent.  Without any further ado, here's an excellent documentary on the F-105 Thunderchief...

Jeff Ethel was the first gentleman they interviewed.  He has an interesting story, which you can read about here.  So tell me-did that video choke you up like it did me?  I'd love to hear your comments.  Thanks, and by for now...



Anonymous said...

Good post. As far as trying to change things, it's too late for the west anyways. Any civilization from the ancient Greeks to Rome was beyond hope when they were on the downward slippery slope.

Now that your home is paid off, I guess some women will all of a sudden find you appealing and interesting. ;)

Convict Moll said...


Glad you are not angry at women any more.

We are not all bad.

And some of us like planes. Very sexy!

Convict Moll said...

I am trying to make my blog antifeminist. Any ideas would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

@13.42-I think a lot of you are leading crappy lives and assume that everyone else is as well.You're projecting. Conditions in life are always changing and when they go too far in one direction there is a correction. I don't know how old you are but there was none of this feminist nonsense in the 80's so how were you doing back then? Hmm? You can't blame everything bad in the world on feminism (although I think it's a problem)Much of this stuff you complain about is just femaleism which is the annoying things that females have always done when competing with men for power.
And btw, there would be no way a female would know Marky's business unless he told them so they'd have no idea what he owns or does not own.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse 17:22
I am the same age as Mark. I am not bitter or angry at women. I am just stating that once you own a home and make a decent income, your "value" goes up. I know about the feminist gibberish going on back in the day, but never paid much attention to it as no one should with msm news. I work in the oil and gas industry, so not too many women up here "competing"

Anonymous said...

The same is true with females. Her value goes up based on age and looks AND what assets she has. Only dopey 20 yo don't think of the assets part and end up marrying some girl with no money, a lot of debts, and no real income.And then they wonder why they end up unhappy.Or if they have kids and get divorced why they have no money.The female wasn't putting anything into the marriage.
You want a girl like one of the Olsen twins. Young and with about 1/2 billion from their businesses :) OK, you guys won't get that but you should be thinking along those lines.
And btw,what does being in the oil business mean? You're an Oligarth, or you work on some rig?

Anonymous said...

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Greddy said...

Anon, 27 September, 2012 04:12, what a pile of rubbish. STFU with your revisionist diatribes. And VAWA was passed in 1992, feminist propaganda was going strong in the 80s and resulted in that most unconstitutional piece of white knighting demagoguery ever put to law. Your laughable revisionist fictions make no impact on men who've been living in this matriarchal oppression for the last 30 years. Go shout your self assigned victimhood from another soapbox, twat. And btw - I am till angry and I have every right to be. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

@19.09-well since I'm older that Marky and you I think I have a better idea about the norms of the time. I also spent a lot of time going out even to clubs like 54 and others (although I don't really like clubs and it was just that I knew the owners or something like that)and also a lot of other places to socialise and pick up females. I can tell you that in the 80's I never once heard of a female making a rape, stalking, harassment etc complaint and the whole ambience and female behaviour was entirely different from today.Sure, females were females and had a lot of the same annoying traits as today but this stuff today about rape and harassment would have been looked at with disbelief and would be incomprehensible to them.Whether there were feminists around at the time or even certain laws on the books was not even relevant because none of it was taken seriouslyor enforced so that people weren't even aware of them. It wasn't until the Clinton years of the mid 90's that I noticed a change with the militarisation of the cops (and a new batch from the younger generation) that they started to arrest people for DV and other nonsense.Stalking? No one ever heard the word or would know what you were talking about and it certainly didn't have the same meaning as today.Rape? It meant real rape as in some stranger breaks into your house or grabs you off the street and rapes you not the nonsense they call rape today.The idea that a husband could rape his own wife was preposterous although I guess he could be charged with battery if he was some brutal guy.Homosexual marriage? People would think you were crazy for suggesting that (even liberals) You would have really have had to have lived back then And be a perceptive person to know how different it was from today.Even a lotof older people have become accustomed to today's insanity and have forgot what things were like. And btw, how old are you?

Anonymous said...

Greddy, you really need to grow up, stop with all of that childish anger,and learn to discuss things without name calling, and become more sophisticated in your thinking.Most things in life are not black or white, only children think that way because their brains are not developed.

Greddy said...

Anonymous said...

"Greddy, you really need to grow up, stop with all of that childish anger,and learn to discuss things without name calling, and become more sophisticated in your thinking.Most things in life are not black or white, only children think that way because their brains are not developed."

Shove it. Sideways. Is that better you patronizing douche?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Even if you don't post as much any more, it would be great if you could restore more (if not most) of your posts from over the years.

You don't know how disappointed I was when I saw that you had removed all of your posts. Thankfully you have restored some, but the wealth of information you have provided on this blog through analyses, anecdotes and links should not be lost for future generations of men.