30 April 2013

How I Unplugged


I found yet another forum post, this one from 29 Apr 2006, that belongs on the blog. In it, I shared how I unplugged from the fematrix...



To answer in greater detail, for years I've known in my gut that something was wrong with relationships. For years, I knew something was screwed up. I just couldn't ARTICULATE it; I couldn't say why things were messed up.

Before I continue, let me say this: even though I use the word, 'stage', that is not to imply that the stages were all orderly & sequential. They were not; it would be more accurate to say that they overlapped in some cases. BTW, I didn't finish this process until I turned 43.

The first stage of my awakening was when I was in the Navy. When I traveled overseas, all I can say is wow! What a difference to see women who not only tolerate you, but like and appreciate you-in spite of having a 'Y' chromosome and a penis! Fred Reed has an article about AW and the chip they have; in it, he says that if you haven't been outside of America, you have NO IDEA what it's like to be around women who don't have the chip. Boy, is he right.

The second stage took many years. I was like Hambone, hoping to find a decent woman, and trying all the NG things that we know don't work. After my share of failed attempts, I threw in the towel.

The third stage occurred when I worked with women. I worked at a couple of the biggest companies in America doing office work. I also worked at small, local companies doing the same thing. I got exposed to many women, and I saw what they're REALLY like when they're not trying to impress or charm me. To say that I was disheartened by what I saw & heard would be an understatement! I saw how mean, shallow, hypocritical, and selfish 99.99% of all women are. It was truly a disappointment, akin to finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist, but many times worse than that... sad.gif

The fourth stage was seeing how married guys live-ugghh! The bitching, the honey-do lists, being forced to give up their passions (a classic muscle car, motorcycle, etc.), and other things just GRATED me. It was unfair, wrong, and I was not, nor am not, going to live that way. I LOVE my motorcycles, and I will not give them up for anybody! If I couldn't ride, a part of me would die. Allowing someone to amputate me on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level is simply unacceptable to me.

The fifth stage occurred when I was falsely accused under the DV statutes. I'd dated a gal briefly; it didn't work out, and I thought that was that-but it wasn't. She began stalking me. She then accused me of doing it to her! When I'd tried to seek the help of the authorities, I didn't get the help I needed. Going to family court was something I'll NEVER forget! This was no kangaroo court, no sir; this was beyond that. A kangaroo court would have had some PRETENSE of fairness...

The final stage occured when found this site. I was new at my job in late '04. By now, I'd put the pieces together, but I thought I was one of the few, if only, men who'd seen the truth. I entered 'women suck', or 'American women suck', into Google. I found this site, and the rest, as they say, is history...


29 April 2013

Sluts vs. Used Cars, by Mr. Stinky


I was reading @ Happy Bachelors when I found THIS gem...


Consider the following scenario:

A man walks into a car dealership to buy a vehicle and is greeted by a car salesman.

The potential buyer is shown around the floor and is given the chance to look at various models, is given their specifications, gets a chance to sit in a couple of the models and is even given the opportunity to test drive a couple of the vehicles.

The buyer selects two models and takes them both out on the road to see how the drive and to get a better feel for them.

After returning from the second test drive they both go into the car salesman’s office to discuss purchasing a vehicle.

One vehicle is a brand new 2013 model that has less than 5,000 clicks, no dents or scratches, in perfect working order, has all the bells and whistles and comes with a 5 year warranty. It costs $25,000.

The second vehicle is a used 2009 version or the same vehicle, has 130,000 clicks, has a dent in the bumper, less fuel efficient, doesn’t have a leather interior and only comes with a 3 year warranty. It too costs $25,000.

The buyer is perplexed.

“You want to sell me a vehicle that has 26 times the mileage, 2 years less on the warranty, a couple dents and is lacking some of the details I want in a car. Tell me again why I am paying the exact same price for it?”

“Well, because all cars a created equal” the car salesman retorts. “Who are you to scoff at the thought of getting less of what you want for your hard earned money. Who are you to impose your societal expectations and social conditions on this vehicle? You’re obviously projecting! You’re obviously not a real man! You and your double standards make me sick”

“Well if I’m spending my hard earned money on something – I want to get what I want. I don’t want a subpar vehicle with more mileage, more dents and less of a warranty. And who are you to tell me what I should like? Who are you to tell me what is valuable? Who are you to try and impose your capitalistic expectations on me? I’ll buy whatever vehicle I see fit!”

Society (on the whole) is the used car salesman.

A slut is a used vehicle -- or maybe more aptly a used-up vehicle -- and society is attempting to sell it to you for the same price as a new vehicle.

A car that has been driven around the block a few times really isn’t a big deal. A car that has driven across the country – twice – is much less desirable if you are spending the same amount of money to purchase it.

Society – particularly feminists -- wants you to believe:

= = > Used cars (sluts) are as good as new cars.

= = > Used cars (sluts) should cost the same as new cars.

= = > There is no intrinsic difference between the two.

= = > A used car (sluts) have the same market value as a new car (female who has had only a couple sexual partners)

Now before you get your knickers in a knot – I am not saying women/sluts are only as valuable as cars. I understand NAWALT but it seems in this day and age sluts are the rule, not the exception.

If you’re spending your heard earned money (commitment) and you want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck – no pun intended -- why would men value something that has been through the ringer over something that is brand new or gently used?

The problem is that the vast majority of modern women have been ridden hard; they've spent much of their lives on the cock carousel.  They are truly used up...

In fact, human beings desire brand new things over used things. Apart from things that are considered collectibles -- 99.9% of the time the value for something used goes down -- not up.


Mr. Stinky NAILS it!  That is truly good stuff.  Have a good day now...


28 April 2013

Yet Another Good, MGTOW Blog


Over the weekend, I spent time on Happy Bachelors, a place I've been remiss in visiting as of late.  While there, I found out about a great, new MGTOW blog called Off the Plantation.  Check it out; you'll be glad you did!  Good day for now...


An Ancient Greek Quote about Marriage


Someone on the F*cked Company thread about marriage posted a link to what the Ancient Greeks had to say about women & holy matrimony. While I'll be posting more of these in the near future, I thought I'd whet your appetite with a quick, quotable quote:

Hipponax, On Women, c. 580 BCE
Two happy days a woman brings a man: the first, when he marries her; the second, when he bears her to the grave.

Sounds like the man KNEW what he was talking about. Fellas, if you value your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then you will NOT get married! Until next time...


Six Reasons to Never Date Single Mothers


I was reading through the Don't Marry Archives when I found this gem you're about to read.  As always, I added my commentary free of charge... ;)


6 Reasons to NEVER date a Single Mother

Post by Older Bachelor on Dec 13, 2004, 7:40pm

Single mothers. Well, here are MY issues with them (This pertains to a woman who had a kid and never married, or divorced her husband because “She wasn’t happy”. If she had a good marriage and he died, there might be wiggle room, but I still wouldn’t date her).

1: She decided to have a kid without a husband. This demonstrates terrible, selfish values. It also shows that she thinks of men as sperm donors and child support payers, NOT husbands & fathers. What will happen if you knock her up? Get ready to pay up for a kid that you won’t get to be a real dad to.

That alone is bad enough!  At the very least, a single mom shows lack of good judgement; otherwise she wouldn't have had sex with a man with whom she was unwilling to have children.  They say that, unless you're willing to have CHILDREN with the person (after all, they are a byproduct of the sex act), then you should NOT have sex with the person.

2: In some states, you can be responsible for child support by just living with her. I don’t want to pay for kids that aren’t mine. Do you?

If you spend enough time with the kid and form a bond with him/her, the law may consider you a 'father figure', and therefore responsible for helping (i.e. pay de facto alimony) to 'raise' the kid.

3: False allegations of child abuse. It isn’t likely, but I don’t want to take that chance. Getting branded with a big “M” on your forehead (For Molester) will WRECK YOUR LIFE. It will never go away. Too big a risk.

What more can I add to that?

4: Relationship aren’t easy as it is. Add a minor child and it really complicates the issue. Do you want to deal with her kid(s) too? You won’t be their dad and they will know it. Their mom already fucked 
up their life by not having a dad for them, and is fucking it up more by bringing in “Revolving door boyfriends” into their life.

Man, isn't THAT the truth?!

5: Lots of single moms have financial problems. You will be obligated to help pay for sitters, food, braces, on and on. For children that aren’t yours. Get the credit card out!

I seldom get the credit card out for me; why in blazes would I get it out for some bitch and her womb turds-especially when said womb turds aren't even mine?!

6: There is NO reason to date one. Millions of women in this country are single with no kids, and in every age range. Go younger if you have to. Don’t waste your time with a woman that has PROVEN that she doesn’t want a husband for her and dad for her kids. Do you think she will change her mind for you? That she will forget her utter contempt for husbands and fathers just for you? Sure she will.
I run into single mothers once in a while, and when “I have a kid” is revealed, that’s the end of the conversation for me. I will be polite but I will still walk off, because I don’t want anything to do with them. And neither will any other smart man.

I don't know about this; this may be true, but I haven't seen many single, childless women my age or even close to it.  Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places?  I was a member of a couple of dating sites, and it seems as if the vast majority of women on there have kids.  Maybe that's why they're on dating sites in the first place?  I don't know.  All I do know is that, once you get past the early 20s women, that the vast majority of the ones I've met, seen, and know have kids.

Having said that, I agree that the smart man will NOT want to have anything to do with a single mom-not for a relationship anyway.  Perhaps a pump-n-dump or two are okay, but a relationship with a single mom is out of the question.


I thought that was good, necessary reading. My boys out there will encounter single motners; when they do, they need to know what to do-hit the 'Eject' button! This piece gives them sound reasons for doing so. Until next time...


27 April 2013

Where Have All The Ladies Gone?


I saw this piece on townhall.com, and I just HAD to comment on it! Stand by for my commentary and analysis...


As our society abandons the conservative values that make women into ladies, women with grace and dignity have become an endangered species—especially on today’s college campuses. The kind of woman who inspired Tom Jones’ song “She’s a Lady” has become an antiquated figure from America’s past. Most popular songs about women today are more like “Youse a Ho” by Ludacris.

Ladies have become an endangered species? How 'bout trying all but extinct! Yeah, there are a few ladies out there, but they're so rare that they make gold look as plentiful as sand on a beach. Furthermore, those few ladies out there are taken anyway. No modern guy has a prayer of finding a traditional woman who will love and care for her man-not a prayer!

As for Lucacris' song, "Youse a Ho", it seems to me that he's speaking the truth about what's out there. Women are whores! Look at how they dress, act, and talk. Sheesh, they'd make a sailor blush! I ought to know; I was a sailor. Seems to me that Ludacris, Two Live Crew, and other rappers know the REAL DEAL on women. People don't like the message because it's blunt and true...

I am often surprised by the social behavior of certain young women who call themselves conservative. Conservatism is not just an ideology; it is a lifestyle. On college campuses telling the difference between liberal and conservative women is nearly impossible when they behave in an equally undignified manner. Conservative women should display their values through their lifestyle. This means acting like ladies, because the difference between conservative and liberal women should not just be the way we vote.

It's like I often say: good women do little or nothing to distinguish themselves from bad women. Ergo, from where I sit, I have to assume that all women are bad. Sadly, I'll most likely be right.

The feminist movement’s war on conservatism in America has killed chivalry and trained too many women to think and act like men. As a result, many young conservative women do not know what it means to be a lady. Here is a good definition: A lady does not tell dirty jokes along with men and she does not tolerate men telling dirty jokes in her presence. She does not swear, and she is not considered “one of the guys.” In spite of new fashion trends, a lady always dresses appropriately, leaving a lot to the imagination. When at a social gathering, a lady does not do things she will regret the next day. Above all, a lady is well-mannered, dignified, gracious, and kind.

Feminism didn't kill chivalry; you women who BOUGHT IN to feminism killed chivalry! Let's get it right, shall we? Though feminism had sponsorship from the Elites of the world, it wouldn't have gotten anywhere if women didn't BUY IN to it. You women bought in to feminism; you women blamed us for oppressing you and demaning you with chivalry; so, we stopped treating you like ladies-duh! Then again, in order to treat a woman like a lady, she has to BE one in the first place...

Oh, and as for women acting like men, why couldn't they have acted like GENTELMEN, hmmm? I was just wonering...

As for your list of what make a lady, let me say this: even using your modest list, you've disqualified almost ALL American women! If not for a true lady I see at work, I would be hard pressed to tell you the last time I saw one; I'm serious! Furthermore, if I go back a decade or so, I could count the number of bona fide ladies I've met and known on one hand, and still have fingers left.

Our society holds conservatives to a higher moral standard. When a woman acts like a lady she gains the respect both of men and other women. Besides, why would a conservative woman ever want to be mistaken for a liberal woman?

I don't know; you tell me.

I have heard many of my male peers place women into three categories: “the ones to mess around with, the ones to date, and the ones to marry.” Though this is a rather crude way of categorizing women, it shows that men do recognize and value the qualities that make a woman a lady. Ladies are the kind of women that men can take home to Mom and Dad and that most men want to marry. Being considered “marriage material” is an indicator that a woman is to be respected; most men who deem a woman as such treat her with the utmost respect. For men, ladies are at the top of the female totem pole, and conservative women need to take pride in the fact that they are worthy of time, love, and commitment.

Darlin', I have to correct you; there are only TWO categories of women: those you mess with, and those you date-period. No, let me change that; there are women you mess with, and women you avoid-end of story. There is no dating, because chicks just want to hook up nowadays; you ask a modern girl on a date, she'll look at you like you have two heads! As for women who are 'marriage material', there are no marriageable women in America nowadays. Even if there were, no thinking man will marry them. The divorce laws and family courts make that a rather foolish propostion for a man. Ergo, one cannot have a category for women one would marry.

It is important for a conservative woman to be a lady both in the real world and on the internet. In our social-network-obsessed society, all it takes is a single compromising picture to ruin one’s social and professional reputations. It has become commonplace for young women’s Facebook profiles to be littered with pictures of themselves scantily clad in compromising situations, partying, inebriated, and even kissing other girls. Party girls are a dime a dozen and these profiles damage reputations far more than they help them. A conservative woman should be conservative at all times, especially when the cameras are rolling.

These profiles don't just damage reputations; they EXPOSE them. Oh, how can you tell a conservative woman on "Girls Gone Wild"? When she flips up her top, she exposes her bra, not her bare boobs-ha!

Lately, young women have taken to denigrating themselves and each other as “sluts” and “hos.” When women playfully call each other these things they make it okay for men to do it too. Much like the way Eve Ensler and her Vagina Monologues “reclaimed” the c-word, women on college campuses are reclaiming “slut.” I have seen many young women sporting “slut” backpack patches, and drinking from party cups with “slut” scribbled across the side. “Reclaiming” demeaning words does not empower women, and it certainly does not dilute their original meaning. With all of these self-proclaimed “sluts” on college campuses, conservative women should refrain from partaking in this trend and insist on calling themselves, and acting, like ladies.

When women call each other bitches, sluts, and whores, they're only telling the truth about themselves. When a woman has one of the aforementioned words on her backpack, she's telling me ahead of time what kind of person she is. Thanks to her advertising, I know who to stay away from. Conversely, if a guy does get involved with her, it's only for a pump & dump, which is all such a woman is good for; after all, she had 'whore' emblazoned on her shirt or backpack, right?

As a teenager when I left my parents’ house to go out with friends, the last thing my dad always told me was, “Act like a lady!” At the time, I saw those parting words as a lack of trust, but I now recognize that his words were meant to be in the back of my head the whole night—and they always were. My dad no longer has to remind me to act like a lady whenever I am out; his words are engraved in my heart and mind and constantly keep me in check. It is about time that somebody told all conservative young women to “act like ladies."

The only problem is that many girls no longer have fathers. Thanks to her mother divorcing her dad and kicking him out of the house (thanks to the help of Big Brother Government), most girls no longer have fathers to exhort & admonish them to act like ladies. Who's going to tell her to act like a lady? Her despicable whore of a mom? Come on!


That concludes my analysis of this piece. I didn't do a very good job today; I wasn't on top of my game at all. I'll try to do better next time...


Delusional Single Mom Slut on Craigslist


I originally wrote this three years ago.  I saw this posted on Happy Bachelors, and I thought it could stand for some of my unique commentary, commentary that only Yours Truly can give.  Here's a deluded, single mom slut asking for the moon-how typical...


I am 24 years old, 5"6 and 130-lbs.

If you look at her pics, she's not a bad looking gal; she's kinda cute, actually.  However, as one who grew up on the Jersey Shore; as one who has traveled the world in Uncle Sam's Navy; I know what REAL beautiful women look like, amen?  Hint: this gal is NOT one of them!  However, that doesn't stop her from being a deluded, mentally ill slut, does it?

I am a divorced mother of 4 (no, its not a typo) and am looking for friends/dating/LTR (no one night stands, please).

You're a divorced mother of 4?!  Damn, you didn't waste time pumping out those little annuities, did you, Darlin'?!  I feel sorry for your poor ex; he'll NEVER be able to have a life again-not with all that CS money you're getting!

You're looking for a relationship?!  Oh, please!  One, you probably ditched a perfectly good man for a lame reason.  Two, all you're GOOD for is a one night stand!  Why would a man have a relationship with you after you've been all used up?!  If a guy were to bang you, he'd need to strap a 2x4 across his ass to keep himself from falling in!  After four kids, your twat has to be a mile wide by now...

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hanging out at home, horseback riding, country bars, coffee shops (even though I rarely drink it haha), picnics, etc.

How's about you enjoy satisfying a man, Darlin'?!  Yeah, I can picture you in a country bar.  Do you have illicit liaisons in the bathroom too?

I am currently going to school to become a teacher and I also train dogs on the side.

A little lady like you will be eaten alive in the classroom.  My mother, a retired teacher, told my brother and me this: I don't care WHAT you do; don't become a teacher!  Become a garbage man; become a stripper; do ANYTHING but teach!  Today, you have to function as a cop, while having none of the power thereof.  This is especially true in the big cities, where the classes are full of single mom born and raised thuglets.

I am looking for a guy who is comfortable around children, not allergic to dogs (I have one), and is at least a few inches taller than me and has more of a dominant personality.

Translation: I'm looking for a bad boy/sucker combination.  I want a guy to be sucker, so he'll raise my fatherless children.  I want a bad boy to get my panties wet.  I want it all, Baby!

And notice how this woman, like many of them, want a man who's taller than them?  Yet these are the same women who will decry any man who has the temerity to want a woman who's well endowed in the breast department!  Waaaaahhh, you're objectifying women-waaaaaaahhhh!  WTF are you doing when you demand a guy taller than you, huh?  At least you chicks can get your breasts augmented!  It's a little more difficult to add height to someone, you know?  The medical community hasn't figured out a way to add vertebrae, spinal cord, and other minor things like that...

I am attracted mostly to intelligence. If you think we might be a match, email me with a picture included please! My age limit is 32.

You want intelligence?!  Yeah, right!  You wouldn't know intelligence if it bit you in the ass, Darlin'!  Being a single mom slut, you show no intelligence whatsoever!

Seriously though, this chick is freakin' deluded.  She wants a guy who 'loves kids'-mainly someone else's!  She wants a tall guy.  She wants a guy who's 'dominant', but not too much so.  She wants a good looking guy who likes doing all these expensive activities; keeping horses is NOT cheap!  Oh, and she doesn't want a guy over 32.

Darlin', you're deluded!  If a guy is employed, has decent breath, is breathing, has a pulse, has a dick, and can get an erection, you should probably check him out.  You should be grateful that any guy pays you any attention whatsoever!  What's sad is that this single mom slut will still get tons of replies, thanks to the pussy cartel.

And to think I was bummed out over the fact that a divorced, single mom @ work (the lovely and gracious Maria) rejected me.  Maria isn't young like this gal is, nor is she as cute as this gal is.  At least she only has one kid; she does't have four like this slut does!  I have to wonder, WTF was I thinking?!  Is THIS what I was missing out on?!  If so, then I'm not missing out on anything at all!  I should thank my lucky stars that I got turned down.  Until next time...


26 April 2013

Barbarosssaaa on Game


Thanks to Rex Patriarch for posting this video.  Barbarosssaaa, MGHOW extraordinaire, hits one out of the park with this one!  Though all his stuff is good, this exceeds his usual standard of excellence.  Enjoy...

PUAs can do whatever they want; it would be nice if they had the decency to return the courtesy...


19 April 2013

Sexist Extraordinaire, Arianna Pattek


Since AVfM issued a retraction on this story, I'm going to follow suit-for NOW.  The fact that Georgetown moved fast to totally REMOVE all content WRT this situation made it look suspicious, so I ran with it.  Anyway, I'll keep on top of this and keep you abreast of any more developments.  Thank you, and good day...


13 April 2013

I Am NOT A Hypocrite


Some time ago, I mentioned the blog, Feminine Mystique.  Edita, the site's hostess, has called me a hypocrite more than once because I support traditional patriarchy while telling men to eschew marriage.  Though I understand why she says that, I disagree.  I don't believe I'm a hypocrite, and here's why...

I do think that traditional marriage and families are best; history has shown that, beyond a doubt, that patriarchy is best for men, women, and children.  Back when patriarchal families were the norm in America, the big problems in our schools were chewing gum, running in the hallways, and talking in class; now, they're rape, robbery, murder, extortion, drug use, etc.  What society would YOU prefer to live in?  I know, and I rest my case!

However, given the realities of Marriage 2.0 and all that goes with it, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend a man marry-not when he can LITERALLY have his life destroyed.  Even if he marries someone who seems to be a good, traditional girl, she could befriend a feminist, who fills her head with all sorts of garbage.  She could end up turning on her husband, and destroy him in a nasty divorce as a result.

I know that, if men and women don't marry, then they don't form families; if they don't form families, then they have given in to those who would destroy the family for their own, nefarious ends.  In a sense, folks who avoid marriage are handing our culture's enemies a victory.  I get that.

For me, it's analogous to the the impact of individual vs. collective response to an economic downturn.  When the economy is bad, it makes sense on an individual level to cut back; after all, since you don't know if you'll have your job next week, you hang on to money 'just in case'.  However, when that sensible, individual decision is multiplied by millions of people, the situation is made worse because 2/3 of our economic activity is dependent on consumer spending.  When millions of individual consumers stop spending, the economy gets worse.  What makes sense individually can be bad collectively.  For me, the conundrum of marriage is like that.

So, what's the answer?  I don't know.  I am, on one hand, thankful to see women, even non-religious ones, seeking a return to a patriarchal lifestyle; whenever I see that, I'll lend my support.  My sister in law is now home with my nieces, and I encourage her whenever I can.  However, after having spent a day in family court (when I was falsely accused back in the 1990s), I saw guys get DESTROYED; the judge ruled in favor of women all day long!  I saw the same thing in real life too; I've known guys who couldn't take proper care of themselves, simply because their child support payments were too onerous.  I guess, in closing, if one is going to marry, be VERY careful about it!  However, the safest way to prevent ruination of one's life is to avoid the institution in the first place.  Thank you, and good day...


Yet Another, Typical American Woman


I saw this posting on Craig's List, and I knew my readers needed to see it. Here's yet another insight into the mind of a typical, brainwashed, feminazi, man-hating, American skank. What's sad is that this chick is from Oklahoma, which is in the Midwestern US; gals from the Midwest are thought to be of better quality than those found on the coasts. The attitude exhibited by this woman is all too typical...


To the guy I slapped across the face in the bar... - w4m

Dear average-looking frat boy,

The image of your face when I slapped you (left-handed,too, because my drink was in my right), is one I won't soon forget.

My friend had gone to the bathroom, so when I felt a hand grab and slightly grope my ass, I had no reason to suspect that it was her who felt me up, rather than you, the innocent bystander.

I quickly turned over my shoulder and gave you a quizzical look, which you must have interpreted as come-hither, because you winked and gave me a knowing nod. Taking this as acknowledgment of "your" action, I slapped you. Hard.

This was the first time I had ever slapped anyone, and I immediately felt empowered and fully justified, having not relied on my boyfriend to stand up for my fragile female ego. Yay, feminism! This quickly turned to shock however, as I looked over at my friend, doubled over, red in the face and gasping for breath from laughing hysterically. Immediately putting two and two together, I turned to you, still standing with a very bewildered and increasingly angry look on your face. "Ohmygod, I'm so sorry-she..I.. I thought...", I struggled to apologize. "Get away from me, I don't know what's going on, get away you crazy bitch"... and then you backed up and ran away.

Can't say I blame the guy. If it had been me, I would have been tempted to make you wear my drink though...

I probably would have done the same thing, so I don't blame you for running away. I wanted to chase you and explain, but thought better of it for several reasons. I can only imagine the stories the next morning as your buddies rehashed the situation, still wondering why a random girl slapped you for no reason. At least now you (hopefully) know the reason.

Your reason is no reason at all; you're just trying to justify slapping the wrong guy.
I'm still sorry. Let me know, and I'll buy you a drink, at a safe distance, so you can be sure no violence will occur. I promise.


The crazy girl who (somewhat accidently) slapped you across the face.

There was nothing accidental about what you did; it was completely intentional! Unfortunately, you're all too representative of the modern, empowered, American woman. And people wonder why I'm still single?


I can't make this up. Until next time...


12 April 2013

Chicks Dig Jerks


Here's a post I was working on some time ago, but I never put it up. This comes courtesy of Heartless Bitches, International. Enjoy my wit, wisdom, and biting commentary as I analyze this piece as only I can do, hehehe...


10 Reasons Women (who aren't Heartless Bitches!) Date Jerks Instead of Nice Guys

1.It's more fun to complain about them to her friends.

I knew it! I knew it! Women just LOVE to complain! What have I been telling you, Fellas? What have you observed when watching women you know? Yeah, that they bitch & moan about everything! I swear, if women weren't unhappy, then they'd invent something to be unhappy about...

2.Guys who actually like her just aren't challenging or exciting.

Yeah, guys who actually want to treat you like a human being are boring, right?

3.When she does date nice guys, they turn into jerks anyway, so why not save time and go for the jerk in the first place?

This is typical thinking of AW. Because they've dated nothing BUT jerks all their lives, they think that all guys are jerks. According to their twisted 'chyck logic', since all guys are jerks, AW think that the nice guys are lying about it; they think that the nice guys are dishonest; they also think that the jerks are more honest, so might as well go for them. Makes sens to me-not!

4.She won't get as emotionally attached to a jerk, so she'll be more in control.

Wait, I thought it was all about 'love'-silly me! Secondly, how can an emotional being (i.e. a woman) be in control anyway? Is this not an oxymoron? Thirdly, the whole reason chicks dig jerks is because their emotions get the better of them-duh! They go after the jerks because they get the girls' panties all hot & wet; IOW, the jerks make women go out of control. If women were really in control of themselves, then they wouldn't date jerks in the first place.

5.All the other women want them, so they must be worth having.

Typical freakin' chick logic! Ah, all the othe girls want him, so he MUST be 'hawt', right? Here's proof positive that chicks are herd creatures, and that they're incapable of thinking for themselves...

6.Affection means more when it comes from a guy who doesn't normally give it.

What can I POSSIBLY say in response to that?!

7.Guaranteed to cheat on her so someone else can endure his lack of lovemaking skills most of the time.

Is this a case of projection? I think it might be. Women cheat, so they automatically assume that their man will cheat too. Shoot, I've heard it said that women are DISAPPOINTED if their man doesn't cheat on them! Can you believe it?

8.No need to feel guilty for abusing or deceiving them.

And women are supposed to be the kind, gentle, empathetic sex, right? But why would a decent person want to deceive others anyway? Isn't that simply the wrong thing to do?

9.Jerks will actually tell her when they don't like what she's doing instead of getting mad about it six months later.

Jerks won't put up with a woman's crap-end of story. Since all the other girls want them too, they know that if their GF gets bitchy, then they can easily replace them. Ergo, they don't have to be nice to her for fear of running her off; one hundred women will happily take her place.

10.She was looking for someone she can't trust, and won't care about too much, who will abuse her mentally and financially, but she didn't know any lawyers.

Even if she did know lawyers and policemen, she wouldn't contact them; the abuse she gets from her jerk BF turns her on too much...


Until next time...


11 April 2013

Suckers vs. F*ckers, by Outcast Superstar


I was just reading some Happy Bachelors' posts with my breakfast, and I saw this gem posted by Outcast Superstar. It's his post, Suckers & $uckers. Be warned that some profanity follows! If that offends you, then don't go any farther. Thank you.


I did this piece back in 2007

After reading the nomarriage ebook, the author talks about two groups of men: fuckers and suckers.

Keep in mind western women love excitement and hate boredom. When they are in their teens and early 20's, they don't want stability that suckers have to offer because that is boring.

Keep in mind that women don't think for themselves but decisions on who they date or sleep with is usually made by the council not by the woman herself. This council is usually made up of her mother, sister, and friends etc. If dating a nice guy is not considered to be fun and popular by the "council" he is going to get snubbed.

There is another group of guys called fuckers. Women love to have sex with these guys during their prime years. Although they offer no stability to these women, however women will still sleep with them. The reason why women will is because they are unpredictable and therefore they are deemed as very exciting.

Once these women get to there late 20's - early 30's they will fraudently sell their looks to suckers who make a good income in order to get married. In other words they will put on a pony show for them until they get the ring. After a few years of marriage, these women are going to get bored and everything is the suckers fault. They will look for affairs and cash out on their suckers knowing that they will get the house, child support (if they have children), and alimony. All she has to do is file a false abuse charge (no proof necessary) to make all this happen. Even as a bonus, the sucker even gets to pay for her attorney fees.

Also, remember guys a women's fertility starts to decline at age 27 not in her 30's and 40's. If any of you want to start a family I highly recommend to make sure that the woman you are going to start a family with is no older than 25.

Despite there not being any legal justice in this country, Mother Nature has a justice of her own.

Those suckers who once ached for these women will lose interest in them once they get to be in their mid to late 20's. The last thing they are going to find attractive are used up women in their late 20's-30's. In fact these women must be avoided at all cost. They got a disease called baby rabies. They are going to do everything possible to get pregnant and trap you into a long term relationship where they can get provided for.

However, once those "suckers" get financially stable they will get to travel to foreign countries and enjoy beautiful women. Also, while in the United States, they will have developed fun hobbies to do when they are not working. In fact these "suckers" will not have to deal with the stress of fear of divorce, a nagging whore, false abuse and rape chargers, get to keep their sanity and money, won't have to worry about raising kid that aren't theirs etc.

However, the women who neglected the “suckers” in favor of the “fuckers” during their prime years are going to have to face justice. It's not legal justice but Mother Nature justice. Once they get to their late 20's for every year a man ages, they will be aging by two years. They will wrinkle and get ugly very fast. Investing thousands of dollars in makeup in order to form a bond with a “sucker” is not going to get the job done because they failed to form a bond with a "sucker" during their prime years. Their biological clocks will be ticking and they will get very desperate. They are going to want to be talking care off, like living off a “sucker” so they won't have to work. Disgusted by their behavior, the "suckers" will not want anything to do with them and will rebuke them. They are going to have to work long hours for the rest of their life because they could not find a "sucker" to take care of them. They will whine and complain that the "suckers" will not commit despite them snubbing them in favor of the "fuckers" during their prime years. They will rot all alone with no one to take care of them, many of them will not get to have children, and will be living very miserable lives until death all because they thought it was cute to let the "suckers" rot all alone while they go squander their prime years to the "fuckers" That my friends is what I call justice!


That's what I call justice too.  Don't be a sucker, Fellas!  Until next time...


10 April 2013

Yet Another, Awesome Blogger!


Recently, I came across a chap who calls himself DayKoons, and he has a blog by the same name.  I'm going to put him on the blog roll.  Check him out; you'll be glad you did!  Have a good night now...


My Take on All Women Aren't Like That: BEM's Comment


I have some BRILLIANT commenters here @ MarkyMark's Thoughts on Various Issues; I'm humbled when they share their thoughts, given their depth of wisdom, experience, and knowledge.  The following comment was made in response to the OCS classic I posted recently: My Take on All Women Aren't Like That when I originally ran this three years ago.  Though you can't read BEM's comment in the previous post, I thankfully backed it up.  You'll see why BEM is brilliant when you read his thoughts on the cost/benefit analysis of poon.  This is good stuff!  Enjoy...


Since the issue of game has been raised, I would like to chime in. I have, in my time, practiced game and gotten my share of poontang, for whatever it's worth - and let me tell you, as someone who is nearing forty, and who's shagged dozens of women, that the costs of pussy FAR outweigh the benefits.

Don't believe me? Consider the case of Ben Roethlisberger, a multi-millionaire athlete and two-time Super Bowl champion, a man at whom most women would hurl themselves in a heartbeat. The word just came out that Big Ben will not be charged with sexual assault for the incident that occurred in Georgia last month. Sources say that the alleged victim made inconsistent statements in her testimony, and had a high blood alcohol content on the night of the incident.

This is all unsurprising to me, as well as to many readers of MM's blog, but consider this: What if Roethlisberger was NOT a wealthy man who could counter the shenanigans of law enforcement officials with a crack investigative team of his own? In other words, what if he was like you or me? His life would be in ruins, that's what.

I've been where the game-players like illness are, cocky as shit, thinking they've got the world by the tail, that nothing bad will happen to them as they chase tail, night after night. Well, as a retired game-player, I can look back on my pussy-chasing days and realize that for the most part, in regards to any ramifications from my actions, I was lucky more than I was good.

The same goes for the other game-players out there. Guys, you can be as damn well arrogant as you like, but right now you're beating the law of averages, that's all. Maybe you'll be lucky like me and continue to stay a few steps ahead of disaster - but then again, maybe you won't. I advise you to pause, and consider my words.

One can only beat the laws of averages and probability for so long.  To put it another way, sooner or later, your luck WILL run out, Fellas...

After all, it only takes ONE woman to "regret" being with you ONE time to turn your life into a never-ending FUBAR nightmare.



As I said, that was GREAT!  It's a warning to all you PUA studs out there; sooner or later, your luck will run out, and you best remember that.  Until next time...


09 April 2013

Don't Worry About Looks, by Christopher in Oregon


There's a discussion on Happy Bachelors about what attracts women to certain men.  Here are Christopher in Oregon's thoughts on this...



Let me hammer this point home:

It does NOT matter what you look like physically. Every so-called ugly man could bed down the most beautiful women on the planet. All it takes is money. Every woman has her price. EVERY woman. You could look like something out of a grade-B horror movie, but if you've got $100 million dollars, pretty much every broad alive will spread her legs for you.

All it ever takes is money. The more money you have, the more available she becomes. If you're rich, ugly becomes "rugged". Fat becomes "solid". Three eyes and horns on your head become...well, I don't know. But if you've got three eyes and horns as well as $100 million, you WILL get laid with any woman you choose.

A woman is a whore by nature. Period.

So stop this useless whining about whether or not your looks are acceptable to these foul, smelly broads. If you just have to get laid, then get rich.

While we're on the subject, I'm reminded of something from long ago. In high school, in my senior year, we all took showers after gym class. Or maybe it was my junior year. There was this guy in gym class. James. He had the tiniest dick I've ever seen on a guy. Like a tiny button mushroom. He used to get teased about it. A lot. He was dull average in the looks department. Wore glasses. Not the least bit athletic. Kind of reclusive. But, his father was the head of some company with several hundred employees. The kid was slated to inherit, and ultimately, he did inherit- a lot.

Guess what this dinky-dick kid's girlfriend looked like? Yeah, she was a knockout. Drop-dead gorgeous to the extreme. I know he was banging her at the time, the only question was "how?" (And with what?) But, she was all over this weird kid. We were all jealous as hell.

So, stop worrying about looks.

Christopher in Oregon


Chris has a point.  Look at Donald Trump.  How many hotties has he married in their prime?  At least three that I can think of.  First was Ivana.  When she accumulated some wear & tear, the Donald went for the busty, blond Georgia peach of Marla Maples.  Now, he's married to Melania Knauss, who was a model.  I have ONE question to ask you people: if Donald Trump were collecting Social Security checks rather than being a billionaire, do you REALLY think that he'd have any female attention at all, let alone from some of the most desirable women on the planet?  I think we all know the answer to that one!  IOW, Christopher in Oregon is right.  Until next time...


08 April 2013

John Rambo on Staying Single


I was reading an interesting post over @ Roosh's place about how working for the corporate world sucks.  Since I've been there and done that, I KNOW how much it sucks!  Everything he says in that post is true.  However, that's not why I'm posting this.

No, I'm posting because one of the commenters, John Rambo, had an excellent comment about marriage; he talks about how much it sucks.  Even though he seemed to get a decent woman, it still sucks for him.  Since I'd like to help my boys, I'd like to pass this on to them; they need to know this stuff right here.  I shall post my thoughts amongst John's as well.  Enjoy...


@ erm, #27

“But I’d prefer to be happily married to a beautiful woman, with no fear of being cheated on, and faithful, and a dad. ”

Your first part is correct. I actually am married to a good girl, an Indian girl, who was raised in a village and has no connection or conception with the evils of the modern western world.

There was a very very wise statement I once read from an Indian spiritual leader. He said “A man who has never been married before thinks that getting married will make him happy. While a man who is married is thinking “Why didn’t I stay single, I could have stayed free?”"

Man, isn't THAT the truth!  When I was a young man, I wanted so BADLY to be married!  I wanted to have a righteous avenue for fulfilling my sexual desires (I was a Christian who took the tenets of his faith seriously); I wanted companionship; and I didn't want to be alone, let along grow old alone.  I thought all the thoughts John Rambo thought when I was his age-all of them!  Alas, it was not to be; it never worked out for me.  However, God, by His grace, has let me see that I really, truly am better off as a single man; in so many ways, I am better off as a single man-so much so I wouldn't trade it for the world now!

Yesterday, I spent time putting new tires on the scooter.  After doing that, I took her out for a ride to see how the new Pirellis were.  I love them; they handle and ride so nicely!  I also felt a sense of empowerment and accomplishment by doing my own work on my own ride.  I spent two hours out and about yesterday just because I COULD.  If married, I couldn't do that; I couldn't spend my time as I wished.  Even if married to a good gal (all but impossible to find in Femerika), I couldn't do that.  Why?  Because it's no longer about me anymore; it's that simple.

It’s a real catch 22. If you’ve never been married before, you don’t realize how boring and unsatisfying it is. But most men have to get married to understand that reality.

Some of us don't though.  Some of us have married guys TELL us we're not missing anything-even the happily married ones!  That begs an obvious question though: if they're happily married, then why do they tell us single guys we're not missing anything?

In fact, I know a guy from work.  He's the team leader of the department next to us.  He dated and ultimately married a little, Latin cutie from Ecuador.  When I ask him how married life is, he says it's good.  HOWEVER-when he asked me some months ago when I was going to get married, and I cautiously answered that I wasn't in a rush to do so-he said good, don't!  I never asked him about  why he said that, but it validated my decision to remain single anyway.

If I had come in contact with the MRA movement just a few months before I had, I probably would have given up on marriage entirely. See, another trap is thinking that foreign women are better than western women. Yes, they are, but even still I would not recommend marriage to ANY kind of woman, foreign or western.

I'm glad he said this too.  For the last year, I've been a member of the site, Latin American Cupid, and I've talked to some NICE women on there; this is especially true if they've never spent any time in America or learned any English.  Even though I met a couple of nice women, women who I would have spent time with in my younger days, I decided not to follow through with the opportunities.  Why?  Because I don't want to change my life now, that's why!  Even marrying the nicest gal in the world would necessitate changes that, at this point, I don't want to make in my  life...

Marriage is fucking misery, any way you look at it. I’m honest enough to admit that. A lot of married guys will never admit that.

 It's hard to admit when one has made a mistake; this is DOUBLY true when making the biggest mistake of one's life!  I can't think of a bigger mistake one can make than to get married these days...

I just wish I had waited a couple more years before even thinking about marriage. By that time, I would have realized how pointless it is and probably decided to never marry. So, cheers to all of the men who ARE intelligent enough to never get married, guys like Roosh and so on.

I can't say it was intelligence on my part-at least no early on anyway.  I wanted to get married as a younger man, but I never found the kind of gal for whom I'd be willing to do all that marriage requires a man to do.  There are some big sacrifices in there!  I was willing to make them and all, but I never found someone for WHOM I would be willing to make them; I could never find a gal worthy of making those sacrifices.  I also knew that my choice of a wife could make or break me, and that gave me pause as well.  Ergo, I never married as a young man.

As an older man, I will say that I'm intelligent enough to take pause, think, and look things over carefully before making any major decision.  After all, the impetuosity of my youth got me into lots of trouble!  I learned the hard way to 'look before you leap', as it were, so I do.  Then, when I look at what marriage entails in the era of Marriage 2.0, I just say no thanks...

I’m a 28 year old guy, so if there’s any advice I would give to men under the age of 30, it is this:
Do NOT get married. Once you hit age 30 or so, you’ll realize how fruitless the whole endeavour is, and then you will hopefully give up all desire to ever get married. You may THINK that marriage will make you happy, but it won’t. Even marriage to a super submissive humble foreign girl. Otherwise, if you get married and then realize too late that marriage is a trap for men, you’ll end up just like me. Drinking his life away to a bottle of alcohol, trying to speed up his own death.

What is it that Christopher in Oregon ALWAYS says?  If you can just hang on till 30, you'll be home free or on your way there.  Why?  Because that damnable sex drive starts to die out then!  It was the great, Greek philosopher that once said when he lost his sex drive, he felt as if he'd been released from the clutches of a terrible beast.  Amen!


That concludes this cautionary tale from John Rambo, and it concludes my commentary too.  TGIS, Baby!  Until next time...


How Can a Man Be Mr. Mom?


Though I posted this three years ago, this is still relevant.  The neighbors discussed here have since moved out, but their story and its points are still relevant today.  Enjoy...


It's becoming more and more common; more and more, we're seeing households in which the wife is the primary breadwinner, and the husband stays home; more and more, wives are wearing the pants in the family; more and more, we're seeing a complete role reversal of the sexes.

I can think of at least two guys who fit that description.  One is a coworker, though he's not in my department.  The other is one of my new neighbors.  My coworker, who I'll call Francisco, only works summers at my company.  During the rest of the year, he stays home with the kids, while his wife teaches school in the area.  Though he's a nice guy, I don't want to spend much time around him; something about his arrangment bothers me.  I can't say why, but it bothers me nonetheless.

My neighbor, who I don't know well (in fact, I've only met him once and seen him in passing two or three times), apparently stays home with the kids.  The couple next door have one car, and I've only seen the wife get in it to leave for work in the morning.  Now, perhaps TJ (not his real name) works too, but I leave early; perhaps I don't see him leave.  That said, I don't think he works.

Let me tell you what I've seen of that relationship.  Sam Fryman, in his book, A Man's Liberation Guide to Women, made an astute observation.  He said that all marriages will assume one of two dynamics: a father/daughter dynamic where the man is boss, or a mommy/son dynamic where the wife is boss.  When I thought about what Mr. Fryman said, I concluded that he was right; after all, a lifetime of observation confirmed this.

Next door, TJ is definitely the little boy, while his wife is the stern mother.  I've seen her speak to him in a most insulting and disrespectful manner.  Perhaps that's because she does NOT respect TJ?  I think so.  Even though I've only observed one family with a 'Mr. Mom', even though the sample size is too small to be taken seriously, the 'Mr. Mom' thing is a feminist fantasy; it does not work!  It's wicked, unnatural, emasculating, and I find it disgusting.  I can't fancy our Lord God being pleased with it either-not when he commands WOMEN to be keepers of the home...

Even before I found out about men's issues, MGTOW, etc., I was always bothered by women being more successful than me; I could not have married a woman who earned more than I did, because I would have felt like a lesser man.  Though I couldn't articulate WHY until recently, I would have been bothered by having a more successful wife.  I think that I instinctively knew that, as a man, I had to be superior to my woman; I needed to be her hero; I needed to be someone she could admire and respect.  How could a woman, being superior to her husband, admire and respect her husband?  She can't, of course.

Having said all that, I have to wonder how can a man be Mr. Mom, and see nothing wrong with it?  My coworker, Francisco, seems to be happy go lucky; he seems to love life and be happy.  While I can't say the same for my neighbor, TJ, he doesn't seem to mind his arrangment much, either.  WTF is wrong with these guys?!  How can they not be bothered by something so unnatural?!  Sorry, but I just don't get it.  I couldn't live with myself if I were a Mr. Mom!  How emasculating is that?!

If I were to marry, I'd have to be traditional all the way; otherwise, I couldn't do it.  There are roles for men, and there are roles for women.  They are-gasp-different!  That's because men and women are-gasp-different themselves-duh!  Men were meant to go out and bring home the bacon, while women were meant to fry it up.  Sorry if that's not PC, but that's the way it is.  It seems to me that, when we, as a society, adhered more to traditional sex roles, that we were happier, more well adjusted, and better off.

Those are my thoughts on this issue.  Maybe some guys have no problem being 'Mr. Mom', but I'm not one of them.  Mom is a sobriquet for women; it always has been, and it always will be.  Women were meant to stay at home, not men.  If you don't like it, then too bad.  Some things just aren't right, and the 'Mr. Mom' thing is one of them.  Until next time...


07 April 2013

Western Women Can't Find Dates Overseas!


These articles are almost a dime a dozen now; it's getting to the point where I could almost devote an entire blog to them! Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. I could certainly run more pieces like this, because they're so plentiful. Now sit back, open a cold one, and enjoy some schadenfreude with me as we listen to these Western skanks lament the dearth of men that they so RIGHTFULLY deserve! May they always get the man they deserve-none.


Foreign women label Beijing a dating wasteland

By Erik Nilsson (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-11-11 08:46

As China's expatriate population grows, many foreign women looking for love are saying this is the wrong place to meet Mr Right.

That's because any DECENT man, any man who could be Mr. Right, doesn't want anything to do with these skanks!

These dreamboats have sailed to cleaner waters that offer better fishing-duh!

You don't know one foreign man who's single; many expat women you know ARE single. Do you think that there might there be a connection there? Just wondering...

Minnikin, a research and development specialist for a human resource development company who has lived in China for two years, said the reason there aren't many available foreign men is simple: "There are a lot of Chinese women; they're available, and they have a lot to offer."

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Miss Minnikin gets it right! Chinese women, when compared to their Western counterparts, DO have a lot to offer. It's akin to comparing a BMW to a beat up Yugo-IOW, no comparison whatsoever.

The dating problem of China's forlorn foreign females has become a hot topic on online forums for expatriate such as www.thatsbj.com and http://asiaxpat.com. Threads with titles such as "Why foreign women will NEVER have a dating scene" and "How can a woman find a man?" are becoming increasingly popular.

Why will a foreign woman never have a dating scene? That's easy; they're uber BITCHES, that's why! Now that these womens' countrymen have seen what real women are like, they want NO PART of their female homies. You'd think that these stupid bitches would put 2+2 together, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you figure that they'd see that there's-gasp-a REASON why they're single, while their fellow countrymen are not?

"I have lived in Asia for about four years now and know how tall blondes are treated by a lot of the men here," said MTGirl, who posted on a "Frustrated woman" thread on thatsbj.com's Love and Dating forum. "Although that has not turned me into a man-hater, I find the situation frustrating."

Aw, what's the matter, Sweet Pee? You can't handle the fact that you're no longer the center of attention like you were back home? You know, THIS is the life your countrymen have lived all their lives! Ah, but it was all right when the shoe was on their foot; now that it's on yours, it's unfair and frustrating?! Come on! Cry me a river, Darlin'! It's nice to see you get a taste of the medicine you've dished out to good guys all your lives back home. How does it feel, hmmm?

Offline, MTGirl is Juanita Hartman, 33, who came to Beijing from Ellensburg, Washington, as a research fellow studying Chinese history at Peking University.

Ah, now we know a little more about MTGirl. She's a research fellow, which means she's an academic; since she's a female academic, that means she's STEEPED in feminism; she's a man hater, extraordinaire. Is it any wonder why she doesn't have a man?! Her attitude is so toxic that men can practically see it! I've been around these women, and the aura of misandry surrounding them is so strong that it may as well be physically visible.

She says that even though foreign men in Beijing are available, she has seen that they are likelier to seek local women.

Behind Door #1, we have someone who is: 1) cute; 2) intelligent; 3) can talk about more than who won American Idol; 4) has domestic skills; 5) gasp-likes men! Or, behind Door #2, an expat man can have a woman who is: 1) a raging feminazi; 2) dumb & clueless; 3) can't talk about anything other than the latest celebrity gossip; 4) has NO domestic skills whatsoever; 5) hates men and everything about them. Gee, what should I pick? I know, I know; it's a difficult decision-not! How stupid can Western women be?!

"It really doesn't bother me that they overlook expat women," Hartman said. "What bothers me are the looks of disdain I get when I'm out and about.

That begs an obvious question: how many contemptuous looks of disdain did you give to men back home, hmmm? Another question I have to ask is this: how do you like having the shoe on YOUR foot, Darlin'? How do you like being on the receiving end of what you dished out to us all those years? You know what I have to say to that? Tough! Welcome to my life, Sweetheart!

"Men look away when eye contact is made," she said. "I'm not drop-dead gorgeous, but I'm not butt-ugly, either.

Just like you looked away from men when you were back home-especially when you were young, hot, and desireable. Oh, and while you may not be butt-ugly on the outside, you ARE butt-ugly on the inside! Now that your fellow countrymen have seen sane women overseas; now that your fellow countrymen have been around women who don't hate and fear them; they can see just how TOXIC you are! Is it any wonder men turn away from you in disgust?!

"Living in China for about four years has given me great insight to who I am and what I want. Part of that self-discovery has been that I haven't had a steady boyfriend and had to struggle through comparing myself to these beautiful, petite Chinese girls.

You ALMOST had a glimmer of understanding here-almost! But, you couldn't follow all the way through with it, could you? While the Chinese women are nice to look at, that's not all that's appealling about them. Their nice exteriors catch our eyes, while their nicer personalities, their nicer interiors, KEEP them...

"I am 176 centimetres tall and often felt like a bull in a china shop - no pun intended. I have come to terms with the way I look and the way I am built. I am more confident because of this experience."

Uh, you don't sound that confident to me-not when you were talking about having to compare yourself to those pretty, petite Chinese girls. The nicer packaging Chinese girls come in catches our eyes; the superior CONTENTS of said packaging KEEPS them. You might want to think about that, Darlin'! It's not your face; it's not your body; it's your attitude...

For China's lonely "laowai" ladies, it seems the problem is a matter of not only the quantity of men, but also the quality.

Translation: there are no 'hawt' bad boys chasing these skanks! They no longer have their pick of the litter, and they're pissed.

Many foreign women complain that the fabric of the men who are attracted to the expatriate lifestyle is too often different from that of good dating material.

"Beijing seems to attract only certain types of guys: English-teacher types straight out of college who just want to have fun, ladder-climbing executive types and a bunch of weirdoes," said Emily Patterson, 23, of Cleveland, Ohio, who works as a reporter for a Chinese magazine in Beijing. "You don't want a college guy. Maybe the executive type is already married, busy or boring. And of course, you don't want to date a weirdo.

Weirdo = nice guy who this American woman finds boring, a guy to whom she is NOT sexually attracted; this is the kind of guy she'd call 'creepy' back home. The executive, even if he isn't married, is going to have many, many much better options; he'll be able to get someone younger, hotter, and nicer than this American bitch. Finally, this Emily Patterson resents the fact that, for once in her life, the roles are reversed; for once in her life, guys her age are wanted; she's not; and she can't STAND the reversal of fortune! Aw, you want me to cry for you now or later?

"At home, maybe you meet a hundred nice, normal, single, socially, capable guys, and you have feelings for one or two. Here you meet five normal guys, and there's such a small chance that one of them is the one you want."

What did I tell you?! What did I tell you?! She no longer has the pick of the litter, and now she's pissed-waaaaaaaaahhhh! Cry me a river, Darlin'...

Hartman agrees: "I think the main problem in Beijing is that most of the men here I wouldn't touch back home, so why would I here?"

Uh, Miss Hartman, now that these men have seen and experienced REAL women, they're asking themselves the same question! They're asking themselves what they EVER saw in toxic women like you.

Oh, and before you dismiss these men as being of low or no quality, here's something to think about, Darlin': even though there is a shortage of females in China, expat men have no problem finding themselves one! Thanks to China's one child per family policy, many girl babies haven't been allowed to live; they were never born, or they were killed shortly after birth because the families deemed boys to be more useful. This has resulted in a shortage of Chinese women for the available, eligible, local men. To put it in words you, the vapid, shallow Western bitch would understand, that means that there are millions of more Chinese men vs. women; there's a huge surplus of Chinese men vis a vis women.

According to your logic, your countrymen shouldn't have a prayer! However, these expat men, your countrymen, are not only adding to this demographic imbalance; they are in COMPETITION with the local boys, and they have no problem finding themselves a woman-wow! How could they do that if they were of such low quality? How could they find a local woman at all when the local, Chinese women can have their pick of men? Could it be that the countrymen you so blithely and cavalierly dismiss aren't so low quality after all? Could it be that your countrymen are really good guys? Could it be that it's your selection criteria that needs a reality check?! Nah, that couldn't be it, because you're a 'goddess', and goddesses can never do any wrong, right?

Like many expatriate women in China, Hartman believes that while "a few" laowai guys in China are worthwhile men, capable of establishing solid relationships, many come here to get a badly needed ego boost.

Here we have an over the hill, past her expiration date, man hating feminazi academic talking about fragile egos?! Come on! She can't handle the fact that she's no longer the cat's meow like she was back home, and she can't stand it.

"The majority of men come here because they have issues back home ... or they just can't get a woman back home for a number of reasons," she said. "They come here because they become a big fish in a little pond; they become very important and sought after."

Damn right we have issues back home-a dearth of decent women! We have issues with the shallow, vapid, filthy, dumb, clueless, disease ridden skanks from which we get to pick. We have issues with being sold a rotten, shit sandwich, while being told that it's filet mignon! We have issues with paying a Ferrari price for a beat up Yugo. If that's having issues, then we plead guilty as charged, your honor...

Oh, and guys who took assignments in China probably did so for other reasons besides women. They took them to take advantage of the travel opportunity this would offer them. They took advantage of a once in a lifetime chance to see a unique place many of us never even get to VISIT during our lives! Why wouldn't a young, single guy take advantage of the opportunity to not only visit China, but actually LIVE there?! That's the mindset I had when I was offered assignment to Pearl Harbor during my Navy days.

Ah, but when your countrymen got to China, they had their eyes opened; they saw something that they'd never, ever seen before: sane, happy, reasonable, intelligent, and pretty women who actually LIKED them-wow! Not only that, the Chinese women treated your countrymen with dignity and respect-something you never gave them back home, my dear. I know, because I speak from experience here.

I remember when I was in the Navy, and we were on our way home from our Mediterranean Sea deployment. Before we went through the Straits of Gibraltar though, we made a call on Palma de Mallorca. I remember going to a local laundry to do my clothes; it would be the last chance I had for weeks to do my own laundry. Anyway, I met some local girls out and about. One of my buddies was trying to ditch them, so I took them off his hands.

After finishing my laundry, I and these three local girls sat down at a nearby streetside cafe. We, all of whom were strangers, laughed, talked, and enjoyed one another's company; it was a night to remember! Even though this was back in 1984, before American women became totally toxic, it occurred to me that this had NEVER, ever happened to me back home, nor was it ever likely to. I could tell many stories like this! Once I went overseas, I had no problem meeting women at all. It was quite the eye opener for me-just like it is for the countrymen you so blithely dismiss, Miss Hartmann. Just another little something to think about, Darlin'...

For these reasons, these women see the pool of single, dateable foreign men more as a small puddle. And they don't consider dating locals a viable option.

Sheesh, how STUPID can American women be?! Really, how stupid can they be? They have the same, unrealistic standards that they have back home, even though they're in a weaker bargaining position! Think about it; these Western chicks are competing against the Chinese women; the men have options, so their standards need a reality check-duh. The countrymen they so casually dismiss as being undateable have no problem finding local, Chinese women-women who are smarter, sweeter, and prettier than they are! You'd think that Western women would see the competition, and realize that they need to settle for a regular guy, not some romance novel fantasy archetype that they have in their silly, little heads, but no. Even without options, Western women STILL have the same, crazy standards that they always had! Again, how stupid can someone be?! Sorry, but I just can't wrap my arms round the illogic in that.

Oh, BTW, the local Chinese men don't see you toxic, Western bitches as a viable option either. You're NOT a viable option to any man who has a brain and loves himself the least little bit! Get a grip, Ladies! While you're at it, get over yourselves too.

"Women need to communicate more, so for women who don't speak Chinese, we don't have as many options as men," said Minnikin.

You realize the what while missing the WHY! You're so close, yet so far...

There are cultural barriers, as well.

Mainly a culture that doesn't condone, let alone encourage, bad behavior of women. You think that that might have a little something to do with it?

"Most Chinese guys are really shy," Patterson said. "They work really long hours and don't come out to bars and parties, which is where you usually meet people."

That's because, at the end of a long day, these guys have no ENERGY to go out, Miss Patterson! I know, because I work a lot myself. I've been working 50-60 hour weeks as of late; I start @ 0730 in the morning, and my day ends @ 1800-if I don't stay late, something I do on occasion. By the time I get home, I'm pooped. Oh, BTW, I have to fix supper, do dishes, laundry, and stuff like that. There are only so many hours in a day-sheesh! I don't know about my Chinese counterparts, but when my day ends, all I want to do is go home and relax...

Josh Bernstein, 21, of Phoenix, Arizona, has organized an informal singles group and has seen first-hand the difficulties faced by Western women interested in Chinese men.

The singles party he hosted a week ago attracted more than 20 Chinese women, four Western women, 10 foreign men and two Chinese men.

He said that while the foreign men ignored the Western girls, the Chinese men struck up conversation with them. But in the end, it was only talk.

Yeah, that's because, after talking to the Western girls, the Chinese guys figured out in minutes that they're filthy, shallow, vapid, not to mention toxic, bitches. They realized that they don't WANT any of that, thank you kindly...

"These foreign girls, even though they talk to the guys who they are interested in and think are interested in them, the Chinese guys seem to be too shy or too worried about saving face to make a move," Bernstein said. "They're afraid of making a mistake because of cultural differences. A lot of Chinese guys don't know about foreign girls and don't know how to approach them."

Uh, Mr. Mangina, if what you say is true, then riddle me this: how the HELL has China managed to become the world's most POPULOUS country, hmmm? If what you say is true, then these Chinese men shouldn't be meeting, let alone mating with, women. Nevertheless, these same Chinese guys have managed to do so much mating that China as the most people on Earth. How does something like that happen, Mr. Mangina? Care to tell me, you idiot? You'd think that, after having seen superior women, that this idiot wouldn't stick up for his nasty, bitchy countrywomen...

Hartman, for one, said she has given up on the dating scene, and believes it's for the best.

"I came to the conclusion that whatever happens will happen" she said. "I could find the love of my life here and have a great story to tell, but I could also return home alone.

Uh, let me save you some suspense, Miss Hartman; you WILL return home alone! The only stories you'll have to tell are how those low quality guys ignored you, yet ended up with those pretty, petite Chinese girls...

"Either way, I am still learning about myself, and isn't living abroad all about the learning experience?"

Yeah, but will you learn the right lessons? That's the question! Somehow, I doubt it. You won't be able to shake your goddess complex, so you'll pin the blame on everything and everyone but where it truly belongs-with YOU...


I don't know what to say, other than I cannot make this up; my imagination isn't that good! These stupid, shallow women make my job easy though. It's easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Until next time...


My Take on All Women Aren't Like That, by Outcast Superstar


When Outcastsuperstar had his blog, he wrote a piece that I've long wanted to run on here.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to do so, he'd already deleted his blog.  Thankfully, he saved this most powerful piece of writing, and he posted it on Happy Bachelors.  I've taken the liberty to copy & paste a post for the ages.  Enjoy, Fellas...


I wrote this back in 2008 and it's probably one of the best pieces I have ever written


I have heard the arguments on both sides, one from people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are back stabbing bitches and I heard from many others that there are indeed good women out there and NOT all women are like this. I see a much bigger picture rather than proving all women are like this or aren’t like this.

I’m going to breakdown four possible scenarios which can happen and analyze the type of life a man can live under each scenario.

Scenario #1 you believe people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. Indeed Christopher in Oregon is right.

Scenario #2 you believe people like Christopher in Oregon that all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. However, Christopher in Oregon is wrong with his assessment that all women will betray you.

Scenario #3 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. Indeed you are right that you found a winner.

Scenario #4 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. However, that special person turned into a witch and will make your life a living hell.

Under scenario #1 you believe all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. You are indeed right.

Well as a result of not getting taken to the cleaners or having to support anyone but yourself, you can find the right balance between work and life. In other words you won’t have to work yourself in an early grave.

Not only that but you will have more discretionary income by staying single.

You can take yourself to ball games all the time.

You can take yourself to the best restaurants while being served by liberated waitresses.

You can engage in fun hobbies all the time. Examples would be hikes, golfing, playing video games, playing pool, going bowling, going to the gym etc.

Eventually, you can take yourself on Bachelor Vacations, or buy yourself expensive toys like Harley Davidson’s etc.

So in other words when it’s all said and done your going to have life full of luxuries and less stress by avoiding American Women and focusing on fun Bachelor Hobbies and taking fun Bachelor vacations.

Under scenario #2 you believe all women are like this and have adapted accordingly. However, you are wrong and there are indeed women who are loyal and won’t betray you.

The life a man can have can be read under scenario #1. The result is there are no consequences for being wrong and you can afford to be wrong here and still live a quality bachelor life.

Under scenario #3 you believe NOT all women are like this and will get married to that special person. You are indeed right and you found a winner.

In terms of being married you lucked out that the woman you married decided not to cash out on you but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be a happy marriage.

For starters you will be working yourself into an early grave. Meaning you will have to be working long hours for year after year until you fall over dead.

This means you will have no time for fun hobbies or have any money to finance them. This is because you will working for the rest of your life to pay the Mortgage, pay for all the family vehicles, pay for all of the children’s expenses which will include college in many cases, as well as paying for wife’s shopping sprees which she will be entitled to since she is the mother of your children. Also, there will be many doses of constant nagging where you won’t be able to enjoy any peace and quiet time to yourself.

In the end if all goes well on your death bed you’re grown up children may tell you that they love you as well as your wife. This doesn’t change the fact you had to slave away year after year in order to keep things a float and you will have a very difficult time planning for retirement. At least you lucked out that your girl wasn’t like that and you didn’t have to go through the Feminazi Court System.

Scenario # 4 you believe NOT all women are like this, my girl is different and will get married to this special person. However, you were wrong and that special person after marriage turned into a witch who will make your life a living well and will see to it that she is going to get here ‘due’ through the Feminazi Court System.

Ouch! This is going to hurt! It’s because of this scenario why I tell my readers there better off jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge than signing a Marriage Contract.

You can expect to get hit with a false domestic violence abuse charge, which means you will get arrested and you will be kicked out of your own home. You will have to pay for your attorney fees and her attorney fees for a divorce you never initiated in the first place. You will have to pay a high amount of Alimony and Child Support payments. You will lose your house but will have to keep paying the mortgage payments. Your ex-wife will manipulate your children where you are seen as the villain and will hate you. Also there is something called imputed income. A judge bases the percentage of child support payments and alimony payments based on ‘potential earnings’, NOT how much you actually make. Many times you will owe more money than you actually make! If you fail to make the payments your licenses will get revoked and you will get thrown in jail.

Do I agree with Christopher in Oregon’s analysis that every single woman in the planet will cash out on her husband if given the opportunity? The answer is NO! I have a mother who grew up in the pre-feminist era who is a wonderful traditional lady, also I have two extremely religious older sisters who believed sex before marriage is a deadly sin and divorce is very bad. Do I recommend that it worth taking a shot at scenario #3 just because every single woman in the planet is not like that? The answer is a big fucking NO! Even if all women aren’t like this, you will have a hard time determining between a good woman and a witch until it’s too late. This is because when a witch is on the prowl she is going to act like a very sweet woman who would never consider betraying you. It’s not until after you got married whether you know you got yourself a good woman or a witch. Because once a witch knows she got you by the balls her true colors will come out but by then it’s too late. When a woman argues that we're not all like this, as of today she may be right. However, the key word is TODAY. That doesn’t mean 5-7 years later she will be a virtuous woman. Women do change and it’s not for the better especially when they know they will get a big divorce settlement if the marriage doesn’t go the way she wants it to go.

My view is a man would have to be clinically insane to get married in the United States or in the Anglo sphere. The fact is since radical feminism has taken hold the vast majority of women aren’t suited for marriage and no longer have the qualities which would be desirable for men, all they have to offer is sex and that is no longer appealing once they start aging (Mid 20’s and beyond). Now there have been multiple news articles which states 60% of American/Western wives have sex with men who are NOT their husbands. It’s very rare for modern women these days to provide their husbands with home cooked meals and keeping a clean house. The divorce rate is well over 50% with 70% being initiated by women. In my home state California the divorce rate is between 70-80%.

If a man is scarred about living alone and is in need of a loyal companion, he should go adopt a dog. It’s not by accident that dogs are called a man’s best friend.

Having analyzed all four possible scenarios I have concluded that scenarios 1&2 are much better than 3&4. Given the times we are living in today although I personally may not agree with Christopher in Oregon’s thesis that all women are like this, however I have no choice but to assume that all women are indeed like the way Christopher in Oregon describes them to be. Now is it fair to assume Christopher’s thesis is the correct one while deep down knowing it could be wrong? The answer is NO! Just like it’s not fair good hard working get treated like shit by 21 century modern day American Women, a man can get booted from his home on false allegations or get booted because his wife filed for no fault divorce, have to pay alimony, child support, his and her attorney fees on a divorce he never initiated, and have his children taken away from him with the children’s mother training his children that he is the villain and she is the victim. As a result, even if Christopher’s thesis is proven wrong a man can still live a quality bachelor life (scenario #2) where there are no consequences for being wrong with this assessment. Even if all women aren’t like this and a man believes his girl is different (scenario #3), he will still be working himself into an early grave. However, if he is wrong and his girl was indeed like the majority of the 21 Century Modern Day American Women, he will end up in scenario #4 where life as he knows it will be over. There will be no second chances for being wrong, you are finished! As radical as Christopher’s thesis may seem, at least if a man believes Christopher's thesis he won’t ever have to live life under scenario #4. As men get older many will realize scenario #2 is better than scenario #3.

It’s pointless to argue this with Women because they don’t seem to get it (at least they pretend not to get it). They think all they have to do is argue all women aren’t like this and men will still get married but they are missing the bigger picture. Many of us bachelors are perfectly content with letting women declare victory while they now have to support themselves where they too will get to see what it’s like working themselves into an early grave. At the same time we bachelors won’t have to work as many hours long term since we won’t have to support a family or financially support a divorce. We understand it’s much more economical not to marry, but rather indulge in fun hobbies take bachelor vacations and don’t have to put up with any more bullshit with women where we can enjoy our peace.


OS is a wise, young man.  The Force is STRONG with that one!  His approach has been mine too; I dare say that it's the approach of a number of men.  While we know that there are decent women out there, the safe & prudent course of action is to assume that they're all like Christopher in Oregon says they are; the safe course is to assume that a woman is your enemy until proven otherwise, and to govern one's self accordingly.  Have a good night now...