02 May 2013

An E-Mail I Received


After spending a relaxing holiday weekend down in South Jersey with my late mother four years ago, I found this e-mail waiting for me. The writer, who I'll call Greg, said it was up to me what I did with his message, so I'm publishing it. The writer's name has been changed for reasons that will become apparent as you read it.

BTW, I am not unmarried because I am wise; I'm not. I'm unmarried solely by the grace of God. I WANTED to be married, but I was never that successful with women. They didn't ignore me, but I was never a threat to become the next Casanova, either. My present single status is more by God's grace than it is by any smarts I may or may not possess.

Without any further ado, let's read Greg's e-mail to me. You'll find it to be quite sobering and enlightening all at the same time...


Hi MarkyMark,

I am a long time lurker on your site and have read many of your comments and blog posts. I respect the fact that you have never been married and have no plans to do so and I wish I had been so wise. I am writing you to let you know what one man had to pay for freedom and hopefully share the true cost of same with you. It's up to you what you do with this story. Anyway as you probably get a lot of these I'll try to mark the highlights and skip a lot of the extraneous junk...

I'm a deadbeat dad!!! (light your torches - gasoline in 89, 91, and 95 octane is available in your choice of containers). Yep, I've got three kids and I'm behind on my child kidnapping payments by probably 10 grand at present and considerably more behind on alimony and her lawyer fees. I skipped the country rather than be jailed for all of the above compounding my crimes. A runaway slave is the worst kind of slave - one that absolutely refuses to serve his massa. My reasons were simple... if the state forces me not to be a father, then I will not pretend to be one. I will certainly not pay 75% of my take home pay to someone who hates me and actively tries to have me jailed every single day under threat of violence. Since I can't see my children anyway, it became a choice of not seeing them from jail or not seeing them from where I am now. The choice wasn't all that hard. It is my hope that as things get worse in the U.S. more men will make this move but the rest of the world is very unwelcoming to such as I and you take a great many risks that most men simply do not have the balls to take. Oh well. My only advice - have a job lined up and remember that working for peanuts in a third world country is better than living as a slave in a first world country.

Snippets of advice for those who jump ship:

*Most of the world doesn't even realize that county "family" court even exists much less the real implications of same. Your "civil" violations won't mean jack shit to places like Cambodia, Chile, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia, China, etc. so shut up, stop whining, and live. The cops of Paraguay don't care your nation labels you a deadbeat.

*You won't be able to renew your passport so treat as you would your heart in a jar. If you lose it or it gets damaged you're dead, period.

*Women from around the world look better than anything back in the states, cost less unless you're totally stupid, and are much more easily disposed of.

*Before any man gets into a relationship with a woman in the U.S. have him travel to Manila, Pattaya, Rio, or someplace else for a full month. See the women there. Have several. It will change the way you view American women *forever*.

*Get a teaching certificate or such. CELTA, PGCE, or such so you can teach English. Whatever paper pushing job you do now won't be in demand in the third world country but your ability to speak English will be. If you are a tradesmen such as a plumber, electrician, etc. cheaper folk do your job so forget it - get the CELTA. If you are programmer who works from home - great - have the money you make target accounts in a foreign bank and work for a company abroad. If you can swing it somehow to make 1st world wages in a place like Thailand or Brazil you are king. If you are a pilot or professional diver - what the heck are doing living in the U.S.? Get out, live, earn all your money tax free, and expat already!!!

*Internalize "Who the fuck cares". Consider that your being jailed is inevitable (and it is as long as the United States is a living, breathing country). You'll get sick, you'll lose your passport, you'll run out of money, something. Internalize it, know it, and get over it. Freedom is in the mind and there are plenty of prisoners who walk around "free" every day of their lives and plenty of prisoners who are freer than them. Personally i'd rather be in jail than married to a American woman again.

"Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support." - Bo├ętie

Powerful stuff, wasn't it? I thought so, which is why I posted it. Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Allow me to add a few things to the advice above:

1- Make sure you have as much time left on your passport as possible before going overseas. A shiny new 10-year passport is optimal.

2- Get a new passport from a different country before your U.S. one expires. This is not difficult given a bit of research and effort, and should be done sooner rather than later. If you do not have a different passport/identity by the time your U.S. passport runs out, you are well and truly screwed.

3- Even if your U.S. passport runs out and you are solely using your new one, you are still a U.S. citizen and subject to all U.S. laws, with all that implies, even when overseas. Understand that in addition to violating child support/alimony, you will also be committing various felonies simply by living overseas anonymously without regularly snitching on yourself in detail to the government (i.e., filing taxes, reporting back accounts, etc.). Which leads to...

4- In today's computerized age, accept that you will be arrested if you ever step foot back in the U.S. or its territories. This means missing weddings, funerals, etc. Learn to use skype and video chats if these things are important to you.

5- Work to create income outside and independent of your country(ies) of residence, and be ready to move again on a dime. Also do not build excess assets in the country of your current woman, excess meaning anything you are not willing to walk away from without regret. Safety lies in diversification + not presenting an appealing target, and this will also help you maintain 'hand' in relationships as the rest of the world becomes more westernized.

etc. etc. etc.

-20+ year expatriate

Mrs. Anna T said...

I feel very sorry for this man. I can't imagine ever emigrating again and going to live in a place of strange customs and religion, EVEN if I speak its language... imagine going to live off somewhere in Chile... (although I must say Spanish is surprisingly easy to learn).

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.
Since the system has no regard for men,men need have no regard for it.

This fellow put his 'fweelings' aside and DID something.

Something called 'non-serviam,' what all women FEAR.

Anonymous said...

Mother of 14 year old boy catches him with drugs, calls the cops and gets him arrested

The mother of a 14 year old boy catches him with drugs, so instead of just throwing them away and grounding him or something, she calls the cops and gets her own son arrested.


Below is the comment I left:

Jesus, his own fucking mother sold him out to the police. She could have just thrown the fucking drugs away and then grounded him for a month.

This is what I am saying guys. Misandry, the hatred of men, is so deeply brainwashed into American women, that they could care less even about their own sons.

In America, women are NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO MURDER THEIR OWN CHILDREN than the biological father.

By promoting feminism, which promotes default custody to the mother, you are promoting the murder of children.

How's that feel, all you feminists and manginas, to have the blood of all those children on your hands?

Mother of 5 year old boy has him arrested for playing with matches

Words fail me. All I will say is this. The science of physics has proven that there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action.

Do you women even realize the social backlash against your misandry that is coming?


The sickest part of all? OTHER WOMEN agree with this. Look at the comments section. Many women agree with the mother for doing this. In other words, other women are JUST AS BAD as the mother herself and fully condone such horrible actions towards young boys.

Do you women even realize the social backlash that is coming when the generations of young boys that you hated on and abused grow up? How do you think they are going to treat women, since you women have been treating them like shit their whole lives?

I think the world in the movie A Clockwork Orange is going to be very very tame by comparison to what is coming.

tspoon said...

If you're a tradesman, consider working in the oil or mining industries if possible. These are two of the few industries offering the possibility of travel for the average guy, as well as even time rosters i.e. 4 weeks on duty, 4 weeks off. With that deal you can live quite some way from the job, and many employers fly you to and from remote work sites, and the pay is more than enough to be living on in most other countries.

handbanana said...

I wonder, if you hijacked an airplane but told the passengers you were a divorced father who wasn't allowed to see their children and was thousands of dollars in debt, if they would let you take the plane where you wanted without bum rushing you.

just trying to think of some way out of the country without a passport. there's gotta be a way.