18 February 2012

Mind Condom


You all know I like that train wreck of a show, Jersey Shore.  I even got all the DVDs for it!  Anyway, during one of Sam & Ron's NUMEROUS fights, Ronnie had a pithy, little saying that sums up relations with American women.  He said that: "I need a mind condom, because I'm being mind FUCKED."  I about fell out of my chair when I heard that one...



P Ray said...

Absolutely right.
The best mind condom is independent thinking and a sense of justice.
Once you figure "I'm going to play let's pull a fast one on Joey" is when the trouble starts.
Hanging around with guys who don't appreciate how important it is to have friends outside of marriage, is a way to quickly discover how a bad marriage can kill the "get up and go" spirit of any man.

Anonymous said...

Living in the Anglosphere and especially in northern California gives me the need to wear a mind condom as the feminist skanks are in control here.