14 February 2012

My Answer to Anon


In my post about wanting a woman as nice as my dog (or cat, as the case may be), we had a woman come around and share her 'thoughts' with us.  Below is her most recent comment as of this writing.  I am going to respond to her comments now as only I can do.  Here goes...


Men who command respect get my respect "MarkyMark." That doesn't include any of you. You speak of "shaming language" and yet it is YOU who have called me every name under the sun on this blog, by virtue of my being an American female.

The same goes for women; unfortunately, few of them get my respect when they want to emulate their 'heroines' on Sex and the City or Jersey Shore.  Besides, you don't even CONDEMN such skank behavior; if anything, you laud and praise it!  You want me to respect you?  You want me to take you seriously?  You want me to view you as a lady?  Then ACT like one!

The question I have is this: what names did anyone call you?  I reread the comments, and I didn't see much name calling.  I did see 'Sweetums' and feminazi but that's all.  Judging by your the content and tenor of your comments, I'd say that those are fair assessments of who and what you are; they're not name calling.

P Ray, LOL I was waiting for someone to start with the "false claim" nonsense. You're pathetic. And I'm pretty sure I never said assault was confined to one gender. It happened to the man I am with as well. When he was a child. For all you know, he's sitting here right by my side as I type this. Get it??

Yeah, false claims are such 'nonsense'; they don't happen at all, right?  False claims and accusations don't destroy mens' lives; no, they're just 'nonsense', right?  Let me guess: you're going to parrot Susan Brownmiller's long discredited assertion that only 2% of rape accusations are false, right?  False claims are such nonsense that we have entire blogs devoted to them!  You ever hear of The False Rape Society?

Oh, and while you may not have said that assault is confined to one SEX (sex is the proper word to use here, since gender deals with the pronouns-duh), most women think that.  They think that because the feminazis, of which you are one, so often spout that lie that it's become an accepted fact.  If you're not a feminazi, why have you not CONDEMNED your fellow sisters for making false accusations, hmmm?  Why have you done nothing to hold them accountable?  If for no other reason (say you hate men, which, judging by your tone, seems to be the case), I should think you'd want to put a stop to false accusations, because it makes life harder for REAL victims, i.e. those who really were raped, beaten, assaulted, etc.

You've all made an awful lot of assumptions. Just because I spoke my mind, you wrongly assume that I'm some angry feminazi with a crew cut and a chip on her shoulder. You couldn't be more mistaken if you tried. I'm quite feminine, thank you. But yes, I do believe the feminist movement is reactionary. Usually people who are happy don't revolt ;) And I'm not an "Amerislut" either. I have only ever been with one man (willingly) in my life. That man is my fiance. We plan to have a very traditional marriage, including the vows we will make to one another. I have no problems with that. I'm happy with that. And I'm happy to have a man to protect me from the likes of you all, frankly. I'm happy to have him lead in the relationship. But you know what? He's a man WORTHY of being followed. Think on that.

Man oh man, you just hung a fast ball over the middle.  I cannot let that one go!  Stand by while I hit this one out of the park...

One, judging by the nasty tone and content of your comments, you're a feminist.  Oh, you may not call yourself one, but you are one nonetheless.  Exhibit A is this quote from your first comment: "Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? And that is the price 21st Century men pay for the Patriarchal systems and testosterone covered millenniums of the past."  Let's see, we have an allusion to 'the patriarchy', which is standard, feminist claptrap; it's a standard remark feminists use to deride and disparage anything male.  You gave yourself away right there, Darlin'!  You're a bloody liar!  You are a feminist, which means you hate men.

Secondly, I don't mind someone speaking their minds.  I don't even mind a woman speaking her mind; in fact, I prefer one that does, because I don't have to be a mind reader!  Why do you chicks always want us to be mind readers, anyway?  That's another rant though, and I shall leave it for another day.  No, what I don't care for is the obnoxious, disrespectful, arrogant, condescending comments women always make when speaking to men.  A woman who speaks in such a way is called 'a strong woman'; we men are told that we can't 'handle a strong woman'.  No, we can handle strong women just fine, thank you very much; what we can't stand are the stubborn, argumentative, obdurate ones who constantly bash and trash men like you do.

A truly strong woman will politely, firmly, directly, yet respectfully (that's the KEY WORD here!) sit down with her man, tell him she has a problem; she'll say what it is, so he understands her point clearly; then, she'll tell him what she wants him to DO about it!  If she does that; if she picked a GOOD man (not a bad boy like the late, Whitney Houston did); if she has a history of treating him well (i.e. better than his dog does); then, her man will respond favorably, if not enthusiastically.  What I don't respond to well is some harridan like you!

Thirdly, elaborating on what I said above, the vast majority of women DO choose douchebags for men!  Look at the late Whitney Houston, a talented and beautiful woman who SURELY could have done better than that scum, Bobby Brown.  Look at Heather Locklear, who in her prime, was one of the most beautiful women on the planet; she could have done a hell of lot better than that dirtbag, Tommy Lee.  Then, after he got done with Heather Locklear, Mr. Lee nailed Pam Anderson while SHE was in her prime!  You mean to tell me that Pam Anderson, as a member of the Hollywood community, didn't know what kind of man Tommy Lee was?  You mean to tell me that she didn't know the stories about him and Heather?  Even after knowing all this, she STILL took up with him?!  Come again, Rampart!  As Bill Maher said, women have no right to complain about men until they start showing better taste in them.

Fourthly, the vast majority of American women ARE sluts!  You have heard of the two, hit TV shows that feature slutty conduct, haven't you?  You have heard of Sex and the City & Jersey Shore, right?  Do you know what those shows are about?  They're about the slutty conduct of modern women, Darlin'.  Moreover, this conduct is LAUDED AND CHEERED by women across the nation!  Why, the women of SATC and Jersey Shore aren't sluts; they're strong, independent, empowered women who are in touch with their sexuality.

Ah, but those are TV shows; they're just make believe; they're not real.  Okay, I'll bite.  I'll offer you some REAL evidence about how slutty modern, American women are.  Did you know that American women ages 20-24 test positive for HPV 44.8% of the time?  Did you know that this figure rises to 49% when you're talking about sexually active women in that age group (let's face it, you might as well be talking all women ages 20-24 here, because they're ALL sexually active at that age nowadays).  BTW, HPV is the virus that causes genital warts, cervical cancer, etc.  I don't know what you call that, but I call it promiscuous; I'd call it being a SLUT.

Yes, there are women who aren't sluts, but they're in the distinct minority; the number of such women in this Jersey Shore era is asymptotically close to being ZERO.  Ergo, it's correct and accurate to say that all American women are sluts; the number who aren't is statistically insignificant.

Your epithets are both humorous and frightening. ALLLL American women are sluts? ALLLL American women are this, that or the other? Really?? And all black men have huge penises. And all Asian men have tiny ones. And all blondes are stupid and slutty (I can assure you I'm neither). And all Jews are greedy. And all Southerners are inbreeds. Right? That's how ridiculous you sound.

Dr. Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, had THIS to say about stereotypes: they're cheap information.  To put it another way, stereotypes achieve their status because they're TRUE-duh!  The exceptions don't undermine the rule in question; they prove it.  For example, the few American women who aren't man-hating feminazis and sluts prove the rule that the vast majority of them are.

Do you boys know that scene in that old movie Ghostbusters… the scene where Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are in the courtroom with the jar of slime? The psychic protoplasm or whatever it is? And the judge is there, red-faced and screaming. Just spewing venom all over the courtroom. And the jar of slime begins to absorb that energy… until finally it explodes and all hell is unleashed upon him? A reflection of his own rage. That's what you boys remind me of. Your hatred is toxic. And the thing is, it's only toxic to YOU. It's your own psyche and your own soul you are filling with rancor. Wouldn't it be healthier to just join the ranks of the "men going their own way" sect? You're going to give yourselves heart attacks. Seriously, I'm not being disingenuous. Carry on though…

Though I saw Ghostbusters decades ago, I don't remember much of it; I don't remember the scene in question.  Having said that, I don't hate American women; I just view them sans rose colored glasses.  I view them as they actually are, and I tell the truth about them.  I guess telling the truth has become a hateful act, huh?  Darlin', the best way for a man to have a heart attack is to end up with the likes of you!  God help that poor SOB who's engaged to you; God help him more once he says "I do", because he's going to need it!  Carry on, now...


That ends my commentary and analysis of Anon's comments.  Until next time...



Anonymous said...

I don't hate our women, but I sometimes have trouble taking them seriously. Thanks to your quoting your anonymous commenter, I now have a little bit more trouble taking them seriously than I did before.

Apparently, her "man worthy of following" is the kind of guy who will maybe sit by her side while she types out angry comments on blogs that upset her. Yeah, he sounds all kinds of sensitive and beta.

Boyfriend-of-anon, if you read this and have kids with her, get DNA testing to make sure they're yours.

P Ray said...

^ I would also advise him to keep a day to day diary of their interactions and times, so she has a harder time to fabricate abuse allegations or claim that he's cheating on her.

Whoops, sounds like being in prison?
With the wrong woman (and there are many out there), it most certainly is.
Life imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

1. Please tell me where I praised and lauded Sex and the City or Jersey Shore. I don't even own a TV. I've never seen either of those shows once LOL.

2. Reread what I wrote. You indeed have called me (and every other woman) every name under the sun THROUGHOUT this entire blog, by virtue of me being an American female. How is that not clear?

3. My use of the word "gender" was in direct response to the person who used the word in the same manner. So it's him you're correcting :)

4. I'm not a "chick." Thanks :)

5. As I said, respect is given where respect is due.

6. Harridan? LOL that's rich haha.

7. Thanks for calling me "darlin." xoxo

8. Your "analysis" is truly astounding :))))

xo Peace xo

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

P.S. thanks for caring so much about my opinion, as to dedicate an entire blog post to it :)))))

MarkyMark said...

And thank YOU for coming back to READ my post-ha!

Anonymous said...

This particular person in question has already revealed her position as a feminist...

=> "Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? And that is the price 21st Century men pay for the Patriarchal systems and testosterone covered millenniums of the past."

The long term irony in her comment is that if she has a son in the future, he'll face the exact problems from the ideals she's cheering for.

My point is, there is no use in arguing with a woman. They offer little in the way of facts, common sense, and logic. Let alone reality of the real world. Its all emotion for them. And it changes constantly. Especially when they're young and have yet to be mothers of sons.

So let them live in their delusion about their so-called mystical Patriarchy. Because ignorance of reality isn't bliss and their cheering, belittlement, etc will eventually bite them back in the butt for the long term.

Let them speak. Record/archive them. But stop responding to them...For the future generation needs to hear the Feminist core ideals. The hate their followers keep sprouting without thinking about what they're really saying.

Use their words against them...Because their husbands and sons need to see what their wives/mothers really thought of them. The hate based on the myopic view of gender alone.

Isn't it ironic that Feminists themselves are sexist? (Reverse-sexism)

Anonymous said...

Awwww. Mark is SO EXCITED that a girl paid attention to him!

djc said...

I pity the fool that becomes her slave.

David Collard said...

""Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? And that is the price 21st Century men pay for the Patriarchal systems and testosterone covered millenniums of the past." 

If she wrote that, she is a vindictve bitch.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't beat your rebuttal of the "Onion" article that you thought was for real, but thanks for the laughs! I've never met those women you're describing, but then people usually attract similar people, so I won't fall for anecdotal evidence. You sure seem to know her well though, and I would encourage you to remember that people get more information about you in your blog than you about them (if you hear a voice in your head, it isn't your feminist strawman actually talking). Therefore, it is irrational for you to assume her traits and behavior (not even cliches, but evidently out of your ass), while it is rational for her to claim you have insulted her, as she is referring to your blog as a whole (this may be difficult for you - it requires you to think in a non-linear way). She shouldn't be insulted though, she should be happy that you have self-diagnosed as incapable of being with a woman. I'm all for MGTOW, more chicks for me. But then I can handle it, and no kind of crazy bitch would even try controlling me. So keep it on, guys! As fucked up women tend to go with assholes, guys with a persecution complex tend to go for the crazy bitches, just to cry about it after. Might as well go your own way and go to sexoholics anonymous (interestingly 99,5% men, women are way too slutty to acknowledge they have a problem). Thanks guys. You're a good laugh.

P.S.: You should get yourself checked up for HPV too if you've ever had sexual contact (even with a condom). About fifty percent of men (more or less, depending on the study) are carriers.

Omnipitron said...

@ anon 13:05

Damn skippy, what has been written in terms of comments, articles, and even video (such as the despicable Television show where women openly laughed at a man getting his penis severed and thrown down a garbage disposal) will all serve as evidence that women are nowhere near the 'angels' they believe themselves to be.

Understand this right now, patriarchy protected women's interests, yes you read that right.

Here's the deal; the anon that Mark read about isn't a feminist, no she isn't. However, she is indeed an example of how far Feminist brainwashing has infiltrated the mindset of the modern woman. As a happily married man, her example is the prime reason why I simply cannot endorse marriage to any man I ever meet.

I got lucky, not because of anything I did, nor anything I knew, I simply didn't understand what was at stake and I came away NOT feeling like I was married to a harridan. Sadly, more men can't say this and unfortunately, women are too blind to see it.

This situation directly undermines their own interests. Men in the past were primarily responsible for getting their younger charges to 'man up', when men like me tell other men to watch your @$$ and think again about marriage, who precisely does that hurt?

Men don't need to get married, they also don't have fantasies about walking down the aisle and having a wedding of their dreams. The more men balk at matrimony, the more women suffer in the long term.

As for any person wanting to use the cliche 'women don't need men anymore' google the misandry bubble and take a gander if you dare. All I will say is this, if you're a white woman, then black women were simply a generation or two AHEAD of you.

Where are they now? That's right, they're complaining about were all the good black MEN are.

Sadly, Anon also hit the nail on the head when it comes to arguing and listening to women. Sadly it's a lesson in futility, and serves only to frustrate in the long run.

As for women having sons and then seeing the truth, one of the worst feminists I have ever encountered had a son herself, didn't change her attitude one bit.

@ Anon 19:08, I used to believe what you did, that men only attracted the women of like mind. In time, I simply found that while good men are hard to find, good women are like unicorns in this day and age.

At the end of the day, all I will simply say is this. Once the bubble explodes and the dust settles, there will indeed be a slew of women who yearn not for the 'empowered' days of feminism, but the 'protection' of patriarchy.

Too bad that point it will be far too late.

P Ray said...

^ If women are a qualifier, why do they have so many problems staying married?
Unless they marry guys they want to live off, since the guys they want would prefer to entertain other women.
You can have the crazy ones and all their assorted complexes, I do not think men here would appreciate them as well as you do ... since, as you say, like attracts like.

Greddy said...

"And the jar of slime begins to absorb that energy… until finally it explodes and all hell is unleashed upon him? A reflection of his own rage. That's what you boys remind me of."

Yes. We, being the jar of slime (which women call all men on a such a regular basis anyway) have absorbed as much red-faced venom from women that we can and now, as you see with blogs like this, it is exploding and all hell is being unleashed. It is certainly not men screaming themselves red-faced in idiotic "slutwalks." It is not men screaming themselves red faced at vague "take back the night" marches. It is not men bitching, bitching, bitching, about men not "manning up" on every fat dOprah Winfrey knock off show and in every check out aisle women's trash mag in the western world. It is not men writing books on "The End of Men" or gloating over the "mancession" or spouting their vile glee that fewer and fewer males are graduating high school or attending college. Shove your smug sanctimonious attitude up your coos sideways lady. There isn't a man here reading that hasn't heard your exact same diatribe a million times over and we've reached capacity on it. Save your story for someone that cares. We're here cuz we're done with your type. Go share your tales of woe with the "gals" at feministing.com.

Anonymous said...

OK so what have you guys done this Valentine Day? Marky, did you at least get your Maria a single rose for a dollar? So romantic :o)

MarkyMark said...


No, I didn't buy Maria a rose-sorry...


Omnipitron said...

"OK so what have you guys done this Valentine Day?"

The question is, what have women done to deserve anything this Valentine's day besides being born with a vagina? The days of shaming men are coming to a close, you want a man's appreciation, you're going to have to do something to deserve it.

P Ray said...

"OK so what have you guys done this Valentine Day? Marky, did you at least get your Maria a single rose for a dollar? So romantic :o)
Anonymous 14 February, 2012 22:17"

Right. And the only thing women have to do to gain lifelong commitment is to show up, or tell us "other men want me".

Explain again to me how they show reciprocation to a guy in a relationship?

Are they ignoring Steak and BJ Day (March 14)?

djc said...

I cooked the love of my life (me) a steak and baked potato dinner. That's what I did for Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

This is a different anon woman.
I am understanding where you men are coming from. And i am sorry. I was at one time a feminist and i know it was because i didn't have the sense to pick good men(i know now that there are plenty of good men out there)so i back lashed. My Man now got hit with some of it, i pray daily for his forgiveness for the venom i spewed. I long now for the times of patriarchy, and in our house it exists. I was one who came to my senses when i had not one but three sons,couldn't live with myself treating them like they were my enemy! they are such very good people, and sometimes my youngest hates women because of what he sees outside our home. Sometimes he sees things in me and calls me on it(bad habits die hard)thankfully he doesn't have to do it that often.
I do see the error of the feminist ways and i offer sincere apologies for the atrocities that my sex has put you through.
Good men have taken care of women for centuries and good men would still do it today if there were enough good women to appreciate it. Sadly that is not the case! i know many women who have wonderful men in their lives and have no idea what they are putting them through i try to speak on their behalf and get the venom in my face. she chalks it up to hormones, and i guess it could be that i suffer and make my men suffer as well, until my Man speaks up and tells me that i am to stop! i wish there weren't reasons for this blog, but shamefacedly i know there are MANY!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Greddy,


Burton said...

The slime exploding scene was actually in "Ghostbusters II," the rather forgetable sequel.

Your hatred is toxic.

Hatred? More likely some well justified anger. Women need to consider what is driving men to this state of affairs. Because the more men who are alienated, the bigger the eventual backlash will be.

As for "hatred," it has been feminists who have pushed the "all men are raypists" line and its many clones. And it has been feminists who have pushed all sorts of rollbacks of the Bill of Rights (such as the Lautenberg Amendment), hence the term "feminazis."

I don't even own a TV.

Point in your favor. I dumped my TV way back when and have not looked back since.

I pity the fool that becomes her slave.

Where is the A-Team when you need 'em?

OK so what have you guys done this Valentine Day?

Why don't you explain your point. Why should the logic of a man's argument depend upon his dating history? Would you be more likely to believe, say, Charles Manson (who was quite popular with the ladies--even today, you can see the occasional chick walking about campus wearing a Manson t-shirt)? If Charles Manson were to say something, you would believe it because he was a babe magnet? Where is the logic in that?

Anonymous said...

This feminist is a parade. She first starts with a feminist response, THEN she pretends to be a traditional conservative woman but she fails at it because let's be honest she's a feminist and her colours will ALWAYS show and then she goes back to being a feminist. AHAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

"OK so what have you guys done this Valentine Day?", is a valid question.

While it can be viewed as a pagan holiday and/or huge commercial "holiday" I see it as another opportunity for MGTOW.

Celebrate how YOU wish too.

For example, one of the things I did was plan a holiday to Mongolia, as I enjoy horseback riding and guns. I also planned out some other ventures I have.

Other men no doubt will celebrate how they wish too from PS3/xBOX to buying a new motorcycle for themselves or going out for a nice ride.

So make the most of these holidays and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did call her 'moron' once, and sweetums twice. She did not seem to notice moron, but did notice sweetums.

I must be getting soft in my old age.

What was involved here is for the first time she encountered an appropriate response from men for 45 years of worse talk directed at us from women, and it scares her. Men are supposed to stand, head bowed, while women curse us out for our male natures. Instead we are like a 3900 pound Holstein bull, loose, and on a rampage in the farm yard. Quick, hide the kids under the bed and get the shotgun.

Anonymous age 69

Anonymous said...

Wow, the amount of bile that you men spew is astounding! You don't like being judged as "dogs" or "pigs", yet you have no problem reducing women to rather demeaning epithets like "chicks" or "gals" or the oh so over used "bitches". You denounce women for going with players, say that they're sluts, but what about the players? Why even call them that? As far as your arguments go, these men would be sluts too. And yes, this current laissez-faire attitude towards sex has gone too far, but really, men are in on it just as much as women.

And calling feminist, feminazis... you seem to forget a bit of your history. Why did Nazism arise? Because western Europe and North America left Germany in ruins after WWI, so they latched on to whoever was making a difference, even if it was far too extreme. Yes, some levels of feminism go too far with the man bashing, but considering we still live in a world where a rapist can get off from jail time if he marries his victim (basically, the woman's virginity is valued more than her dignity or sanity), maybe they have a point.

You want good women? Well they still have minds and opinions too, and they can disagree with you, and that doesn't make them awful of "Ameriskanks", it makes them free human beings.

Anonymous said...

And I'm not an "Amerislut" either. I have only ever been with one man (willingly) in my life. That man is my fiance.

Here is yet another one who does not believe in reserving the marriage bed for marriage...just like the Amerisluts.

Whether it is 1 or 1,000, fornication is still fornication according to my Bible, and, just as the Bible admonishes, fornication continues to produce nasty results and bitterness.

This is bondage and rebellion, not "liberation."

Anonymous said...

what I don't care for is the obnoxious, disrespectful, arrogant, condescending comments women always make when speaking to men. A woman who speaks in such a way is called 'a strong woman'


Every "strong woman" I have observed was a belligerent, confrontational, politically-correct, contentious curmudgeon possessing a chip-on-the-shoulder, "I'm right, you're wrong because your a man" attitude and fail in the most basic of good manners.

I have never heard words such as "please" and "thank you" ever uttered from the foghorn (mouth) of a "strong woman."

For "strong women," life is a battle to prove how "equal" they are to men, and they begin their conversations fighting.

"Strong women" are also thin-skinned. They can dish out their venom, but they cannot tolerate having their views challenged with logic, and they quickly heap shaming language upon those who dare question their presumptuously moral high ground.

So, females say that men cannot handle "strong women"? You bet. It's called avoiding unpleasant company.

Also, marriage to a "strong woman" will not make a strong marriage. No animal is (naturally) born with two heads. In a marriage, one (a woman) is instructed to submit to the other (a man, *GASP!*). After the wedding, do you think a "strong woman" will submit quietly and magically transform into a wife whose value is far more precious than rubies? Gravel is worth more than a "strong woman."

If a "strong woman" is unbearable in everyday life, imagine what married life would......better yet, don't.

Just flee "Ye Olde Strengthy Womyn" and stay single, happy, and free.

By the way, do not call me "Sir." I demand that you address me as Anonymous because I worked hard for that title.

(Not really. Just trying to prove what a "strong man" I am by giving myself a title and insisting that others call me by it. After all, that's what "strong women" do.)

Anonymous said...

...by virtue of my being an American female.

The female-worshiping, politically-correct, feminist-intoxicated culture of America today is a far cry from the noble nation we once had before the 1950's.

The 1960's "God is Dead" era and the 1970's bra burning period took America into another direction, and not for the better.

As a result, the playing field has changed, and this has forced men to adapt.

After hearing a lifetime barrage of nonstop feminist drivel (liberation, empowerment, equality, anti-male laws, etc) and witnessing morally depraved, skanky female behavior praised while men are punished for their good behavior, I have no choice but to assume that all females are guilty until proven innocent just to protect myself.

True, there may be 1 in 100,000,000 females who is a saint, so "they're not all like that." But what kind of odds are those? The other 99,999,999 females dominate, and both the laws and society are biased in their favor.

Besides, the lone saint would never break away from the pack and condemn her sisters...unless her name is Esther Vilar.

Today's America condones and rewards a female's bad behavior, but punishes a man's good behavior.

If a female decides to divorce her supportive husband for another man "because she was bored," guess who has to pay.

In America, adultery is not a crime, but failure to pay alimony to an adulterous spouse is.

With a twisted system like this, a man MUST be on his guard to protect his own well-being. He is simply analyzing the rules of the game and deciding that the only winning move is to not play.

In light of this, I am naturally on my guard around an American female.

By assuming that all American females are guilty as feminist, skanky, harridans until proven innocent, my life has been spared from many unpleasant female traps.

So far, other than those noble women raised in the pre-1960's era, no American female has been proven innocent.

Anonymous said...

In the Montavit water commercial, I can see why the producers did not hang a "strong woman" from the branch.

If they had, the free man would not have needed to take a sip of water to see his future since it would have been hanging there, plain to see.

Omnipitron said...

Trad/Cons ARE feminists, and this anon is still proving men right with her ridiculous arguments. Do the men spew bile here, okay I see that point.

If you don't like it anon, why come back? Is it not easier to leave a small (but growing) part of the internet as opposed to the constant barrage of misandry men deal with as soon as they wake up?

The deal is that we men know it so your 'victim' narrative is falling on deaf ears. I couldn't care whether you try to rebut or not, as my comment isn't so much for you (as I know women by and large do not listen) but for the lurkers reading this blog.

Zed always has stated, 'play to the crowd' which I intend to do. It's hard to sound credible when you state "You guys are really evil" when 'Eat Betray Love' or some such garbage is shown on your television every day.

You haven't a leg to stand on.

Omnipitron said...

"Hatred? More likely some well justified anger. Women need to consider what is driving men to this state of affairs. Because the more men who are alienated, the bigger the eventual backlash will be."


Anon, you stated that Feminist is reactionary. Guess what...this blog and sites like it are the exact same thing.

Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. All you are doing is fanning the flames.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your level-headed response. Believe it or not, I do agree with your choice of words - "well justified anger." However, that is not what I'm seeing on this blog. I'm seeing hatred. I stumbled onto this blog. And while I admit, my initial response was disrespectful, I'll ask you to point me to a single blog post that would engender anything other than a knee-jerk response from ANY woman. Respect is given where respect is due. I was shocked - SHOCKED - to see myself [insert ANY "American woman" here] being referred to as a "slut" and a "gold digger" and on and on and on with all of these other epithets. As I pointed out in an earlier comment, that's tantamount to racism. Do you think perhaps maybe MY response was a bit of "justified anger" as well?

I also do not see why I should have to choose between being a "feminazi" or a historical revisionist. To acknowledge female oppression of the past millennia (and it is DEFINITELY still alive and well today in some cultures) does not NEGATE all the good men have done in the world too. Why does there need to be such a polarity of thought? I DO realize that I have been raised, socialized and indoctrinated in a time where men are bashed, belittled and emasculated on a daily basis. Television (as yes, I do NOT own one) is permeated with it. I see it in the way my own mother speaks to my father, and I don't like it and I don't want to be that way. And it takes A LOT of conscious effort to retrain oneself and to be constantly self-aware when one has been taught to treat men this way.

But I ask you, is this:


...any better than the "men are bumbling idiots" message that permeates the media today?

Or this? http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/415/38828622949679045249510.jpg

^^ "Remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours." Really? Really really?

As I said, people who are happy generally do not revolt. And I do believe that the feminist movement is reactionary…...

Anonymous said...


Having stumbled upon this blog, I don't know why I even care really. I don't know any of you and will never interact with any of you in real life. I guess I care because it makes me wonder if there are others like you ("you" meaning the bulk of men on this blog; not YOU Burton specifically) who I have interacted with in real life and not known it. This blog does not scream "justified anger." It screams misogyny. And yes, I take umbrage with the label "Ameriskank."

This was a very interesting assertion made by Curiepoint in a comment on the previous blog post, referenced above:

"Yeah, how dare us men expect any sort of geniality from women, when that past is chock-a-block full of heinous crimes perpetrated by them; they built civilization, oh the horror! They treated women and children with deference, how crude! They payed with their very lives to preserve all three, what animals!

Now take a pair of strong binoculars, stand in the middle of Times Square, and look high and low, and point to one thing with a moving part that invented by an acid-crotched feminist."

My response to that is this: The question is, what does that have to do with any of YOU? Show me the building YOU built. The car YOU designed. The invention YOU made. The disease YOU cured. It seems to me, YOU'VE done little more with your lives than sit about spewing rage on the internet.

We've got Mark, whose world view is shaped by "Jersey Shore." Greddy, who seems to think that young men who fail to do well in college is the fault of women, not the fault of their own lack of self discipline and motivation. And not for nothing Curiepoint, but is it just possible that women's accomplishments in the fields of science, etc etc pale in comparison to men's because we've only been ALLOWED to participate in many arenas for less than a century? Are true "women" not allowed to have brains in your world? Does it require me to have no identity or autonomy of my own? Mark brought Whitney into the convo with his "Bobby Brown bad guy" (and I fully agree) comparison. But guess what? Whitney had a career. I can't have one too? I'm NOT looking to be a cop or be in the military or any other profession that should be a man's, by the way. Just sayin'.

Some of you are doing a lot of raging online. But where are YOUR picket signs, gentlemen? YOUR demonstrations? Where is the money YOU'RE raising for the shelters YOU'RE building for all the millions of male victims of cruel abuse? Surely you can fit SOME of these activities in between episodes of "Sex & the City" and "Jersey Shore" and raging on the internet. From where I stand, you are the very thing you despise. And my guess is the lot of you (if not, then the majority of you) are white, middle class males. So privileged that you cannot even recognize how privileged you are.

Contrary to your "assessment" gentlemen, none of this makes me a "feminazi." Really, it doesn't. As I said, and I DO mean, I am happy to be with the man I have - one who does and will continue steering the car. But as I also said, he is a man WORTHY of that position. And that's something I don't think too many on here "get."

I'm done here. You "go your way" and I'll go mine :)

Peace :)


MarkyMark said...


We can sum up Lily's comments thusly: I'm not a feminist, but...


MarkyMark said...


If you know about how I follow Jersey Shore, then that means you've been here a while now...


Omnipitron said...

"But as I also said, he is a man WORTHY of that position. And that's something I don't think too many on here "get.""

Let it be written as the other Anon has stated before, so we can look back later for proof. Supposedly we don't GET it, however, the fact that sites like this exists proves that we do. Lily's' husband is worthy to be in that position, gee, why is it that not that many men seem to be in this day and age?

From her previous comments which Lily has stated, her 'shoe on the other foot' and 'feminism was reactionary' prior statements, on top of ignoring or downplaying the negatives of FRA, she has made her position clear.

The main issue here as to why men are so angry and full of bile, is that it's hard to accept someone being a victim, when you yourself are getting effed over by them.

Lily's arguments sound reminiscent of a con man leading on his chosen prey, constantly glossing over the issues to keep suckers in line so they won't bolt until he has all their available cash.

Women have a stake in this too, but like most supporters of feminism be they active or passive Lily blamed men. She only summarily assigned some blame to women with their 'over the top' antics. That's where she went wrong.She isn't the first, and she won't be the last

Burton said...

Thank you for your level-headed response.

Anonymous (Lily) raised a lot of points. Here are some comments:

Anger? hatred? Call it what you like.

When men do try to be level headed, they are dismissed by feminists—and even worse, by feminized men. Rational discourse not work in society in which the knee jerk response of feminists is to shout down dissent as "sexism," or in which feminists think that "empowerment" is in the form of mass female hysteria (vagina monologs, slutwalks). Feminists do not have much hesitation in destroying the careers of dissenters: look at Larry Summers, driven out of the presidency of Harvard for an offhand comment about the differences in male and female brains capacity for science.

You might consider that sooner or later make anger is going to blow up. And then ask, what can you do about it? Because, if not, the reaction is not going to be pleasant. Take a look at the Islamic world where the trend toward modernity of the last two centuries is being replaced with a more fundamentalist approach, and women finding themselves at the short end of things.

As the man said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Burton said...

Lily, consider this statement which you made:

To acknowledge female oppression of the past millennia (and it is DEFINITELY still alive and well today in some cultures) does not NEGATE all the good men have done in the world too.

"All the good men have done..."? Men have done just about all that is good in the world: science, technology, engineering, law, everything on which women today depend or to which they aspire. Consider that virtually every major philosophical system in existence was developed by men (with the exception of Objectivism, and I do not see Ayn Rand on the womyn's studies must-read list).

Can anyone list any of the technological advances which have come out of decades of womyn's "studies?" Like a better internal combustion engine? Or a surgical procedure for replacing amputated limbs? I will point out that womyn's studies programs have promoted the abrogation of Constitutional protections on any number of issues to "protect women" (e.g., the Lautenberg Amendment, denial of due process to men accused in rape cases, equal protection under domestic violence laws, etc.).

You have to wonder how much further ahead we would be today in STEM fields were all the money that is currently dumped into womyn's studies and other feminist boondoggles were committed to real science. Is it simply a coincidence that the American manned space program came to an end at about the time that radical feminism became a major force in this country? It was men who envisioned going to into space, men who invented the tchnology of rocketry, men who risked their necks to go to the Moon.

Take men out of the equation, and what do you get? Hysterical females on campus monologing about their vaginae. Is that something to be proud about?

One reason that men in other cultures may "oppress" women is that they can see what happens when women are not "oppressed" in the Western world. They look with contempt on the feminized men of too many Western countries who allow themselves to be driven from their own homes and families; or how feminized men railroad other men into jail in order to curry favor with feminists (Nifong, anyone?). They can see how feminized countries can not even protect their own frontiers from crime and mass illegal immigration.

Perhaps the way they look at it is: if women are not "oppressed" then women will oppress men, and bring their own societies down in ruin.

Anonymous said...

This must be close to a record for the number of comments. Interesting responses from men and women.

Go to youtube type in Harry Nillson You're breaking my heart. Perfect "valentine'$ day song, or breakup song. Contains some f words.

Burton said...

And to conclude all this, for now:

Regarding the feminist party line that historically "men oppressed women" -- This is based on a restating of Marx in which class warfare transfers from the economic-political sphere to the sexual. Let's put aside the havoc which Marxism has wrecked on the world from the gulag to Pol Pot, and just look at the argument:

The so-called "oppression" of women was a prerequisite for civilization. Civilization requires a certain amount of self-discipline to work, call it "sex roles" if you like. Warriors must rally around a warlord to carve out territory in which law, commerce and the arts can flourish. Women, by their physiology and their psychology, do not make a warrior class. Women are needed to produce large numbers of children such that the population replaces itself and expands. If these things do not happen, then the civilization will be displaced by other peoples who will win the race for reproduction and warrior formation. And without the warriors, the civilized arts will be swept away by invaders.

Look at the Fall of Rome.

The barbarian peoples were better at warrior formation and reproduction in the 5th century AD than were the civilized peoples. Guess who won?

You need patriarchy so the best warriors rise to the top. You need marriage and monogamy so everyone gets a shot at a partner and children; otherwise, females will gravitate towards mating and reproducing with a small number of high status males (i.e., hypergamy), thereby destabilizing society. Without a stake in society, men have no reason to defend it, and the invaders get the edge.

Can you offer any examples of a great civilization built by women, with women as its leaders, warriors, scientists, etc? Look at the Western world today, in the inner cities of America: men have been driven from their homes via the welfare state, the war on drugs, no-fault divorce (initiated by women the majority of time), whatever. Women, girls and grandmothers engage in hypergamy and raise children without fathers in the household. The outcome? Inter-generational poverty. Collapse of education. Urban disintegration. Endemic violence akin to low level warfare. This is the result of feminism and matriarchy. A return to a Hobbesian state of nature, propped up by the welfare bureaucracy and kept in check via draconian police measures.

Compare this, if you will, to the "oppression" of prior times when families were intact and the man was head of household.

You posted a reference to the advertisement at:


The advert states: "The chef does everything but cook – that's what wives are for!"

The advertisement shows a wife hugging her husband. Both are smiling. She is not assaulting or mocking him. He is lending her his strength. Right out of the 1950s. Explain this: why is the Number One complaint among liberated women today: "I want to get married but men do not want to get married!" If marriage is the central institution of patriarchal oppression, why are women demanding it?

Maybe because underneath it all, they realize the fraud that is feminism.

MarkyMark said...

Maybe because underneath it all, they realize the fraud that is feminism.

Ka-ka-kaboom! Burton DRILLS another one...

phoenix said...

I actually don't know if there ever was oppression of women. I think most of it is selective memory of history, or selective re-writing of it.

Back in the oppressed years men toiled in coal mines and factories, suffering respiratory illness and dying, while women were at home preparing food and cleaning the home, which doesn't take long.

Sounds to me that women had it better.

Look at how men naturally act. Most men are naturally servile to women, and no that isn't the conditioning of Western society, that is the natural state of men. Men are chivalrous and tend to put women on a pedestal, favoring them over other men and themselves.

Women controlled society in the past just as they do now, they just don't want to admit it or step out into the open on it. Who do children spend more time with and have to obey? Who does the nagging in the house and demands men work more or buy her things? Why would men ever come up with things like jewelry or mowing lawns? How could those things possibly be in the self interest of men?

If there is oppression, it was at the behest of women to other women. It was the rich men that oppressed everyone and then enabled women to oppress after that.

What always makes me laugh the most is who buys into this women were oppressed thing. Whenever you see these events, the men you see there are black men. You have white women complaining about being oppressed, with black men apologizing, the irony always cracks me up. These women had way more power than those men did.

It's actually feminism that has created the new class of men that can put down women and sleep with a lot of different women. All men are born really friendly to women, then they get burned and there are really only three possibilities: 1) Get back at women by using them as sport fucks (these are the playas), 2) Submit to women and lick their boots constantly hoping they let you sniff their asses (these are the manginas/white knights), and the newest one, 3) Men that just cut down interactions with women to varying degrees and protect themselves (these are the varying levels of MGTOW, with the highest level being ghosting).

In the past, men were in state 2, which is the natural one, but women didn't burn them as badly to really make it pronounced, and to create those other 2 categories.

Everyone should read Predatory Female.

Anonymous said...

".. My response to that is this: The question is, what does that have to do with any of YOU? Show me the building YOU built. The car YOU designed. The invention YOU made. The disease YOU cured. It seems to me, YOU'VE done little more with your lives than sit about spewing rage on the internet. .."

lol, actually I've done all three. Not a building but buildingS and new technologies in this field. btw - not just a building but I could show you sub-divisions, water systems, roads, and some really cool stuff I've have built.

Worked in automotive too, aside from engineering (car designs) I did many things including the design of some OEM ILVS-JIT systems. Took one company from 3 million in sales to over 400 million in 8 years.

I do have quite of few inventions too, and yes, some are related to the health-care field. So been there and done that --- and still doing that too.

lol, just had to comment as I found that statement ironic as I HAVE done every item you listed and many others. Not just "done", but excelled. I tend to get into something, become the best in the field, get bored, and get into another 'radically' different area.

P Ray said...

Lily 15 February, 2012 20:52
"I'm done here. You "go your way" and I'll go mine :) "

You're the guest here. Why don't you go your way first.

The idea of a traditional relationship disappears in the modern age because women want to be seen as equal, but refuse the responsibilities that being equal requires.

Why is it they talk so much about men's responsibilities, women's and children's rights?
Where are the rights of men in this picture?
"You get treated badly because you men don't deserve to be treated better"
Replace "men" with any ethnic group, and that becomes hate speech.

But it also underscores the invisible misandry of society.
E.g. "The man drought".
"The man drought" phrase assumes "good woman abundance".
Which is plainly and patently false, since women are the ones doing the abortions.
(Insert feminist screeching about how men forced her to abort -- meantime saying that men have to "suck it up".
That must mean, men are disadvantaged in modern society. If so, how can men "force a woman to get an abortion"?)

The more you have to argue for a reasonable standard of behaviour towards men, from women ...
the more you are dealing with a woman who does not want a reciprocal relationship.
Good to know, men must leave early.
Spending your time with someone who doesn't value you:
1. is a waste of your time.
2. stops you from developing yourself.
3. makes it harder for you to be with the one who appreciates you.
4. makes you more of a target for relationship swindles and scams.

MarkyMark said...

lol, just had to comment as I found that statement ironic as I HAVE done every item you listed and many others. Not just "done", but excelled. I tend to get into something, become the best in the field, get bored, and get into another 'radically' different area.

Uh, you're the exception that PROVES, not undermines, the rule: that women do not invent or excel in other, male endeavors. I majored in a STEM discipline, and we only had a HANDFUL of females who started the program with me and the other guys. Out of that handful, I think that one or two finished. The odds are that your testosterone levels are far above normal for a woman. You prove, rather than undermine, the rule.

P Ray said...

Anonymous (is that you, Lily?) 16 February, 2012 17:50
"I did many things including the design of some OEM ILVS-JIT systems. Took one company from 3 million in sales to over 400 million in 8 years."

You did that as part of a team.
Show me something you did from scratch without anyone else helping you or being responsible for the details.

As the demotivators slogan goes "You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor."

MarkyMark said...

As the demotivators slogan goes "You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor."

When you say expendable labor, you can translate that to MEN...

Anonymous said...

"... The odds are that your testosterone levels are far above normal for a woman. .."

I should hope so! Actually I was replying to an earlier post by "anon". I am a man, and have done everything she listed and then some.

Many men I have known have accomplished, invented, and built many things -- and over the decades I have seen all but a handful men ground down by women (usually their wives).

I (partially) expiated but every man I've known whom got married and stayed in the "west" regretted it - usually after the kids were born.

I've seen many men much more intelligent than I go no-where in life as they gave up hope.

Years of nagging, whining, constant bi*ching, unreal demands, constant verbal and physical abuse - I've seen this over and over. Not just one or two men I've known over the years but almost every man I've ever known (in the "west")!

These days there I no (sane)reason to get married. I've seen things go well in some marriages until after the kids are born - then *BOOM*. You know the story - works hard, does overtime to pay for the wife's "needs", does everything for the kids (ie: hockey games..), one day comes home and the locks are changed his life becomes a living he*l.

Stay single, excel in everything you do, and travel the world. If you want kids just get a surrogate. Paying a few thousand to rent a womb for 9-months is a he*l of a-lot cheaper than a lifetime of alimony and child support and (much worse) never getting to see your kids. Besides most single-fathers I've known were much better then the single-mothers I've known.

Anyways fantastic blog, keep up the great work.

Burton said...

...just had to comment as I found that statement ironic as I HAVE done every item you listed and many others.

My point was that womyn's studies and feminist "science" has produced nothing worthwhile....not that the occasional female is incapable of inventing something based on STEM fields developed by men.

In any event, I have yet to see a demonstration of a female led civilization, or even of a civilization developed by men and women acting together. The rise of civilization is a male thing.

P Ray said...

Didn't realise you weren't Lily, Anonymous 16 February, 2012 18:31
Good to know you're making your mark in the world, despite the hurdles unfairly placed.

Anonymous said...

P Ray:

I'm not Lily (sorry for the confusion I usually leave ID at the end of a message but I'm in a rush).

Many things I have done myself, others, either as part of a team (often that I have formed).

When I was young I was a very shy, nice-guy (which does NOT mean a weak guy)- a tech nerd of sorts. You know the type.

I watched what happened during the good ole traditional years - my father worked in the steel mills and no matter how well he did and how much overtime he did or how hard he worked, my mother was a cold-hearted bi*ch. My father eventually died a slow, painful death - probably due to all the abuse. So I figured out early in life, "no-thanks", I'm aMGHOW. All my friends whom didn't follow their own path and got married in the west are all now divorced save one.

I advise younger men to ask the older men how things turned out for their generation. Learn from them and avoid the same mistakes - society is much tougher now (on men) and economic conditions are about to get MUCH worse than the 1930s. Men might want to read up on "Fourth Turnings".

If any man gets pressured to get married just tell 'em, "sorry, I don't breed well in captivity". If you really want to get married consider other options like moving out of the west to Asia or South America.

Although I have pointed out a few things I have done, if anything, I hope to motivate younger men. Never let anyone tell you that you're not smart enough, that you lack the necessary credentials, or that it's not acceptable. Write your own rule-book, excel in all you do, improve yourself constantly, and always learn from other men. Always seek out challenges - if you do not succeed at first try again - never give up. Actually the only true way to fail is to quit or not even try! Never do something because it's easy - do it because it's hard. Most of all when no one else believes in you, believe in yourself.

I've seen men accomplish miracles and they really inspire me! For example, any "tech department", construction sites, automotive shops - it's amazing what you can learn! The more I learn the more I want to learn as I realize there is so, so much more to know and do!

The more society pushes down men the stronger we become. Men are always at their best when conditions are at their worst - just our nature.

Never be afraid to get your hands "dirty" - actually that's the fun part! For example, I'm just itching to learn some welding! Got a another road going in, and guess who wants to drive the bulldozer! First time for everything.

If you can get out of the "west" into free societies. For example, I got many projects in Asia I'll be working on shortly. I don't require permits, inspections, approvals or "certified" workers. I design it myself, engineer it myself and work with men I hire. The team takes the credit and I will take full-responsibly for any issues. I expect 110% from each team member but I will do 150%

For example I'll be building a Victorian style stone arch bridge, large gazebo, pool and so on (just one area) - no one taught me these things I learned by reading, doing and learning from other much more experienced (and talented) men. For the bridge, one can't help but be inspired by the craftsMANship of the 1920s and 1930s.

Again, sorry for the confusion P Ray.

Greddy said...

Do any of you other guys get sick to death of arguing and re-explaining every single point to people like Lily? That she should come here and act all, "Well, golly, where is all this anger coming from? Gee whiz, I'm just a poor widdle girl and you men are so mean." just drives me over the edge. She is either a complete moron or a liar. For her to say that she doesn't understand why we would be mad while SIMULTANEOUSLY acknowledging that men are getting shafted with comments like, we are getting payback for years of "oppression" shows just what a two-faced disingenuous little sack of stool she is. Lily, you are a first class cunt and no man owes you or any other woman any explanation for how they feel.

phoenix said...

Geez, you guys got trapped again.

When a woman argues that you can't comment on something because you didn't do it yourself, if you claim you did you already fell into the trap. Now she can attack you for lying (attack your credibility) or attack your experience (experience with women, since you lacked the time to develop that since you were so busy doing those other things).

That's a classic female double jeopardy attack question. She didn't consciously come up with the trap, but subconsciously she was already that step ahead, if you're forced into the answer sequence you're already behind and now with your options limited she gets to further screw with you.

You can't get drawn in. Instead you have to counter on the same level. Her level is not being able to comment on things not experienced. So use the famous gender attack: "you don't understand because you're not a man, that's why you can't comment about men's gender roles." Probably still won't work because then she'll just abandon and ignore that line of reasoning for the moment, only to re-employ it later when she thinks you've forgotten that it's now a contradiction on her part.

Basically you can never win an argument with a woman because they just change the rules and use extremely selective memory. They do it all subconsciously too, so a man will waste tons of energy trying to keep up.

If you do manage to trap her into a true corner, she will go batshit on you, or try to play a sympathy card or otherwise it's still your fault (big bad meanie!).

That's why when women have these types of blogs, they just don't publish a man's logical comments or viewpoint. Actually they selectively pick comments period. That is because they already know how futile it is to argue and try to change someone else's mind. It is absolutely impossible.

Men allow this because they think it's cowardice to shut someone else out. But most men these days argue illogically too, so it's usually two idiots making up random bullshit, or one idiot and one intelligent person, with the idiot "winning" because he just ignores the other side all the time and declares himself the winner.

Anonymous said...

Charles Manson were to say something, you would believe it because he was a babe magnet?

He was no babe magnet. He had loser girls who he drugged up on LSD and other junk.Basically dongbats who he brainwashed with drugs and other crap about himself.In reality he was a little thug and conman who had even back then spent a large part of his life in prison.Does this mean females want thugs? I don't think so except for the really psychotic ones. I;m sure that there were 100's of hippie girls who ment Manson but few stayed around. Females are more likely to go for the sensitve James Dean types or those vampires in these teen films.

Anonymous said...

The American female is rude and obnoxious.

Nothing is more obstreperous, contumelious, and contumacious than the American female. Thanks to her "liberation," she lacks the politeness, grace, tact, and the pleasant personality that produce desirable company.

I have had the opportunity to talk to and observe females from other cultures (mostly Asian, Middle Eastern, and some African), and those women (not mere females) displayed a surprising level of politeness and friendliness towards others - both men and women. They possessed positive qualities that exuded respect for the elderly and those in positions of authority, such as their husbands, fathers, and even strangers.

I never saw them turning up their noses and twisting their heads away when men walked by the way I have seen American females do. They spoke politely. Even to strangers, their respect and gracious attitude commanded respect towards themselves in turn. You wanted to treat them well. I observed how other people, both men and women, naturally gave them the treatment that American feminists demand. Women from these cultures remained within the natural order of muliebrity and recognized the value of men.

I was impressed.

Even Muslim women covered in black from head to toe had pleasant personalities, and most were surprisingly friendly and frank. The "Me First" feminist attitude common in American females never surfaced. Not because they were concealing it, but because it was not inside them to begin with. Neither was the permanent scowl - a trademark of American females - present on their faces. They were polite to men. What a difference!

After a lifetime of feminist propaganda and exposure to American females, witnessing how women from other cultures conduct themselves gave me a glimpse into what God must have intended for a woman to be like.

On the other hand, we have the American female. A pottymouth animal demanding "rights" without responsibilities. She is touchy, tattooed, skanky, unpleasant, and even lacks the ability to lighten up and laugh. Everything is serious to her and evaluated under the microscope of her feminist belief system. And despite laws and politically-correct "progress," the American female is not improving for the better. American females are toxic creatures, and each generation is more noxious than the last.

Skunks are more tolerable than skanks.

After experiencing far too many negative treatments from American females through no fault of my own and simply for being male, I have adapted. The American female is too risky to associate with and possesses the power of the State. Therefore, I go to great lengths to avoid contact with females (no eye contact, no conversations, walk as far as away from one as possible) -- just because she is an American female.

As a result, my life is happy and free! What a system feminist America has created: Being single and avoiding American females creates happiness!

My regard for American females has never been lower.

Anonymous said...

This the different anon again.
I know that it is mostly men here commenting, but the women that are commenting except for me are coming across like you men are insulting them personally. i guess if the shoe fits wear it. I do not see anything that portrays who i am, but who i might have been at one time. That is someone i do not want to know.
Women who post there is no reason for you to be angry with these men. You didn't do these things to them, but you should learn what you might have done to some wonderful man who came into your life and is now gone because you messed up his life. Repent. Men are humans with feelings and they are allowed to express what they feel, granted there are a lot of men who are angry and we as women should look at why they are angry (what have we done and would we like them to have that behaviour with us- clearly that is not the case as you would not be commenting in the way you are). We have not been oppressed here the west and to speak up for our sisters in the middle east that are is the best way to help them, but to blame the good men here in the west for what the men over there do is STUPID. I don't hear feminists going on about the atrocities that are going on over there, they spew about how the men here are doing this! WHAT???? We are blessed to live in a country where we are free and taken care of BY MEN. I for one am proud of our men and i am shamed that there are so many women who do not appreciate them. Thankfully i do not have daughters, they would have been put over my knee if they had talked the way some of you women are talking to these men.

Anonymous said...

Why is this post - a response to a female - receiving more comments than Analyzing "A Moment of Clarity"?

Most of us already know what American females are like, and Analyzing "A Moment of Clarity" advises us on how to avoid them in the first place -- run away.

MM was brilliant in that post, which, I thought, was better.

Ping Jockey said...

Anonymous 17 FEB 09:26 --
"Skunks are more tolerable than skanks."

CLASSIC!! I nearly spit out my coffee on my keyboard when I read that one!

When you think about it, skunks ARE more tolerable than contemporary American women -- I've seen nature programs where they have been befriended by humans and have been loving companion animals, like a dog or cat.
You can't say the same about American skanks. In fact, it's probably better to treat skanks the way you would treat the typical wild skunk -- avoid them at all times and stay as far away from them as possible.

And there is another thing skunks have over skanks: skunks can't help being what they are; skanks became that way by THEIR OWN CHOICE.

Anonymous said...

Every female possesses a wanton propensity.

However, traditional cultures place restrictions upon female behavior that demand corresponding male responsibilities. Promiscuity and single motherhood, for example, are condemned by those societies because they place a female and her children in serious jeopardy. Behavioral restrictions, traditional gender roles, and societal expectations actually produce a safe environment favorable for females and children.

This is why women from those cultures are friendly and polite. They were taught to be so and their societies expect propriety. To behave contrary would threaten their survival. They know that they are female and behave accordingly because it increases their chances of survival.

Now, look at the American female. "I am Woman. Hear me roar!" She views the traditional female roles as bondage and rebels. Society changes its attitude and praises her negative behavior, such as promiscuity and single motherhood, under the guise of "liberation" and "empowerment." Her iconoclastic sisters even change laws and introduce political correctness to help enforce their views and pressure others (men) into silence.

What happens? The restrictions holding down bad female behavior are gone, and an American female is free to allow her corrupt nature to percolate to the surface. She is free to behave as she pleases with impunity without her survival threatened.

The result is the American female...and she will never understand this.

MarkyMark said...

Why is this post - a response to a female - receiving more comments than Analyzing "A Moment of Clarity"?

Most of us already know what American females are like, and Analyzing "A Moment of Clarity" advises us on how to avoid them in the first place -- run away.

MM was brilliant in that post, which, I thought, was better.

Yeah, I thought that that was one of my best posts EVER, yet it didn't get much response-even though I posted it 2-3 times! If I ever do a book, that post will be part of it...

djc said...


Well said. And true. It is a complete waste of time.

Greddy said...

MM, I just when back and re-read your Montavit post and it was a good one but you've done a number of gems as I recall. I think some posts just don't garner many comments because when it is so spot on what can one add other than +1? I think your Montavit post is one of those. I think if your site tracked "likes", the Montavit would show a high count. Of course, nothing boosts comment counts quite like the occasional feminist coming by and taking a whack at the bee-hive.

MarkyMark said...


One could argue that Dalrock, Roissy/Heartiste, and others write material that is spot on, yet they garner HUNDREDS of comments per post.


Burton said...

Now, look at the American female. "I am Woman. Hear me roar!" She views the traditional female roles as bondage and rebels.

This is so. But also consider how all the rebellion goes out the window when AW play the victum card: then they expect the government -- and men! -- to run to their rescue with VAWA, white ribbon campaigns, day care for their illegitimate children, ad nauseam. Of course, there are always enough manginae out there to do their dirty work.

And also consider how when AW reach their expiration date, they start demanding traditional roles, mainly in demanding that men marry their middle aged bodies and support "their" children from other men. And there are enough Captains Save-a-Ho to make this work. Sort of. Because it is all unraveling.

Burton said...

...but is it just possible that women's accomplishments in the fields of science, etc etc pale in comparison to men's because we've only been ALLOWED to participate in many arenas for less than a century?

I'm going to respond to this one since it is a party line which I hear all the time.

1) Virtually every great scientific breakthrough occurred in the face of adversity. Check out Copernicus and Galileo.

2) Women have had every opportunity handed to them to develop in the STEM fields over that last century (actually, longer). Yet how many STEM innovations have women made, compared to men?

3) In more recent years, feminists have been in a position to suppress dissent on campuses. Look at Larry Summers over at Harvard, canned by the feminazis(and I do mean "feminazis" since, once again, we see the feminist contempt for free speech). Now, how can you complain about women being "oppressed" when feminists were leading the lynch mob against Summers? Has it ever occurred to you that the so-called "historical oppression" of women was a rational male response to the irrational behavior of too many females?

4) What if it turns out that Summers was right: that there are inherent differences in STEM capabilities between women and men? What if all the vagina monologing in the world will not change this? Then what? Would you be willing to accept an unpleasant reality and admit that there never will be equality between the sexes when it comes to scientific development?

Masculist Man said...


How often do women go to the frontlines of a war? How often do they go into the salt mines or other hazardous jobs? Every housewife is queen of her domain. Is every male working outside the home the boss? If there is a war guess which gender has to sign up?

The oppression of women is a lie. Go sell it somewhere else.